the last international playboy

BTS Inside Jokes

Hello ARMYs! So, I was bored and thought of making this compilation of 25 of BTS’ inside jokes! Please let me know if there are more because i’m gonna make a part 2 to this!

Hope you enjoy!

1. Jimin You Got No Jams – Kim Namjoon.

The most iconic line ever said by a BTS member and the joke that didn’t get old for years and years.

2. Swag – Min Yoongi

The amount of swag that Suga has…

3. Oh man holy shit – Jeon Jungkook

Poor Jin here though…

4. Beach? Bitch? – Kim Taehyung ft. Park Jimin

He sounded so innocent while saying it though like wtf?

5. Shit down shit down – Kim Taehyung

His “s” always sounds like “sh”

6. Excuse Me! – Park Jimin

Ahhh you all have to know this lol.

7. Jiminie Pabo – Kim Taehyung

When our Taetae went to every American he met and then you all know lol

8. Dirty Water….my faceu – Jung Hoseok ft. Park Jimin

Very dirty water Jiminie

9. Infires – Min Yoongi ft. Jeon Jungkook


10. Turn up! – Kim Taehyung

Lets go party!

11. Min Suga jjang jjang man bboong bboong – Min Yoongi

The one and only genius

12. Sexy Porn Star – Kim Taehyung

Saxophonist babe…

13. My shiteu - Park Jimin

This is honestly cute

14. Stob it! – Kim Seokjin ft. Jeon Jungkook and a laughing Park Jimin

Stop it! S-T-O-P I-T!

15. I hate snakeu – Jung Hoseok

Worst experience in my life - Jhope

16. I was born in Busan first – Park Jimin ft. Jeon Jungkook

He was born in Busan first Kook, he ate 2134 rice more than you

17. I’m God – Kim Taehyung


18. Pardon? – Jeon Jungkook ft. Kim Namjoon

No comments…

19.  One night in a strange shitty – Kim Taehyung

Again with the “sh”

20. My hearteu my hearteu – Jung Hoseok

Oh my god

21. Oh my gawd – Almost all of them? Haha


22. Do you know annyeonghaseyo? – Kim Seokjin (This very joke updated to Do you know pittam nuemul?…wonhe manhi manhi yap! By Seokjin himself)

*Inserts Jin’s windshield laughter*

23. This chain….3 dollars – Min Yoongi


24. International playboy – Jeon Jungkook

Sure Jan

And the last one
25. Ayo Hitman bang introduces hit it the second audition! - BTS

I laugh way to hard at this….

Part 2 coming up soon…..

If you follow me already then you’ll know that when I’m bored (which is all the time tbh) I watch BTS videos and take screenshots and post them bc I don’t have better things to do 

Taetae aka Tae the bae

He was being so rude (as usual) I couldn’t get funny screenshots bc he was winking, biting his lips and sticking out his tongue the whole freaking performance…#somebodycollecthimplz


Park Jimin aka mochi aka pink Jimin

Looks like someone just punched him lol

I mean his hair still looks flawless 

Chim needs to chill down 

Me running away from my problems and responsibilities 

No comment. Still my bias-wrecker tho

Nothing’s wrong with this pic he just looked so cool 

Jimin when he sees someone talking/touching Jungkook

The last one

Jeon Jungkook aka living meme aka international playboy aka fuckboy

...he got a bit too excited while dancing

tbh this is like a normal pic of him

Making those “fuckboy” faces he always do while doing literally anything…

But seriously tho, I think Jungkook stans only watches this “Not today” fancam bc..

I bet that BTS stylists is getting an award soon from armys, or more specifically Kookie’s stans

“As I walked up to the painted electric box on the corner of Ninth Street and Flower Street, my eyes immediately caught the bright pink and blue colors of the box from about half a block away. That and the rad blonde in clear boots, showing off her crazy socks, standing next to it.
That girl is 25-year-old James Wilde.
Wilde is a local Los Angeles female artist that has participated in live painting events like L.A. Live’s “Dark Nights,” the LA Art Walk, and various other events. As I checked out Wilde’s work on the electrical box, I noticed there definitely seems to be a certain style that is evident within her pieces.
The wicked “punk rock rabbit,” as she describes it, is her self-proclaimed signature. The rabbit was derived from an idea Wilde had of a “playboy ex-boyfriend” she remembered while listening to Morrissey’s song, “The Last of the Famous International Playboys.”
“I like the animals I paint to be cute, but like creepy and fucked up at the same time,” said Wilde.
Wilde, a former Mt.SAC art student, decided to take a different route to expand herself as an artist. However, she remembers being creative as a child, especially since her mother would take her to different art classes.
One of Wilde’s most memorable moments in her early career started when she moved to Los Angeles and downloaded the infamous dating app, Tinder. One of her matches, who had seen her work, commissioned a piece from her and asked her to come over and paint a mural at his house. She took the risk, but of course, took a friend with her.
“I ended up getting really into it. It was the first piece I had ever done that was really bit. I posted it online late when I finished, around midnight, and didn’t look at it again.”
The next morning, she woke up to everyone going crazy about her mural online. “It was like a chain reaction. Within the next month, I got all these electrical boxes to paint on, and even got asked to be in a book; it was really crazy!” - Grace Lanuza , Sac Media Blog.
#publicart #jameswildexo #dtla #girlpower #noboringfam #art #mural #graffiti


The Last International Playboy

I really enjoyed this film. It has a satisfying ending that isn’t over-the-top. Plus, it ends on First Day Of My Life by Bright Eyes… you can’t go wrong with that song.