the last hug lingered a long time

Poe Dameron Headcanons

Part 1 

Poe Dameron x reader

Poe Dameron headcanons

Naboo is probably one of my favorite settings in star wars.

I do not own Star Wars or any of it’s characters.

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  • He’d use his charming lines to get your attention, yet you brushed them off with a scoff and an eye roll.
  • Poe would ask you out countless times to go flying with him in his spare time. After him asking about eighteen times you finally gave in.
  • You two would try to keep it a secret at first.
  • Before long, the whole base knew. The lingering gazes, the hugs that last a bit to long. It was obvious.
  • After going on a few more space dates, flying would be something regular.
  • His favorite place to take you would probably be Naboo.  You would both love the fresh air, and it’s charming city.
  • On Naboo, you would both have a small picnic, then point out the creatures and saying “That’s you,”
  • To impress you he would attempt to ride one.
  • He’d fall off and you would laugh at him, before seriously considering if he was injured.
  • Before missions, he would wrap you in a bear hug and kiss your forehead, promising he’ll come back.
  • When you went on missions, he would lurk in the command room until General Organa kicked him out.
  • When Poe was taken by The First Order, you’d be distraught. Pleading to Leia to let you go off and find him.
  • When he came back, you were instantly in his arms. He would run a hand through your hair whispering sweet nothings.
  • Meeting Rey and Finn, being instantly besties.
  • When you two were alone you’d share passionate kisses, (which we all know would lead to makeout sessions)
  • There isn’t a place on the base, where you two haven’t made out.
  • Most of the time it would be in his X-Wing.
  • Him complimenting you all. the . DAMN. TIME.
  • PDA! He would always have an arm around your shoulder, or around your waist. Sometimes his hand would go a bit low and rest on your butt.
  • You’d roll your eyes when that happen, yet he knew you didn’t mind.

Dear my never,

Remember the last time I met you? We were so excited to see each other that day. You asked me to wear a shirt because you thought I looked hot in shirts. I dug up my wardrobe to find a shirt, a blue one. Do you remember that shirt? You hugged me for so long and so tight that maybe a part of you got infused into it. It’s been ages since that day, but, somewhere a trace of you still lingers in the fabric of that shirt. And I haven’t found the courage to wear it again.

Yours truly.

—  It’s been six months baby.