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for mine and @calumsbicth‘s valentine blurb night

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Requested: yes

Pairing: Ashton x Reader

Warning: smut (oh shit), swearing.

Description: When Ashton forgets about Valentine’s Date he has with Y/N, thoughts and emotions immediately start running through her mind. 

The clinging sound of your heels filled the kitchen as you prepared the last things for the night. Candles, home-made meal, flowers, everything was perfect. You always hated Valentine’s because you never had anyone to celebrate it with. Your last couple of relationships would always end right before the 14th, so it was not even weird that you were looking that much forward to the night. It all seemed like a movie. You had bought new lingerie, made him food like you were some kind of mum - even though you had to call Calum to get him to help you. Nothing could go wrong.

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anonymous asked:

More cuddling prompts please! They're the best! ❤️

Seeing as I probably shouldn’t go to sleep on thoughts of angst and possession.

1) The bath water was warm and lulling around us, lapping at skin when we shifted. You were even warmer. I settled my head on your chest as you sifted your fingers idly through my hair, listening to me read aloud. It was our favourite habit.

2) Cuddling was, somehow, both perfect and maddening. They enjoyed the arm slung around them - casual as could possibly be, as if it had been forgotten by accident like a scarf tossed over a chair, or something that simply belonged there. On the other hand, with every inch that they were pressed together, all they could think about was how easy it would be to trail their fingers beneath jumpers or to plant a kiss to a shoulder. Maddening and perfect. Electric. The two exchanged glances, close enough that all it would take was the slightest lean and their lips would brush. 

3) “I know you’re awake, you know.” 
A had been pretending to be asleep, in order to stay close, for the last three hours. It was so nice just to be close to someone. To feel the rise and fall of their chest, to feel safe and comfortable. They expected to be unceremoniously dumped at any moment, or at least when the film ended. The movie had been over for an hour now. 


Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Summary: You were supposed to have a movie night with all your friends, but only one boy showed up to the party.

Genre: Fluff

Prompt: “Now, just hold on a diddly darn minute.” / “That was a perfect example of how not to do things.” (request by @livinghealingfeeling)

A/N: This is the last of the requests for the short story prompts~

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Having A Bit Of Fun

Request: Could you do a tom and reader on set,  where reader is Tom’s crush and he’s always nervous around her. She trys to talk to him and he just goes all cute and shy but mega nervous so she trys to reassure him by squeezing his thigh a little to high,  which makes matters worse for him cuz of a slight issue that has risen leading to a steamy make out session,  maybe abit of smut 😊 please and thanking you 👌 

Warnings: A make-out session.

A/N: This is my first Tom Holland x reader, And probably my last. Just saying xD

Originally posted by tomandharrisongifs

Tom smiled as he watched you reading the script for the movie. You had been sitting there for maybe a half hour and hadn’t taken your eyes off of it once. And, you only had one line. Tom supposed you knew the whole entire script by now.
He knew you were basically just some random extra on set, and he should probably be focusing on the next scene but he couldn’t help but stare at you. You were so perfect.

“Yo Tommy!” Harrison snapped a finger in front of Tom’s face.

“Hmm” Tom had to rip his eyes off of you to look at his friend.

“Are you ok? You’ve been like, staring off into space for-” He looked down at his watch. “-Twenty minutes and thirty seconds”

“Oh, yeah yeah I’m fine” He scratched the back of his neck as he stood up.

The director had called Tom to the set to do one of his stunt scenes.

You looked up for about 2 seconds to see what he was doing.

He caught eyes with you and in a split second he had fallen flat on his face.
You knew it wasn’t your fault bit you felt very much responsible for it.

one of the directors help stand him up and the first thing you saw was his bloody nose.

“Holy crap” You said to yourself.

You saw Tom walk over to one of the trailer thingys and go inside. You decided you better go apologize.

“Uh, Hi, I’m Y/N. You probably wouldn’t recognize me I’m just an extra”

“Oh I-I-I recognize Y-You. Y/N right?” You laughed.

“I think that’s what I said"He turned red.

You scooted closer to him and realized that he was actually shaking a little bit.
In a spur of the moment decision trying to call him down, because god he was scaring even you, you reached to the side and brushed your hand against his thigh. He turned even redder if that was even possible.

Tom couldn’t take it anymore, If he had to spend one more second without his lips against yours he thought he was gonna lose it.

He turned to the side and kissed you forcefully. As surprised as you were you kissed him right back.

You wrapped your legs around him and the kiss continued. You only broke apart for a moment to get some air when you saw Harrison behind you.

"So I’m on the set of homecoming, and it looks like Tom and Y/N Y/L/N are having a bit of fun” He said into his phone.

“Harrison!!!!” Tom yelled as he chased after him.

ZaDr Week- Day 2: Summer Date

They never called it dating. 

Honestly, Dib wasn’t sure if that was even what it was. ZIM was an alien from a genocidal war machine of an empire. Dib was inept at anything approaching human normalcy. 

Not to mention, they had history with a capital H. They had tried to kill each other at one point. More than once. 

It wasn’t exactly conductive to candle light dinners or bouquets of flowers. 

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Fields of Heaven

Authors Note: Hey, everyone. I slacked on writing, I know. I am sorry, last week was not a great week for me and I couldn’t bring myself to write as much as what I usually push myself to. Here is a little something for you guys. I felt like writing something sad and this is what hit me when I stared at the title for a few minutes. It is sad, so please do not read if you are in an emotional state.

Trigger Warning: Sadness & losing loved ones involved. Read with caution. Xx

Two-Thiry-seven, in the morning, was when you received the call, a call you had never in your life expected to have obtained.

The moment replays in your head constantly, the moment you felt your heart drop, your eyes immediately began to well with tears, and your body was motionless for a moment.

You had pressed your hand to the side of the bed beside you, trying to find your boyfriend before reminding yourself that he had yet to come home from the studio. You had reached for your phone again, dialling his number.

The minute his voice beamed through the phone, you choked up, your words struggled to slip from your lips. “Hey, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” He had questioned, his voice seeming imperceptibly worn, but still had a hint of energy left in it. You could tell he had been appreciating the studio session. “Y/N? Are you there?” His voice pulled you away from staring at the wall, your thoughts circling your mind. You opened your mouth, the only words coming out were, “Car accident.” The line went withdrawn for a moment, your body unaware of what to do. “What? Who?” He instantly questioned, probably just as confused as what you were.

You didn’t know how this happened.

“My parents.” You managed to murmur, informing him of what you were trying to express to him with vague words that managed to escape your lips.

Now, now you are here, at the hospital with tears flowing down your delicate cheeks. You knew the day would ultimately come, where nature takes its course, where the stairs to heaven are walked by the ones that you loved the most, but you never expected it to happen so abruptly, you thought you had more time.

The stairway to heaven was something you thought neither parents would step for another twenty or more years.

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Caught In an Act of Pleasure

Spencer comes home from work to find the reader pleasuring herself. The reader loses track of time, assuming she has enough time to get going and get off before Spencer gets home, but to no avail. 😉😚

A sigh of relief escapes your mouth as you push the dryer door closed, starting the last cycle of laundry. You’ve successfully cleaned the entire house and Spencer still won’t be home for another hour. Stepping out of the laundry room, you dance your way to the kitchen, picking up your phone. Texting him a cute, “I love you” text, you set it back on the table, biting your lip. A whole hour with nothing to do, how could you possibly pass the time? Usually you don’t watch movies unless Spence is home, and you’ve had your fill of reading for the day–but–you have the perfect amount of time to do that one thing, and not get caught, if you play your cards right. Practically squealing, you prance to Spencer’s bedroom, rummaging through your panty drawer, where you keep your haul hidden. You’d be so embarrassed if Spencer ever found out, especially considering that you’re still a virgin. You’d rather him not find your toy stash.
“Oh where are y–Yes!” You giggle, pulling out your hot pink vibrator and your heating jelly. Ripping off your shirt and your bra, you throw on one of Spencer’s oversized t-shirts, dropping your leggings to the floor. You hit the bed with a thud, gently tweaking your already peaked nipples through the shirt you have on. A soft whimper escapes your lips as you twist your harden nubs, your toes dancing in anticipation. Running your hands up and down your waist, you trace small patterns just above your navel, nibbling at your bottom lip. Wasting no time, you flick on the vibrator, running it from the valley of your breasts, down to your core. Your mouth falls open slightly, as you press down hard on your clit, your eyes slamming shut. Teasing your slit, you rub your toy the length of your folds, shifting a bit on the soft mattress.
“Ohhh.” You moan, your free hand falling against your left breast, giving it a slight squeeze. Pulling your toy away, you squeeze a bit of lube just onto the tip, throwing the bottle to the side. The warm sensation makes your knees lock, and your toes curl slightly, working ministrations on your clit. You can hear your wetness building up along your folds, as you slowly twist and turn the toy every which way. Slowly but surely you work it’s girth inside of you, gasping at its veiny texture.
You rock it back and forth gently, working your clit with your left hand.

Spencer throws his car in park, pulling the keys, and heading up the pathway to his frontdoor. Reaching the top step he unlocks the door, pushing it open and stepping inside, hanging his messenger bag on the coat rack.
“Y/N? I’m home, I picked up a movie!” He calls furrowing his brows at your lack of response. Stepping into the living room, he peers over the couch, prepared to sneak attack your sleeping form, but he finds it empty. Making his way down the hall, he peers into the laundry room, only to find a running dryer.
But you can’t hear him, you’re too far gone in deep thought of him being deep inside of you, making you squirm for him. Reaching the bedroom door, he reaches to grasp the handle when he hears it.
“Oohh, yess!!” You moan, sitting upright on your knees, and rocking onto your toy, which is now vibrating at full speed. Your fingers make their way to your hair as you bounce up and down, your teeth almost breaking the skin of your bottom lip. A squeal of pleasure passes through your lips as you bring your right hand down on your already sore bottom, your juices dripping down your toy onto the lavender coloured duvet. Spencer’s eyes are practically bulging out of his head at the moment, just trying to imagine what is going on behind his bedroom door. Of course he KNOWS what’s going on, but just hearing it isn’t enough. He gasps slightly as his swelling cock rubs against the fabric of his pants, reaching down and giving himself a soft squeeze through the material. His eyes shut tight for a second, pressing closely to the door trying to listen closer. “Uhh–Spencee..” You coo, rubbing your bundle of nerves frantically, bouncing on your toy, which you’ve now gotten to hit your spot perfectly. Falling back onto your back, you take control of your pink silicon pal again with your right hand, your left hand still going to town on your clit. Your legs start to quiver slightly, biting your lip a little more gently this time, holding your toy down on your spot. You legs start to shake uncontrollably, lifting into the air, your toes curling and locking in position.
“Fuck! Oh yes, Spencer, Oh!” You scream, jumping in shock as Spencer stumbles into your bedroom, catching himself on the door frame, his eyes meeting yours as you release all over the mattress, with a squeal of pleasure.
“Spencer! What are you doing home!? You weren’t supposed to be home for another hour!” You shriek, jumping from the bed and running into the bathroom, most certainly making a wet mess of the bedroom floor, your juices still dripping. Walking shyly over to the door, he gives it a timid knock.
“Y/N? I got home at the exact time I said I would. I’m assuming you lost track of time?” He inquires, his face still burning with embarrassment that he been caught catching you.
“You weren’t supposed to know!” You mumble into your hands, pressing your forehead to the cool wooden door.
“It probably won’t make you feel better but I already did–Will you open up?”
Your cheeks burn a bit at his question,
“Please? You’ve got my shirt on, I can’t see anything else, it covers you all. Please?”
Sighing, you unlock the door, standing there for a few seconds waiting. Turning away in embarrasment as you hear the door knob start to twist, Spencer pushes open the bathroom door. “Do you get bored when I’m at work?” He chuckles, wrapping his arms around your waist, and squeezing you gently.
“Mhm.” You admit sheepishly, turning around towards him. Staring up into his coffee coloured orbs, you smile softly, his lips parted ever so slightly as he leans down to kiss you. Raking your tongue just over his bottom lip, you nibble down a bit, earning a groan from him. His hands cup your face, deepening the kiss while his tongue begs entrance to your mouth. Pulling back slowly, you hold his gaze, his eyes saying it all.
“Spence–I want you so bad, right now.” You whisper.
“Are you sure? We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.” He chokes out in embarrassment, you just nodding your head in response. You squeal happily as he picks you up swiftly, carrying you back to the bedroom, and placing you gently on the mattress.

Hey there! It sure has been a while, huh. ww; But, hey, I kept my promise!

So, how have you guys been? I’ve been rather busy. America is cool, but this university is quite demanding sometimes. I’m not complaining, considering I came here to work and all, but I wish I had some extra time. All I want to do after I’m done with my classes and homework is be lazy, to be perfectly honest.

What have you all been up to? Since I last showed my stupid head around here, I beat Undertale (just beaten—no true endings whatsoever), Layton and the Unwound Future (SO GOOD AND SO SAD) and Portal. I have also been rewatching Inazuma with my significant other, which is awesome! Oh, and I watched the newest Tri movie. It might not be perfect, but I get so easily pumped with that.

…And I have also been working on this nightmare.

Never in your wildest dreams would you assume that these four views took well over 20 hours of work (although I’d be willing to bet it took over 30). And that’s if we don’t take into account the amount of time I spent on OLDER VERSIONS OF THIS. I have been procrastinating on Fubuki’s miximax for years because I knew it would kill me. But, luckily, I’m not dead. I just wished I was a couple tens of times during the process. I hope @miyukiko​ won’t kill me either when she sees this, considering what I’ve done to her baby.

But it’s done! The result might not be the best and the rust might not help either, but this is it! Fubuki is finally done!! And, considering I have been working on this little shit for 2-3 years, I have my fair share of ideas about him. I’ll only cover one subject today, though.

Anyway, just in case anyone has never watched Digimon (which is a sin according to 8 different major religions), Fubuki is miximaxed with Gabumon, one of the main characters from Digimon Adventure, 02 and Tri! Not my personal favourite, but fairly awesome nonetheless.

As usual, more about FubuGabu under the cut.

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  • Céline Dion - How Does a Moment Last Forever ( Beauty and the Beast 2017).

How does a moment last forever?
How can a story never die?
It is love we must hold onto
Never easy, but we try
Sometimes our happiness is captured
Somehow, our time and place stand still
Love lives on inside our hearts and always will

Minutes turn to hours, days to years then gone
But when all else has been forgotten
Still our song lives on

Maybe some moments weren’t so perfect
Maybe some memories not so sweet
But we have to know some bad times
Or our lives are incomplete
Then when the shadows overtake us
Just when we feel all hope is gone
We’ll hear our song and know once more
Our love lives on

How does a moment last forever?
How does our happiness endure?
Through the darkest of our troubles
Love is beauty, love is pure
Love pays no mind to desolation
It flows like a river through the soul
Protects, persists, and perseveres
And makes us whole

Minutes turn to hours, days to years then gone
But when all else has been forgotten
Still our song lives on
That’s how a moment lasts forever
When our song lives on

Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Sam x Reader)

Plot: The reader is dying and her and Sam look for funeral songs

Warning: Major angst, fluff if you squint, illness, coughing up blood, weight loss, sad sammy

For @ilostmyshoe-79 birthday challenge

Very short and possibly bad?

Sorry Kim for the sadness but I finally have an excuse to write this. Don’t read if you don’t feel comfortable!

Originally posted by spnjensenlove02

Sam will always remember that day. The worst day of his life.

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I’m lucky enough that I can count the number of disparaging anons I’ve recieved on one hand, but this actually hurts.

I work on Home every day, as I have done for the last 2 years, and every day I beat myself up a little for being such a slowpoke. Making the art has been therapeutic for me. I’ve always favored movies over books because I believe visuals add something that words can’t capture, so I try my hardest to create the same for my story. W, something like this makes me feel like thousands of hours I’ve spent drawing is worth nothing to your eye; why would you want to bring an author down like that?

Fanfic authors/fanartists do this for free. I will need another couple months to make Home perfect with an abundance of paintings, whether you’re there to read it or not.

For Science

Request by anon: hey! do you think you could do samxreader thing where he helps you sleep and it’s just really cute and fluffy? ive been having sleeping problems lately and this would make me really happy. also your writing is amazing and i loved the electric series

Word Count: 1426

Warnings: Absolutely none

A/N: A sleepy Sammy oneshot? Count me in!!

Version en Español: Por la Ciencia

“What are you doing up?” Sam yawned as he walked into the library where you were curled up on the couch, watching Indiana Jones.

You flung your arm out, encompassing the entirety of your Harrison Ford shrine. “Uh, watching a movie? Your observational skills are outstanding.”

“Can I join?” He asked, already walking over to the couch. You slid your feet toward you to make room for him on the other end. The two of you watched in companionable silence for a few scenes until Sam spoke up again. “So why are you watching Indiana Jones at two in the morning?”

“I couldn’t sleep. Figured watching people get their faces melted off was a better use of my time than staring into a dark room.” Sam nodded, accepting your answer, and you went back to the movie before a thought crossed your mind. “Why are you awake at two in the morning?”

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Actually i did this thing a lot of times but who cares? It’s fun + im bored anyway

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  • I post: 90% shitposts, 10% - everything else
  • Do I have any other blogs: yes, a porn blog
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Burrcules? “You’re hiding under the blanket because you’re blushing?”

“You’re hiding under the blanket because you’re blushing?”

“No!” Aaron responds angrily, pulling the blanket tighter around his body. “I didn’t mean it like that, I…I’m not hiding! I’m under the blanket because I’m cold! That’s what blankets are for, Hercules.”

“I’m aware of what blankets are for.” Herc says in a teasing voice, and Aaron hears him scoot closer to where Aaron is lying on the floor in his own personal blanket burrito. “But I saw how embarrassed you were before going under there.”

“Shut up.” Aaron grumbles, wishing the ground would swallow him up. He’d been so stupid to accept Angelica’s invitation to spend the night and her and her sisters apartment. He’d been even stupider to not get up and leave when Hamilton suggested playing spin the bottle. That’s what got him into this whole mess.

The first round of spin the bottle had been fine. He’d kissed Angelica on the cheek, and suffered through a kiss from Lafayette, who had attempted to crawl into Aaron’s lap during the kiss. But Aaron had pushed him off, much to everyone’s amusement. Then Herc spun the bottle for his second turn, and Aaron swore his heart had stopped when the battle landed on him.

Before he could even register what was about to happen, Herc had put a hand on the back of Aaron’s neck and pulled him down into a kiss. Not just any kiss, but the best kiss of Aaron’s entire life. It was perfect. But it ended much too quickly for Aaron’s liking, and that had led him to blurting out the stupidest thing he’d ever said.

A few hours later, everyone had fallen asleep except for him and Herc. They stayed up talking about a bunch of things; their classes, the last movie they saw, how annoying Hamilton is, what they’re going to do over winter break…it had been a great conversation, but of course Aaron had to ruin it by asking Herc to kiss him again.

But who could blame him? He’s had a crush on Herc since freshman year. Herc is amazing. He’s funny, nice, loud but gentle, has muscles that make Aaron lightheaded, and has the best smile Aaron has ever seen. He’s wanted to kiss Herc for years. But when he asked, Herc had just stared back at him with shock, and now here he is, hiding under a blanket.

“Aaron, c’mon.” Herc’s voice is closer now, but Aaron still doesn’t move. “Come out of there.”

“I’m comfortable.” Aaron says, despite the feeling of his arm going numb. “Just leave me alone.”

“Is that really what you want?”

No. Aaron sighs but still makes no attempt to get up. He doesn’t want to talk to Herc about it, he feels stupid enough already. It’s clear the guy isn’t interested, so Aaron will just have to suffer not being able to feel his arm. It’s better than getting rejected by the man of his dreams.

“Aaron.” Herc is even closer now, and Aaron feels an arm land on his shoulder. “I’m not gonna tease you. It’s okay, all you did was ask for a kiss, that’s not-”

“Please stop.” Aaron groans, another wave of embarrassment flowing through him. “Just forget I said anything. I didn’t…just forget it.”

“What if I don’t want to forget what you said?” Herc asks softly, and Aaron feels his heart stop for the second time that night. Is he being serious?

Aaron sits up slowly, the blanket still covering his face, but he pulls it down slowly and looks up at Herc, who is staring down at him with a small smile. His eyes roam over Aaron’s face, and Aaron feels his pulse quicken. He can’t be serious.

“What do you mean?” He asks Herc, unsure if the man is messing with him or not. He really hopes he isn’t messing with him. “You really want to…I mean…with me, you want to…uhm…” He can’t get the words out.

“Kiss you.” Herc finishes with a nod. “Yeah. I do.”

“Oh.” Aaron whispers, wondering if he’s dreaming. This can’t actually be happening. But then Herc leans a little closer, and Aaron feels his breath catch. It is happening.

“Unless the offer doesn’t stand anymore?” Herc asks, leaning back, and Aaron realizes that he’s just been staring at the other man, making no movements.

“No!” Aaron says louder than he means to. “I mean…yes, the offer still stands. You can…uh…kiss me. If you want to.”

“I want to.” Herc assures him, and Aaron feels his face heat up. They’re both moving closer, lips almost touching when Laurens suddenly mumbles something in his sleep, making them both jump apart.

Aaron had momentarily forgotten where they were, and he looks around at the sleeping forms of all their friends. This isn’t exactly how he’d imagined his first…well, second…kiss with Herc to go. Herc must be sensing what Aaron is feeling, because he chuckles softly and reaches out to take the blanket from him, throwing it over both of their heads.

“A little more privacy.” Herc murmurs, one of his hands reaching out to rest on the back of Aaron’s neck again, like the first time.

Aaron blinks his eyes a few times, trying to get them to adjust to the darkness so he can see Herc. He wants to see him. He can just make out his face, and then there is breath tickling his face, and Herc’s other hand is on his cheek. Aaron breathes out slowly, his eyes fluttering closed, and then Herc’s lips are on his. 

The kiss is slower this time, allowing Aaron to actually take in what is happening. He’s kissing Hercules Mulligan. Aaron moves his hands, wanting to touch him, and rests hands gently on Herc’s thighs. Herc sighs against his mouth, and Aaron shivers when he feels Herc’s tongue brushing over his bottom lip. 

The kiss deepens, and both of their breathing grows a little heavier. Aaron grows bolder, nipping at Herc’s lip and smiling when the man moans softly. That’s a noise he could get used to. He parts his lips, giving Herc more access, and grips his thighs tightly when their tongues meet. Aaron moves closer, wanting more, but then a voice calls out, making them both jump apart again.

“If you guys are gonna keep this up, the guest room is free.” Angelica’s voice is laced with sleep, and Aaron pulls the blanket off of him and Herc, feeling embarrassed again. But Angelica just smiles at them from her spot on the couch. “I love you both, but I also don’t need to hear you making out.” She closes her eyes and turns her back to them.

“Do…do you want to?” Herc breathes out, his lips looking swollen and his eyes bright. He’s looking at Aaron nervously.

“Y-yes.” Aaron stammers, his heart pounding. 

Herc stands up and holds out his hand to Aaron, pulling him off the ground. They both stare at each other, and then they’re laughing quietly, both of them finally taking in what is happening. Herc’s lips are on his again as they stumble over to one of the bedrooms. God, Aaron thinks he could kiss Herc for hours.

So he does.

Red Velvet

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: None
Summary: Reader finds out something shocking about Bucky.  
A/N: So , to flex these writing muscles I thought I’d start Fluffy Fanfic Friday! I’m going to try and write a fluffy Bucky drabble every Friday. If you want to send a request please do! Right here. 
Word count : 637 

Originally posted by faded-facades

“It’s just not possible Bucky” you said simply, returning to washing the dishes.

“It’s really not that hard to believe, doll” he retorted, drying a wet plate you just handed him. Moments went by and you continued doing the washing up. The silence was comfortable between you, the sound of splashing water filling the air. The dishes were finally finished, dropping your sponge in the sink you turned to Bucky.

“You’ve really never had a cupcake before?” you crossed your arms and you rose an eyebrow inquisitively.  Bucky shook his head and suddenly you felt a pang of sadness latch onto your heart. Sure, it was just a cupcake but it also was so much more and you wondered what else he had missed out on. “Well it’s sorted, get the flour” you pointed to a top shelf cabinet, Bucky smiled wistfully at you and grabbed the flour.

“And now for the fun bit, we add the red food colouring” the red velvet cupcakes were almost done and ready to put in the oven. You and Bucky had spent the last half an hour making the most perfect red velvet cupcakes. The laughter and smiles you had shared and even the brief flour fight told you Bucky was having a great time. Bucky poured the red colouring into the mix while you mixed it. He let out a soft “wow”, eyes widening slightly in amazement and it made your heart clench with happiness. After scooping them into the tray you finally put them in the oven.

Bucky and you were snuggled on the couch comfortably while your cupcakes cooked. Both your heads popped up from the action movie playing when you finally heard the ding. Bucky eagerly grabbed at a warm cupcake only for you to slap his hand away. “They have to cool so we can frost them, Buck” you explained, a cute scowl forming on his face like a child who had just been denied. “You waited 90 years, I think you can wait a little more” you joked, pulling out all the ingredients you needed for the frosting. Whipping up the frosting quickly it was time to ice them with the perfect swirl. And finally, for the first time in his life James Buchanan Barnes took a bite of a cupcake.

“Oh my god, doll” he moaned around a mouthful of cupcake. You smiled and took a bite of yours, the chocolatey flavour exciting your tastebuds. “These are the best thing I’ve ever tasted” he took another bite and it was almost gone. Your focus was all on Bucky and you hadn’t even noticed the tiny bit of frosting on your top lip. But Bucky had. “You got a little frosting-” reaching his hand out , using this thumb he swiped at the sweet frosting and then with a lustful look licked the icing off his thumb. You almost moaned out loud at the sight.

Suddenly, Bucky softly cupped your face with both hands. The metal was a cool contrast to your flushed cheeks and you lent in to it. “I’ve been thinking about doing this for a long time” he said barely above a whisper. Leaning his head down, his lips touched yours softly. He tasted sweet from the frosting and this time you did moan. The moan spurring him on, the kiss becoming passionate and full of desire. Lifting you up onto the counter with ease, he broke away from the kiss. Slightly panting , Bucky chuckled quietly to himself.

“What?” you asked curiously , wanting him to kiss you again.

“I just thought those cupcakes were the best thing I had ever tasted , I was wrong” Bucky chuckled. Gripping his t-shirt you crushed your lips together once more and he was right , this was so much better than cupcakes.

Enough Vs Good

So, today is @madam-lit-nerd‘s birthday so I thought I’d write her a little something. Since you wrote such a cool omegaverse, I figure you’d have nothing against it :)

If you have time, drop by and leave some love on her blog!

Dean is a mechanic.

Now, that’s nothing new, and he loves his job. But it means that there are… certain things he can’t do.

For example, he can’t design an airplane. Not that he minds. He hates flying.

But he can’t. He also can’t represent anyone in court, like his little brother. And he can’t cook like his friend Benny, who’s a chief in an up-and-rising restaurant in the best part of town.

He doesn’t mind. That’s just how it is.

But there’s this one other thing he can’t do, because – well, he’s a dumb mechanic who dropped out of school.

For example, he can’t meet Castiel Novak as an equal. He’s Sammy’s colleague, and according to his brother, one of their best lawyers.

He’s also hot as hell, smarter than anyone Dean has ever known (well, except for his brother, but it doesn’t really count in this context), inherited a fortune from his parents and has this weird, dry sense of humour that Dean has really learned to appreciate at Sam’s and Jess’ parties.

He’s also an omega.

And Dean’s an alpha.

But, as before stated, there are some things that Dean just can’t do, and, well –
Courting someone who’s so far out of his league he might as well live in another dimension is one of them.


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Being a writer
  • IDEA
  • *thinks of a whole mystery plot while in the shower*
  • I like that synonym, ohhh but I like that one too.
  • “It’s just a draft” I say to hide the fact that I suck and this is the best I can do
  • What’s another word for ‘said’?
  • Argh I can’t spell
  • Their tongues battled for dominance…
  • You broke it.
  • And then she…and then she…
  • I’m so hungry
  • I’m so tired
  • I’m so horny
  • I’m just going to write about my OTP and change their names.
  • I’m so proud of this! *a week later* wtf did I actually write this shit this is terrible what was I thinking just ugghh
  • I just need to change one more thing…or 80.
  • *writes for 5 minutes* *block*
  • If Stephenie Meyer can publish, so can I.
  • This is it! I’m going to turn it into a book. No really, this one’s better than the last one.
  • My book’s so gonna be a movie/TV series, so I may as well plan ahead and pick my cast.
  • Why are they always fictional??
  • *mind wanders*
  • “What’re reading?” Ummm a book…that’s online. NO you can’t see it.
  • Nothing rhymes with orange? Challenge accepted.
  • It’s just a short story, won’t take me long *seven hours, 30 energy drinks and 10,000 words later*
  • *mind continues to wander*
  • “What’s lemon?” *sweats*
  • Another rejection? Perfect! Harry Potter was rejected thirteen times. I’m on my way.
  • No, I didn’t use I’m insulted by your accusations.
  • I want Emma Watson to play my character.
  • And Tom Felton to be her love interest.
  • How do you write smut?
  • What’s another word for ‘and then’?
  • I’ll write it later, I’ll definitely remember it.
  • What’s another word for ‘suddenly’?
  • Wasn’t there something I was supposed to remember to write?
  • Ugh I give up
  • IDEA!

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  • Name: kaylie
  • nickname: kaybie
  • zodiac sign: pisces
  • height: 5′
  • Favourite colours: green
  • favourite fruit: banana
  • favourite season: fall
  • favourite flowers: dasies
  • favourite animal: deer and foxes
  • favourite fictional characters: kiawe
  • coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: cofe
  • cats or dogs: both r perfect
  • Hogwarts house: i actually have a social life
  • last movie I watched: grease i think
  • last thing I googled: acnl hybrid flower guide
  • average hours of sleep: like 10-14
  • numbers of blankets you sleep with: 1
  • why did you choose your url: 1001 percent was a cool achievement in isaac
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Nickname: gayson, gaysin, starboy, gray

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Favorite Music Artist: Panic! At The Disco

Song stuck in my head: Lucky

Last Movie you Watched: Perfect Sisters

What are you wearing right now?: my P!ATD sweater and the ever so amazing silver boxers that @captain-galaxy-prince h a t e s 

Why did you choose your URL?: i mean i made this account in late 2015 as an ask blog but there’s lots of personal reasons that stop me from answering asks and i half wanna stop being an ask blog half don’t

Do you have any other blogs?: yeye man i’ve got @sondervision with my friend anya, @voltronaholic which i haven’t been on in forever, and i made an ask thalia grace blog but i haven’t used in in over a year

What did your last relationship teach you?:
that i’m always gonna get fucked over in the end and that perfect isn’t real

Religious or Spiritual: nah man 

Favorite Color: I like greys, reds, black, and blues.

Average hours of sleep: 6???

Lucky numbers: 3, 6, 26, 17

Favorite Characters: can’t list them all man sorry 

How many blankets do you sleep with: i have four at my head, 4 lil pillows at my feet, and a giant teddy bear next to me.

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