the last hour of this movie is perfection

Robert’s great, you know. It’s really fun to work with him and he came at the perfect time,“ “We were making the movie, and were were probably just getting into the last third of the movie, and you know it’s hard, you work fifteen hours a day and you are on set every day, it gets tiring, it gets tiring, the crew get tired, and he came and brought a whole new burst of energy. He lit the set up and really brought a lot to the movie, and we just had a lot of fun. In the trailer you see it. All the stuff you see in the trailer is basically improvised, and I love working that way and so does Robert. It was great fun to do that. It was really good.

- Tom Holland’s Facebook Live chat. AND talks about working with  @RobertDowneyJr 

I’m lucky enough that I can count the number of disparaging anons I’ve recieved on one hand, but this actually hurts.

I work on Home every day, as I have done for the last 2 years, and every day I beat myself up a little for being such a slowpoke. Making the art has been therapeutic for me. I’ve always favored movies over books because I believe visuals add something that words can’t capture, so I try my hardest to create the same for my story. W, something like this makes me feel like thousands of hours I’ve spent drawing is worth nothing to your eye; why would you want to bring an author down like that?

Fanfic authors/fanartists do this for free. I will need another couple months to make Home perfect with an abundance of paintings, whether you’re there to read it or not.

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Nicknames: rey, aliz, arisu (lol)

Star sign: Taurus

Height: 5′3″

Time right now: 11:33 p.m.

Last thing you googled: got it bad the sore losers lyrics

Fave music artist: the killers, grimes, ed sheeran, twenty one pilots

Song stuck in my head: BITE - Troye Sivan

Last movie I watched: the great gatsby

Last TV show I watched: supergirl

What I’m wearing right now: jeans and plaid shirt

When I created this blog: 4 years ago???

The kind of stuff I post: lots of gay ships, overwatch, supergirl, music and my gay drawings

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

Pokémon team: team valor

Favorite color: Blue

Average hours of sleep: LMAO

Lucky number: 7 and 11

Favorite characters:

Beca and Chloe (Pitch Perfect), Tracer, widowmaker,,Mercy, Pharah (overwatch), Kara, Lena Luthor (supergirl) 

Dream job:
famous illustrator

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 Sheet and 1 Comforter <- same tho ahah

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Have you ever dated someone with curly hair?

How many of the people you’ve kissed have had brown eyes?

Would you date any of your friends of the opposite sex?
Yes; Ty.

What’s your favourite alcoholic drink?

Who was the first person you dated? Do you still speak to that person?
His name is Derek. No, I haven’t talked to him for about seven years now.

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Nicknames: I don’t have one :( I used to call myself liongirl if that counts?
Star sign: Aries
Height: I don’t know my exact height but I know that I am short
Time right now: 11:56am
Last thing you googled:Dear Evan Hansen plot
Fave music artist: Taylor Swift
Song stuck in my head: Waving through a window
Last movie I watched: Pitch Perfect 2
Last TV show I watched: Rizzoli and Isles
What I’m wearing right now: Black shorts and a black Arrow shirt with the words “You have failed this city”
When I created this blog: End of 2014
The kind of stuff I post: Random fandom and ship stuff and then just other really random stuff
Hogwarts house: GRYFFINDOR
Pokémon team: No idea. About pokemon I know nothing
Favorite color: Green  
Average hours of sleep: 8/9
Lucky number: Don’t have one
Favorite characters: Oliver Queen, Beca Mitchell, Kara Danvers, Aubrey Posen, Raven Reyes, Felicity Smoak, Barry Allen, Amy Raudenfeld, Clarke Griffin, Caleb Rivers, Spencer Hastings
Dream job: Private Investigator
Number of blankets I sleep with: In summer none cause it’s shit crazy hot in Australia but in winter 3?

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One day, one rhyme- Day 902 '3am'

3am is a lonely time,
All other times agree.
I once was up writing a rhyme
When 3am met me.
It told me it was the single
Most lonesome time of all.
Never a knock, doorbell jingle
Nor ever a phone call.
In fact 3am said I was
The first soul it had met,
Or the first awake one, because
Sleepers don’t count as yet.
Then it asked was I sleepwalking?
“No, I’m awake,” I swore.
3am and I got talking
About what times are for.
12am’s for movies, feasting
And ringing in New Years;
1’s for last minute studying,
And sharing hopes and fears.
2am’s when you drink cocoa,
Also the reading hour.
4’s for inventing a gizmo
And when bakers knead flour.
5 is too early for breakfast,
But perfect for coffee.
And by the time it’s 6, nights past
And days starting for me.
3am smiled and smiled again,
Said ‘twas nice to meet me.
I swore I’d visit now and then
To keep it company.

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  • Ed: So I put a short break to the Christmas movies last night to finally start Free! Iwatobi Swimclub, bc everyone said it's great
  • Ed: I've finished it two hours ago and now I'm scrolling through Tumblr, crying over the perfection that is Makoharu.
  • Ed: Also I may or may not be considering to buy a body pillow with Makoto on it so I don't have to sleep alone anymore
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#1: “Youth” (Jaja/Alex contemporary)

I was 500% done with Jaja when I saw this. I immediately declared that I would fight anyone who still had anything to say about her out of her style/her performance ability. I saw this and it was an entire movie. I am in the 2% of the population that doesn’t like The Notebook, so I didn’t make that connection automatically, but I could just watch this for two hours instead, tbh. 

Tessandra was the perfect choreographer for her. I saw that people think Tessandra tweaked her style to make it easier for Jaja, but this is just how she choreographs. Even the stage routine from last week had moments that seemed hip-hop-ish. (She’s also choreographed lyrical hip-hop for the show twice, once in season 7 and once in season 9.) I imagine having Jaja was great for her because she could do what she wanted without going easy on her. This didn’t even seem like the same person that did the shaky jazz in not-Vegas last season. 

But the highlight is Jaja’s acting. I just cannot. I believe everything she does. In the beginning with the photo album. When she goes in and out of recognizing Alex, and how happy she is when she does. (I die every time he pokes her on the nose and she grins. It just looks like he’s the light of her life and I can’t.) When she was so frustrated and angry that she was pushing away the person that loves her the most, and my heart totally broke at the end when she doesn’t know who he is and is terrified. Even the way she’s standing is completely vulnerable. 

I’ve never known anyone with Alzheimer’s, but this managed to be touching without being disrespectful or heavy handed, and that’s probably why it resonated so much with me. That and Jaja being perfect. 

my definitive ranking of all the star wars movies since i just finished revisiting the prequels
  1. the empire strikes back - a true masterpiece. a miracle of christ. incredibly well-written - thanks largely to leigh brackett - and a miracle of cinematography. every frame looks like an art piece. the pinnacle, the zenith, truly brilliant. i truly love this movie. my only gripes are c3po’s gratuitous comic relief in the last half hour - like, not now, buddy - and the weird, unnecessarily coercive nature of a lot of han and leia’s stuff. but like… a damn near perfect movie. get swept up in the magic. let yourself be transported, watch all your cares fade away.
  2. a new hope - again, a true masterpiece and miracle of christ. it’s a world-altering, innovative spin on myths we’ve seen billions of times before, hitting every traditional beat but making desperately necessary and vital changes - most notably, a real, human woman with agency who, for the span of this two hours, at least, doesn’t exist to be anyone’s love interest. visually stunning, of course. all the more impressive because this was made on a shoestring budget compared to all the films to follow. laid the groundwork for forty decades of western cinema. not as good as empire but only because it provided the perfectly, masterfully-built skeleton of a house which empire developed into a mansion.
  3. the force awakens - i’ve seen it six times in theatres so far and it’s honestly not enough. this is a perfect movie. like, i can’t in good conscience put it above a new hope or empire, but it’s on par with them. absolutely. rey and finn are perfectly constructed, beautifully acted, wonderful and desperately needed additions to this mythology. all the callbacks to the original trilogy land, harrison ford’s performance is perfect, this movie was everything i needed it to be and more.
  4. return of the jedi - so now we get to the part of the list where i have actual gripes. first of all, unequivocally fuck richard marquand. carrie fisher has said he screamed at her and made her cry constantly. the slave bikini was his idea. he wanted to depict leia as “more of a woman” because she was, in his view, “such a bitch” in empire. fuck him. um, apart from that, you know, i could never HATE this movie, and it is a good movie, and some moments absolutely hit the standard set by a new hope and empire - most notably, luke’s entire standoff with vader and palpatine. and the rest of it is just fun and lighthearted in a way that the rest of the original trilogy isn’t. it doesn’t take itself so seriously. and that works in places, but it also makes for some really tacky shit, e.g. gratuitous weird-looking, sexualized puppets in jabba’s palace, obvious use of bad early 80s greenscreen, i’m feeling charitable so i’m not even going to talk about the CGI music number in the re-edit. basically, had big shoes to fill and didn’t quite fill them. and the director was a dick.
  5. the phantom menace - so like, i know that conventional wisdom is that revenge of the sith is the best of the prequels, but i don’t… no… i’m not going to defend the phantom menace as a lost cinematic masterpiece, but. okay. there actually is something to be said for this being the pure expression of george lucas’s creative vision for the prequels, untouched by the criticism and the cynicism that came afterward and, frankly, scrubbed a lot of the fun and whimsy out of episodes ii and iii. i’m being a lot kinder to this movie than i was to return of the jedi, but? i had fun watching this movie. there are a lot of gorgeous visuals. the action sequences are generally well-paced. even jar-jar is less annoying now that he’s, like, actually funny, on account of the sith lord theory. not bad.
  6. revenge of the sith - bad. like. just a fundamentally bad, poorly written movie. the fundamental point of this prequel trilogy even existing is to demonstrate the tragedy of anakin falling to the dark side, and this movie just utterly botches that entire moment. anakin’s logic makes zero fucking sense, and you can’t even just chalk that up to subpar acting. there’s no subtlety in palpatine pulling anakin to the dark side. there’s no urgency. so much of anakin’s turn to the dark side supposedly hinges on his love for padme, but padme has fucking nothing to do here. the pacing of the action sequences is weird and clunky. the editing choices are… bizarre. randomly cutting from one thread of the story to another. i liked general grievous for no other reason that his character design was fucking cool and when he starts scuttling around like a goddamn spider i nearly lost my mind, and god bless ewan mcgregor for trying his best, but… yeesh. so many things went wrong here.
  7. attack of the clones - now i’m actually wondering if i should put attack of the clones above revenge of the sith. because like. the story revenge of the sith tries and fails to tell is, “anakin turns to the dark side.” the story attack of the clones tries and fails to tell is, “anakin and padme fall in love.” and fucking up anakin turning to the dark side is obviously a way more instrumental and important failure than clunky romantic dialogue and awkward love scenes. but, to its credit, i actually LIKE padme in this movie. she has actual stuff to do. she’s not just crying, being pregnant, or being dead. actually, yeah. this is number six and revenge of the sith is number seven. i lied. sorry. 
Bajirao Mastani, a summary...
  • The entire film is visually stunning.  (DUH.) 
  • The second half was better than the first. 
  • THE. MUSIC. IS LIFE. (Duh, once again.)
  • I went into this for PC, but Ranveer’s performance got better and better throughout. 
  • Deepika looked amazing, but I didn’t feel like her performance was anything special until the last hour or so of the film. 
  • It’s no secret that I’m not exactly a Priyanka fan, but I must admit I loved her in this.  Her performance was very raw and honest which was perfect to tell Kashi’s story. 
  • Overall I don’t think BM has made it into my top 3 SLB movies, but it is definitely worth a watch. 
  • Do yourself a favor and watch it in a theater if you can.  It deserves more than a laptop screen. (It’s so puuuurrrrtyyyy.)

Bonus: Favorite line in the film…  (This. Scene. Killed. Me.)

Calum Accidentally Tells You He Loves You

Anon Asked: Can you do a thing about how you fall asleep on Calum and He accidentally confesses his deep love of you because he’s stupid.

A/N: omg this has been in my ask box for like a month because I thought I already wrote it but I guess I didn’t omg I’m so sorry

Calum POV

I looked at the time. She would be here in 10 minutes.

“Shit, uhm, okay, I can get this ready in 10 minutes.”

I had been rushing around for the past three hours trying to get the apartment to look perfect. I kicked Luke out for the night. I didn’t need to be interrupted. Y/N was coming over for movie night and it had to be perfect. We’d been doing this for years but the last couple times felt different. She was different. The girl I had known since year 2 was so much different than the 7 year old version of herself. She was just – amazing.

There was a knock on the door and I rushed to answer it. I smoothed out my shirt and checked my hair before opening the door with a smile. She looked up from her phone and shot me the brightest smile I had ever seen. Her smile could light up the whole world.

“Hi Cal.”

“H-hey Y/N”

“Are you going to invite me in or are we just going to stand here?”

I laughed and stepped aside to let her in. The living room was all set up. Popcorn, chips, candy, movies. I even took the liberty of building us a fort. A small one. I wanted to be as close to her as possible.

“Wow, you really went all out, huh?”

She turned to me, a smile still evident on her face. I nodded, “Yea, I thought It’d be fun.”

Y/N climbed into the fort and made herself comfortable. I couldn’t help but watch her moves with interest. She had this grace about her. Everything she did was beautiful.  She looked up at me, “Come on, we have a lot of movies to get through.”

I grinned and got inside the fort, making my self comfortable next to her under the blanket. She scooted closer to me and I couldn’t help the blush that crept onto my cheeks as I put my arm around her.


Cal was different. Something was off. He wasn’t telling me something. I could feel it but decided to ignore the curious feeling. He would tell me if he wanted to. He would tell me when he was ready.

I cherished these nights. The nights it was just me and Cal. I missed him so much when he went away and being close with him like this made it that much more bearable. 

I rested my head on Cal’s shoulder and buried down into the pillows behind my back and pulled the blankets covering both Calum’s and my body up higher. I closed my eyes, listening to his heartbeat and his breathing. It was steady, calming. I felt his body twist, most likely looking to see if I was asleep. I felt him take a shaky breath in and he started talking.

“God dammit, why can’t I just say it? It’s not that hard. 3 words. I’ve said it enough in the mirror. You just take my breath away every fucking time”

He took another breath.

“Y/N, I’m in love with you.”

I wasn’t expecting that. My head shot up and I was met with a stunned Calum.

“Hey Y/N, did you have good nap?” he asked nervously, looking anywhere but my eyes.

“Calum, I think we both know I wasn’t napping.”

He laughed lightly, “Yeah, I can see that now.” He ran a hand through his dark curls.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” I asked after an awkwardly long silence.

“Uhm, I didn’t think you felt the same?” It came out more like a question than a statement.

I shook my head and laughed, “Calum Thomas Hood, I’ve been in love with you since we were 7 years old.” 

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Calum inquired.

I shrugged, “I was just waiting for you to catch on.”

He smiled and scooted closer to me. Our forwards were almost touching.

“I guess I don’t catch on that fast.” He said in a whisper.

I smiled back at him, “I guess you’re not as smart as I thought.”

And suddenly, our lips took over what was the start to something beautiful.

A/N: Okay so this didn’t come out how I wanted it to but I think it’s okay. Please send in requests! I’m in dire need of them lol