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Imbolc is approaching, and I wanted to wish everyone who celebrates it a beautiful and fruitful holiday. To my Thelemite brethren, this is known as Feast of the Stars, and I’ve experienced some interesting and potent rituals held in its honor in the past when I was able to visit my then-local Thelemic temple. 

To Wiccans and many others, though, it’s known as Imbolc and celebrates the cross-quarter, marking the time between solstice and equinox and reminding us that winter can’t last forever. While I don’t typically celebrate, I’m using this month and the next as a time of reflection on my own path and beliefs about the universe. 

I made the above image, inspired by memories from long ago. The text in the background is a poem by Rumi that I once overheard being sung by a choir after wandering into a Unitarian church, and the overall style and mood of the image recalls an experience I had attending, briefly, an Imbolc celebration held in a Quaker church in Pittsburgh by a Wiccan coven. Both were beautiful to behold, though I don’t consider myself an adherent of either path. 

I’m not one of those people who believes there’s beauty in every drop of life, but I think the key to being a happy person is to recognize beauty when you do see it. I feel like I’ve seen a lot of beautiful things in my life. Maybe that’s why, despite the smog choking Krakow right now, the freezing temperatures and long hours of darkness, I’m still optimistic and happy to be where I am.

When RNG doesn’t favor you

when it’s your last relic and RNG doesn’t give you your cernos lower limb 


GRIMM | 5.03

So kid friendly.

To all the tears shed in high school, the sense of loneliness, hopelessness, that you were different or wrong or unworthy, for the feelings of thinking you couldn’t be truthful, that you weren’t safe, that nobody understood you, that you didn’t understand yourself, for your friends having their first dates and kisses when they were 15, and for you going through high school without dating, for having to hide your true feelings, your true colors, to every girl who fell in love with her straight best friend…. just know you won’t be hidden in the shadows forever. It may seem like you’ll never kiss or date or come out, but you can and you will. You will find eternal happiness in a matter of years, and trekking through and waiting to meet the right girl will be worth everything you went through. You may feel trapped. But it won’t last. It can’t last. You will fall in love with somebody who loves you. You will love and accept yourself. You can and will be happy.






Help - Enoch O'Connor imagine One Shot (request)

a/n: hiii this was requested by someone (sorry i forgot, this is old) and uhhh it’s short, so sorry if anyone doesn’t like that :/ :D

request: can you do a enoch preference where reader has a peculiarity that they can control lighting and electricity or something and she is not in control and Enoch helps her or something please! :) btw I like your account!!!

y/n screamed. “ah!” she yelled, throwing her hands in the air and making the light bolts disappear. “i can’t do this, i can’t…” she whispered the last part and held her face with her hands.

enoch walked over to y/n and held her to his chest, soothing her back. his eyebrows were furrowed.

y/n and enoch were training y/n’s peculiarity for about an hour. the girl was now exhausted and annoyed. she tried to be in control over her power - that was what they were training now - but she failed constantly. y/n felt so miserable without any control over what she could do.

enoch felt y/n’s insecurity and being unsure of herself and sat her down on the bed with him. he wasn’t the best at comforting people or giving them the heads up, so the boy just kept quiet while holding y/n. the girl rested her head against enoch’s chest and sighed. 

“why can’t i control it?” she said quietly. “why am i such a horrible trainer for my power? i’m supposed to be good at this.”

“you’re not a horrible trainer.” enoch spoke. “you’re just… a beginner at it. there’s nothing bad about that. i used to be like you, too.”

“yeah, but since what age are you able to do this?”

“uh… i was seven or six.”

“see? that’s the problem.” y/n sighed and furrowed her eyebrows quite hard. “i’m sixteen, and it’s supposed to be a power i don’t have to worry about controlling. i could hurt someone any time because i don’t know when can i get the sparks out.”

then enoch sighed. “what if it’s anger? that, like, activates your peculiarity?”

y/n hummed, but she had turned back on hope, anyway. “maybe. not that i could get angry on an exact time.”

“what if someone angers you?” enoch suggested. 

“who - you?” y/n chuckled lightly. “sure, you annoy everyone, but you can’t anger me.”

“no,” enoch smiled, “not me. could a memory make you mad?”

“uhhh…” y/n furrowed her eyebrows again. “how do you get these ideas?”

enoch shrugged his shoulders. y/n wrapped her arms around his body and laid her head down on his chest. “yeah, i could try that.”

Part 6 of Chris being a dad

Chris never left your side that whole night. When Lisa walked in and saw her son in the chair pulled up to the hospital bed with one hand on your stomach and the other holding your hand. It truly broke her heart. A mother always wants to take the pain away and deal with it on her own, but this time, she didn’t know how to fix it.

“Hey, sweetie. I brought you something to drink.” She said handing him a coffee.
“Thanks, mom.” He said taking a drink.
“How is Y/N doing?” She asked kissing her daughter in law on the head.
“Her fever broke last night but she hasn’t woke up yet. I shouldn’t have left mom.” He said with tears in her eyes.
“I would have gotten sick if you were home or not babe.” You said waking up to hear your husband blame himself.
“Y/N!” Chris yelled while Lisa went to get a doctor
“Hey, babe.” He said leaning down to kiss you.
“How long have I been here?” You asked looking worried.
“Almost a week.” He said helping you get a drink.
“Oh, no is Macy?” You said starting to cry.
“Honey, Macy is fine. She this monitor.” He said showing you as you looked at him.
“See her heart rate is fine. How are you feeling?” He asked as the doctor walked in.
“Glad to see you are awake Mrs. Evans. Let check you both out.”

After the doctor checked you and Macy out he left you alone with Chris.
“Move over.” He said to you as he climbed into bed with you.
“I haven’t been able to cuddle with you in almost a week.” He said leaning in to kiss you.
“I’m glad you had your mom coming stay with me while you were away.” You said putting your head on your chest.
“I’m not leaving your side until our little girl is here with us.” He said putting his hand on your hand that was on your stomach.
“Chris, you can’t do that.”
“I can and I will. I never wanted a phone call like that again Y/N.” He said letting the tears fall.
You both feel asleep holding each other.

Two days later

“You ready to break out of here?” Chris said leaning to your stomach and talking to Macy.
“Well, I am. So let me get dressed and we can go home.” You said getting up.
As you did the back of your hospital gown opened up showing your butt to Chris.
“I swear you get sexy every day.” He said offering to help you get dress.
“Save it for home lover boy.” You said winking at him.
Chris always told you every day that you were beautiful but ever since you got pregnant he couldn’t keep his hands of you. Not that you mind. You just didn’t get what he saw in you sometimes.
“I was thinking maybe we could go away for a while,” Chris said on the way home.
“Really?” You asked getting excited
“Yes, really. We could go somewhere private. Just me and you before we become mommy and daddy.” He said grabbing your hand.
“I love that. When should we go?” You asked
“We are leaving tomorrow morning.” He said laughing at the surprised look on your face.
“I love you.” You said
“I love you and I can’t wait to see you in a bikini babe.”
“Yeah, no one needs to see that.” You said laughing
Rolling his eyes he goes.
“Babe, I want to and I have already bought you three or you can just go nude.” He said winking at you as he pulled into the driveway.
“Hmm.” You said as he helped you out of the car.
“Let’s go eat and then get some sleep we have a busy day tomorrow.” He said as you both walked into the house.

You hummed to yourself as you propped the laundry basket up against your hip, making your way upstairs to the bedroom so you could finally get a chance to fold all the clean clothes. Ever since you had given birth to Y/D/N, you didn’t get an opportunity to clean the house - and it was obvious you couldn’t rely on the boys. You loved them to pieces, but they were terrible maids! As you passed by Y/D/N’s half-opened door, you- Wait a second.

“I closed her door.” You murmured to yourself, raising an eyebrow as you set the basket down on the floor, walking towards the room cautiously. Oh, god. What it there was a murderer in her bedroom?

“It’s my turn, Liam! You’ve already been in t’at spot fer t’e last five minutes!” The sound of Niall’s voice immediately made you feel ten times better as you pushed the door open. 

“Oh, hush! Look how cute she is!” Liam cooed, blowing a raspberry at the baby.

“Excuse me, sirs.” You cleared your throat, the boys jumping at your sneaky entrance. “I’d really love if Y/D/N caught up on her nap. She was supposed to take one three hours ago but we had to postpone it because you people insisted on taking her for a shopping spree.”

“Hey, don’t blame us! Tha’ baby leather jacket was on sale. And it came with little booties!” Harry whined, reaching down into the crib and tickling Y/D/N’s stomach, smiling to himself when she squealed in response. 

“Yeah, and I’m sure the other ten outfits were on sale too.” You snorted, gesturing to the huge bag of baby clothes in the corner. (Although, you had to admit - your six month old baby owning a leather jacket from Gucci was pretty cool.) 

“And don’t forget about her new shoes! I spotted the Vans collection so I bought like, all of them for her.” Louis stated, as if it was the most casual thing to say. “So she can match with her Uncle Louis!”

“You spoil her too much! Zayn sent me a package with a ‘I heart Uncle Zayn’ onesie!”

“When do I get a chance t’ hold her?” Niall pouted, rubbing his hands together before making a face at Y/D/N. “Look at t’ose chubby cheeks - Irresistible, I tell ya! She’s going t’ be a heartbreaker when she grows up.”

“She’s breaking my heart by not getting enough nap time! All of you, out of the room!” 


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