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@buckcompton​ asked: 9 (favourite episode/season)  + Band of Brothers
                                         part eight: the Last Patrol

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With all my heart.

As requested, here’s a totally voluntary Westallen Twitter event you can participate in next week!

Let’s have a Westallen positivity week, where we celebrate the things we love about our couple and tag the writers, actors or crew members responsible for creating those moments so they know we appreciate the work they’ve done! Remember it’s not a trend, you can just casually tweet a few times each day in accordance with the theme!

Tag your tweets with #WAPositivity so others can find you and reply or retweet, and be sure to include “Westallen” in your tweets whenever possible. Here’s the list of writers if you need a refresher! I’m happy to do one for directors if anyone needs it.

#WAPositivity Days

Monday, August 8th - Favorite Westallen Scenes
Ex. “My fave Westallen scene last season was Iris’ confession in 2.20 - thank you @armenfx for directing it so beautifully! #WAPositivity”

Tuesday, August 9th - Favorite Aspect of their Relationship
Ex. “I’m in love with the heart eyes Westallen give each other. @grantgust @candicekp always do them so well! #WAPositivity”

Wednesday, August 10th - What Westallen Means to Us 
Ex. “Westallen is such a beautiful example of patient and unconditional love. So glad @gberlanti made their relationship so caring. #WAPositivity”

Thursday, August 11th - Favorite Westallen Quotes 
Ex. “Did you write the line “What other girls” @brookecyan? Westallen fans are indebted to whoever did. #WAPositivity”

Friday, August 12th - Favorite Westallen Edits/Arts! (That way we can send them in for #FanArtFriday)


taekook in bs&t era 


“When they see someone handsome, they will get attached”


Anna runs into the room, waves awkwardly. Kai ushers her over to stand right next to Elsa. She and Elsa sneak awkward peeks at each other. {x}