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I don’t make trades very often, but when I do…

Yeah, this is my haul from today. Last week, I met someone at one of the game stores I frequent, and he actually wanted some of the random valuable cards at the front of my binder! Not the Storm Crows. My foil Storm Crows are going nowhere. But, he did take interest in my foil Ugin, masterpiece Lotus Petal, foil Masques Dark Ritual, and foil Tezzeret from Aether Revolt.

He had a pretty crazy collection of stuff, I think he said he was a judge, so this is what I picked out. Stuff for decks, foil versions of non-foils I have, a couple foil Angels for my collection, and that foil Magus of the Library because why not? A productive day, really, I’m quite happy with it.

anonymous asked:

I thought the Cayde-6 statue came with any pre-order, but I just called my gamestop and they said the Cayde figure only came with the collectors edition.

My girlfriend and an off-duty GameStop employee at my local Gamestop (which I frequent often) bought the Limited Edition and received a Cayde-6 figure!

Also: This is the page for Standard Edition, it has Cayde-6 as a pre-order bonus! 

Pre-order Destiny 2 at GameStop and get a Cayde-6 figurine*!

*While Supplies Last. Figure Bonus Not valid on Digital.

*Available at GameStop in the U.S. Also available at other participating retailers in other territories. Pick up at time of Pre-Order. While supplies last.

Online Customers: Item will ship with your game.
Store Customers: Item will be available at time of pick-up.

Nowhere does it say “Collector’s or Limited Edition only”. Your GameStop associates are misinformed. Or assholes.


♫ Here I am, back again, and with a very cool game to talk about! What else can I ask for?

Last year, I was looking for games at my regular store and found something called ‘Ubisoft Combo’. It was three Ubisoft games in one, that sounded good enough to let it pass. The three games the remastered edition of Beyond Good & Evil (wonderful game), From Dust (lovely, but it has an important bug and the game crashes right in the middle of the journey T_T shaaame…) and the awesome game I want to talk about today


(Point that sword elsewhere, would you? you’ll end hurting yourself)

What initially looks as a simple 2D plataformer mixed with action, it’s actually a very beautiful and intense game, with a good story and a very dinamic system of gameplay that makes it very funny and addicting to play.

Story begins when a man had started to experience dreams and visions of the past. Asking a shaman for a way to cure him, he discovers that an incoming chaos is about to be realased on the world to destroy and reshape it and it is his duty to stop this from happen. So, he starts a journey thru forests, old cities and even thru the underground to reach the force of chaos before it spreads and destroys everything.

We will have to learn to use the energies of Light and Darkness to reach the end of the joyrney. 

(Free glowing tattoos, want some?)

This will allow our hero to pass through their respective barriers, and attack monsters born of the opposite alignment. In some stages, we will have to hone or reflexes in order to change fast wich energy are we using at the moment, to avoid damage. Further from this, he will learn special powers from the shrines, from simple melee attacks to the harnessing of Light and Dark energy. We’ll even have to collect hidden objects called “Masks of the Gods” in order to unlock extras such as concept art or enhanced in-game abilities. (Honestly, I still lack five of them and it’s a little frustrating to not be able to locate them, but if you are as stubborn as me, to find them, you’ll be okay!?)

(*rave music playing*)

Plus: We also can find an option to experience the entire storyline online with a friend in co-operative mode. There are also co-op challenges scattered throughout the world that can be unlocked and played when in co-op mode. Funny! Also, there is an Arcade Mode that puts us to the test by putting a set time for the player to traverse throughout an entire region and defeat its protector. An Arcade chapter for one area is unlocked as soon as the area itself is unlocked. You up for a challenge? this is your lucky day!

This game, as I said, it’s very dynamic, the moment you get a hold on the gameplay and techniqes of combat, you cannot stop playing!

Also, it doesn’t need to be a 3D game to possess a very beautiful enviroment and backgrounds, such as these:

(Holly shit! I mean… shrine, Holly Shrine!)

The final bosses of each stage are amazing, their designs are terrifying as well as awesome and even beautiful, and sometimes they’ll get on our nerves, but that’s just a plus. Who wouldn’t like a good challenge in a boss fight? They can be simple enough once you learn how to deal with them, but until you get the idea of how and when to attack, they can be a pain in the a$$, so just do as I usually do and keep trying (while screaming profanities if possible, or just murmur them, we don’t want to alert the neighbours, do we?)

Soundtrack? Oh my, so GORGEOUS and EPIC, surely suits the taste of a gamer who loves an action game with music that keeps you on alert at the same time entertains you!


Nothing else to say, except that I highly recomend Outland for a good evening of running from side to side of the screen. Honestly? Sometimes you need a good game like this, simple enough to just worry about slashing enemies and take the keys to the next room, complicated enough to have to use your reflexes and skills to pass a complex zone, and with an amazing story that will entrall you.

Have a nice play!

P5 Took my heart, broke it, and put it together just to take it again

If anyone saw my post about my cancelled Take Your Heart Edition pre-order earlier this month…

Well, let’s start with last week. I went to the game store and had a chat with one of the employees. He asked if I was already informed of my cancelled pre-order (T_T) and told him that yeah, I received a call. So I asked if there really was no way that there’ll be extra stocks or something, and he told me that it’s very unlikely. Ah, how were my hopes crushed back then ORZ. Anyway, he asked if I brought my pre-order receipt, and if I wanted a refund or a downgrade to the steel book. I refused for either, hoping that hey, maybe I’ll be lucky and they accidentally send extra stocks? Maybe there’ll be a restock before release (despite being told it’s hopeless =w=“)?

Fast forward today, or last night, I guess? I finally found another store offering a pre-order, but their prices may possibly be higher compared to the other store- they only offered a price range after all, no exact price. I took the chance and contacted the seller. Earlier today, I was on my way to make my pre-order downpayment to the other store. Before heading to pay, I decided to get that refund since… yeah, I found another pre-order. When I got to the game store I originally pre-ordered from, I was told that my cancelled pre-order is now uncancelled cuz idk, their higher ups announced that it’s ok now or something OAO

………………………………………………… Yeah. WOW. DAMN. THAT WAS SUCH A ROLLER COASTER RIDE. Another crazy story that rivals what I went through just to get my FE Fates SE. Like- I don’t even get premium editions, in fact, those two were my only ones.

Anyone else with crazy P5 fiasco stories?

The Fight for Freya, Pt. 2

So here I am, moping about Freya again. To relive some memories, I decide to go to her favorite spot, the fish exhibit. 

And there she was, wistfully watching the fish and making rather depressing comments about how she missed the place.

So, I knew that this was a sign that I had to get her back. Well, after hours of research, I found that I have to break the 16 villager cycle.

What is this cycle? It is the game storing the last 16 villagers that moved out. In order to get her to move back in, I have to make the game unable to remember her, and then she is eligible to move in. This means I must move out 16 villagers, and then with a 1 and 333 chance, I must get her in my village.


As you can see, I was off to a great start. This process involves tedious time travelling, and it’s relentless. 

Luckily, my friend Whitney had my back through the whole thing. 

Although, we had some moments when we were completely done.


Why the hell not? If a wolf girl is gonna flirt with me, I’m gonna do this right. I fully accept my fate. OH, and this is AFTER she gave me the nickname “hun” ON THE SAME DAY.

A ton of villagers moved in and out, this guy specifically making me happy because of symmetry.

None of the villagers I met really stuck with me, so I didn’t care much for them.

I even met ome of my old ones during the KK Slider concert, as he played “Only Me”, a fitting song.

Then Whitney goes on about how she is proud of her legs, and me, being a bit on the corrupt side, fell for her little joke. Then she innocently asks what I thought she meant. Oh yeah, Whitney, you totally didn’t mean to make that happen. Well played.

Furthermore, Whitney decidedshe would completely destroy the flower path, and plant flowers ALL AROUND THE HOUSE. Whitney.. why?

But at the end of the day, we were still ready to go at it again. Here are the final stats.

44 Time travels

Current Villagers: Whitney, Groucho, Kyle, Jambette, Henry, Broccolo, Axel, Monique

Moved Villagers: Buck, Peaches, Truffles, Keaton, Erik, Agent S., Renee, Curlos, Cole, Roald, Sally, Frita, Bonbon

Cycle Status: Nearly broken

Average Moves: 1 Villager every 3.38 time travels.

Villagers that stay: Whitney, Groucho

Villagers to keep: Freya, Annalisa




spacestationtrustfund  asked:

ALL the lesbians

  1. moon!! the sun is bright and my eyes are weak. also, i live at night.
  2. flannel, but i actually own more sweaters. i need to step up my game.
  3. curly fries!!! love those things.
  4. thrift store. the last time i was in a high brow store i almost started crying at the price tags and was afraid to touch anything in case i broke it
  5. grunge. love glitter etc. but my soul is grungy.
  6. ugghhh both??? i love both. cats are great.
  7. depends on the day, hahaha. i like chinese food and pizza.
  8. also both!! i have a tiny dog, though, so that probably counts more.
  9. the met!!
  10. glossy nail, matte makes me feel like i’ve got stickers on my fingernails
  11. mmm red, i’m not huge on pastel lipsticks.
  12. of those two, i’d rather wear a crop top, but both are rather unlikely to happen
  13. forehead kisses :’)
  14. wasn’t this question 6? my answer is the same.
  15. leather jacket. don’t you need to play sports for a letterman jacket…?
  16. my food is saltier than i am
  17. glitter me up, scotty
  18. anything that lasts longer. recall that i killed a cactus once. how about silk flowers?
  19. mmmmm damn it. i don’t have either but they both sound great. i guess i’d be more likely to wear the sweater, though?
  20. i’m not really sure what a kraft dinner is but if it means i eat macaroni & cheese for dinner then i agree.
  21. hot chocolate, i love sweet drinks <3
  22. champagne
  23. dark aesthetic
  24. there’s…a difference? lemme google that. probably silk, it looks softer.
  25. i wish i had a tuxedo i could wear hahaha. i would be pretty uncomfortable in a ballgown.
  26. s p a c e
  27. aviators, except that my brother would mock me endlessly (mostly because i mocked them on him first, to be fair.)
  28. artemis! always loved her thing. goddess of the night hunting with all her lady friends sounded like freedom to me!!
  29. belly button, but mostly because it’d be less visible
  30. electric guitar! ukes are cute but not my thing.
  31. iiiii have never worn either? but doc martens do look more like things i have owned, so.
  32. hayley kiyoko
  33. chili’s (have never been to olive garden)
  34. astrology’s fun to read about. would do the same with tarot, but have not had the attention span for it as of yet.
  35. i’m gonna guess this is like, a question about altoids or something? i dunno. i like peppermint as a mint. i like cinnamon in other things. odd question.
  36. getting-hair-played-with, probably. i’m not brave enough to inflict my meager hairstyling ‘skills’ on another human person.
  37. boooth. yeah.
  38. tiny, it’s less visible.
  39. i have never seen aristocats! so i gotta go with lady and the tramp.
  40. cool rocks omg. i have so many. i think i have about four in arm’s reach right now.
  41. probably music hoe? idk. i make art, but i feel like this is more of a ‘how much do you appreciate’ question and i have a modifier of 0 on my Art (Knowledge) skill.
  42. blazer. blazers were part of my uniform for years, i have a right to claim this.
  43. skinny jeans
  44. silver
  45. snapback
  46. are those….drinks? i don’t know what those are. okay, after googling i see that they are books, but i have clearly never read them.
  47. even if i had seen breakfast club, i think i would still go with princess bride.
  48. surprise hug attack!
  49. pluto, fight me.
  50. hmmmm probably mixtape? i don’t tend to draw real people a lot.


My D&D group met last night at our local gaming store to play. I proceeded to roll improbably poorly all night. In a frustrated attempt to honor and appease the Dice Gods so they might bless my rolls, I got up from the table, went to the counter, and purchased two new sets of dice and a loose d20. It did not help. My dice do not honor the Dice Gods.

Anyone have some holy water?

A comprehensive ranking and review of all 33 Nancy Drew games

In light of unsuccessfully trying to finish RAN and feeling the need to express my anger about its quality, I wrote this unprompted, totally biased and subjective ranking of all the games. (spoilers, of course):

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giantexplosion  asked:

So, wait, do you go to LGG? What's the official Outofcontextdnd Southern Wisconsin Local Gaming Store?

The last place I bought any sort of role playing book from was Noble Knight over in Janesville. But the actual closest gaming store to me is Hero’s Ink in delavan, I haven’t needed to buy new supplies in awhile but Hero’s Ink is where I’m going to go next time I need some.