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i have a teacher who's gay and she told our class that she's gonna bring in her kids to school on friday (last day before break) and we're watching a movie!! she also said her wife might come in!! i think another 10 years just got added to my life!!!!

THATS SO PURE??? I am so happy bc she’s so open abt it especially at the workplace????? (and around kids????) that’s so awesome???? I’m love her and her family

Older Ch 1

“Honestly I think he should’ve just said yes.” Emerson says while painting her toe nails black on her white bed.

Quickly I turn away from the book shelf I was looking at moments before to glare at her.

For the past 15 minutes we had been talking about this guy in our grade named Kyle. Kyle had been dating this girl named Sarah whose a year below us (Junior) for probably 5 years. Well just last Friday, the two of them were supposed to go to the movies but last minute Sarah canceled without a reason. Kyle got suspicious so he went over to her house. Long story short he walked in on Sarah and some random dude from another school making out. Today during lunch Sarah got in front of everyone and begged for his forgiveness. He of course said no and she ran out crying.

Emerson, my best friend, thinks since they have been dating for so long that something like this was bound to happen, so he should just get over it and take her back.

I of course disagree. Ever since we first met in the 1st grade, we always seem to disagree. And yet we still agree on a lot of things. For example, we like the same music and books.

“Lets just drop it.” I say plopping down on her bed and pause before continuing.

“Hows you and Landon.” I say picking at my nails.

Landon is Emerson’s I guess you could say boyfriend. Shes the type of girl that always has to have a boyfriend. I remember her first relationship was in the 3rd grade. I use the word “relationship” very loosely, well because it was third grade. But ever since then, she’ll date a guy for a couple weeks then drop him. Her longest relationship was 3 weeks I believe. Landon and Emerson have been dating for about 2 weeks so he has a week left before he’s dumped on the curb and shes onto the next.

Immediately she puts the polish down and turns to me with a wide grin.

“I know I’ve said this a million times but I think he might be the one!” she says clapping her hands together.

I get up from my back and sit criss cross in front of her.

“Hm lets see, you said Bryan was the one then Henry, Joe, Cole, Gabe, and now Landon, I don’t believe you know what the “one” feels like.” I say giving her a playful smile.

“Hey! I do too and it’s real this time!” She says laughing while giving my shoulder a shove.

“Plus you’ve never even had a boyfriend so you have no room to talk.” Emerson continues.

“It doesn’t matter that I’ve never had a boyfriend, you know someones the one when you get butterfly’s when your around them, or they could be talking about how they need to do the laundry and you look at them like they just created the sun, and you just feel it.”

Emerson laughs.

“Alora, you have read one to many romance novels and watched one too many chick flicks! Butterfly’s aren’t real!” She says throwing her head back and laughing even louder.

I take a pillow out from behind me and throw it at her head. It hits her but only causes her to laugh more. Soon I start to laugh and then we both can’t stop.

After a few more minutes of dying of laughter we calm down.

“You know I’m right, now its 2:00 in the morning, I’ve got work in the morning lets go to bed.” I say wiping the tears from my eyes.

“Ok, daddy.” Emerson says with a wink.

I just roll my eyes and get ready for bed.

Last year we were in math class and our teacher was named Mr. Reynolds. He was probably in his late 20s and was so hot. For fun Emerson and I would call him daddy between classes and when he wasn’t around. Well one day I wasn’t paying any attention and Mr. Reynolds called on me but I thought for some reason it was Emerson and said “Yes, daddy?” I was so embarrassed and Emerson hasn’t let me live it down since.

“Goodnight.” Emerson says turning off the the bedside lamp.

I mumble a goodnight and close my eyes.

Tomorrow is Saturday so that means I work from 10:30-2:30 at “Mikes Records”. It’s been my favorite record store since I was little so as soon as I turned 16, I applied for the job. I’m 17 now so I haven’t been working there for a long time but it’s felt like forever. On weekdays since I don’t do any extra curricular activities I just head to work and work until 5:30.

*Next Morning*

“Girls wake up! I made pancakes!” Emerson’s mom Karen says sticking her head in the door before turning around to head back to the kitchen.

Karen was the type of mom that deserved to be on a reality TV show or at least be on TV. She always was dressed up and had a full face of makeup on 24/7. I’ve only seen her without makeup maybe a handful of times. Food was always on the table and not just Eggo’s and Sunny D. Every morning shed make eggs, pancakes, bacon, etc and freshly squeezed orange juice. She seemed like a great mom but she was with a new guy every night. Also she had a nasty habit of gossiping about everyone and everything with her snobby rich friends.

A good idea of who she acts like is Regina Georges mom from Mean Girls. She’s more of a friend than a mom.

I rolled out of bed stretching my arms above my head and let out a loud yawn.

“Alora shut up I’m sleeping.” Emerson mumbles still half asleep.

“Emerson get your fat butt up we gotta grab coffee before work.” I say grabbing my phone to text my mom that I’m up getting ready.

Every time I go to Emerson’s house and stay over night, my mom makes me check in all the time. She’s very protective. Well over protective. I guess you could say I’m a goody goody. Every year I have straight A’s, never get in trouble by any one, never been to a party, anything. I haven’t even kissed a boy yet or been on a date.

I grab my clothes and get dressed. I decided to wear a big Led Zeppelin shirt with light blue skinny jeans and white shoes.

Quickly I pull my hair up into a pony tail and grab my makeup bag and head to the bathroom. Well it’s not really a makeup bag because it only consists of 5 things. Eye lash curler, mascara, concealer, bronzer, and a brush.

I finish getting ready as Emerson is just getting up.

After 20 minutes of waiting around she’s finally ready so we head to leave. There’s literally a feast on the table so I feel bad not eating anything so I grab a piece of bacon and we head to Emerson’s car.

I have a car but I’m only allowed to drive it to school and work. But since I stayed the night at Emerson’s, my mom wont let me drive it.

The car ride to the coffee shop was pretty quiet due to Emerson being “dead” until 9 and it was 8:10. Her words not mine.

Finally we pulled up around 8:25.

Coffee shops were always my favorite places.I could spend hours in one and never get bored. Starbucks was okay but I preferred little coffee shops that weren’t well known and felt like you were walking into some indie music video. The building was all brick and had a huge window with 3 tables in front of it. When you walk in you smell coffee beans and hear soft music.

Emerson and I head to our usual table by the big window.

She reaches into her bag and pulls out her laptop. More than likely to work on all the homework that she never does during the week. I set my stuff down and go grab our coffees that were already made by the owner Mrs. Claire.

Since we had been coming here ever since we were young we became best friends with the owner who’s a sweet old lady probably in her 70s.

“Here you go Missy.” Mrs. Claire said smiling handing over the 2 cups.

“Thank you, how are you this morning?” I ask.

We chat for a few more moments before I head back to our table and start reading my book “The Book Thief” I’ve only just started but so far so good.

Soon it turned into 10.

“Hey girl I’m gonna go ahead and leave. Landon wants to meet at that donut shop then go shopping. I’ll be back to pick you up when you’re shift ends.” Emerson says packing up.

We said our goodbyes and I moved to the table directly in front of the big window. I sat on the side of the table directly beside the front door with the cover of my book facing the window.

There was only a hand full of people besides me in the coffee shop today. An older couple who are both reading the newspaper, some girl that seemed the be in college with papers all over the table, and Mrs. Claire.

Deep into my book I faintly hear the door chime indicating someone came in. I just ignored it and kept reading my book.

Suddenly I hear the chair in front of me screech causing me to jump.

“M’sorry love didn’t mean to startle yeh.” Says a tall man dressed in black jeans, boots, and a white t-shirt. His brown hair was pulled into a bun and black sun glasses were hooked on his t-shirt. To be completely honest he smelled quiet nice.He had tattoos all over his arms. Plus he had a accent, maybe Australian? No no it was British. He was British.

“No your good, sorry I was just reading and not paying attention.” I say blushing.

Damn cute boys. Why do I always have to be so nervous around them?

“Yeah I saw you from outside readin’ that book, It’s a great book isn’t it?” The handsome stranger said while leaning forward on his elbows pointing to my book.

“Well I’m not that far in yet, but so far I really like it. I’m guessing you’ve read it before?” I ask but mentally slap myself in the face. Of course he has read it Alora, he just said It’s a great book, why would he say a book he’s never read was a great book? Idiot.

He chuckles the most beautiful chuckle I’ve ever heard before he speaks.

“I’ve actually read it a couple times over the years. I’m Harry by the way.” He says sticking his hand out to shake.

Quickly I take his hand and shake it. Immediately I feel tingles. I guess he felt them too because we both let go super fast and awkwardly laugh.

“I’m Alora.” I say with a light smile.

“What a beautiful name, what brings you here?” Harry asks looking at me intently. Crap was there something on my face? Just calm down Alora.

“Usually every Saturday my friend Emerson and I come have coffee before I work next door.” I say trying to stay calm under his gaze.

Should I be giving all this info to a complete stranger? No probably not, he could be a murderer for all I know. But he’s so hot. Ugh I’m not thinking straight.

“Mikes Records? I love that place, when I moved here from Holmes Chapel a few years back, he was the first person I met. Haven’t been to see him in a bit, now I have a reason to come.” He says with a smirk.

I’m sure I turned as red as a tomato and looked down at the table with a small smile on my lips.

“Well I’m gonna be late if I don’t go now, but I hope to see you around Alora.” He says standing up smiling at me.

“It was nice to meet you Harry.” I say smiling.

We both say say bye and he goes to get his coffee. Before he leaves he winks at me then leaves.

Deep breaths Alora, deep breaths.

I just talked to the hottest guy of my life. Plus he reads and dresses good! And his smell! The tingles!!

I look at Mrs.Claire who is already looking at me with a big smirk on her face.

Loudly I say “I think I peed myself.” causing people to look at me weird but Mrs. Claire just laughed.


So I really want to write a book and got the idea randomly. Also this is just fiction so I don’t necessarily support illegal dating. This is about Harry Styles but he isn’t famous in my book.

Don’t forget to like and if you have any helpful suggestions, let me know!! Thanks!

The Burden of Black Art

A great deal of responsibility is laid at the feet of black people when it comes to the box office success or failure of black movies. A great deal of responsibility is laid on the shoulders of black art or art about black lives.

I remember when Red Tails came out, and many people blamed black movie goers for its failure as if we alone had the financial power to make the movie rise. In many interviews, Stephen Spielberg, who directed Red Tails, framed going to see the movie as a moral obligation, as if through moviegoing, we might find racial uplift. Red Tails failed because it is a bad movie. A movie is not inherently good simply because it tells a story about black lives.

There is also this troubling idea that everything we need to learn about history, black or otherwise, can only be learned through movies. There are books and plays and music and visual art that also do the work of teaching us about our past. 

Nate Parker’s Birth of a Nation was released last Friday and so far the movie has done just fine, particularly for a movie of its ilk. But because the movie didn’t have, like, a $25 million, splashy opening, there are certain people who are crying conspiracy.

Now, I wrote an essay for the NY Times about how I struggled to have any empathy for Nate Parker, who as we now know, was accused of gang rape when he was 19. I clearly articulated why I was struggling and I was speaking only for myself. Certain people think this essay means that I am not down for black men or that I am part of a grand conspiracy theory to take down the movie, and in turn, career of a man I do not know. This is nonsense.

Certain people have said black women and more specifically black Feminists are responsible for the movie’s supposed failure because black women are an easy scapegoat. We are, I guess, part of this grand conspiracy. Some of us, these certain people say, are just mad that Nate Parker has a white wife which is so absurd and facile it would be laughable if it wasn’t so fucking pathetic. Who even knew about Nate Parker’s wife? Who the hell cares? No one with any goddamned sense.

We are being asked, it seems, to ignore our womanhood and free will in favor of our blackness and blind submission to some greater good that isn’t necessarily in our best interests.  

I was never going to see Birth of a Nation, because I do not want to see any more movies about slavery. I have written about this a few times. I understand how horrible slavery was. I understand what it did to the black body, mind and spirit. I understand how the effects of slavery can still be seen in contemporary America. I do not need to see another black woman violated or degraded. I do not need to see another black man’s back torn open by a white man’s whip. I am fucking done with slavery movies while ALSO understanding that it is important to continue to tell stories and make movies about slavery. 

Because of my personal history and Nate Parker’s troubling history, I had two reasons to not see Birth of a Nation. I also read the reviews which were mixed but generally seemed to say that the movie itself is flawed, perhaps mediocre, historically inaccurate, with one-dimensional women characters whose sexual violation is used as the catalyst for Nat Turner’s rebellion. Most of those reviews also said Parker has a lot of talent and potential and that the movie is worth seeing. These are reviews that seem on par for a debut film and they are reviews that, from the ones I read (NY Times, etc), considered the movie on its own merits and not the director’s past. 

I have no doubt that Nate Parker’s past has affected Birth of a Nation but even more damaging has been his willfully dismissive attitude in the aftermath. He doesn’t seem to understand why so many people are troubled by his past, his indifference to the victim and his certitude that he did nothing wrong 19 years ago. He turned down an offer for help from Oprah, which is like spitting in God’s face. That’s his right. He is a grown ass man. As a grown ass woman, I am allowed to have opinions on his behavior 19 years ago and now. And it’s just that–opinions. I am one person and yes, I have influence but I have repeatedly said that I don’t support or suggest a boycott of Birth of a Nation. Think for yourself. Do what you want.

I also have no doubt that Fox Searchlight absolutely will make their money back and then some. Some people will learn about Nat Turner from this movie. Some will learn about Nat Turner from the hundreds, if not thousands of BOOKS that have been written about him. There will be other Nat Turner movies. Nate Parker will make another movie. Life will go on. Other movies about black lives, past and present, WILL be made. And this brings us to the burden of black art, which is expected to be consumed mindlessly and uncritically so that it might succeed so that more black art can be made. This isn’t how the creation of black art should work. This is why we need to have better conversations about diversity. We need more than representation. We need the chance to be flawed and to create flawed black art without the fate of all black art and black artists hanging in the balance. 

Feature Friday: Chelsairitops
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5 facts
1.Her fave anime is dragon ball z
2. She is an avid reader with over 200 books
3. She’s volunteered with shelter cats every Friday for the last 2 years
4. Her favorite movie marathon is the Indiana jones series
5. Her favorite video game is elder scrolls, play ESO with her on the PlayStation network by adding her gamer handle ‘chelsairitops’

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Mc got a call from their ex asking to go out for a lunch or somethin, but the RFA d one who picked up the call! (Probably bcause MC is not around, or still sleeping?) Thx~


  • it’s late at night, and he just logged out of LOLOL when MC’s phone starts ringing
  • MC is fast asleep so he decides he’ll just pick up and tell them to call later
  • then the person answers??
  • “hey babe… I think we left off in a pretty bad note last time? maybe we could meet up this friday for a movie?”
  • “ummmm…. MC is asleep. this is their boyfriend.”
  • the person on the other side of the line keeps asking MC to pass the phone to MC?
  • Yoosung insists on not waking MC up, and MC’s ex ends up agreeing to let Yoosung give MC their proposal
  • Yoosung is… awkward? because he doesn’t have an ex, nor has he ever had one
  • he’s not sure if this is normal or not?
  • he’ll just be confused, not angry or anything
  • well a little bit jealous but he won’t show it too much
  • he’ll deliver the message to MC bc he doesn’t feel like he has any right to hide something like that from MC


  • the fact MC had dated before was no secret
  • even she herself had dated before
  • so when MC left her phone at home one day when they headed out for work, Jaehee was surprised to see a name pop up along with MC’s ringtone
  • oh she knew that name
  • it was the ex whom MC had, whose relationship had just fizzled out of existence when MC moved and then they never spoke with their ex again
  • she hesitates to pick up, but her Assistant Senses make her pick up just to let them know MC’s not at home right now
  • “Hello, I’m afraid MC is not at home right now. You can call later, or I can tell them to call you.”
  • damn jaehee with the assistant voice
  • the ex just assumes Jaehee is one of MC’s friends based on her tone mistake mistake the ex has made a mistake
  • they just, tell Jaehee to let MC know to “hit them up” for “a picnic friday night”? that could “lead to anything”??
  • Jaehee raises an eyebrow and coughs lightly and then promises to deliver the message to MC
  • then the ex asks to who they’re talking to
  • This is Jaehee Kang, MC’s current girlfriend-”
  • and the ex hung up
  • Jaehee tells MC the whole story and it’s hilarious


  • MC was in the shower, and was expecting a call from a friend to hang out later
  • so they told Zen to answer the phone for them if their friend called
  • so when MC’s phone rings, Zen answers it 
  • huh weird this caller ID doesn’t seem to be one of MC’s friends??
  • “Hi! You remember me, right? Uh, sooo MC I know we agreed to just be friends and all but maybe we could try again? we could go out for coffee later tonight-”
  • what
  • Zen just. loudly says “what” into the phone
  • “wait this isn’t MC. Who am I talking to?”
  • Zen just cracks his knuckles and puts on his smuggest voice
  • “MC’s boyfriend. I don’t think they’d want to hang out right now, a friend is waiting for them later.”
  • and he hangs up
  • When MC asks if someone called, he just says “one of your exes wanted to hang out and I told him you’d be busy with a friend”
  • his arms are crossed but when MC just laughs he finds the situation as funny


  • MC left their phone at his office
  • and it’s ringing
  • he doesn’t want to answer it well kinda but it’s distracting
  • his plan is to answer and tell the caller to call later
  • “MC? is this you?”
  • Jumin tenses up and coughs a little when he hears an unfamiliar voice speaking in a lovesick tone
  • “This is Jumin Han, CEO of C&R International. My lover isn’t available right now, so call later.”
  • bam he just says that with a stoic and cold voice. and hangs up
  • poor ex didn’t even get a chance to say what he wanted
  • when returning the phone to MC back at home, he just says they had some missed calls but doesn’t specify who


  • MC’s phone was ringing but MC was in the kitchen
  • MC told him to pick up the call so he did?
  • “Ayo, MC? It’s me. I was thinkin’ maybe you and I could’ve had something back then? I wanna try again?”
  • 707 just makes a funny face at the phone 
  • he mutes the call for a second
  • “MC! Your ex is calling and trying to get back with you!”
  • he asks MC’s permission to mess with their ex
  • and gets permission
  • he proceeds to imitate MC’s voice through the phone
  • and acts as if MC had forgotten who the ex was 
  • it’s hilarious and MC stops cooking just to come and laugh at 707′s rather impressive voice acting skills
  • the ex ends up hanging up when 707 bursts out laughing in his real voice
  • “Seven please tell me that call is recorded”
  • “it’s against the law to record phone calls without prior notice”
  • “so you did?”
  • “yeah I’m going to make it my ringtone lol”
Monster High Continuity
  • Clawdeen in Bermuda Love Triangle (2011) webisode: Tomorrow we're supposed to go visit grandma at the farm we sent her to last year
  • Draculaura in Friday Night Frights (2012) movie: I was so worried! I was afraid they were going to send you to that farm they sent your grandmother to

Kickstarter link: Last Year - Experience the nightmare together as you and 5 friends struggle to survive against one player that’s playing as the Killer.


  • Genre: Asymmetrical Multiplayer Survival Horror
  • Player count: 5 vs 1
  • Platforms: PC
  • Rating: M 17+
  • Launch: Fall 2016
  • Perspective: First Person

Game Synopsis:

In Last Year you’ll experience the nightmare together as you and 5 friends struggle to survive against one player that’s playing as the Killer. Explore familiar territory based on classic horror movie locations including Camp Silver Lake and East Side High. You’ll play the roles of 5 stereotypical high school characters while co-operating to complete objectives and survive.

5 times Burt and Kurt were on their own as a family, and 1 time where they weren't

To my patient Anon, sorry this took me so long! This was the second response to my request a few weeks ago for 5 and 1 story prompts. I started writing this one on Easter, so I decided to just use a theme of father and son holidays.  

I also chose to keep the story in Burt’s POV and set the final piece within my Bus Boy AU.  

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The boy i like kissed me last friday and has been inviting me over to cuddle, watch movies, and makeout ever since. He's so cute and so sweet and really comforting and really ticklish, im so happy.

So pure