the last frame had me on the floor

Tastes Better Than S'mores (Ashton Irwin Smut)


     "Time to set up that damn tent!“ Michael hooted, unzipping the case to the tent as all the pieces fell out on the dirt floor in the woods. I am going to be honest with you, camping is not my thing. Last time I went camping I was 8 and cried because a spider landed on me and a few of the other girl scouts. But the boys invited me, and I had a massive crush on Ashton. The boys began to attempt at the framing, chatting among themselves and scrambling around.  

      "Not gonna lie, I’m think I’m going to pretend to be busy,” Ashton says to me, his accent perfect. As an American girl, I swooned silently over his red bandanna, dirty colored curls flopping over it. “Do you want to go get some wood?" 

      "Yeah I want some wood,” I mumbled to myself, kicking some dirt and when I looked back up I gave him a playful wink, laughing at myself to break the tension. It worked when I saw his eyes light up with mischief before it flickered to cheerfulness. “Kidding,” I snorted, following him to the woods. But I wasn’t really kidding—the rumors over Ashton having a daddy kink got me thinking, and I wanted to test the waters with him.

      I skipped over the branches, leaping over annoying rocks. My eyes fixated on the ground, I didn’t look up until I heard a husky chuckle. I watched his dimples and giggled, he was clearly laughing at my lack of camping experience. 

     "Have you ever been camping before, babe?“ My heart fluttered when he called me the pet name. I felt blush creeping up on me, and I tried to hide it from him.

     "I was 8 last time I went with my girlscout troop.” Something landed on my arm and I jumped in the air, flicking the bug off. He laughed at me again. 
     "Come here, love,“ he said, pulling me over to him. He reached out; pulling a twig out of my hair that embarrassingly placed itself when we were walking. 

     "Oh mother nature, we meet again,” I giggled, and he let out a laugh as well, fingers still weaving through my loose curls.

     "I forgot to tell you,“ he said, licking his lip. "You look sexy,” he scanned down my body, running over my tanktop and short shorts. His body pushed closer to mine, baggy sweats brushing my legs as our chests hovered an inch from each other. Adrenaline began rushing through my ears. “If you want, we can escape ‘mother nature’ and go back to see if the boys set up that tent yet,” he winked at me. “We can kick the other boys out," 

     "Oh Ash,” I giggled, leaning towards him, bodies bumping. “Or should I say, daddy…“ I began, stare boiling in me as he sunk his teeth in his lip.

      “Say it again,” he grumbled to me.

     I walked my fingers up his strong chest. “Do you like that, daddy?” He swiftly cut me off by a heated kiss, letting our lips slip together and collide with passion. A frantic rhythm set in, pace quickening and getting needier. His teeth nibbled my lower lip, allowing me to squeak before he gave a little lick, before letting his tongue slip in my mouth.

     Our bodies pressed together, and I felt his bulge growing as he tugged on my hair. His other hand snaked around my waist before moving down to my bum. He pinched it and I let out a short giggle as our tongues battled in my mouth. I jumped in his arms as he gripped my thighs, holding me close as I slightly pushed myself into him, him letting out a groan. I let my panties get wet as he gave me some friction.

     “I want you, princess,” he murmured in my ear, kissing on the lobe and making a love bite just below my ear on the hairline, a shiver going through my spine. “Now,” he growled my name.

     “Seems you got yourself a problem, daddy,” I whispered.

     “And you’re going to fix it. You will be good for daddy, right babe?” he yanked my hair, neck falling backwards as he attached his teeth to my collar. “Or else you’ll be punished.”

     He set me down, grabbing my wrist as he pulled me harshly with him, stumbling over the bramble and not hesitating as he dragged me behind him. He pulled out his phone, only occasionally looking up at where he was going. I watched him send a text.

     TO CALUM: if youre by the tent, get out. tell luke and michael too

     FROM CALUM: as long as you clean up afterwards

     FROM LUKE: get some, daddy ;)

     I snorted at the texts, Ashton glaring at me before we came back, tent already set up haphazardly. He unzipped it, throwing me inside on the cushion. He sat down himself, watching me with dilated pupils, face full of lust. “Strip.” He commanded, wanting me to put on a show. I removed my tank, pushing down my shorts before crawling over to him on all fours. He gasped, whispering my name whenever I straddled him, unclasping my bra and letting myself go free. I leaned on my back, spreading my legs wide when I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my underwear.

     “Take it off, princess,” he snarled. I slipped off the damp fabric, tossing it to the side.

     “Is that better, daddy?” I made my voice playful while my expression said otherwise. I sat back up; completely naked against his clothes as I grinded my hips down into his hard length, standing tall under his sweatpants. He moaned loudly at the slight relief before regaining his control.

      “Are you getting my clothes wet?” He snapped loudly. I looked up at his red face, veins in his neck pulsing. I lifted my hips, showing his clean pants. “If you get my clothes wet, you’ll be punished, understand?”

     “Of course daddy,” I snickered. I loved controlling Ashton, and I wanted even more to be punished by him. I turned around, sticking my ass in his face before making small circles with my hips over his cock.

     I swiveled, not moving my hips as I played with the hem of his shirt, letting him peal it off as I let our bare skin brush, body heat radiating. I sharply pushed lower into him, letting the fabric hit my clit as a moan escaped me with the sudden pleaser, a throbbing between my legs taking over my lower half. I knew I had gotten his pants wet. He shoved me off with force, looking at the fabric. “Do you see this? You dirty girl, you did that on purpose, didn’t you?” he saw through me as I shook my head.

     “No, daddy,” I lied, one where he also saw through that. He laid me over his legs, manhandling me the way I liked it as he tossed me around with strong hands. I arched my back, sticking my ass up in the air.

     “This isn’t going to be fun, princess. This is a punishment,” he slapped my skin hard, red mark bruising my cheek. “Still-“ SLAM! “think-“ SLAP!  “this” SMACK! “is-“ WHACK! “For fun?” one last burning sting of his hand against me before he rubbed the marks, my body sore and shaky from his strength. “On your hands and knees.”

     “Yes daddy,” instantly I obeyed turning around and stretching my body out, as I heard the rustling of him taking his pants off. I craned my neck to see his pulsing cock, long and hard and dribbling with precum. He needed to be inside me.

     “F-fuck!” I cried out whenever his fingers spread me, and his tongue ran from my clit to my core, air hitting me as I shoved back into his face. “Ash!”

     “What did you call me?” he was angry, and I got more scared. I didn’t know what was next.

     “I’m sorry, daddy!”

     “Just for that, you’re going to cum for me until your sensitive, then you’re going to cum for me again.” At that, he ran his fingers along me, roaming my clit and rubbing harshly against it. Without any fingers in me, I began to bead sweat as my first wave was building in my abdomen.

     My fingers gripped the ground, scratching against the uncomfortable fabric as I spread myself more, lowering into his fingers and mouth. His other hand reached up to my hair, yanking it backwards as I cried out in pain. My eyes closed as I readied myself, frantically moving my hips more as the friction went up against me. His tongue thrusted in me, fingers rolling my clit. “DADDY!” I shouted as I came hard, dropping my elbows to the ground, his tongue collecting me as I panted.

     He threw me upside down, facing upwards before he leaned down, grabbing my tits and sucking on them. He put his fingers inside my mouth, I wet them with my saliva before he went down, throwing my legs over his bare shoulders, cock still tall and red against his stomach before he shoved his fingers in me, stretching me out as I my eyes stung with tears from the burn. He began pulsing his fingers in and out before I clenched around him, his hands reaching up to twist my stiff nipples before I climaxed a second time, his fingers hitting my sweet spot before I cried out loudly, squeezing around him. “D-daddy! Daddy, fuckin’ hell! Yes!” I babbled, sweat pouring down me when he pulled his fingers out. I was sore.

     “Now your sensitive, one last time, princess,” he smirked, bandanna getting wet with the sweat. He ripped open a condom that came from his pocket on the ground with his teeth, lube already on when he lined himself up. My eyelids fluttered when the head of his dick entered, pushing all the way in before leaning down to kiss my lips.

     He propped himself back up, his length filling my insides completely. “Fuck you’re tight,” he cried, before thrusting slowly. I could tell he wasn’t going to last long. It was sloppy and wild as he slammed into me, pounding me down into the ground with intense force. “Cry daddy 10 times when you cum,” he murmured, drops pouring down his face. I clenched around him, overwhelming soreness stimulating me and I couldn’t tell if it was all pain or all pleasure. I clenched again, throwing my head back and ratting my hair. I began to shout.

     “DADDY! DADDY! DADDY!” I continued, clenching around him, tears slipping down my cheeks as I counted around 10, brain too fuzzy to focus. I felt him cum, warm liquid flooding the condom in spurts as we rode it out, him shouting my name a few times, but I could barely pay any attention to that.

     We were breathless and shuddering, panting hot breaths on each other as he pulled out and discarded the condom. He kissed my lips again, gently as he smiled at me. “You were amazing princess,”

     “You too, Ash,” I ruffled his hair.

     “Will-will you be my girlfriend?”

     “Of course!” my heart fluttered as I sprinkled light kisses on him, to worn to do anything else.

     “We had s’mores without you guys!” I saw Luke’s silhouette outside the tent, the other two laughing with him.

      “Damnit, Luke you bastard!” Suddenly Ashton was up and dressed, running outside the tent and I saw a glimpse of Luke and he saw me and I squealed as he covered his eyes.

     “GOOD LORD ASH,” he said and Ashton zipped up the tent.

     “Oops! Get dressed and come with us, babe!” he said cheerfully before running out. “If you can walk, that is!”


So I made a mirror back in February. And this was supposed to be uploaded with the last set I made. And I had some success with it too. The thing sat on the floor and on surfaces, which was something I wanted it to do.

Alas, I made a bit of a mess of it. By mess I mean it broke other mirrors in the game.
It took me weeks just to get the reflection to sit flush with the frame (literally WEEKS!), and many many coffees which almost made me give up on the darn thing. Which, by all accounts, I did. Until the brilliant mustluvcatz came to my rescue. Again.

This woman knows her stuff! She kindly and generously offered her services once again and after a simple look in SimPE, saw immediately why it was broken.

Really… after years of some pretty ugly and nasty stuff being thrown about in this Sims community, she has (and others, of course) returned my faith in this little community.

So, I offer her my utmost gratitude in helping me with this wretched thing. I shan’t be making another.

And after the HELL I went through making this:

You are very welcome to clone it

You are very welcome to recolour it.

You are very welcome to convert it so it works in later editions of The Sims games..

I don’t see the need to let anyone else endure the pain that I endured. Also, it will lessen the amount of work, mustluvcatz will have to do, fixing more mistakes!

Mirror Download

Open your mouth. I want you to listen to me. Last night, I had a dream in which the two of us where drowning. Now taste me, am I salt?

In an old city, the metal frames of all buildings are corroding. The bricks are stained with rain, their mortar wet with lies– and the windows, still and square, have bags under their eyes. Old men and their wives sleep, still and square, unaware of each other’s shape– they sleep– no talk, no touch, their silence stirs, devoid of poetry– unmasked.

Children. They dream of children. Of homes and wombs and phantom limbs. Of broken toys and bags of marbles, spilling onto dusty floors. Of more– of more– of etherized frogs swimming in glass jars and dentures decorated with red. When they turn on their beds, they fill the house with noise (momentary life) and then– silence, still and square, again. The air forgets of time and lets fatigue seep into its denseness.

In the dream, I move from house to house, trying to find one that fits like a tailored dress, but I am never there– there is never one– I am always only a guest. Listen, I am scared. Every bed I’ve ever slept in has been a hospital bed: people only stay until they are strong enough to leave again. And then, it rebegins.

In another city, everyone’s skin is the color of sand. There is a girl, and the sparkle in her eyes is just a mirage. There is a boy, and he is thirsty. That is their waltz.

Listen– just listen– to me. In the dream, I am made of blue. Either the blue of touch or the blue of resentment, I cannot tell. We do not float, nor do we beg for air. The waves, like a witch, run their fingers through our hair and entrance us. Our soft-shelled arms, our laden eyelids, our heavy hips, our knees of thunder.

Cities. There are cities under this water. Long flowing legs of roads and street lamps like puppet strings. Rusty metal. Old men and their wives, gasping.

Children. There are no children. Only empty homes and emptier wombs. The water’s throat is coarse and dark and we are blue. We are blue and aching with thirst: haunted aquariums for lungs. 

Tell me that we are far away, that we are by the sea, by the lake while it rains, while it snows. Tell me there is somewhere else for us to be, for us to go– tell me that the dream ended, that my hands aren’t crinkled. Tell me that I am awake now. Take my tongue into your mouth and tell me that I am not salt. That you are not gone.