the last fast show ever

The Finale

I thought of this while talking to my mom and wanted to post it.

The finale episode of Teen Titans Go.

It’s not like a bonus one hour long double episode kinda ending. No, it’s 2 maybe 3 minutes.

It starts off like any other TTG episode, however that show starts, no intro song or anything, just the Titans hanging out doing a lot of nothing. One of them mentions it’s the finale episode and they all question what amazing adventure to go on.

Then the back wall blows up, standing there is Black Hat, Dementia, Flug, and 505. 

“Greetings!” Black Hat announces, “I’m happy to inform you inferior beings that your show has been canceled”

With a snap of Black Hat’s gloved fingers the TV goes black and there’s a moment of silence.

Then Black Hat appears with another snap onto the black TV

“Stay tuned for more villainous programing~”

And that’s the end of the episode