the last escape

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In your escape verse what happen to Lois?

She’s around! Clark is imprisoned somewhere, and Kara is still in hiding, so Lois is alone but still fighting Dick’s tyranny via being a reporter in Metropolis. (You know…kind of like the Press now and our President Cheeto.)

She and Damian (and kind of Tim) had pretty regular contact while the Kent boys were locked up, but she is/will be the first person Damian contacts when they get to where they’re going, to tell her that Jon is free and safe. 

She’ll visit them when she can, but in the aftermath of the prison break, Dick investigates the Kent boys’ regular haunts, including Lois, and keeps her under surveillance for a longggg time, knowing Jon at least will contact her. Eventually though, Dick abandons her as a lead (sort of) and she goes to visit the boys and she and Jon have an incredibly tearful reunion. 

Also, much like Damian, Lois visits Clark in his prison regularly. When she tells Clark (through secret-y code) that Jon and Conner are safe, he totally breaks down into tears like a big baby. 


I wanted to do something in order to celebrate Zero Escape’s release on steam but it somehow turned into a showcase of my FAVES from each game


Avatar Kuruk: It was love at first sight.

Avatar Roku: When love is real, it finds a way. 

Avatar Aang: Why would I let go of Katara? I love her! 

Avatar Korra: He's all into that prissy, beautiful, elegant, rich girl.