the last diplomat

Of Headbands and Hurt Feelings

based on this post by @fistatfirstklance + yours truly. also @wittyy-name asked me to tag her in this (haha im still screaming) so here we go

It starts as a one time thing.

Pidge had looked down one day, Lance’s older brother instinct had kicked in, and he’d ended up spending twenty minutes trying to string a pretty green stone he’d picked up on a piece of string. Any normal person would’ve just given it to Pidge directly, but Lance thought it’d be more fun to hide it somewhere and wait for Pidge to find it. She’d walked out of Green’s hangar the next morning with the stone around her neck and a smile on her face, and well. It spiraled from there.

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Q: Daniel, I see you every day. When I walk into my daughter’s room there’s a major picture of The Last of The Mohicans. And she is a teenager – I’m sure that’s not the only teenager in the world that has your picture. How does it feel? There are a lot of girls that really like you. Does that embarrass you basically or are you just flattered?


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Pairings: Peter Parker x F!Reader

Peter has created a chatroom.

Peter has invited Wanda, Scott, Bruce, T’Challa, Vision, Thor, Y/N, Natasha, Steve, Bucky, Rhodey, Tony, Clint, Sam.

Scott: This is amazing! Everyone’s here!

Peter has invited Loki, Wade, Pietro.

Clint: You could have left them out!

Pietro: I know, right? Wade and Loki are weird.

Loki: He means you too, mortal.

Thor: Greetings, Brother!

Loki: Thor.


Loki: THOR!

Thor: B R O T H E R !

Loki: T H O R !

Y/N: Loki, he’s not going to stop until you address him as brother.

Loki: But he’s not my brother!


T’Challa: I would do it before you upset him.

Loki: NO.

Bruce: Thor :) Is :) Your :) Brother, :) Okay? :) :) :) Don’t :) Test :) My :) Patience :)

Loki: My brother, Thor! How nice to talk with you again!

Thor: Indeed it is, Brother!

Bruce: good.

Thor: :D :D :D

Rhodey: Anyone else really scared right now?

Wanda: I’m more scared of the fact that Thor now knows how to do this: :D

Vision: I find it rather cute.

Wade: My Peetie has something very important to say. Please be quiet.


Wade: I always am!

Y/N: Oh, I see. He’s trying to impress the team.

Wade: I am not!

Y/N: Let’s see how long you’ll be able to keep this up.

Thor: Wade is rather vulgar so this is quite strange seeing him like this.

Wanda: He’s swearing in his mind!

Wade: Please. I am the definition of well mannered.



Tony: What’s up, kid?

Peter: I have gathered you all here to let you know of the greatness of my crush.

Natasha: Awww my spiderling, you have a crush?! Who is it?

Sam: So we’re all here… To know about your crush… Fun.

Peter: She’s beautiful.

Y/N: Why didn’t you tell me you had a crush? You usually tell me everything…

Thor: We would like to meet her :D :D

Vision: …so cute.

Peter: You will, soon!

Y/N: Oh look, I have to leave at ten to soon. I won’t be able to meet her.

Scott: This is great! Tell us more about her.

Y/N: Or keep it to yourself, that’s fine.

Pietro: I would think you would be happy for him, Y/N?

Y/N: I am.

Wanda: Suuuure you are.


Y/N: Stay out of my mind then!


Rhodey: Read Tony’s mind.

Bruce: What’s the pin to all his credit cards?

Rhodey: Tell us.

Tony: Brucie, Rhodey baby. I’m offended that you think I wouldn’t share that with you. Go wild. Buy whatever you want. All you had to do was ask.

Sam: Why aren’t we friends like that?!

Bucky: I blame Steve.

Steve: Me?!

Sam: You don’t buy us anything.

Bucky: Yeah, Steve.

Sam: Step up your game!

Wade: Ladies.

Steve: I help save the world. I lead this team. I went against the law for you, Bucky. I broke you out of prison, Sam! After all I have done… Yet you disrespect me like this? I thought our friendship was real.

Tony: The Captain is upset…

Rhodey: …Maybe he needs to…

Tony: …Chill out!

Rhodey: Yeaaahhhh!

T’Challa: What?

Tony: You know, cause he was frozen.

Pietro: That is the lamest joke I’ve ever heard.

T’Challa: I agree.

Wade: Laaadieeees.

Rhodey: That joke kills!

Pietro: Because it’s so bad?

Tony: Don’t listen to him, Rhodey. He doesn’t understand our humor.

Thor: Haha, Lady Y/N, Sir Scott, do you remember the time we went to Asgard and absconded with my brother’s most prized possessions?

Peter: What?! Without me?!

Y/N: Maybe if you weren’t so busy with your crush I would have invited you.


Scott: I thought we were keeping that a secret…

Wade: Laaaadiessssss.

Y/N: Why would you bring that up, Thor?

Thor: I remembered and thought I would share the fun memory :D :D :D

Vision: Love it.



Pietro: Not fair! I’ve been asking Thor for months to take me!



Wade: YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK… lovesick.



Bucky: Who the hell is Bucky?

Sam: That’s not funny.

Steve: Bucky?! Do you not remember who you are? It’s me, Steve!

Sam: … really?

Loki: What did you think would happen when you bring 18 people into a chat?

Y/N:… Wade beat his record. 10 minutes.

T’Challa: That’s longer than we expected.

Clint: He’s evolving.

Wade: Peetie, go on.


Peter: What?

Peter: Oh sorry! I was daydreaming about my crush. She’s just so amazing.

Y/N: If she’s SO amazing, why haven’t you introduced us to her yet?

T’Challa: Someone’s jealous.

Peter: I will introduce you all to her. But I’m not sure if she likes me.

Y/N: I don’t see how she couldn’t.

Thor: You are very lovable, Spider-Boy. I agree with Lady Y/N :D

Vision: adorable.

Tony: I want to meet her. Like now.

Clint: Me too.

Tony: What if she’s not that good?



Wade: Shhh. Shhhh. Shhhhut up. 

Bruce: You’re extra weird today.

Natasha: More weird than Clint.

Clint: Whaaaaaat? You dare sully my name! How dare you!

Natasha: See what I mean?

Vision: Will we finally know the identity of your crush? 

Y/N: We don’t need to know.

Wanda: Yes we do!

Y/N: No, we don’t!

Wanda: YES



Wanda: I mean, we do.*

Loki: Ehehehehe, I know who it is!

Peter: How do you know who it is?!

Thor: :D Tell us :D Brother!

Vision: So proud.

Loki: … Stay away from my brother, android man.


Loki has left the chat.

Thor: D:

Vision: It’s okay, Thor. Do not be sad.

Clint: The creepy snowman is gone.

Tony: Who do we thank for this?


Tony: Let us all rejoice!

Steve: … Why are all of you more intense versions of yourselves today?

Y/N: See Peter, this is what happens when you bring us all together…

Peter: I am starting to regret it.

T’Challa: If we can conclude this, I would be thankful. I have business to attend to.

Peter: So you know my crush is beautiful? But she’s more than that. So much more. She’s smart, and funny. I love all her little quirks.

Wade: WAIT

Peter: I… was on a roll there…

Wade: We’re forgetting someone!

Natasha: If you add the olive man I will end you.

Rhodey: Who could it possibly be?

Wade has added Dopinder.


Clint: Who… Who is this?


Tony: Hello person we do not know. At all.


Steve: ????????

Peter: I’m really starting to hate you, Wade.

Wade: Is it because Y/N is excited that he’s here? Don’t worry, he likes Gita.

Dopinder: Hello, Mr. Pool. and friends.

Wade: Now that everyone is here, you may continue, Peetie.

Peter: It’s Y/N. My crush is Y/N. I really like you, Y/N.

Clint: WHAT

Pietro: You didn’t see that coming?

Pietro has left the chat.

Clint: Yeah, you better run!

Wanda: I was right! I told you, Y/N! But did you listen? Nooooo! Why listen to a MIND READER?!

Wanda has left the chat.

Y/N: Me?!

Y/N: So you don’t like someone else?

Y/N: But me?!

Sam: Ooooh, you were so jealous!


Bucky: Jealous of yourself!

Clint: Do you like Peter too?



Y/N: I like you too, Peter.

Peter: Thor, if you don’t mind,


Thor: :D

Peter: :D

Thor: :D

Peter: :D

Vision: What am I witnessing here? Remarkable.

T’Challa: Congratulations! Y/N, Shuri says, “I told you so.” She looks forward to your upcoming visit. Please try not to scare any of the diplomats like last time. I have to go now. I will see you and Shuri in a week.

T’Challa has left the chat.

Tony: Always so busy. I guess we all kind of knew who your crush is.

Peter: You did?!

Bruce: It was painfully obvious.

Rhodey: Same goes for you, Y/N.

Y/N: I was not obvious! … Right?

Bruce: Basically, everyone knew, but the two of you.

Natasha: We should give them some privacy! I am so happy for you two.

Natasha has left the chat.

Bruce has left the chat.

Rhodey has left the chat.

Thor has left the chat.

Vision has left the chat.

Bucky has left the chat.

Clint: I don’t know how I feel about this…

Clint: I will be monitoring the chat.

Clint: Especially you, Peter.


Peter: o…kay

Clint has left the chat.


Wade: You can’t see that I’m making threatening hand signs, but I totally am!

Wade: I will be chaperoning all your dates.

Wade has left the chat.

Y/N: Are the rest of you going to leave too…?

Steve: Yeah. Sure.

Y/N: You’re still not leaving…

Steve: Okay, bye.

Y/N: Steve.

Steve: Yeah?

Y/N: You’re still here…

Steve: Haha, am I?

Peter: Yup…

Steve: How do I work this thing? Say whatever you two have to say. It’ll be like I’m not even here! I won’t even look at my phone.

Peter: I am really regretting adding everyone to the chat…

Sam: You’ll regret it even more if you do anything to hurt her, Mr Team Ironjerk.

Tony: So if the kid was on Cap’s side, you’d be fine with this?

Sam: Nah.


Steve: Okay, Sam. We should go.


Sam: Actually Natasha did that but you get my point!

Sam has left the chat.

Steve has left the chat.

Tony: So, kid. Y/N has always been like a daughter to me. Is it okay if I call you son now? I do expect you to eventually marry her. That would make you my son-in-law. So, son, I’m quite glad it’s going to be you instead of some of the other people she’s liked. She’s growing up so fast. I remember when she became an Avenger. Bruce and I were working on invisibility fields. Ever seen those funny videos where people walk into glass doors? She walked right into it.

Y/N: let that memory DIE.

Tony: You should bring your aunt over and we’ll all have a big family dinner. You, your aunt, Y/N, Bruce, Clint spying in the vents, Rhodey and I.

Scott: Can I come?

Y/N: Scott! You’re still here?!

Scott: I’ve been here the entire time.

Peter: I’ll ask my aunt, Mr. Stark.

Tony: Please, call me dad.

Peter: I prefer Mr. Stark.

Tony: Dad.

Peter: I’d rather not, Mr. Stark.

Tony: Uncle Tony is fine too.

Dopinder: Where did Mr. Pool go?

Dopinder: I seem to have missed a lot.

Dopinder: It is an honor to be here with you, Mr. Stark!

Dopinder: And you too, Y/N, you’re amazing!

Scott: Excuse me.

Scott: Hi, I’m Scott.

Scott: The fangirling is my thing.

Dopinder: … I’m sorry but you are?


Scott has left the chat.

Dopinder: ?

Dopinder has left the chat.

Peter: Who else is still in the chat that I forgot about?!

Tony: I will get everything ready for tonight. Have fun kids. But not too much fun.

Tony has left the chat.

Y/N: I’m glad that’s finally over.

Peter: Me too.

Peter: So, um,

Peter: Y/N,

Peter: Would you like to go on a date, tomorrow? It would have been tonight but Mr. Stark is hosting this dinner now, unless you’d like to go to the dinner with me as my date?

Clint has joined the chat.



Y/N: Yes, Peter. I would love to!


Peter: Great!


Y/N: I’ll see you tonight!

Y/N has left the chat.

Peter: I guess you’ll be there too, Clint?


Peter: You’re my favorite uncle that’s alive.

Peter has left the chat.


Clint has left the chat.

GREED || MAFIA!Jeonghan [Chp 1]

BLURB: Power makes most men weak but you’re his special brand of kryptonite.

GENRE: mafia!au, action, mystery, romance

WORDS: 1404

PART: 1 | 2

Everything hurts. That was all you could think as you laid there, swimming in and out of consciousness. Was the sky always this blue? You tried to turn but a sharp pain shot through your arm and you let out an involuntary moan. There was something else; something tugging, screaming, at you to notice it. You touched your stomach gingerly. Oh god. Was that blood? Is that your blood?

“Help,” you croaked, reaching out to the end of the alley where people walked on oblivious to your state. “Somebody, help me.”

You were too weak to move. You could only cry pathetically, tears pricking your eyes as you waited for an end.

A sudden wave of adrenaline coursed through you, forcing your eyes open to the blinding sun.

NO. You couldn’t die like this. You didn’t know how, or why, or when you got here, but every instinct in your body was screaming at you to hold on just a little longer so you let out one last scream before you blacked out from the exertion and the words of your cry already erasing from your memory.

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our new student started yesterday, he just came up to my desk for the first time, saw my matt, jessica, and luke funkos, said “you need iron fist!” 

oh no, i thought

“i just finished iron fist last night,” i said diplomatically

“i haven’t seen it…”

“you don’t need to”

“yeah, that’s what i heard! all the others were so good!”

he then told me he wrote a paper feminism and the neo-noir in jessica jones 

i like him

Toph and Katara don’t count as actual girls as far as Zuko is concerned, mostly because like Azula, he thinks of them in a sisterly way. In that they have both tried to very seriously kill him before.
—  Boys’ Night (an Avatar: The Last Airbender fic)

headcanon: after gil-galad’s death, glorfindel tries to comfort elrond by telling him it would have been over quickly (particularly if we’re going with the ‘he burned to death’ train of thought): when elrond (blinded by upset) spits out, “how would you know!?” at him, glor just looks at him and says, “balrog slaying does not come without a price.”

elrond refuses to let himself question the notion that gil-galad did not suffer overmuch;

many years later, in valinor, gil-galad and glorfindel get excessively drunk and start to reminisce about their respective deaths in front of elrond. he is not a happy peredhel. it takes him some time to forgive the two of them (and it’s celebrian that forces them back together in the end)

mousiesshi  asked:

ok so in an effort to get to know MonstaX better: rank them for a Black Jewels AU

Oh, shit. This is an excellent question… I had a lot of fun doing this. Thank you for asking.

So Shownu is the official leader of MX, but he’s pretty quiet and soft. An even-keel leader. Very diplomatic. This last comeback, he actually went to bat for Hyungwon and fought to get him more lines in the songs. I would say he’s a Red-Jeweled Prince because he has the confidence of someone who knows they can get shit done, but he lacks the aggression of a Warlord-Prince. 

I always like to contrast Shownu with Wonho, because before the debut, Wonho was the leader of their project, NuBoyz, and was slated to be the leader of MX before the company decided to go with Shownu at the last minute. Wonho is very soft and caring, a little bit flighty though; lately he’s developed a reputation for being the weird one. (Why do I always love the “weird” ones so much?) Honestly, if I was going to pick a “mom” for the group, it’d be Wonho. He looks after everybody’s emotional needs. He’s a Summer-sky Prince…but tbh, if we’re going with any-caste-goes I’d be more likely to call him a Healer.

Minhyuk is complementary to Wonho in that he’s very sensitive and caring, but he has a strong mischievous side too and a lot of anxiety. He’s sort of taken on the role of being the group’s mood-maker on camera though. It’s his way of taking care of the members, because a lot of them aren’t comfortable on cam (Shownu and Wonho most of all). I’d say he’s a Rose-Jeweled Prince…but again, if any caste goes regardless of gender, I’d call him a Black Widow since he focuses on making sure his members are feeling mentally secure in their surroundings. 

Kihyun is probably the only one in the group that I think has the aggression of a Warlord Prince. It’s not that he doesn’t like his members. It’s just that he’s a perfectionist and he tends to get frustrated when things are less-than. He’s also got a wicked sense of humor, and I mean that literally. He’s savage. Smol but savage. He’s a Green-Jeweled Warlord Prince. He has the aggression and authority, but not as much power behind him. 

Hyungwon is, I think, still developing and discovering his place in the group. He’s known for being rather laconic, but is quick with comebacks and wit. He’s also known as the poet of the group. He gets called cold, but is actually quite sensitive. I think he’s a sleeper agent. A lot of hidden power, but no need to prove how big his dick is. I’d say he’s a Gray-Jeweled Warlord.

I think Jooheon is probably the one people would expect to be a Warlord Prince, since he’s known for being a badass rapper, but tbh I think most of that is just bluster. When we have seen him get genuinely upset, it’s usually kind of whiny/petulant. He’s an Ebon-gray Warlord. He has a lot of power, but it can be flexible in how it’s used/applied. I think once he gets a little older, he’ll stabilize more and grow out of that whiny behavior.

Changkyun is the youngest of the group, but he doesn’t act like it. The members have said that Changkyun likes to spend a lot of time alone. He works hard and doesn’t care much about what other people think. Like Wonho, he’s developed a reputation for being weird/random because he just does whatever he feels like. Changkyun is the one I’d watch out for. I think he’d wear the Black. Maximum power. For his caste, I’d say he’s probably a Prince if we go with male castes, but honestly, if we open it up to all of them, I’d say he’s most likely a Priestess because of his tendency toward wanting to live kind of a solitary, independent life. I can picture him happily tending to a Sanctuary. 

Trump’s national security adviser: He 'wasn’t even aware' of where information he shared with Russians came from

President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, Gen. H.R. McMaster, said during a press briefing on May 16 that Trump “wasn’t even aware” of the source of the classified information he reportedly disclosed to Russian diplomats last week. Following is a transcript of the video. 

REPORTER: To put a finer point on it, is there now an active investigation into how this information was leaked, and can you tell us about who’s running that investigation and I also would like to ask you, given that President Trump is now going to be meeting face-to-face with literally dozens of foreign leaders, if there are sensitivities to his discretion in what sort of information to decide to declassify? How was that something that you were advising him ahead of this foreign trip?

H.R. MCMASTER: Well, I mean, there are no sensitivities in terms of me or anybody who’s been with the president in many of these engagements. He shares information in a way that is wholly appropriate.  And I should just make, I should just make — maybe this statement here that, that the president wasn’t even aware, you know, of where this information came from. He wasn’t briefed on the source or method of the information either. So, I’m sorry this is going to have to be the last question because we do have the, we do have the president of Turkey coming … momentarily. Thank you very much.

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Trump's national security adviser: He 'wasn't even aware' of where information he shared with Russians came from

(H.R. McMaster.AP)
President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, said during a press conference on Tuesday that Trump “wasn’t even aware” of the source of classified information he reportedly disclosed to Russian diplomats last week.

The Washington Post reported on Monday that Trump’s disclosures to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in the Oval Office last week “jeopardized a critical source of intelligence on the Islamic State.” The report said the intelligence “had been provided by a US partner through an intelligence-sharing arrangement considered so sensitive that details have been withheld from allies and tightly restricted even within the US government.”

That US partner was Israel, the Times reported on Tuesday, and the intelligence had to do with a reported ISIS plot to smuggle laptop bombs on airplanes. Reports surfaced in early April that US officials had detected the plot over the course of several months, and passengers flying into the US from eight countries in the Middle East and Africa were promptly banned from carrying their laptops on board.

McMaster on Monday night denied that Trump had revealed the intelligence sources and methods used to glean this information. But when asked by a reporter on Tuesday whether Trump revealed the city from which the ISIS plot was detected, McMaster replied that what Trump discussed with the Russians about the Islamic State “was nothing you would not know from open-source reporting.”

“All of you are familiar with the threat from ISIS,” McMaster said on Tuesday. “All of you are very familiar with the territory it controls. If you were to say, ‘Hey, from where do you think a threat might come, from territory that ISIS controls,’ you would probably be able to name a few cities.

"It had all to do with operations that were already ongoing and had been made public for months,” he said.

According to the Post, however, Trump relayed “code-word information" to the Russian diplomats — one of the highest classification levels used by the US intelligence community. 

McMaster would not confirm whether the information Trump disclosed was classified or whether it came from a US ally. But he suggested Trump did not intend to reveal classified information because he "did not even know where that information came from.” He added that Trump decided to disclose the information “in the context of the conversation” with the Russian diplomats.

Still, experts say the revelation could jeopardize Israel’s intelligence-gathering methods, which rely largely on human intelligence sources. 

When asked whether he was concerned that Trump’s disclosure might discourage other US allies from sharing sensitive intelligence with the US in the future, McMaster replied, “No, I’m not concerned at all.”

But top White House officials were evidently aware that the disclosure might constitute a misstep. According to The Post, officials scrambled to “contain the potential fallout” from the conversation by quickly contacting the directors of the CIA and the National Security Agency.

When asked about that reaction, McMaster said it may have stemmed from an “overabundance of caution.”

Parroting what has by now become a familiar White House talking point, McMaster said the real threat to US national security was US intelligence community leaks to the press.

“We need a high degree of confidence in all of our organizations so that we can do what we need to do for the president,” McMaster said.

He also said Trump sought to “emphasize the common interests” between the US and Russia when it came to fighting terrorism.

“We have to work together,” McMaster said. “It was wholly appropriate to share what the threat was as a basis for common action and cooperation.”

Trump tweeted a similar defense on Tuesday morning.

“As President I wanted to share with Russia (at an openly scheduled W.H. meeting) which I have the absolute right to do, facts pertaining to terrorism and airline flight safety,” Trump said in two tweets. “Humanitarian reasons, plus I want Russia to greatly step up their fight against ISIS & terrorism.”

At a press conference later with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Trump said his meeting with Lavrov was “a great meeting” and a “very successful meeting.”

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Seth Meyers: 'Trump is worse than Nixon'

“We’re at a point now in the Trump presidency that feels very much like a pivotal moment for our democracy,” “Late Night” host Seth Meyers said on Monday night’s show.

Meyers explained that just before Monday’s show started taping, The Washington Post reported that Trump had revealed highly classified information to Russian diplomats last week.

As usual, Meyers was not easy on Trump in his “A Closer Look" segment. He compared Trump’s behavior to “a sh–ty high school student who always gets a pass because his parents are wealthy.”

He also shared that, according to Time, Trump requests extra sauce with his chicken, and more scoops of ice cream than anyone else at his White House dining table. Meyers went on to compare the president to Richard Nixon.

“Trump is worse than Nixon. He’s shameless Nixon,” Meyers said. “Nixon famously said, ‘I am not a crook.’ Trump’s basically saying, ‘I am a crook and there’s nothing you can do about it and, in fact, I’m having three scoops of ice cream.‘”

Meyers also said that it’s “disorienting how blatant Trump is about all the shady stuff he does. Trump just admits to wrongdoing and then dares the rest of us to do something about it.”

The host finished his blunt look at the scandal by imploring other politicians to do their jobs.

“Our democracy only works if both parties choose to exercise the checks on presidential power that our Constitution prescribes,“ Meyers said. “Republicans can’t just abdicate their responsibility.”

You can watch the segment below:

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“You know we like this even less than you,” Charming, ever living up to his name, told his daughter, smiling at her affectionately as they road the carriage down the shore road, to the docks in the city where a ship waited to take Emma to whatever far-off place claimed home to the newest suitor for the princess’ hand.

“But you get to stay here and don’t have to go meet whoever the awful man is,” Emma muttered glumly.  Her last four “diplomatic” trips to nearby kingdoms had been … fruitless, to say the least. She wasn’t interested in marriage, not right now, and certainly not to some stranger.  But her parents were certain one of these trips would result in her meeting the love of her life … she just had to put herself out there, and meet these awful, stuffy nobles.

Charming laughed, wrapping his arm about Emma’s shoulders and kissing her temple.  ”Your mother would gladly go if she could,” he told her, his tone a bit wistful, “but with the way things are right now … it’s safer, you know, to send you on your own with just a small escort.  Will draw less suspicion from Regina.  She’d never expect you to be traveling alone.”

It was true.  For the entirety of Emma’s life, everything they’d done had been to prevent Regina from finding her. Typically, she never traveled anywhere alone, but recent developments in the Forest demanded her parents’ time and attention, they couldn’t leave to escort her this time.  But Regina would never expect them to send Emma alone … it was easy, then, to entrust her to the most loyal, trusted of the household guard … they would see her safely to and from Aeravale, and would protect her at all costs from the Queen and her minions.

“It’s only a few weeks,” Charming said, as Emma rested her head against his shoulder, sighing a little, “then you’ll be back home, telling us how awful thisone was and how you’re going to become an old maid princess,” he teased, and Emma rolled her eyes.  

She turned her head then, to look out the window of the carriage.  They were nearing the docks, she could see several ships in the harbor, and wondered idly which one was her escort this time.  ”Shouldn’t the guard be down there by now?” she asked, not seeing any sign of her parents’ bannermen about.

"They’re probably already aboard the ship, making sure everything is ready for you,” her father said reassuringly.  "Nothing to worry about, you’ll see.  Look, the dwarves are right there.“  He pointed, and Emma smiled.  The gods knew if her parents couldn’t go somewhere with her, her seven godfathers would be there in their place.

He was right, she knew he was.  It was just nerves.  This was the first time, in all her twenty years, that she’d ever traveled without one of her parents.  But if they didn’t think there was reason to worry — and they worried about her a lot— then there was no reason she should be so full of trepidation.  It was another trip.  Just like all the others.  Except this time, she’d be on her own … it would be her first chance to really see what freedom tasted like.  She’d be lying if she said she wasn’t a little excited.


GEEK B-ROLL ep5 Cat Farris & Static and the Cubes

GEEK B-ROLL Episode 5

This week new host Aspen interviews comic artist/creator Cat Farris and Cube Red. Static and the Cubes performs “Escape From Snakes” Also, This Week in PDX.


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41. Comfort Food

“Fish and chips.”

“Yes Eggsy, I would have thought you’d have encountered this dish before.”

Eggsy poked at his basket of fried fish and potatoes and blinked up at Harry, eyes clouded in confusion. He’d been told by Harry that they’d be having the best food in his life. He’s been expecting a fancy, expensive restaurant. At least a sit down restaurant, but here they were, leaning again a railing next to a shack, greasy baskets in their hands.

“I just…expected something different, I guess,” Eggsy admits. Harry smiles, as if he knew exactly Eggsy had been thinking.

“This particular establishment has been around since I first came to London,” Harry reports, taking a bite out of a chip as Eggsy pushed his own food around. “It had, perhaps, the greatest fish and chips I’d had in my life. It’s been thirty years, and I have yet to eat anything better. It’s my comfort food.”

“You’ve been in Kingsman since you were twenty?” Eggsy asks, latching on to that part of the story before biting into the fish.

Dear god that was an explosion of flavour.

“Holy fuck,” Eggsy says, chewing happily as he takes in the hints of lime and sugar that barely coat the fluffy batter around the fish. He tries the chips and is pleased that they’re just as good as Harry claims. 

Speaking of Harry, Eggsy peaks up as he stuffs his mouth, blushing as Harry’s eyes crinkle with joy.

“You like it then?” Harry laughs, a soft smile almost permanent on his face. Eggsy nods enthusiastically, taking the napkin that had come with the meal and wiping his mouth. 

“This is great!” 

“I come here after stressful missions or on first dates,” Harry whispers, as if this is a secret, and Eggsy nods, acknowledging the words but distracted by the just barely vinegary chips.



“A date?” Eggsy squeaks, basket almost slipping from his hands. He entertained the idea that perhaps Harry had thought his last diplomatic trip to Tokyo stressful, but Harry had been visiting friends, and the day was. The day was-

“It’s Valentines’ Day,” Harry says, smile still on his face, but faltering with uncertainty based on Eggsy’s reaction. The younger man notices and waves his free hands to reassure Harry.

“I totally didn’t know but I don’t mind? I’m honored? Flattered? Um, in disbelief?”

“Disbelief?” Harry asks, leading them to a bench, not wanting to have this conversation standing with other people watching. There’s a bench hidden behind a tree and Harry sits down, taking Eggsy’s food and putting it to the side.

“Harry, yer kinda fit. And older. And my boss,” Eggsy explains, wriggling in his seat. “Also pretty out of my league.”

“My dear boy,” Harry murmurs, “it is you who is out of my league. You’re still so young, you have a long life ahead of you. You’re beautiful and talented. I’m so selfish to want you.”

“Well that’s bullshite,” Eggsy mutters back, pressing his forehead against Harry’s, “you’re amazing. Anyone would be lucky to have you.”

“And anyone you.”

They remain still, foreheads together while they breath softly in each other’s space, enjoying this peace.

“So you wanna date me?” Eggsy asks after a few moments have passed.

“If you’d allow me the honor.”

Eggsy nods, holding Harry’s hands with his own. “Of course.”

The atmosphere seems to become calmer, the breeze cooler, the animals quiet.

But then a bloody squirrel pops up and grabs a handful of chips in the middle of their moment, almost mocking them before scurrying away with his hoard.

“Did that just happen?”

Harry stands up, still holding Eggsy’s hand and takes the baskets to toss in the trash. “We can get more,” Harry says, “let the squirrel have its fill.”

Eggsy shrugs, following Harry back to the shack. He honestly didn’t care too much about the food, sure it was comfort, but Harry’s hand in his was better than any food could be.
Islamic State arose from US support for al-Qaeda in Iraq
By Nafeez Ahmed

A new memoir by a former senior State Department analyst provides stunning details on how decades of support for Islamist militants linked to Osama bin Laden brought about the emergence of the ‘Islamic State’ (ISIS).

The book establishes a crucial context for recent admissions by Michael T. Flynn, the retired head of the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), confirming that White House officials made a “willful decision” to support al-Qaeda affiliated jihadists in Syria — despite being warned by the DIA that doing so would likely create an ‘ISIS’-like entity in the region.

J. Michael Springmann, a retired career US diplomat whose last government post was in the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research, reveals in his new book that US covert operations in alliance with Middle East states funding anti-Western terrorist groups are nothing new. Such operations, he shows, have been carried out for various short-sighted reasons since the Cold War and after.

In the 1980s, as US support for mujahideen fighters accelerated in Afghanistan to kick out the Soviet Union, Springmann found himself unwittingly at the heart of highly classified operations that allowed Islamist militants linked to Osama bin Laden to establish a foothold within the United States.

After the end of the Cold War, Springmann alleged, similar operations continued in different contexts for different purposes — in the former Yugoslavia, in Libya and elsewhere. The rise of ISIS, he contends, was a predictable outcome of this counterproductive policy.

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