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Mythology Posters Series: Astraea

The ancient greek virgin goddess of innocence and purity, Astraea was the last of immortals to live amongst humans during the Golden Age, but fled during the Irong Age due to humanity’s newfound wickdness, thus becoming the constellation Virgo. She’s a daugther of Astraeus and Eos and is associated with Dike, Goddess of Just Judgement. According to legend, Astraea will one day return to Earth, bringing with her the return of the golden age.

Welcome Home - Part 1

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Request: (by anon) Hello! I love your writing, you’re one of my favorite writers on Tumblr. :) I was wondering if you could do a Winn Schott imagine, where after the crossover or whatever you go back to Earth 38 with Kara and you end up falling in love with Winn? Like a lot of flirting and cute moments where Winn gets all flustered? Thanks! :D <3

Pairing: Winn Schott x Reader feat. Kara, Alex, J’onn, Oliver, and Barry

Warnings: None

Words: 2807

A/N: So, I loved this prompt so much that I decided to make it a series. And if you’re wondering what her costume looks like, I made that too. Sorry this isn’t as flirty/flustery as I meant it to be. Maybe I’ll do better in part 2.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Dominators were defeated, the presidential honors were given, the celebratory party was winding down, and Earth-1 was saved. The only thing left to do was to say your goodbyes and go your separate ways.

Over the last few days, you had become good friends with Supergirl, or Kara Danvers as it was. At the party, she had mentioned how on her Earth it was just her and her cousin defending the planet and how nice it was to have a team. You couldn’t have agreed more. It would be nice to fight crime with others like Team Arrow or the Legends. It would even be nice to have a support group like Team Flash, even if you were the only one in the field.  But you had no one. No friends, no family, no one to rely on other than yourself.

Knowing this, Kara invited you to come back to her world to fight alongside her. Earth-1 had plenty of protectors and you had no reason to stay, so you quickly jumped at the opportunity.

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Edward Elric Appreciation Week | Day 4: Favorite Feature

➙ His Xerxesian features 
“Arrogant, huh? I remember this from a mythical tale; ‘the hero who gets too close to the S U N shall have his wax wings plucked and be dropped to the earth.’”

AND that concludes my entry for edelricweek! SORRY for the lateness but I honestly wanted to finish the set despite joining in late. Thanks so much for the people who set this up!


On this day three years ago, Peter and Jenna attended a photocall at Parliament Square to promote Series 8 and the premiere of the first Doctor Who episode, Deep Breath. The event drew a lot of crowds, especially Whovians, who were curious to know what was going on. This gave Peter a chance to greet more fans apart from the Doctor Who World Tour he and Jenna just completed. Photos are by Simon Kimber (except for the last one is by I believe Brian Mackness) while the GIF is from the end credits of Doctor Who: Earth Conquest.

Highlights from the new KH III trailer from D23

-Cool new shots of Mt. Olympus
-More showings of flow attraction
-The twin guns and bazooka make a return!
-Y'all already know but…TOY STORY WORLD!!!!!
-Yo, Sora looks cuts as fUCK as a toy, I’m not lyin’
-An entire cutscene featuring all of the main toys from the movie
-The animation looks like it’s straight from the movie itself????? Like holy shit
-More fighting heartless in the new world
-Keyblade turns into hammer tho?! Like that’s the coolest shit!
-I saw Sora use a whip on a heartless like Hulk beatin’ down Loki in the Avengers lmao
-Sora uses a fucking robot toy like it’s fucking Pacific Rim up in this bitch

In conclusion, I was fucking whipped after this trailer, I honestly died and ascended to heaven, God met me and told me I was over reacting and sent me back down to earth to cry some more. For once in my life, I don’t feel cheated by this game series. Goodnight y'all
DC TV Watch: CW Showrunners Preview the (Super) Four-Way Crossover
THR rounds up the major twists, new mysteries and more announcements for all the DC Comics TV shows.

Welcome to The Hollywood Reporter’s weekly DC TV Watch, a rundown of all things DC Comics on TV. Every Friday, we round up the major twists, epic fights, new mysteries and anything else that goes down on The CW’s Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and Black Lightning and Fox’s Gotham.  


Break out the tissues | With only a handful of episodes remaining between now and the upcoming four-show crossover between all of The CW’s Arrow-verse shows, the producers are opening up about the heart at the center of it. “The biggest surprise will be the emotional component of the crossover,” Arrow executive producer Wendy Mericle tells THR. “I don’t think anyone is going to see that coming. It’s very much a dark love story. It’s the underpinnings of that that will make the Earth-X element a real contrast to that. Oliver [Stephen Amell] has a big role to play in it, and it’s bigger and better than any crossover we’ve done in the past. It’s going to be epic.”

The Flash

The center of it all | “In typical hero-villain fashion, the wedding is not the wedding that Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) probably dreamed of,” executive producer Todd Helbing tells THR. “This crossover is so different. Any time you’re trying to keep the narrative going on four different shows, it’s challenging. The Earth-X scenario we put everyone in really played into the story that we wanted to tell.”

New hero alert | Back in the season three “Flashpoint” premiere, a throwaway line about a superhero named Citizen Cold saving the day didn’t seem like anything more than a fun Easter egg. But according to the network’s official synopsis for the four-show crossover, Wentworth Miller is returning (as part of his last run of episodes on The CW’s DC series) as Citizen Cold, a friendly superhero ally of everyone gathered for the big wedding. Does this mean that Captain Cold’s doppelganger from the Flashpoint timeline will somehow travel to Earth-1 to help battle the Earth-X villains? Or is Citizen Cold from Earth-2 or Earth-X or any other Earth? And what will this heroic version of Captain Cold be like? How different will he act? So many questions that a short episode synopsis can’t answer!

Legends of Tomorrow

Can the Legends make you cry? | Echoing Mericle’s comments, Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Phil Klemmer reveals that, surprisingly, it’s the Legends team that will end up bringing the waterworks during the four-show crossover. “You’ll be most surprised that Legends is capable of making our audience cry,” Klemmer tells THR. “I thought last season really leaned into the comedy, and that season three we tripled down on that. There’s some ludicrous moments. Things get bananas, and yet in this crossover, we have this thing that happens that will honestly move you to tears.” Calling it “a testament to our actors that they can do this comedic, super-rompy fun show that also has moments of genuine emotion,” since the final episode of the crossover takes place as an episode of Legends of Tomorrow, expect some big heroic sacrifice or climactic last-second miracle save to really play with your emotions.

Super epic | “You will be surprised to see that we cram more superheroes onto the bridge of the Waverider than is physically possible,” Klemmer says of the massive final conclusion to the four-way crossover. “I was responsible for writing a scene that had, like, 22 people in it, and I had to keep a list just to remind myself who was in the scene. I think we need a wider lens to make sure we can keep everyone in the same frame. It’s preposterous. And then you have doppelgangers, just trying to keep track of who was in the scene and what costume they’re supposed to be wearing was a real math and science.”

So, cool, nice, I’m late akdhf, and I’ve been working on this request for… a month and a half I think hahaha aaa ok, but it wasn’t really something I could just tag search for.

Anyway, the request was for top!Tony from another friend from the Frostiron Discord chat, and let me tell you, I read a lot of explicit fic in the last month and a half for this request akjhdfa

anyway! on to the recs!

Pretty Canon-

While Away the Time- EtLeBete, E, No Warnings, Loki has been exiled to Earth post the invasion, and Tony stumbles upon him one day in a cafe.
The Archetypal Fruit- Like_a_Hurricane, E, Chose No Warnings (No Warnings), Loki “proposes” in a rather roundabout (and Greek) way.
Until We Meet Again (series)- EtLaBete, E, No Warnings, Tony meets and falls for Loki over many years. Loki meets and falls for Tony over a matter of months.
Tired of Being Alone (Series)- kipli, E, No Warnings. After CACW, Loki stumbles across Tony, and they help each other heal. (Switching more than anything, I will admit)
One day at a Time- Themista, E, No Warnings (except an unhappy ending). Loki tries to atone for his crimes, via community service of a sort.
The Negotiation- KneelingToLoki, E, Dub-Con. “Loki comes to Tony to make a dubious offer.”

Vaguely Canon

Not all that glitters is green- itsyu, E, No Warnings, Tony begins to feel a little jealous when Loki takes Wanda under his wing for magical tutelage.
Non Sum qualis Eram- Like_a_Hurricane, E, No Warnings, Agent of Asgard based, Loki recruits Tony in trying to get rid of Old Loki, all the while trying to hide his feelings (not very well I might add).
Orbits and Conjunctions-  beta_cygni, E, No Warnings, Agent of Asgard based, Loki comes to Tony for some company.
In For a Penny, In for a (Few) Million- InTheShadows, E, Rape/Non-Con (Vaguely). Tony does his best to rescue mutants from a black market auction ring, when h stumbles across a particular blue being.
The Life of a Billionaire, Playboy Philanthropist (Series)- MacBeka, E, No Warnings, except for Graphic Violence in prt 3 and 9.
First part is mostly ThunderShield, rest of series is definitely Frostiron. So if Thundershield is a no go, just skip first and read the rest. “Tony Stark. Billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. Previous kidnappee of the Ten Rings, supposed CEO of Stark Industries, and now lover to the god of mischief. What’s a superhero to do?”
A View Tonight- InTheShadows, E, No Warnings. Loki is in for one hell of a night at Tony’s hand(s and mouth). (Please dont look at me for my atrocious semi-pun kajshdkf)
Not Your Choice- STARSdidathing, M, No Warnings (EXCEPT UNREQUITED LOVE ;-;). “It’s all fun and games until someone falls in love.” I did not sign up for emotional pain when I went looking for Top!Tony, so that means ya’ll gotta get all of your hearts broken too alkhfadf.
The Stark (Naked) Project- Arvensis5, Horns of Mischief (Rinelin), E, No Warnings. Incomplete, but also kinda stand alone for each chapter? Vaguely stand alone. Pretty much porn with feelings, that’s it alkshdf.
Take Me Gently (Set Me Free)- Sparcina, E, No Warnings. Tony is… recruited to help Loki with some magic-y things.
All laced up- Selana, E, No Warnings, corsets, and that’s all I gotta say, except that it was wonderful
Invincible (Series)- Aevintyr, E, No Warnings. In the aftermath of Ultron, consequences arise.
Mystery Shots- Exotichosts, E, No Warnings. Tony tries out the dating app Pepper installed on his phone.

Two that aren’t E, but this is my city, and I really like these,

Villain- NotEvenCloseToStraight, M, No Warnings. Loki begins to fall for Tony. The team does not approve.
Touch- iswyn, T, No Warnings. Loki doesn’t know how he likes to be touched.

Would you like a little dom with your top? I’ve been thinking of that pun for days let me use it in peace

What a man needs (restricted)- itsyu, E, No Warnings, Tony steps up to the task of helping Loki let go of some of his control.
Boredom and Mischief Don’t Mix- FancyKraken, E, No Warnings (though there are some kinda graphic descriptions of blood and injuries), “Tony learns the hard way what happens when Loki gets bored.” (This one is also just more plain ol’ bondage than D/s, I’m counting it)
Sure- usedupshiver, M, No Warnings. (Been rec’ed before, but hey, this is my city now.) College au, but also D/s, so here it is. Tony accidentally breaks into Loki’s apartment and crashes there for the night. Things only go up from there.
Whatever you need- Selana, E, No Warnings. Sometimes, Loki just needed to fall, and Tony made sure to always be there to catch him.

The AUs, both weird and not


  1. Pro Bono- FelicityGS, E, No Warnings. Loki was extremely surprised when his heat came early, and so he calls his favorite alpha on short notice. (Give you 1 guess for who his favorite alpha is.)
  2. A Matter of Inertia- roseapprentice, E, No Warnings. Loki is on the run, and Tony gets swept along, not unwillingly.
  3. That Slightly Less Problematic ABO Verse with Not Gross Social Dynamics (Series)- FelicityGS, T (but alpha Tony so it… counts? Tbh I just really like this series so I’m forcing this on all of you lakjhdf), No Warnings. 
  4. The Lightning Strike- Batsutousai, E, No Warnings. Pack dynamics are strange, especially when it comes to figuring out the differences between Asgard, Jotunheimr, and Earth.

True AU

Trouble- lary, E, No Warnings. Former pole dancer Loki is Tony’s new PA.

The… strange and unusual, which are… pretty strange, and so are under a cut.

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Day 13 of my Inktober project of my personal heroes of page and screen.

King Kelson Haldane was my poster boy when I was twenty. I’d just moved to Cologne to study, and I discovered that the bookshops and libraries in Cologne had English departments. Not English shelves with one Steven King and one Rosamunde Pilcher, but actual departments. With Fantasy books. There were even bookshops devoted solely to English books. What slim money I had left over at the end of the month, I’d spend in them. (Who needed clothes?) I’d order books and drop by every day for three weeks to ask if they were in yet. And after two weeks, more often than not, they turned out to be the wrong ones. I miss those days. Last I walked past the street on Hohenstaufenring where “Books Around” used to be, it had closed - but sometimes, when I order an obscure English book on amazon and have it the next day, I still look back gratefully to those days when new books had to be earned.

The Fantasy series that left the most lasting impression back then were the Deryni books by Katherine Kurtz. Her world is rather down-to-earth medieval, dominated by a Christian church that goes through a large spectrum from benignity to bigotry, and with a streak of magic that, over the course of her books, starts out as being part of the Church until political and zealous developments render it anathema. Her books span four trilogies and two main eras, the one in which the Church suddenly turns on magic-users, the Deryni, and very nearly wipes them out entirely. The later-era books then deal with the survival of the magic streak in the royal family of Gwynedd, and the labours of young King Kelson to reconcile magic and the Church (and the war he has to fight over it). Though there was a fair lot of dying and war going on in these books (The “Heirs of Saint Camber” trilogy reduced me to a puddle as much as the Silmarillion) , today I consider them as quite the opposite of George R. R. Martin (“Noblebright” rather than Grimdark, as I learnt yesterday). I loved these books, the world, the story, the characters, and particularly Kelson, to bits.

Animus [V]

{{ noun // strong dislike or enmity; hostile attitude; animosity }}

It was hatred at first sight.

Fluff. Demon AU. 3,031 words.

Catalyst Series: a collaboration with @dreamscript and @zephyoongist

Seokjin / Yoongi / Hoseok / Namjoon / Jimin / Taehyung / Jungkook

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁

The first time you met Kim Taehyung was a complete accident.

Granted, the first meeting only lasted a few seconds, but his impression on you was deeply engraved in your mind.

To put it lightly, he was a grade A, certified asshole.

That day seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary. You were successfully melding in with the rest of the mortals on earth with the use of a temporary black spell, hiding your ebony feathered wings from the rest of the world for a few hours. Strolling down the crowded streets, your heart quickened when you brushed against a hunter, feeling the slight bulge of a shiny, curved weapon hidden beneath his worn jacket. That scythe-like blade had reaped countless wings of your brothers, sisters, and natural enemies alike, robbing them of their immortality and good graces. Forcing yourself to breathe normally and stopping yourself from trembling in slight fear, you willed yourself to not break out into a run right then and there.

Millenniums ago, humans had revered the angels and feared the demons. But in present time, they had gotten smarter, more violent, more vicious, more dangerous. They crafted and wielded sharp weapons of the darkest metals encrypted with the deadliest of poisons and curses. They called themselves hunters, and although they were a small bunch out of the entire mortal population while the rest remained oblivious to immortals, they were deadly and multiplying fast.

You had only relished in a few minutes of freedom passing between the cracked buildings and lampposts under the guise of fairy lights and the strumming of nearby street performers when a sudden shout had you widening your eyes in fright and panic. A male demon who seemed to be around your age came barreling towards you, a wicked grin slithering across his face as he grabbed you by the arm and shoved you into the direction of an angry mob of hunters currently scattering the panicking crowd of people.

“Take her wings instead!” he screamed before breaking out into a sprint and disappearing around the corner.

That little fucker.

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Complete Torchwood Companion

So I am REEEEEALLY stoked about the Season 5 announcement. Like whoa. But I started to wonder 1) How much Torchwood media there is to consume and 2) what the timeline ends up being.

I have made a list, of all the books, audios, episodes, comics, etc, that I know about.  If I’m missing anything, PLEASE let me know.

List under the cut

BF 1

  1. The Conspiracy
  2. Fall to Earth
  3. Forgotten Lives
  4. One Rule
  5. Uncanny Valley
  6. More Than This

BF 2:

  1. Victorian Age
  2. Zone 10
  3. Ghost Mission
  4. Moving Target
  5. Broken
  6. Made You Look

BF 3

  1. Visiting Hours
  2. The Dollhouse
  3. Corpse Day
  4. torchwood_cascade_CDRip.tor
  5. The Office of Never Was
  6. The Dying Room

BF 4

  1. The Death of Captain Jack (March 2018)
  2. ? (April 2018)
  3. ? (May 2018)
  4. ? (June 2018)
  5. ? (July 2018)
  6. ? (August 2018)

BF Torchwood One: Before the Fall

  1. New Girl
  2. Through the Ruins
  3. Uprising

BF Outbreak

  1. Incubation: Know
  2. Prodromal: Love
  3. Invasion: Kill

BF Torchwood Archive

BF The Lives of Captain Jack

  1. The Year After I Died

BF Aliens Among Us

  1. Changes Everything
  2. Aliens & Sex & Chips & Gravy
  3. Orr
  4. Superiority Complex

BF Aliens Among Us (October 2017)

  1. Love Rat
  2. A Kill to a View
  3. 7 Zero Hour
  4. The Empty Hand

BF Aliens Among Us (February 2018)

  1. ?
  2. ?
  3. ?
  4. ?

TW Novels

  1. Another Life
  2. Border Princes
  3. Slow Decay
  4. Something in the Water
  5. Trace Memory
  6. The Twilight Streets
  7. Pack Animals
  8. SkyPoint
  9. Almost Perfect
  10. Into the Silence
  11. Bay of the Dead
  12. The House that Jack Built
  13. Risk Assessment
  14. The Undertaker’s Gift
  15. Consequences
    1. The Baby Farmers
    2. Kaleidoscope
    3. The Wrong Hands
    4. Virus
    5. Consequences
  16. First Born
  17. Long Time Dead
  18. The Men Who Sold the World
  19. Exodus Code

TW Audio Exclusives

  1. HIdden
  2. Everyone Says Hello
  3. In the Shadows
  4. The Sin Eaters
  5. Department X
  6. Ghost Train
  7. Army of One
  8. Fallout
  9. Red Skies
  10. Mr Invincible

Radio Plays

  1. Lost Souls
  2. Asylum
  3. Golden Age
  4. The Dead Line
  5. The Lost Files
    1. The Devil and Miss Carew
    2. Submission
    3. House of the Dead

Comic Stories

  1. The Legacy of Torchwood One
  2. Broken
  3. Fated to Pretend
  4. Shrouded
  5. Somebody Else’s Problem: A Gwen Cooper Story
  6. Overture
  7. Hell House

Online Comics:

  1. Escape to Penhaxico (DW)
  2. Return to the Vostok (TW)

IDW Doctor Who Graphic Novels ft Jack et al

  1. Time Fraud (ties in to CoE)
  2. The Choice
  3. The End Game
  4. The Birthday Boy

Titan DW Graphic Novels ft Jack et all

Weapons of Past Destruction


  1. The Transformed
  2. Official Secrets
  3. Slaver’s Song
  4. Hacked
  5. Cindy, Cleo and the Magic Sketchbook
  6. Arena of Fear
  7. Supremacy of the Cybermen

TW Graphic Novels:

  1. Rift War!*
  2. The Selkie
  3. Torchwood Vol 1 - A World Without End
  4. Torchwood Vol 2 - Station Zero
  5. Torchwood Vol 3 - The Culling (coming soon)
  6. Torchwood Archives Vol 1 (Torchwood Classics)  **
  7. Torchwood Archives Vol 2 (Torchwood Classics)  (October 2017) **

*includes “Jetsam”

** These cover The Legacy of Torchwood One and Broken, etc, from Torchwood Magazine. They also contain short stories.

Doctor Who: Appearances of Jack et al

  1. Aliens of London (Toshiko)
  2. The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances (Jack)
  3. Boom Town (Jack)
  4. Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways (Jack)
  5. Utopia/The Sound of Drums (Jack)
  6. The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End (Jack, Gwen, Ianto)
  7. The End of Time (Jack)

Series 1

  1. Everything Changes
  2. Day One
  3. Ghost Machine
  4. Cyberwoman
  5. Small Worlds
  6. Countrycide
  7. Greeks Bearing Gifts
  8. They Keep Killing Suzie
  9. Random Shoes
  10. Out of Time
  11. Combat
  12. Captain Jack Harkness
  13. End of Days

Series 2

  1. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
  2. Sleeper
  3. To the Last Man
  4. Meat
  5. Adam
  6. Reset
  7. Dead Man Walking
  8. A Day in the Death
  9. Something Borrowed
  10. From Out of the Rain
  11. Adrift
  12. Fragments
  13. Exit Wounds

Children of Earth

  1. Day One
  2. Day Two
  3. Day Three
  4. Day Four
  5. Day Five

Miracle Day

  1. The New World
  2. Rendition
  3. Dead of Night
  4. Escape to LA
  5. The Categories of Life
  6. The Middle Men
  7. Immortal Sins
  8. End of the Road
  9. The Gathering
  10. The Blood Line

Webcast: Web of Lies

Doctor Who Novels feat. Jack

  1. The Deviant Strain
  2. Only Human
  3. The Stealers of Dreams
  4. Peacemaker
  5. The Story of Martha

Doctor Who Short Story

  1. Best Friends

Short Stories: Torchwood Yearbook

  1. Black Water
  2. Mrs. Acres
  3. The Beauty of Our Weapons
  4. Plant Life
  5. Monster

Short Stories: Torchwood Magazine

  1. Harm’s Way
  2. The Book of Jahi
  3. Who by Fire
  4. Gordian
  5. Unplugged
  6. Requiem
  7. We All Go Through
  8. Red-Handed
  9. The Mind’s Eye
  10. Cultural Firsts
  11. Mend Me
  12. Everything’s True
  13. The Secret of Crow Island
  14. The Package
  15. Ashes to Ashes
  16. Rift-Raff
  17. Lockdown
  18. Rare Earth
  19. Postcards from the Rift
  20. Reflections
  21. Happy New Year
  22. Photo Finish
  23. They Keep Killing Andy
  24. Flotsam and Jetsam
  25. I May Be Some Time
  26. The Last Voyage of Osiris
  27. The Man Who Dreamed of Stars
  28. Closing Time

On this day in music history: September 12, 1980 - “Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)”, the fourteenth studio album by David Bowie is released. Produced by David Bowie and Tony Visconti, it is recorded at The Power Station in New York City and Good Earth Studios in London from February - April 1980. Slightly less experimental than his famous “Berlin Trilogy” series of albums, Bowie takes a different approach during the composing process by having many of the songs completed before entering the studio, rather than improvising and writing lyrics at the last minute. The album is also the last to feature the artists long time rhythm section of guitarist Carlos Alomar, drummer Dennis Davis and bassist George Murray, who have appeared on every Bowie album since “Station To Station” in 1976. Guitarists Pete Townshend, Robert Fripp, Chuck Hammer and E Street Band keyboardist Roy Bittan also guest on the album. “Scary Monsters” restores Bowie’s commercial and critical success in the UK and the US, spinning off three singles including “Ashes To Ashes” (#1 UK, #101 US Pop) and “Fashion” (#5 UK, #70 US Pop). “Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)”, hits number one on the UK album chart, and peaking at number twelve on the Billboard Top 200.

I was sick for like half of this week which probably explains why this list is so long? Unfortunately didn’t write much, bc a lot of what i’m doing is behind the scenes stuff with no visible results rn (working on my shitbang fic, working on a few things that I haven’t finished yet). However, I read like 20+ super amazing fics??? As always, pls rec me any you’ve written/enjoyed, because I want to read them so much!! 

What I Read This Week (7/9-7/16)

I Don’t Know ‘Bout Me but I Know About You - ouroboros - @ouroborosbites - Set at the GPF a year-ish pre-canon. JJ, having a sexuality crisis, propositions Victor, who, having not found his direction through Yuuri yet, is enough of a mess to accept.
(My review: JJ/Viktor? And I enjoyed it? No, seriously, surprisingly good!!)

Let Me Sail Across the Sea for there is Never One Who Loved You More Than Me - tothebatcave53 - @tothebatcave53 - Victor has always loved the ocean, he is drawn to it’s beauty and it’s power. He sets out, a simple day in a simple boat with a simple desire to just exist in peace out in the ocean. When Victor wakes it is to the turmoil of the waves, desperate to sink him and his tiny boat into it’s murky depths. It is only the most beautiful hallucination that keeps Victor sane in what he assumes are his last moments.
(My review: AHHHH guys i always need mermaid aus i’m fricken screaming this one is so a+ everyone read it)

i’m someone you maybe might love - xylophones - @xyloophones -  Viktor sighs. “It’s nothing. It’s just––you never look at me like this.” / “How am I looking at you?” / “Like I’m someone special. Like I’m someone you might love.” / Yuuri frowns. “You are someone I love.” / Viktor shakes his head and laughs, just on this side of bitter. “Not like that, Yuuri.” / (Or: Viktor is not as observant as he thinks he is.)
(My review: this is a super precious high school au that i would suggest to everyone because it’s so many amazing tropes wrapped up in one fic)

come with me and escape - La_Temperanza - @teekettle - Viktor meets a hypnotizing stranger dancing in the club and, well, things just naturally progress from there.
(My review: hooooo boy nsfw viktuuri week is a Treat. yes. i love this. this is a good trope)

For Your Eyes Only - opalish - tumblr unknown (pls tell me if you know?) - Yuuri once told Victor that Phichit was the only foreign skater he considered a friend. Yuuri lied. He’s been Seung-gil’s dirty little secret for well over a year.
(My review: O H MY GOD so that art of seunggil and yuuri being friends is one of my favorites so i’m ??? so glad someone acted on it)

black box (Ch. 1) - SKnight - @sephknight​ - The entire world is thrown into madness when all the best actors team up for a new TV show about… skating? Doesn’t matter, all the fans know is that this means roughly 273.15% more ice cube jokes, the potential resurrection of some dead memes, and 9999% more Victuuri to scream about and die from. The fans have been thirsty for more Katsuki-Nikiforov co-starred content since 2011, and this oncoming show about ice could just be the thing to quench that thirst. …Oh god, the bad jokes are already starting.
(My review: look we all know i have a Thing for fics with fake social media and this one is ALL fake social media so i’m pumped to see more)

third time lucky - katsukiy - @yuriplisetsk​ - This year, for Tanabata, Viktor decided to wish for something a little different.
(My review: not even double but Triple yuuri!!! oh god we all know here that i have a Thing for multiples, but this is so good)

Dinner For Two - Yuripaws - @yuripaws​  - Viktor dreams of two delicious bowls of katsudon only to find that he isn’t invited to dinner. But he is invited to the show.
(My review: MORE. DOUBLE. YUURI. guys i’ll never be sick of this trope and this one is so a+ with our desperate viktor mmm yes)

love’s not a competition (but i’m winning) (Ch. 1) - LittleLostStar, spookyfoot - @iwritevictuuri​, @katsukiyuuristrophyhusband​ - Victor Nikiforov is the leader of the best burlesque revue in the city, and well on his way to achieving his dream goal of a Upper-Level Lesser Kardashian-level stardom, complete with his own reality TV show. So when rival burlesque dancer Yuuri Katsuki scoops Victor’s theme night and refuses to back down (or fire those hips that will not quit), it doesn’t take long before war is declared—a tense and glittery battle featuring anarchic stagehands, orange light gels, fake eyelashes…and some occasional hate-sex that may not be hate-sex at all.
(My review: give me more glitter or give me death! you can expect nothing else from spooky and star than just the absolute best and that’s this.)

Here Comes The Sun - henrywinter (bakkhant) - @bakkhanalia​ - Written for YOI Catfish Prompt Party 2017, for the prompt ‘apocalypse au with it being their last day on earth!’. This…probably isn’t what you wanted.
(My review: ahh such a cool au!! i love the take on the prompt they had and it was so well written :))

Partner, Let Me Upgrade You (Series - Parts 1-4, Ch. 1-6 (Part 1), Ch. 1-2 (Part 3) - cuttlemefish - @cuttlemefishwrites​ - Z’s Popstar AU
(My review: z, i was going to rec all of these individually but then my rec list would hvae gone on for like 50 years. but asfkl; i finally got around to reading it and i’m dying for my Extra sons)

Baby, I’m Preying on You Tonight (Ch. 8) - cuttlemefish - @cuttlemefishwrites​ - Yuuri and Phichit registered and named the pet shop when they were drunk. They didn’t exactly expect it to become the most popular pet shop in Seattle. (It was only supposed to be a front to fund Phichit’s (undercover) animal rescue missions.) Enter Viktor Nikiforov, the man with the pink Cadillac and the giant brown poodle (that’s stolen Yuuri’s heart), and Yuuri might have lost his mind, because apparently he keeps flirting with a client – and he never even notices.
(My review: the jjs will never cease to slay me. viktor and chris especially cute in this chapter)

patellofemoral pain syndrome (Ch. 3) - seventhstar - @pencilwalla​ - It’s just…does Viktor not get bored with doing it the same way every night? Doesn’t he want to spice things up? Is Yuuri being unreasonable? He’s pretty sure that if Viktor told him his performance in bed was unsatisfying his soul would flee his body for a more merciful plane of existence, but…Viktor is thicker-skinned than he is. And so here they are. Viktor’s bed is wide and soft, and Yuuri is lying there with wet hair and ratty boxers while Viktor absently trails kisses over his shoulder. It’s nice. It’s soft. It’s good. Viktor’s headboard is enormous and Yuuri keeps thinking about Viktor’s wrists bound to it, black rope over white skin. Fuck. He should say something.
(My review: mmm arthritis porn except nuri didn’t give me porn this chapter)

conjecture - seventhstar - @pencilwalla​ - The first is that he and his new husband are now alone, and will continue to be alone until they reach Yu-topia. Yuuri has never been gregarious, and finds it difficult to make prolonged conversation with strangers at parties; he dreads having to speak to Viktor for so many hours. If his aunt’s description of him is accurate, the only thing they have in common is a love for money, and that is hardly wedding night conversation. The second is that when Yuuri finally looks at Viktor, rather than looking anywhere but directly at him as he has been, he realizes that Viktor is…
(My review: have i mentioned that i love this series? i have, but…. it’s just,,, so good.)

By Anointment Only - La_Temperanza - @teekettle​ - He starts with the feet.It makes the most sense. After all, a figure skater’s greatest commodity is often their feet, taking the brunt of the damage required to hone their craft. He knows whatever tender loving care he gives now isn’t enough to erase years of self-inflicted abuse, not in a single session. But it doesn’t mean he’s not going to at least try.So, Viktor starts with the feet. But the thing is, he rarely gets much further than that.
(My review: FOOT FETISH i hate feet and this story was still a+)

The Katsulanont Guide to Surviving College (Rice Cooker Required) - xylophones - @xyloophones - It’s Phichit’s fault. It’s always Phichit’s fault. (Or: A friendship told through three hamsters, a rice cooker, and the resurrected trade-and-barter system.)
(My review: i think i laughed like ¾ of this story it’s just,,, so in character for them and ridiculous)

Colored Pencils and Markers - RainyTea - @rainyteawrites - Viktor finds Yuuri’s poster collection, but there’s another surprise in there too.
(My review: yuuri’s poster collection with a twist ;) ;) loved it)

Wanted: Skating Lessons - slightlied - @forovnix​ - Wanted: Skating Lessons / Hi. I am Victor and I need to learn how to skate before Saturday. My parents have been paying for me to get skating lessons every week for the last fifteen years but I never actually attended any of the lessons and I spent the money on marble busts instead. Now they want me to perform to ‘Stammi Vicino’ at their wedding anniversary on Saturday. / If you can teach me, be here at Ice Castle tomorrow at 7:27am with an extra pair of skates. I am a fast learner (well, at least my dog Makkachin is–it took me only two weeks to teach him how to roll over) so I am pretty sure I will pick it up quickly. In return, I can teach you how to say some pick-up lines in Russian or tell you some facts about my love life. Whichever you prefer. Not both, though. / Yours sincerely,  / Victor / PS. I’m a size 8 — Or, Yuuri answers an ad he sees on Ice Castle’s community board.
(My review: THIS WAS PRECIOUS asdfjkl i loved it so much and i know it’s been around for a while but i just found it and like,,, i’m glad i did)

Meet Your Idol! - RoseusJaeger - @roseus-jaeger​ - Ryuugazaki Rei has been a fan of Katsuki Yuuri since he was in grade school, admiring his beauty and grace on the ice. It’s Katsuki’s last season on the ice before his marriage to Victor Nikiforov and Rei would do anything for an autograph before his official retirement… or at least he thought until his boyfriend, Nagisa Hazuki, actually plots to get him an autograph at the NHK Cup.
(My review: what you probably sort of know about me is that i love free! so this was a great read and roseus did so well with all of the character and i loved it)

(Let’s Get Married) At First Sight - cuttlemefish - @cuttlemefishwrites​ - Yuuri is just your average medical resident trying to survive an emergency room rotation at a large, city hospital, when a perfectly gorgeous stranger interrupts his after-work coffee break with the assumption that Yuuri is his blind date. What’s Yuuri to do? – Pretend he’s definitely on a blind date, too! Or, the “I know you’re on a blind date and I’m not the right guy, but it’s been a while and now I don’t know how to tell you that you sat at the wrong table. Call me?” AU.
(My review: this is so super precious asfdsljlk i love that yuuri just went for it instead of correcting him)

He Just Up and Ran Away (So I’m Never Going Back) (Ch. 1-2) - cuttlemefish - @cuttlemefishwrites - The back of the silver card reads Fantasies by Lilia, and Viktor lets his thumb brush over it with intense scrutiny. The name on the front winks at him with the glint of danger: Alex. “Oh, Yuuri, are you cheating on me?” Viktor whispers to himself, crumbling on the bed with the onslaught of a panic attack. Yuuri is Viktor’s everything; the first boyfriend he’s had in almost a decade, after years spent too busy lost between circuitry and code. But then he notices that there’s a stack of similar looking cards that read Celeste, Adrian, Robert, Michael, and Yuuri. All of them read Fantasies by Lilia. Or, welcome to the story in which Viktor discovers his boyfriend Yuuri is a high-class escort who takes on different identities and lives for different clients, including Viktor, who thought he was saving a stripper by putting a ring on his finger.
(My review: i hvae read like maybe 1 escort au in this fandom bc i’m always very,,, eh about it but i’ll try anything z does nad it’s??? so good)

Katsuki’s Pet Needs (Ch. 1) - nerdlife4eva - @n3rdlif343va - Yuuri Katsuki owns a small pet store in a little town on the coast. He loves running his own business, and especially loves Sundays when his best friend, Phichit, runs adoption events for his animal rescue organization in his store. Victor Nikiforov has always wanted a dog, excitedly attending the scheduled pet adoption hoping to find his first furever friend. Another universe where these two find each other, this time with a little help from the brown fluff of Makkachin herself.
(My review: THIS IS VERY PRECIOUS. if you want shameless fluff, read this!!)

Hunter of Eros (Ch. 4-5) - LalodyBear - @lalody - Lord Eros is perhaps the oldest of all living vampires and a legend among hunters. For thousands of years no-one has been able to slay him and stop his evil reign. Victor Nikiforov is the greatest hunter to have ever lived. ~ After seemingly endless sightings of newborn vampires appearing across Japan, Yakov’s hunters are sent to put a stop to it. During a hunt, Victor Nikiforov has his first ever innocent witness to a slaying - Yuuri Katsuki, an utterly adorable local. After being cornered into staying with the group of Russian hunters, Yuuri just prays Victor doesn’t find out his secret and slay him in his sleep.
(My review: ahh it’s been so long since this updated, and i’m so glad i’m patient because i love this au so much. i don’t even care it took so long like ?? take that long always if you’re gonna give me quality content like that (which i’m sure you will))

What I Wrote This Week (7/9-7/16) (nothing on ao3, only tumblr this week)

the latin fic (I’m a shameless classics major)

the headcanon posts (Cary’s excuse to write crack fics while disguising them as headcanons)

the gum fic (#MoreExtraThanExtra)

Day 7: Golden Age

Edit 11/21: Process Video

Still technically Monday where I am–for the next ten minutes–so I’m fine.

Choosing what to do for this prompt was difficult. I went through several ideas before going with somthing simple: the hidden moon clipper, the last symbol of that era. All things in the series lead back to the moon, so I thought this week should as well.

To finish my first successful art event I wanted to end with a bang, so I decided to try my hand at spray paint art. I am not that great at painting usualy, but somehow spray paint makes a huge amount of diffrence. This isn’t a great shot to show how good it came out, but it’s pretty spectacular for a first try; just have to ignore the smudgy mess that’s suppose to be our planet. I even recorded the whole process which I will link here once it’s uploaded. The whole thing is great and I hope you all like it too.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure, it was a great test of my skills and I’m glad to see how much I’ve grown.

‘All was well’

So today is September the 1st, 2017.
The Harry Potter timeline is now officially in the past. It all ends today. I had never thought this day would become real at one point. It makes me feel a little nostalgic, but also super excited. I love today :)
What amazes me the most about the Harry Potter series is that the line between fiction and reality is incredibly thin. It’s mentioned by Dumbledore in the last book : “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real ?”

But it’s not only that, it’s also a matter of fandom and success. JK Rowling invented a whole new world, that much is true. But she also anchored it in our world. Which means we as a fandom can anchor our love for Harry Potter books and movies in the real world too. Look at it this way : we go to the same places as our favorite characters went (King’s Cross, or London in general…).
The fact that this saga became so popular anchored it even more in the real world. “This boy will be famous. There won’t be a child in our world who doesn’t know his name”. The words pronounced by Professor McGonagall, that sounded a lot like a prophecy, became true in the Wizarding World and in ours. Because of the success it was, we now are able to wear the same clothes the characters wear, or artifacts from the saga, etc.
When a fictional world becomes so present in the real world, when it becomes so real altogether, dates have a deeper meaning too.
  Sept 1 2017 was fictional before it became real. Today, the line between fiction and reality is thinner than ever. And it allows us to ask ourselves so many questions concerning the relationship between the characters and the world as it is nowadays.
We wonder “what are they doing right now?” because it feels like they are real, since we share a date with them. We are, really, on the same time as they are, fictionally. On this day, Reality and Fiction meet and merge.

Harry Potter and his friends are now wandering somewhere. The Godlen trio is probably still in London, except if Harry and Ron are on an Auror mission or something. Neville is preparing for the Sorting Ceremony tonight. Hermione probably went to her office at the Ministry of Magic. What does she think of the current state of our world ? Is she in contact with Theresa May ? What did she say to her when they met ? What are her thoughts on Brexit? What does she think of global warming ? Of the current events in the US ? Of Charlotteville ? Of Trump’s words and actions ?
What are the other unknown links between our world and theirs ? Is there a new Dark Lord wandering somewhere ?

“All was well” today was real inside our heads for 19 years. And now that we could say it in the present, I can’t bring myself to write it. Because all isn’t well today.

That is a prophecy that unfortunately did not come true.

Noise Ordinance

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Summary: Y/n has noisy neighbors. Like, really noisy neighbors. So, she takes it upon herself to fix that.

Warnings: HAWT make out. Also a panic attack.

Words: 1,116 (yay)

Bam: okay, this took me two day to figure out where to take this, and I’m considering starting a multi-part series, so yeah. I hope you enjoy. Love always!


You had just moved into this new apartment complex a month ago, and already you hated your neighbors. They were constantly loud and sounded like a bunch of frat boys. It wasn’t so bad during the day, but it was hell on earth at midnight. You were fresh out of college and the last thing you needed after that was LESS sleep.

One particular night, however, was especially bad. It was midnight and yet again you could hear their incoherent yelling and the occasional move of furniture. You have had enough. You stomped over there, in your tank top and pajama shorts and some chucks you threw on, and aggressively rapped on the door. You heard all go quiet and slowly, a man with shoulder length hair and bags under his eyes greeted you. If you weren’t mad with these guys, you would have had a crush on him.

“Can you guys shut up?! For the last month that I’ve lived here almost every night is filled with your drunken screaming! I guess sleep isn’t important to you, judging by the bags on your eyes, buck-o!” Your hand flew up to your mouth. You did not mean to comment on his appearance like that.

“Uh I’m sorry I-”

“You’re talking about my bags? Have you seen yours? I’m assuming that’s because we’ve been keeping you up, huh” he had an amused smirk on his face after the last comment.

“Yes, in fact you have been keeping me up.” You quipped.

The man’s face went from amused to apologetic. He turned to his friends and they just nodded. He walked out of the doorway and closed the door behind him, leaving you two alone outside.

“Sorry for the noise. We’ll be quite tonight, but unfortunately I can’t guarantee the rest of the week. Can I walk you home?” He stared at you hopefully.

“Dude, I literally live next door. But, I guess if you want.” You had a dusting of blush on your face.

“Yeah but it’s dark!” He whined,“ plus I figured we should get to know our beautiful neighbor. My name is Alexander. You can call me Alex,”
You hoped he didn’t think he slipped that compliment by you without you noticing.

“Y/n,” and with that, he lead you to your door. When you got there, however, the knob wouldn’t budge. You had locked yourself out of your apartment. You looked at him with fear in your eyes, as he was smiling broadly.

“Well, Y/n, I guess you’ll have to spend the night with us.”



When you guys got back the other loud men were no where to be seen. It was now that you realized that they didn’t have a couch. Or any furniture in their living room, for that matter.

“Okay, all the boys went to sleep, so you can sleep on my room and I’ll sleep on the floor. Sound good?” He awaited your response.

“No, I’m the one who locked myself out of my apartment, so I’ll sleep on the floor,” you argued.

“How about we both sleep on the bed then?” Alex looked nonchalant about this statement.


“Don’t worry, I’ll stay on my side….. maybe,” he shrugged his shoulders suggestively. You slapped his arm, but agreed. You really didn’t mind sharing a bed with such an attractive man.

You both got settled, and everything seemed like it was going to be fine, but then it started raining. You had noticed that it was really overcast that night, but you thought nothing of it. It was just raining, but then the thunder came. You felt Alex tense up next to you. The thunder continued, and the next thing you knew, Alex was shaking.

“Hey, Alex are you okay?” Worry dripping from your words.

He responded with a shake of the head and a small whimper.

You didn’t know this guy, but he obviously had a past with storms that didn’t sit well with him. He was still shaking, so you took action.

You took him in your arms and started rocking him back and for, singing a lullaby your mother used to sing to you. He returned your embrace immediately and clung to you for dear life. You two stayed like that until the thunder quieted.


When you woke up, Alexander’s face was still in your shoulder and your arms encompassed each other. You felt comfortable and safe. His voice took you out of your daydreaming.

“Thank you, for last night that is. I hate thunderstorms,” he looked down, almost shamefully.

You just hugged him, and put your face in his chest. You knew what that kind of fear felt like, and you knew this helped.

“It’s good. I know what it feels like. Really loud arguments cause me to break down like that, because my parents always argued when I was little. It’s terrible. I still can’t stand to hear people argue.” You mumbled into his chest. He sat you up.

“Is that why you were awake? I mean I know me and the boys are loud, but I think you would get used to it. But were we causing you to panic like that?” He sounded so apologetic. You nodded your head. It was true, that was part of the reason why you couldn’t sleep.

“Y/n I’m so sorry. I- I’m sorry.” He averted his eyes and hung his head ever so slightly. You made him look at you with your hand, and stared at him. He ducked down and your lips met.

Slowly but surely you moved closer to him. He grabbed your waist and lied you on your back. You submitted, allowing him control. He swiped his tongue across your lower lip, begging for entry. You gave a satisfied hum, and allowed him access. From his actions, you guessed he was a more dominant person. You wanted to test that. You put your hands on his side and guided him to his back. He protested, but gave in. You parted your lips and started to focus on his neck, kissing his jawline and then working on his neck. You were gently biting different places, until you reached the crook of his neck. He gave a pleased moan, and you focused on that spot. He was practically writhing underneath you. Once you were satisfied, you went for one last kiss. Then he sat you guys up, and you admired your masterpiece on his neck, bruises already beginning to form.

He smirked at you and chuckled.

“To think all this came because me and my friends were being to loud.”

You had a feeling this would be a beautiful thing.


The True Core of The Man Of Steel (Or “What Superman Means to Me”)

If you ask most people who their favorite superhero is you’ll rarely hear anyone say Superman, and why would you. There’s no depth to him, there’s nothing left to explore or deconstruct about the character outside of why he doesn’t have the biggest god complex in history. Most see him as being a bland, overpowered, uninteresting boy scout who always saves the day. He’s not even my favorite superhero but I do feel that he is a figure that represents and stands for something very important but who most misunderstand, especially in the over-saturated climate of super hero films that we have today. No offense to Zack Snyder but I don’t think he understands what makes the character work either which is why I find his portrayal of the character in is film to be so frustrating. In my favorite Superman stories(All Star Superman, Earth One, Secret Identity, etc) there had always been a great emphasis on certain values that Superman held. They weren’t about how powerful, godlike, misunderstood and burdened he was, they were about Superman being humble and kind to others. Showing how he genuinely cared about the people around him because he knew that everyone need a helping hand from time to time when life got rough. Allow me to show some examples. 

All Star Superman consists of a series of stories that chronicle Superman’s last days after an accident on a rescue mission causes him to develop a condition that makes him more powerful than ever but is also slowly killing him. There is one moment in the comic where Sups is explaining his condition to Lois and he hears someone desperately pleading on their phone with someone on the other end not to take their own life. Without hesitation he explains to Louis that he has to go and races of to save this person, when he gets there he sees a teenage girl standing on the edge of a building crying as she drops the phone she was using to talk to her therapist off the edge before preparing to jump. Rather than easily grabbing her and taking her down by force, he appears behind her and explains that her therapist really was being held up by traffic and hasn’t given up on her, he tells her that she’s stronger than she thinks and embraces her with a hug.  

Another example of this can been seen in an issue of Superman Grounded. Sups comes across a large group of people(police, fire department, ambulance, etc) are all looking up at a woman about to jump from a skyscraper. An officer asks Sups if he can go up there and grab her but Sups says that he’ll talk to her instead, the woman tells Sups not to touch her and Sups promises not to take her down by force. She lets out all of her frustrations on him about her life, her anxieties and her fears at him and at the end she asks him if she can just sit there for a while and rest, Sups agrees. A time lapses happens where we see, in panels, things go from day to night and Superman simply floating there in front of her, not leaving her and not judging her. Eventually she comments on all the people looking up at her and Sups tells her about a friend he lost to suicide a long time ago, he tells her that if she believes that she has no more good days left in her life that he will respect her wishes and let her jump but if she feels that there is at the very least one more happy day in her future than she should take his hand. She stares at his hand for a moments and then jumps into Superman’s arms, with Sups telling her that things will be alright as she cries.

THAT is who Superman is, someone who represents hope, love, and the best of what we can be. Someone who CARES about people who are lonely, scared and in pain. That’s the kind of Superman that I want everyone to see, the one who truly and deeply believes that everyone matters, the one who wants to do everything he can to make their lives a little easier and a litter safer. But with the current climate of superhero movies we have today I’m afraid that a scene like this will never be brought to life on the big screen. Big budget companies seem to see super hero films as a genre in and of themselves that primarily center around action packed blockbuster stories rather than as creations that could be used to explore and deconstruct more mature and complex ideas such as with Logan which was by all accounts a deconstruction of superhero films themselves. Now you might be asking yourself  “If that’s all you had to say then why did you put it in the description of a link to some random composition from the original Superman film?”( You’re probably not asking that but I couldn’t think of a way to transition to this last paragraph smoothly).

The theme song for of the original Richard Donner Superman film from 1978, composed by the legendary John Williams, is considered by many to be the defining theme for the character. Superman at his best, a hero to the world. Hans Zimmer composed a new theme for Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel in 2013 that, in musical form, chronicled the Supermans rise from humble beginnings to godlike hero. But despite my love for these themes, neither of them encapsulate the core of who Superman is to me. The theme that I feel fully expresses the humble, kind, loving, friendly, good natureded person that he is, what I feel is at the heart of both Superman and his alter ego Clark Kent, is this composition by John Williams known as Theme of Love from the Richard Donner’s original film. In my opinion if this theme doesn’t fit with a certain portrayal or adaptation of Superman than you’re not doing things wrong. This theme has fit with every incarnation of Superman that I’ve seen aside from one, the recent Zack Snyder incarnation, the one that most people who don’t care all that much about Superman or what he represents will see and that’s something that I honestly find very disheartening. In this age of super hero films showing grandiose displays of heroism, I think it’s important to remember that showing small acts of kindness and humility can be just as important and Superman is the perfect paragon to convey this message.

My Favorite Things (E2 Barry x Reader)

Originally posted by telefilmaddictedforever

Requested by: @litterally-trash Requested to do Prompt #8, #9, and #15 with Earth Two Barry Allen.

Prompt: 8: “Thanks for the.. Uh.. Gift?” + 9: “I have no clue what this is supposed to be.” + 15: “Isn’t it beautiful?”

Word Count: 1,402

Author’s Note: HEY GUYS so I finally got my new laptop and this is the first imagine I’d have written on it;) so anyways, here is a short and completely unrelated to my E2 barry series requested imagine and I hope that you guys will like it:) 

It was the day before the wedding. 

The day before your entire life would change. For the better. It was the last day before you would be called Y/N Allen, and you were ready. You were so ready to spend the rest of your life with the one you loved.

In honor of the last day as Y/N Y/L/N, you had just spent the day as an unmarried woman with your girlfriends. They threw you a small bachelorette party, allowing you to have gone into more spas and massages in the last couple of hours than you had in your entire life.

Now, tradition was that the bride and groom weren’t allowed to see each other on the day of the wedding which is why Barry and you wanted to have one last moment together before the big day.

You had decided to give each other presents to represent the new chapter of your lives with each other. Cliche, yes, but you thought it was a good way to start the next step of your life. Anyways, you loved to give presents to another person. And, of course, receiving them too.

It was a struggle to decide what to give Barry, but in the end, you were excited and content with what you had come up with. You smiled as you put the final touches on your present. After a long day with the girls, it was nice to just sit in the quiet of your apartment with your future husband. Even if the manicure you had just gotten was pretty nice too.

When you finished, you waited a little bit for Barry to arrive. You had finished early and now you were sitting on the couch, hoping that you chose the right thing to give him.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

You jumped in excitement and basically almost ran to the door. A few days without Barry and you were already missing him.

“Barry!” you greeted. His eyes sparkled behind his round glasses as his grand smile erupted. “You’re here!”

He chuckled as he wrapped his arms around your waist. “Of course, Y/N. Where else would I be?”

You kissed him lightly on the lips before dragging him by the arm into the living room where you had your present. Honestly, you were kind of proud of your present. It might’ve not been the prettiest thing, exactly, but you put a lot of your time and work into it and you had a gut feeling that Barry would love it.

“C’mon, I want to give you my present!” you said happily. Barry smiled at you as you shook your leg in an act of being slightly impatient. 

“Alright, alright, Y/N. I’ll open it,” Barry said, grabbing the box that you were handing him. It was wrapped in a plain green wrapping paper with a small silver heart stuck on the right top corner.

He raised an eyebrow at the simplicity of the box. You smiled, and then shrugged.

“I heard that green symbolizes new beginnings,” you said. Barry chuckled before slowly unwrapping it. His gentleness was always one your favorite things, but right now, it was making you almost jump in your seat.

Barry slowly opened the box and pulled something out.

He stared at it for a few moments as you scanned his face for any emotions.

Barry pushed up his glasses slightly before making eye contact with you. Glancing at the present, he gave you an uncertain smile.

“Um, t-thanks for the…uh…gift?” he said, the sentence ending in a question. Your smile grew larger. Honestly, you knew that this would happen.

Barry Allen was a smart person; he was the CSI technician for CCPD, of course he was smart. But sometimes, he was just so clueless, it was so cute.

“Do you like it?” you asked, messing with him. “Do you know what it means?”

Barry stared at your present, trying to figure out exactly what it was so that he could tell you what it meant to him. But he couldn’t decipher what it was for the life of him.

After a minute or so passed, he gave up and sighed with a soft smile.

“I’m sorry, Y/N,” he chuckled. “But, I have,” he glanced back at the present, “…no clue what this is supposed to be.”

You laughed before grabbing the present from his hands. 

“It’s because you’re holding it upside down, idiot,” you said. You turned the present upright before giving it back to him. It took him a second to analyze exactly what it was before he began to smile again.

With him, your smile also enlarged in size.

The present was a crocheted figurine of you and Barry holding hands.

You had decided to take up crochet just because you loved the idea of making something. It had taken you a while, but with the help of the internet, you figured out how to make little characters by crocheting it.

You crocheted Barry with his round glasses, the brown hair, the vest and slacks, and the infamous bow tie. The most difficult part was intertwining your hands together. Once you got that down, you made yourself wearing your favorite outfit. 

You had spent a lot of time on it, and although it wasn’t perfect, you thought it represented you two’s relationship perfectly. 

Barry smiled and turned to you. “I love it,” he whispered. Barry put the dolls gently back into the box and grabbed your head, kissing you softly against your lips. 

“Let’s go see your present,” he mumbled against your lips. 

“Go?” you asked, pulling away slightly. Barry smiled. 

“Yes, go. C’mon.” He grabbed your hand and dragged you off your couch, out of the apartment, and onto the elevator where he hit the top floor button. Still holding your hand, Barry walked fast out of the elevator when its doors opened and pulled you out onto the rooftop. 

There, was the most breathtaking thing that you’ve seen in your life so far.

It literally took your breath away. Stunned, you stared at the lit up dinner setting that laid in front of you.

The small table was covered with two plate settings with a bottle of wine in the middle along with one candle. Dim lights hung from the wires that hung above you which somehow made the stars in the dark sky shine brighter. You could see the streets far below you; the cars driving by mutely and the moon illuminating its light so close to you.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Barry asked you as he stared at the stars. Barry guided you to the table, biting his lip, waiting for your approval.

“I love it, Barry,” you responded, still awestruck at the romantic dinner.

It was one right out of the movies.

You smiled as he lived the silver covering, revealing your favorite dish. 

“It’s fairly simple,” Barry started, “But I think it’s a nice way to start our new life together.” He placed the dolls next to the ice can where the wine was sitting in, making sure that they could sit down without falling over. 

You smiled at the gentleness that he handled them with and the perfect night that he had given you.

“It’s amazing. I-It takes my breath away,” you said. Barry grabbed your hand from across the table. 

“I love you, Y/N. And I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you,” Barry whispered, kissing the top of your hand softly.

Tears built up in your eyes. Bartholomew Allen. Cute, nerdy, amazing, Barry Allen was sweeping you off your feet and you had no problem with it at all. He was the one. The one that you didn’t even know that you’d been waiting for. He was your knight in shining armor, even if you weren’t a damsel in distress.

Barry was the one that made you understand why you were here on this Earth in the first place.

“I love you too, Barry,” you breathed. One tear fell slowly down your cheek. He swiped it away with his thumb and smiled at you.

“Let’s eat, Y/N. Before the food gets cold,” Barry told you. You nodded gratefully, picking up a fork.

The night ended with a romantic dinner and crocheted dolls whose hands were sewed together forever.

And it was the most perfect night to welcome the next day that was too come.

The End

Author’s Note: Hey guys! So I FINALLY got a new laptop so that means new imagines! I hope that this wasn’t too cliche for y’all but we all need a little cliche every once in a while:) and it can happen lol my sisters bf did this for her and I can’t even express it to y’all how cute it was omg ANYWAYS I hope y’all like this and I will have another imagine up soon!