the last dance

I need you by me, beside meeeee to guide me, to hold me, to scold me, cause when i’m bad i’m so so bad…. so let’s dance, our last dance ♪♫♬

when you make fan art of you fanart, anyways THIS DOENS’T MEANS ANYTHING IN PARTICULAR, i’m not gonna keep making falling star that’s done, but i was trying to see if i can paint or whatever and i did something self indulgent.

The Last Dance | Ch. 3 | JK

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Summary: Dance has always been your passion and when the chance to actually work at an entertainment company came around, you didn’t hesitate to accept the offer. And so you became one of Bighit’s new choreographer/dancer. It didn’t take long for you to get to know the members of BTS and get close to the dance line. But one day you realized that what you felt for one of them was much more than what you thought and a lot stronger…but it was already too late. What you thought would always be there started fading…

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Word count: 3,066

A/N: The long awaited chapter is here!~ It’s been such a long time T^T I’m sorry…To make up for the long-time-no-update thingy I made this one a bit longer. ^^ I hope you enjoy it as well~ FREE HUGS will be provided if necessary! ^^

“Listen, I have an idea. You know Jieun, right?…Can you teach her the choreo before the show?… I think she would suit it better.”

The words of Bang PD-nim fell down on you like heavy bricks, one by one, smashing your heart, pride, and happiness. It was so difficult to come up with that choreography and teach Jungkook all the steps with his schedules, you worked till your feet got covered in bruises, till your whole body felt numb and you just fell on the floor, staring at the ceiling. The frustration, the pain, they were bearable because you knew that a few weeks after the light will shine on you two as you glided across the stage, but now…now it felt as if everything was just the tip of the iceberg and the real pain was only about to begin.

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high school byeler headcanons? i love ur headcanons!!! i am bleSSED when they're on my dash

certainly, my dear anonymous friend! sorry this took me a few days, i hope you enjoy :’)

  • mike is the second one in their group to get his driver’s license (lucas is first and he holds it over all of their heads while he can, driving up to the school every morning in his mom’s station wagon like it’s the pinnacle of adult achievement). mike starts picking will up and driving him to school as soon as he is granted permission to drive nancy’s old hand-me-down car. sometimes instead of going straight home after school, mike drives them just to the outskirts of town where there’s a rolling field nestled up against a small, serene lake. they sit on the hood of mike’s parked car and eat french fries from the local fast food joint and go over their trigonometry homework together, competing over who can get the correct answer first (will usually wins this - mike swears sometimes that he’s got a calculator in his brain that can process numbers faster than mike can even finish reading the word problem). when mike drives will home as the sky is streaked with broad strokes of pink and orange and the sun is dipping slowly below the horizon, he always makes it a point to walk will to his front door and say goodnight with a soft, sweet smile that leaves will’s brain turning with thoughts for the rest of the evening.

    when will gets his license a few months later, mike still drives him around (just until you save enough for a car of your own, he says). sometimes he lets will drive his car from the lake in the dusky evenings of early winter and tries not to stare too hard at the adorable look of concentration on will’s face as he navigates the winding roads back into hawkins.

  • when will gets a job, on the days when he can’t borrow joyce’s car because she’s working too, mike drops him off and picks him up (even when will has a late shift and they have school the next day). karen hears mike sneaking in late at night after taking will home on a week night, but she can’t bring herself to get upset with him for it.

    will’s manager at the game & hobby store always makes the same remark when she sees mike’s dark car pull up in the parking lot five minutes before will’s shift is over: your boy is here, she’ll say with a soft smile and a ruffle to will’s hair. and will always ducks his head and blushes but doesn’t correct her. because she never sounds mean about it and something about those words makes will’s heart bloom in his chest - a pleasant heat that sits with him as he turns to the window and waves to mike in his car, wondering if he can see the pink blush that’s sitting on his cheeks from that far away.

  • will and mike skip most of their school dances together and instead play video games in mike’s living room while listening to will’s mixtapes. they don’t talk about the fact that they’ve both turned down dates to be there with one another. they also don’t talk about the way mike sits right beside will on the couch, despite there being plenty of room for them to spread out. or the way will ends up grabbing mike’s hand as this charming man begins spilling from the speakers of mike’s cassette player, and they dance unselfconsciously in the blue glow of the television, all uncoordinated limbs and cautiously brushing hands and breathless laughs blooming from their throats like unfurling spring flowers caressing against apple-red cheeks, lips coming all too close to catching against sharp cheekbones in a way that isn’t so unintentional.

  • will kisses mike for the first time on the night of their graduation from hawkins high. they drive to the lake and play the top 40′s radio station as they lie on the grass, still in their caps and gowns, eyes going spotty from all the camera flashbulbs they’ve stared and smiled into for the past few hours. maybe it’s something about the stars reflecting in mike’s eyes like the echo of entire universes, or maybe it’s the way they’ve been smiling and hugging each other all night, or maybe it’s how mike hasn’t stopped reminding him that it’s only two months until they pack up and move into their campus apartment - together.

    it must be one of those things, will thinks to himself as he leans over and presses his lips against mike’s, one hand intertwining their fingers and the other poised on the sharp of his jaw, shaking just slightly. mike inhales sharply and smiles a little, and then laughs, tickling against will’s lips like a summer breeze cascading through the hushed night air. and will laughs too, pulling back and tucking his head up against mike’s shoulder, feeling the drumming of mike’s heart as they point out their favorite constellations, reaching skyward with entwined fingers and soft voices and secret, earnest smiles.

idk i feel like i would’ve liked la la land more if the music was better. like say if the actors had been actual singers. like for example if jeremy jordan had played sebastian. and while you’re at it, just go ahead and replace emma stone with anna kendrick. you know what, just watch the last five years instead


1st Overall
Teen Lyrical Jazz Small Group (Age 14)
Murrieta Dance Project
Showstoppers Anaheim I 2017

Choreographed by: Jules Chavarria
Dancers: Camilla De Siqueira, Victoria Frank, Alex Gonzalez, Elizabeth Rudisill, Talia Seitel, Payton Sullivan, and Skylar Yeung

I was at dance class the other day and a girl asked me what set dance I do, so I told her I dance Planxty Hugh O'Donnell now. She had never heard of this dance before and was having a hard time understanding the word “planxty,” when another girl yelled from the other side of the room “PLANXTY. LIKE ANGSTY.” And I almost started crying because truth.