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NICKNAME : Izzie, Star, Isa, Belles, Bella
STAR SIGN : Gemini
HEIGHT : 5′5 ½
FAVORITE MUSIC ARTIST(S) : The National, David Bowie, Stevie Nicks
SONG STUCK IN YOUR HEAD : Back to Black by Amy Winehouse
WHAT KIND OF STUFF DO YOU POST :  Mainly SPN and Marvel with other TV shows and movies here and there
DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER BLOGS : @underthehxll @positivepluto @lalunecoven
HOGWARTS HOUSE : Gryffindor with Hufflepuff tendencies
FAVORITE COLOR : Orange and black
DREAM JOB : Mental health specialist with a side job of writing and maybe photography

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My top 10 underrated Anime series

Rurouni Kenshin (1996)

Wolf’s Rain (2003)

Yu Yu Hakusho (1992)

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (2016)

Noragami (2014)

Blue Exorcist (2011)

Last Exile (2003)

Air Gear (2006)

Paranoia Agent (2004)

Akatsuki No Yona (2014)


“It’s time for you to forgive yourself.”

“Yes, Master." 

"Do not say you’re proud of me." 

"Me? Never." 

Ezra and Sabine (aka Space Children) hugging their adopted father, Kanan Jarrus

(I know that others are sad/angry that Sabine stayed with her family but I’m actually not. Now that has nothing to do with me not liking Sabine, yes she’s not my favorite character but I do still like her. I’m glad she choose to stay on Mandalore. That way she can help rebuild her planet and get it back to how it was before the Empire took over. It’ll be strange not seeing her with the Ghost crew but honestly this is necessary, for the good of her people she needed to stay, and I have no doubt that she’ll come back. 

But until then we have that Sabine and Kanan hug to gush over because like GUYS, Sabine hugging Kanan was literally my favorite part of ”Legacy of Mandalore“. Just like when Ezra hugged Kanan back in ”Holocrons of Fate“, because Kanan might not be the best Mentor but he is a damn good father and deserves all the hugs for trying his best. He’s just awesome and Ezra and Sabine love their dad and Hera loves her husband and Zeb plus Rex love their brother. Just— URGH so much love! And he loves them all in return.)


“You’re Master cannot save you, boy. He’s unfocused and undisciplined." 

 "Well, then we’re perfect for each other." 

Ezra Bridger + showing concern for his Space Dad, Kanan Jarrus

(I couldn’t help but notice how Ezra’s facial expressions when Sabine wrapped that lasso around Kanan like he was afraid his Master was going to get hurt and how utterly sad he looks at Kanan when Sabine said he was a lousy teacher. He’s like “Oh Kanan…. It’s okay,”. Because he knows Kanan is not a lousy teacher, and probably didn’t like Sabine saying something like that even if it was out of annoyance. Because he remembers that he said something similar to Kanan way back in “Step into the Shaows” and he feels guilty about his attitude back then and Sabine’s now. 

I think as much as Ezra understands Sabine’s frustration and nervousness of their situation but he also is on Kanan’s side because he’s connected to Kanan in a deeper level as Master and Padawan and he also knows that Kanan’s teaching does work even if Sabine is reluctant to learn.)

Dream on, little Broomstick Cowboy,
Of rocket ships and Mars;
Of sunny days,
And Willie Mays,
And chocolate candy bars.

Dream on, little Broomstick Cowboy,
Dream while you can;
Of big green frogs,
And puppy dogs,
And castles in the sand.

For, all too soon you’ll awaken;
Your toys will all be gone.
Your broomstick horse will ride away,
To find another home.

And you’ll have grown into a man,
With cowboys of your own.
And then you’ll have to go to war,
To try and save your home.

And then you’ll have to learn to hate;
You’ll have to learn to kill.
It’s always been that way, my son;
I guess it always will.

No broomstick gun they’ll hand you;
No longer you’ll pretend.
You’ll call some man your enemy;
You used to call him friend.

And when the rockets thunder,
You’ll hear your brothers cry.
And through it all you’ll wonder
Just why they had to die.

So dream on, little Broomstick Cowboy,
Dream while you can;
For soon, you’ll be a dreadful thing:
My son, you’ll be a man.

— “Broomstick Cowboy” by Bobby Goldsboro

We Will Be Alright

Forgive me for writing another Star Wars Rebels one-shot but after that promo for “Visions and Voices” I have to write for it. Because ugh that promo! *squees and cries* I can’t even write now, because I’m legit scared and excited for this episode and I’m super glad that most of you on Tumblr that re-blogged my video to the promo feel the same way, really glad I’m not alone in this.

So without further wait, here is my one-shot for my expectations for “Visions and Voices”, what I write will most certainly be AUish because most of what I write is but there’s nothing wrong with having AU’s.

“Sabine, please.” Ezra spoke out as he dodged and blocked her attacks from the artist’s newly found Darksaber, which still baffled Ezra that she could use such a weapon, because as far as Ezra knew, only Jedi could wield a Lightsaber. He shook his head, back to the matter at hand. “Sabine, I don’t want to fight you.” Ezra shouted, his voice echoing off the cave walls as the young Padawan stared into her eyes, where they had once been a light, copper brown but now they were a deep emerald green that made Ezra sick to his stomach, because this wasn’t Sabine and he knew that, but that still didn’t change the fact that he wanted to fight her.

He didn’t want this, he never wanted this to happen, he came here to sever his connection towards Maul for good, but instead he ended up getting Sabine and Kanan possessed by these evil spirits, seeing them standing side by side, that deep glow of green in their eyes so strong and intense.

This was all his fault

“This isn’t you, Sabine! Please!” He found himself begging.

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So Kanan wakes up in the bacta tank, sees that stormtroopers have got his crewmates surrounded and are preparing to execute them, and what does he do?

Force-wave to shatter the tank, check. Call lightsaber to hand, check.

Take a moment to tie the hair back, check.

Okay, looks like we’re good to go, time for lightsaber acrobatics and slaughter.

An accurate representation of me after Maul blinded Kanan

(Because urgh it still hurts even months after)

January 15, 1967

Tom Brown becomes the first major leaguer to play in the Super Bowl. The Green Bay defensive back, an outfielder and first baseman for the Senators in 1963, is best remembered for his last-minute interception of Cowboy quarterback Don Meredith’s Hail Mary pass in the NFL Championship game, making Green Bay a participant in the first-ever Super Bowl.

Sequel to this story I wrote because I still have huge inspiration from the episode “Visions and Voices” There will be more chapter but I don’t know if I will be posting them here. Shall see I guess. 

“So uh…” Sabine started off as she stood before her crew members of Hera, Zeb, Rex, Ezra and Kanan, who were all going over plans to obtain some new TIE fighters as to increase their odds as they need the fire power if they wanted to continue fighting this unforgiving war. Five pair of eyes were all on her and gave the artist their full attention. “I’ve been going over about how to tell you guys this for the past couple days now and I’ve decided to just come out and say it.” She took a deep, calming breathe to try and calm her racing heart beat to a even level. Slowly, she pulled out what she had been hiding from them these past couple of days and ignited it.

Their reaction were exactly as she had been expecting; complete shock were plastered a crossed their faces, while Kanan stood off to the side in confusion then Sabine watched as his confusion matched the rest of his crew members when he stuck out his hand and felt something that Sabine couldn’t comprehend as she was not a Jedi and therefore wasn’t connected to the Force.

“What the—?”

“A black Lightsaber?”

“Sabine, where did you get that?”

Questions, they had questions. Which she also took into account. “So yeah.” Sabine looked to Kanan and Ezra who were now standing next to each other. “Before we left that planet, after those spirits possessed Kanan and I? I found this—” She gestured towards the obvious Lightsaber in her hand. “—On the ground, I knew what it was and that it has a connection to my people so I kept it.”

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