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It's like Nickelodeon KNEW Ariana Grande was the star even though it wasn't her show, all of those girls are brunette's (Ariana included) yet they wanted Ariana to be the only red head.

lol at first it was just because she was cast last I think- they dyed Liz’s to be black from brown and then told Ariana they were going red with her. 

I don’t think they knew she would be a fan fave, the character in season 1 is just as quirky as the rest of them tbh- I think they were looking to make Tori the fan fave

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Cast party last night after the final performance of Spring Awakening. Thanks to everyone who took the time to come see the show, I really appreciate it. I’m going to miss playing Moritz… hope I get to play him again someday. #springawakening #ontothenextshow


It’s one of those things that gets written off as humorous when you watch a child entertainer try to redefine themselves, but it can be an intense identity crisis. I think in our modern society we have a much greater understanding of the importance of personal identity and how we see ourselves and I’m hoping that over time people latch onto the fact that this hurts people and they have a little more respect for something like that.