the last autumn story


Thanks to the boys and their last Monday Blues broadcast.

  • MJ took took his solo photos with a board(?) as a his prop.
  • Sanha took his photos on the balcony (and so did MJ? He said they took them at the same place) with no prop
  • Eunwoo took his photos on a couch
  • Jinjin took his photos on the stairs (he called them “the stairs to heaven” and said he was “an angel”) and he didn’t have a prop either
  • Bin’s photos were of him in a bed (and he took so many photos that it filled up the camera’s memory)
  • Rocky was allowed to take photos wherever he wanted
  • Lyric spoiler for track #4, written by Jinjin: I saw the calendar / It made my heart flutter
  • They shot their music video in Fukuoka, Japan
  • The most impressive scene of the music video (in Bin’s opinion) is the last one.  According to Jinjin, it’s also the most important
  • MJ shot part of his scene at a waterfall (this was when they were saying ppoppo back and forth, it wasn’t referring to a kiss like we thought)
  • There’s a girl in the music video
  • And there is something going on between the girl and ASTRO
  • The boys did some acting in the mv yo
  • Rocky liked MJ’s gesture in his dancing (x)
  • Song spoiler! AKA the best 2 seconds of your life right now (x)
  • Dance spoilers! (x)
  • BONUS: Astro were dumb and combined their new title song, Hide and Seek, and Breathless into a weird kind of medley but it works, look (x)

Yay! Finished creating a little toad pond/hangout yesterday. I checked on it this morning and there were already two baby toads checking it out (sadly they are too small and camouflaged to spot them in the photo XD). Between this and the frog/toad hibernation tube I dug in last Autumn hopefully they’ll do well :)

(Toad story- this came about as when I moved into my current place, I was pleased to find a toad living in the garden. The garden is very small but I leave part of it to grow semi wild for the benefit to wildlife and provided a shallow dish of water for the toad/hedgehog etc. Also I’ve had to use ultrasonic cat scarers to keep out all the local kitties who were using the garden as a prime pooping spot. Well it seemed that someone must have a pond nearby as last year I found my garden was full of froglets and toadlets. I’m guessing they all ended up in my garden as they could keep safe and fed in the wild vegetation without disturbance from kids/cats etc. So I wanted to give them a little helping hand by creating a better place for them to hibernate, hide and drink this year ^^)