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Taylor Swift's groping case victory is her most influential moment yet
Women don’t get an easy ride in the music industry.

The Telegraph - Alice Vincent -  15 August 2017 11.37 am

Women don’t get an easy ride in the music industry. Ever since there have been aspiring hopefuls looking to shine in the bright lights, there have been older men, in positions of professional power, taking advantage.

The list of pop’s household names who have grisly stories to tell about sexism and assault is endless. From Joni Mitchell to Lady Gaga via Madonna, Bjork and Beyoncé. Now we can add Taylor Swift’s name to the list, after she went to court against a former radio host who groped her before a concert.

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A book to avoid - rant ahead

Today I read and skimmed through a book called “Anastasia” by Colin Falconer. And I was aghast.

Because, ladies and gentlemen, this awful piece of lurid fiction made me both outraged, confused and outraged again. Before we delve into everything wrong, let me just state that HISTORICAL FICTION dealing with REAL peronalities who have been WELL DOCUMENTED should, at least, RESPECT the truth that is easily researched and confirmed by a FRIGGIN GOOGLE SEARCH! Mr. Falconer did not do any research. Or if he did, he probably printed his notes and used them as toilet paper. Otherwise I cannot imagine how this abomination of a book was allowed to take shape at all! This publication is nothing but rape of history, far beyond any tasteful and acceptable line of what should one be allowed when writing about REAL people.

I read first 160 pages, after which I skimmed the rest, not having strentght left to go into detail. The writing is sloppy, disjointed and without any artistic quality that would make it stand out. Within the first forty pages you shall encounter these innacurate things, which could be EASILY PREVENTED by just going on Wikipedia!

1) In the beginning the four daughters of the Tsar and their brother are arriving into Ekaterinburg to be reunited with their parents. - In reality Grand Duchess Maria had arrived with her parents months before.

2) “Nurse” Sofia Karlovna mentioned in the book was NOT A NURSE. She was a Lady-in-waiting and she was never even allowed to get out of that train to say her goodbyes. Furthermore nickname “Shura” is used for her, when that was in fact the nickname of the ACTUAL nurse (and by that time MAID) Alexandra Tegleva.

3) Anastasia being RUDE and PROVOKING the Red guards (who in their turn are all unthinking, disgusting animals)

4) The girls constantly being talked about as PRINCESSES. The title was GRAND DUCHESS.

5) Anastasia saying “I AM A PRINCESS AND TILL THIS DAY I HAVE NEVER HAD TO CARRY MY OWN STUFF” when in fact all the imperial children, even before the revolution, would engage in physical work including cleaning their rooms, sawing wood and breaking ice in the spring, not to mention their work in hospitals during the war.

6) Jemmy was Anastasia´s. Tatiana had another dog, Ortipo. And there was yet another dog in the family, Alexei´s Spaniel Joy.

7) The behaviour of the guards in the house is SEVERELY exaggarated (yes there was a guard on duty when they went to the loo but NO the door was not dismantled! NO, Avdeyed did NOT curse in front of the Tsar.

8) Nicholas NEVER LOST HIS COOL, but in the book he is repeatedly RUDE and commanding the guards who in their turns call him slurs in the face.

9) Anastasia hates Alexei because he is such a burden and she is jealous of him! In reality she was his closest friend, loved him unconditionally.

10) There are NO relationships between anyone in the family apparently. Much like there is NOTHING that would scream “relationship” later among the fictional people. But we KNOW that the last Imperial family was EXTREMELY CLOSE and loving.

10) Tatiana is ambushed during her nightly visit to the toilet and RAPED but that is just about it, it leads nowhere, no plot point. THIS NEVER HAPPENED!!!! NONE OF THE GIRLS WAS MOLESTED BY THE RED GUARDS!!! And this whole thing is USELESS!!!!

11) Anastasia is a provokateur who acuses her father of everything being his fault TO HIS FACE. (WTF???!!!)

12) Alexandra is mentioned to be “same age as Nicholas”. In fact she was four years his junior.

13) On the night of the murder there are people in the streets because the shooting can be heard all over the city apparently. In fact the streets were empty and the Bolsheviks made sure of that

14) Also there are many quotations about Anastasia - some of which I recognized as genuine, but many are simply made up - including several mentioning that she was a devil and deserved to die - but it is NEVER pointed out they are made up!!!!!

15) Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna in the 20s is meantioned as “unhappy” and fat “spinster”. In fact she was a trim and content, wedded to Captain Kulikovsky, and mother of two.

16) Grand Duke Kyril is Tsar´s brother in the book. He was his cousin.

17) Grand Duke Ernst of Hesse (brother of the last Empress) wants to be Tsar of Russia. WTF??!!! He was a German princeling with NO claim. And he NEVER EVER wanted to be the Tsar.

18) And I forgot this thing: Alexei Nikolaevich DEMANDS a chocolate from a guard, is NASTY and RUDE to him and when the guard is provoked Nagorny stops him from harming Alexei, for which he is taken away and shot. In reality Nagorny did not want to let a guard steal a little golden cross from the boy. For THAT he was taken away. But in this book Anastasia does not forget to BLAME ALEXEI for Nagorny´s death.

I just could not go on…. This book is TRASH of the lowest order. Authors need to STOP USING THE ROMANOVS AS PLOT DEVICE IF THEY ARE NOT EVEN GOING TO TRY TO PORTRAY THEM AS THEY WERE.

If you want to read decent and good Romanov fiction, just read these: The Kitchen Boy: A Novel of the Last Tsar The Lost Crown or even better the non-fiction like Nicholas and Alexandra or Romanov Autumn: Stories from the Last Century of Imperial Russia


The end of volume 6 was on my mind today as I walked home under the late afternoon sun. The pages leading up to it have always been among my favourites in the series due to the shift in the volume’s pacing, and Yvienne’s quiet thoughts on the prelude of summer on the last three pages. It’s their phrasing in particular, even if I’m not a Krohiten/Yvienne shipper - when she says that the temperature is the beginning of her memories of that summer: the combination of the midmorning summer, Krohiten’s room that faces away from the sun, the cold air inside, the lonely air around Krohiten, but also the cold needle that literally and figuratively pierces her, and presumably the temperature between the two of them in that very moment. It’s a passage that remains vividly in my memories due to its prose alone.

(I’ve been thinking about prose and other passages in manga - anything that isn’t a speech or thought bubble, or background chatter - and how that is one element that sold me on the medium. It’s very much like books, and it’s not something that you can just transfer to anime adaptations, especially in the case of such text boxes that aren’t necessarily a character’s inner monologue. Daytime Shooting Star, although a mediocre and not necessarily well-rounded manga in terms of high school shoujos, remains memorable to me because of Suzume’s thoughts, for example. Another example are Kaori Yuki’s works, where prose and other kinds of texts outside of speech and thought add not just to the mood, but to the setting itself. Or NANA with ongoing letters that have yet to find their recipient, or the first page in, say, some of NANA and Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne’s chapters, that sounds like a silent prayer whispered into the night…)

So much of volume 6 is dramatic and glamorous due to Yvienne’s rise to fame as part of the Pentagon Crisis, but in the last chapter, Summer Vacation, things perceptibly seem to quiet down, Yvienne now having grown accustomed to her new powers and position. Yvienne and Lariatte get to catch a break and spend some time together (before leaving Lowood to spend the break in each other’s company!), and new plans are made as other things come to an end. I think most of my favourite parts of Ciel are like that - transitional scenes, interim periods, shifts in pacing, departures and new beginnings. Rhim does those really well!

Anyway, thinking of that chapter made me recall this precious Yvienne/Lariatte moment in it, so I put the translation of the German version on Evil Flowers’ scans to share that translation too. (I love Evil Flowers’ as well! I think theirs makes it more of a Lariatte characterization moment than a shipping moment though haha.)

sce-to-aux-deactivated20170908  asked:

Hello! I apologize if this is a duplicate as I'm not sure if my other message was eaten - I just wanted to know if you had some book recommendations for someone who hasn't read anything on the Imperial Russia era.

Hello there! I have not seen your previous message, suppose tumblr ate it :(

The Imperial Russia is an extremely vast subject, so here are just few books on various topics regarding it:

Social & general history

The Romanov Dynasty


There are of course many more wonderful and interesting books, but I think these would be ideal for a beginner :)

— october playlist

all the way up . b.a.p
don’t stop the dancing . trcng
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가을 아침 autumn morning . iu
gashina . sunmi
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웬 감성팔이야 just on my way . sf9
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그렇더라고요 when you love someone . day6
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Yay! Finished creating a little toad pond/hangout yesterday. I checked on it this morning and there were already two baby toads checking it out (sadly they are too small and camouflaged to spot them in the photo XD). Between this and the frog/toad hibernation tube I dug in last Autumn hopefully they’ll do well :)

(Toad story- this came about as when I moved into my current place, I was pleased to find a toad living in the garden. The garden is very small but I leave part of it to grow semi wild for the benefit to wildlife and provided a shallow dish of water for the toad/hedgehog etc. Also I’ve had to use ultrasonic cat scarers to keep out all the local kitties who were using the garden as a prime pooping spot. Well it seemed that someone must have a pond nearby as last year I found my garden was full of froglets and toadlets. I’m guessing they all ended up in my garden as they could keep safe and fed in the wild vegetation without disturbance from kids/cats etc. So I wanted to give them a little helping hand by creating a better place for them to hibernate, hide and drink this year ^^)


Thanks to the boys and their last Monday Blues broadcast.

  • MJ took took his solo photos with a board(?) as a his prop.
  • Sanha took his photos on the balcony (and so did MJ? He said they took them at the same place) with no prop
  • Eunwoo took his photos on a couch
  • Jinjin took his photos on the stairs (he called them “the stairs to heaven” and said he was “an angel”) and he didn’t have a prop either
  • Bin’s photos were of him in a bed (and he took so many photos that it filled up the camera’s memory)
  • Rocky was allowed to take photos wherever he wanted
  • Lyric spoiler for track #4, written by Jinjin: I saw the calendar / It made my heart flutter
  • They shot their music video in Fukuoka, Japan
  • The most impressive scene of the music video (in Bin’s opinion) is the last one.  According to Jinjin, it’s also the most important
  • MJ shot part of his scene at a waterfall (this was when they were saying ppoppo back and forth, it wasn’t referring to a kiss like we thought)
  • There’s a girl in the music video
  • And there is something going on between the girl and ASTRO
  • The boys did some acting in the mv yo
  • Rocky liked MJ’s gesture in his dancing (x)
  • Song spoiler! AKA the best 2 seconds of your life right now (x)
  • Dance spoilers! (x)
  • BONUS: Astro were dumb and combined their new title song, Hide and Seek, and Breathless into a weird kind of medley but it works, look (x)