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“I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and makes a six-inch-diameter exit wound in you.”
―Harley Quinn.


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anonymous asked:

What Scarecrow comic did he start caring for a little girl?

There’s only two stories that come to mind, once during the Cycle of Violence Arc and in the Arkham Knight prequel comics. I need to preface that in neither of these stories does he actually take care of the little girl, but if you saw a panel out of context it might look that way.

In Cycle of Violence he kidnaps a young girl and experiments on her, although he does have a change of heart in the end. I won’t spoil it for you, because it’s worth reading despite what people say. There’s also this subplot in the Arkham Knight comics were Scarecrow’s seen holding a little baby, and if you saw this panel out of context it’s really jarring. In reality he’s just working with Calendar Man who wanted to execute the child in order to get to Batman. (the child doesn’t die, don’t worry)

Anyway, I don’t think there’s any comic were he actually takes care of a little girl. I could be wrong though. The few times he interacts with children, it usually doesn’t end well.

What would happen if the characters that Troy Baker voice acts met each other?

At a bar.

Joel: So, you are here because of problems with your daughter?

Booker: Yes. I sold her to an evil version of me.

Joel: I… I am sorry. I betrayed my own daughter and everyone else that trusted in us.

Booker: Jesus Christ, everyone here is a tragic mess. Is it to much if I ask what is that guy’s story?

Joel: I don’t know the details, but I heard that he caused the death of many people in a space station.

Rhys: *Starts crying and covers his face with his hands.*

Batman: Has someone seen a murderous clown walking through this place? I have to beat the shit out of him.

Power and Control [Joker x Harleen Quinzel]

Set at Arkham before Suicide Squad. Harleen and Joker plays dangrous games. Explicit smut below! AO3 - FF.

Give a little, get a lot
That’s just how you are with love
Power and control
I’m gonna make you fall

Touch yourself for me.”

Those words had set her free, at last.

The last months at Arkham had been tense. The doctors stared at Harleen but avoided her gaze, the nurses and guards gossiped, the uneasiness spread like the plague. In the eye of the storm, the Joker watched with a smile. Arkham had turned into a house of cards, ready to fall apart.

For Harleen, those words had been the end of an endless tension. Battling voices over and over in her head, sleepless nights, she turned and tossed in her bed when his words wouldn’t leave her alone. He had her in the palm of his hand and she couldn’t help but play along when he wanted, letting herself be pulled in. Only to see it crumble when she didn’t see him for a few days and he was anxious for her attention.

It was a deadly game, to wait and see, who would give in first.

That day he was sitting across from her in the therapy room, like usual. “Doctor Quinzel.” He tasted the word, rolled it on his tongue like it was dipped in warm sugar. The way he looked at her made her insides stir, in the aftermaths of yet another sleepless night. When she had been away from him for more than a day or two she noticed how the shadows underneath his eyes grew dark purple. She wondered if he was just as restless as she was at night.

“What have ya got for me?” he purred. His gaze almost swallowed her whole.

Harleen stuck her hand in her white coat and showed him the small knife she had managed to sneak into the room.

“Good,” he said, and she beamed from the praise. She had passed yet another test, no matter how impossible it first sounded when he told her to find a way to bypass the metal detectors – he gave her no instructions, just asked her if she would be able to do it.

Of course she would, she had told him. Anything for you.

She held out the knife and let the dull blade glint in the cold florescent light above. He was restrained by his straitjacket, but showed no further interest in the knife.

Instead, he tilted his head slightly to the side. “Are you ready for another test?”

“Mister J – I did all of those things you said. You said this was the last one.”

He leaned back in his chair, giving her an incredulous look. “So you can’t do it, after all?” She thought she saw disappointment in his grey eyes.

Harleen leaned forward. “I need to get some result to show Dr. Arkham for this month’s report. If you just speak, we can come up with something together. I brought you the knife, the documents and cosmetics you wanted.”

She leaned across the table when he didn’t reply, her hands clenching in front of her as if she was begging. “Just tell me something, J.”

“Can you kill the guards, Doctor?” he mused, looking her straight in the eyes.

Her heart fluttered at the way he looked at her. She wanted to scream yes, yes I do! and present their bodies in front of him. She wanted to see his eyes fill with recognition and pride. Did he still think she was just like anybody else?


He smacked his tongue. He was so clear-minded and focused today, there was no way they could have given him his dose of Thorazine this morning. Had he skipped it?

The Joker let his gaze trail to the side, bored. “I don’t think so.”

She blinked. “What?”

“You’ve been holding yourself so nicely together, Doctor. What are you thinking?”

He leaned forward again, his gaze fastened somewhere on the wall behind her as he spoke, low, soft and melodically.

“You seemed like the kind of… woman who would find a way to do whatever you put your mind to. Was I wrong?”

“I’ll kill them,” she promised him breathlessly.

“No, no, no,” he purred quietly, his thoughts already somewhere else. “Don’t spoil my fun just yet. I don’t believe you’re as kept together as you pretend to be.” He gave her a wry smile. “Have you ever touched yourself, Doctor?”

Harleen froze, her lips parted in shock as she tried to quickly compose herself. He saw her reaction and his eyes bore straight into hers. She had never felt so exposed before.

Did he know? How her mind had circled around him, over and over again, last night, and she let her hands play?

Her heart hammered away, but she met his gaze without shame.

“Mister J…”

“Well?” He almost looked comical, giving her an incredulous look as he leaned back. Like a teacher asking their student if they had done the homework - wait, was she supposed to do this? She couldn’t remember.

Then his face was right in front of her again. He purred smoothly: “Can you really let go of that little façade of yours? Can you take this kitchen knife – ” He nodded towards the item lying on the table – “and stab every guard in this place and walk out the main doors, smeared with their blood, laughing at the joke?”

“I –”

“No, no, no,” he chastised her, then his eyes seemed to burn into hers. “You can’t.”

Harleen straightened up, cheeks flushing. “I’ll try, Mister J, I promise.”

She leaned over, hoping he would lean closer like he used to do, but now he withdrew. “No.”

“Please,” she mumbled, her heart aching for him.

“If you really think you can… prove it.”

She stared helplessly into his eyes again.

“Touch yourself for me, Doctor,” he purred. He wasn’t smiling; his face was passive and blank as he waited for her reaction. “Let yourself go.”

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B A T M A N 1 8 9 2 // SCARECROW

OCTOBER 31, 1892 - MORNING EDITION - All Hallows’ Eve festivities are shaping up to be quieter than usual this year in Gotham. A distinct atmosphere of fear prevails through the city - and not the sort brought on by ghouls and goblins. The date seems haunted by memories of the mass escape from Arkham Asylum last year, and the chaos that followed. 

Nevertheless, the Gazette feels confident in promising its readers a safe and uneventful night. The mayor assures us that police patrols will be out in full force, and that all in all, there is no reason to believe citizens are in any more danger tonight than any other night in our fair city.

If you do take your chances on the streets tonight, dear readers, do let us know if you catch sight of our own Bat-Man. Perhaps he chooses to spend this holiday out of costume, seeing as he spends every other day in.

OCTOBER 31, 1892 - EVENING EDITION - The Gazette has received breaking news from the Gotham Police Department. Earlier today, Dr. Jonathan Crane - erstwhile esteemed director of Arkham Asylum and current inmate of the same, otherwise known as the Scarecrow - escaped from said location. The police department has assured us that there does not seem to be any immediate threat to the public, but still advises citizens to be on guard and exercise caution throughout the night. 

NOVEMBER 9, 1892 - MORNING EDITION - The Gazette would like to apologize to its dedicated readers for the somewhat lax standards of quality our paper has seen over the past week. Several of our editors and reporters were taken for emergency treatment following the infamous Scarecrow’s last fear toxin attack on downtown Gotham. Although he has not yet been apprehended, the Gotham Police Department assures us that the situation is well in hand. They have also asked us to here, publicly, kindly ask the Bat-Man to stop interfering with their investigations, as he only makes things more difficult, and tends to attract the wrong kind of attention to our fair city. 

zaziluj  asked:

How can Scarecrow (arkham knight) eat if he doesnt have lips? Maybe he dont consume solid food but liquid (juice, soap,etc) with a sounder. What do you think?

I don’t think lips are a requirement for eating, as much as they are for speaking. My main concern is the fact that you think he should be eating soap.

Okay, I know you probably meant soup I just can’t help but chuckle at the image of scarecrow with soap in his mouth. Ahahah! Anyway. I think you’re right though, soups, chowders and gumbos are probably on the menu for AK Crane. I’ve always had this idea that he would cook up hearty meals in a crock pot and eat them slowly over a period of several days. That is if he finds time to eat between running away from the Dark Knight.

I do want to note that the comic shows his teeth intact, so I’m sure he can chew soft foods with little effort. (though the stitches may get in the way of eating)


 I read this post about hearing Jason’s screaming in the last scene of Arkham VR. I played the last part of this game, and record it. IT definitely sounds like Jason’s voice. You can hear it better when you reach the reception window.


Batman doodles I did over a span of time ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ ♥