BOSS ASS BITCH: musical theatre edition; for the ladies who wanna crush the patriarchy while showing off their killer belting range. [listen]

01. candy store- heathers: the musical 02. when you’re good to mama- chicago 03. my strongest suit- aida 04. not for the life of me- thoroughly modern millie 05. out tonight- RENT 06. so much better- legally blonde 07. i can do better than that- the last 5 years 08. dead girl walking- heathers: the musical 09. watch what happens- newsies 10. take me or leave me- RENT 11. it’s a woman’s world- the full monty 12. big spender- sweet charity 13. forget about the boy- thoroughly modern millie


“I’ve already picked up a few Anna-isms, like anytime we’re like supposed to kiss, like in the rehearsal process, she gets like shy, so she’ll go [kissy noises], and I’m like ‘Ok ok, you know, you can just, just do it.’ but she’s like ‘No!’ She’s just got like this sort of cutsie, goofy personality.”