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A summary on Produce 101 Season 2 Episode 8 its ya boy back at it agian with another let’s play this time its evaluations and painful crying time

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If you're only allowed to use 1 eyeshadow for the rest of your life, which eyeshadow would you choose?

i’d probably pick a nice neutral or rosy matte / satin shade that i could wear more often (although i have a ton of super glittery pretty shadows that i’ll miss ;n;)

here are my faves rn (yes this is extra af haha but i was feeling #inspired)

anyway you can see that i like kinda similar colours.
if i had to choose just one i think i’d go for sweet jujube tea because the formula is the best. the colour is similar between the last 3 but natural beauty is extremely dry and powdery, and innisfree’s is also a bit powdery for my liking. the etude house shadow is from the new cherry blossom palette (which i’m really loving btw!! first impression + swatches will be uploaded next week) and it’s much more forgiving, and also easier to apply with finger when i’m in a rush / too lazy to use a brush lol.
this is probably an unpopular opinion but while i love using my modern renaissance palette, it’s sometimes TOO pigmented, bc for my daily looks i just use a sheer wash of colour. i do love the formula of abh shadows though, they are so soft!!

chicago typewriter ep 15

tears, tears…
tears everywhere ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

the drama’s been giving us bits of the 1930s life of our trio since the start and that showed a great contrast to their present life. but for episode 15, they finally gave us a full-blown story of their youth in 1930s ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ a youth full of sadness, sacrifice, friendship, and love.. love for each other and for the country. it’s so so so heartbreaking i had to pause a lot of times to stop myself from crying :-( (i still cant control my tears rn fml)

here are some of my fave scenes in this episode:

1. hwiyoung crying while holding soo yeon’s photo + reminiscing their moments

FMLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL this scene hurts so fucking much oh my god asjflsjfsl hwiyoung was concealing his emotions right from the start so it wouldnt be a hindrance as a leader of joseon alliance youth ( thumbs up for being so tough, leader-nim!!) but i literally died when he finally broke down his walls and showed us his fragile side ㅠ he suffered so much for everyone 😭😭 gotta love yoo ah in’s acting here.. he brought out the best of this character 😭

2. yul confessing he’s the leader and seeing soo yeon/anastasia suffering

go kyung pyo’s acting is so daebak ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ yul’s character is so daebak ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ in this scene i realized how much yul and hwiyoung differs.. yul lets his emotions rule his decisions while hwiyoung doesn’t let his emotions control him, he gotta stay tough and focus for their organization. yul let out his emotions til the very end, sacrificing their plans just to save the woman he loves :-( i wanted to smack him so he could get into his senses.. like WHY CANT U THINK FIRST BEFORE MAKING DECISIONS!!! some of yall mightve rolled their eyes in this cliche scene of choosing the person he loves but this!!!!!!! was a powerful scene!!!!! it showcased a whole lot more about yul’s character that overshadowed that of hwiyoung’s (also got me thinking that maybe the reason why he wasnt reincarnated bc he chose soo hyun over joseon omg) and also the scene where he told hwiyoung that he’ll give up soo yeon in the next life so he should let him save her in this time made me cry buckets ㅠㅠ i need to see more of yul’s life/character

3. soo yeon’s “eye acting” + scene with madame sofia

oh my god literally all praises for im soo jung!!!!!! the scenes where shes telling yul to hold on, to not say hwiyoung’s name, was brilliant! ㅠㅠㅠ she swayed the scenes with her acting.. ahhhhh i couldnt get over it. heo young min also said he could see everything in soo yeon’s.. he was right bc im soo jung facial expression made it so convincing im asjfkslfjslfjaljdlsAHDIWLALAL
- also that emo scene when madame sofia said that ofc she would chose her son over joseon who hasnt done anything for her. omg that line’s one of my fave ever. it was full of emotions i had to pause for like a few minutes hahaha and when soo yeon said she treated her like a mother and she wouldnt forgive her ever….. i feel so sad like imagine how her mom (in the present life) felt when she left soo yeon bc of this tragedy :(( they need have a major get together in the last episode or else im gonna kms

4. hwiyoung confessing to soo yeon + soo yeon’s “don’t go” + goblin comparison

-EVERYTHING IN THIS SCENE FUCKED ME UP SO BAD I HAD TO PAUSE AGAIN TO DIGEST WHATS HAPPENING. this is one of the saddest confession ever…. the writer really loves torturing the audience oh my god.. imho this is even sadder than goblin’s letting go scene.. why???? because in goblin, atleast kim shin and eun tak had enough time to show their love for each other.. or had moments together before they separated. but here, OH MY GOD THEY SPENT ALL THEIR YOUTH FIGHTING FOR THEIR COUNTRY, PUTTING ASIDE THEIR FEELINGS, TO THE POINT THAT HWI YOUNG COULDNT DO ANYTHING TO SAVE SOO YEON BC JOSEON ALWAYS FUCKING COMES FIRST. HE COULDNT EVEN TOUCH SOO YEON’S HAND FOR THE LAST TIME *CRIES* AND ONE OF THEM DIED WHILE ONE LIVING IN MISERY.


in goblin, euntak’s memory vanished when kim shin disappeared, but she still felt constant pain and she didnt know why. but here imagine soo yeon living after the tragedy, knowing the love of her life died protecting joseon, not having any assurance of meeting him again, continue living with the memories deeply buried in her heart and mind ㅠㅠㅠ i couldn’t even imagine her life alone without her beloved friends ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ this is the saddest of all the saddest shit i dont want to feel again ever

5. heo young min’s villian acts
- yo raise your hands up if ya think kwak si yang did a fantastic job being the villian!!!! in 1930s or in the present life, hes such an effective villian to the point that everyone hated him and also pitied him. i love love loveeeeeeeeeeeee him as heo young min tho i hated his antics lmao honestly one of my fave villians rn (still nam goong min in #1 spot haha)

6. hwiyoung’s death

- well, save the best for the last right????? i admire how hwiyoung sticked to his principles til the every end.. and love his lines here omGGGGG (kudos to the writer ilysm 😭) no more words to describe this scene *insert millions of crying emojis*

7. se joo + jeon seol’s hugging scene

- in the 1930s, hwiyoung died while yul saved soo yeon. hwiyoung gave up soo yeon for joseon 😭😭 in their present lives, yul saved se joo and se joo finally saved jeon seol ㅠㅠㅠㅠ i died again when se joo told jeon seol that for this time, he finally saved her omg *insert tears* the power of their friendship is no joke… ㅠㅠㅠ

ok so this went so long omg those fave scenes are basically all of the important scenes in this episode hahaha im sorry but i just need to let it out since none of my friends irl are watching this drama yet 😭 anyways, still lots of things we need to see in the finale! it bothers me that the stalker’s sister got out…. im thinking thats she cooking something badass lmao.

do yall think we’ll shed more tears in the last episode?

p.s the ost automatically plays in my head when i see/read stuff related to chicago typewriter omg ajdkaldhalfbwl

p.p.s my fingers are so tired after typing this sorry for grammatical errors 😂 im so hypedddddddsd i didnt double check


joshler-squad YOU CALLED?

I actually made two other versions because I couldn’t decide how I wanted Tyler to look lmao so here you go: Blurryface TBP, and Tyler with white hair.

Anyway this was, like
horrifyingly great fun to draw

And I really love the idea of two of my faves being as huge MCR fans as me, so 
this was great :’)

Also I went with Famous Last Words style TBP outfit because #1 Famous Last Words is one of my favourite music videos and Gerard’s makeup/styling was amazing, and #2 didn’t Tyler say he liked that video? So it seemed appropriate haha. 

I’ve no idea if anyone would want to buy this so I haven’t put it up on Redbubble, let me know if you’re interested though! 

Edit: a few people showed interest, so here you go! You can get it from Redbubble here :)

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I was tagged by @gymclassieros (tysm <3)

Nickname: jace or jc

Zodiac: gemini 

Height: 5'3 ;v; 

Last thing I googled: cheez whiz

Favorite music artist: ^^bio^^ 

Song stuck in my head: i don’t think there is but i keep on singing mama so mama i guess 

Last movie I saw: izzy’s way home (jfc don’t ask)

What am I wearing right now: red and white shirt, red white and black shorts 

Why did I choose my URL: if you read it out loud. those are my initials.

Do I have any other blogs: nah 

What did your last romantic relationship teach you: nah i’m unattractive haha 

Religious or spiritual: oh man, neither?? it’s scary 

Favorite color: can’t decide if it’s blue, red or purple. they look really good with black and i like black.

Average hours of sleep: 4 to 8. i am unhealthy i know 

Lucky number: lucky?? idk but my fave numbers are 1, 2 and 5 

Favorite characters: fun ghoul, bendy, aquamarine, and probably a lot more. emo quartet ruined me. 

How many blankets do I sleep with: it’s effin hot where i live, I don’t need blankets 

Dream job: psychiatrist. i kinda want something that involves art, too, but i feel like it would be better as a hobby 

I tag: @peppieroni-peteza @venom-spells @thommato @emowithstickynotes @gerardstolemycookie @gerardsassquatch @mychemicalchinchilla @thebuttercupprincess @kobrakidandthemagicseed @loonixart @apersonthatyoushouldntcareabout @my-constant-existential-crisis @heymoonrydenwasreal @partypoisoninthehouse @crazyabbyarcanine @mialooia @almost-my-fantasy @phalloutatthediscowithtyjish @aestheticalhood @summerzault (heyya, you probably don’t know me but i would like to know a little about you! ^ ^ also, no pressure haha <3)

I was tagged by @sidemenhaveavillage - thank you lil sweetheart. I love you <3.

1. Last movie I watched: You Get Me - it’s not great and I wouldn’t really recommend it - it’s got quite bad acting in it and it’s quite cliche (but I’m a critique so you’ll have to judge for yourself).

2. Last song I listened to: K.S.I - Tommy Gun

3. Last book I read: Charlotte Bronte - Jane Eyre (one of my faves).

4. Last thing I ate: a red velvet cupcake.

5. If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be?: Anywhere but here (if you know this reference, I rate you haha).

6. Where would you time travel to?: Edwardian times, without a doubt.

7. Fictional character you’d hang out with for a day: ooh that’s a tricky one: Daisy Buchanan - to smack her or fight her or something - YOU LEFT JAY TO GO BACK WITH TOM YOU WHORE! or even Lemony Snicket (as in when he is the narrator)! MAYBE EVEN LUNA LOVEGOOD! SHE IS EPIC! 

I’m tagging anyone who wants to do it! <3

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top 5 songs

with links! 

  1. Riptide, by Vance Joy . if you haven’t seen this music video, give it a watch! it’s a little eerie, but worth it. this has been my #1 fave song for a few years! 
  2. Good Grief, by Bastille  . another….absolutely bananas music video. it’s nsfw 
  3. Saturn, by Sleeping at Last . this song is really important to me. there’s a looooong musical intro. I don’t know if tattoos of music lyrics are cliche, but this is the only song where i’d permanently mark my body with a specific line 
  4. I Hope This Gets To You by The Daylights. everyone and their mama has seen this video, but i never tire of the song. 
  5. Autoclave by The Mountain Goats. I, too, am a great unstable mass of blood and foam, and no one in her right mind would make her home my home. so, you know, relatable. 

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1 15 24

1.) What’s a song you depict with your childhood? 

sounds silly but Numa Numa by O-Zone, idk what the lyrics actually mean but i only really started listening to music when i was about 9 or so, and at that point we lived in Greece, inb4 mp3s so all there was was weird songs on repeat on MTV and whatever you could burn onto a CD for ur walkman - which I had haha - and on my 1 CD was a random  mix of about 11 songs including numa numa (also backstreet boys and britney spears hahaha) 

15.) What is the last movie you cried during?

well I’m a crybaby so the last movie I’ve watched properly, which was wonder woman. right at that point (spoiler alert) where Steve was in the plane with the bombs i crie

24.) what is your favourite flower?

i don’t think i feel strongly enough for a proper fave but really like sunflowers and cherry blossom. i like rose too but mostly to eat lmao

ty anon o/

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sorry if I always tag you, guys, ur my faves so yea. if this annoys you just ignore it :)

1. Drink: still water
2. Phone call: mom
3. Text message: from my internet friend
4. The song you listened to: Intro: Dt sugA (ft. DJ Friz) lit the only artists (BTS, Suga *my love*) i’m listening to lately ㅋㅋㅋ
5. The time you cried: okay i don’t exactly remember this but probably over a heartbreaking scene in a drama or BTS touching moments wins over me ever time haha

6. Dated someone twice: if being with someone for less than two weeks & not making clear if it was “dating” then it probably wasn’t even once lol not including makeouts lmao
7. Kissed someone and regretted it: not sure maybe
8. Been cheated on: i guess i’ve never rly had a proper bf so nah
9. Lost someone special: nope i guess
10. Been depressed: and also in hell thank u life & stupid reality
11. Gotten drunk and thrown up: don’t even make me remember that friend’s bday party, okay? worst experience of my life

12-14: purple/violet/lavender - they’re all pretty similar?, sky blue, gold i’m also weak for pastel/neutral pastel colors

15. Made new friends: yees
16. Fallen out of love: yes (?)
17. Laughed until you cried: yes!
18. Found out someone was talking about you: yes, unfortunately (no one can rly avoid this, let’s be honest)
19. Met someone who changed you: not sure, probably not.
20. Found out who your friends are: yes
21. Kissed someone on your Facebook list: yea

22. How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: i used to be in the stage when i accepted & added strangers but not anymore and now i mostly use fb to chat with my friends, so let’s say 70%?
23. Do you have any pets: no but a dog would be nice
24. Do you want to change your name: i don’t rly like my birth name but i wouldn’t no which name to choose from
25. What did you do for your last Birthday: nothing special, just a family dinner & later hanging out with close friends, i don’t rly celebrate my birthdays
26. What time did you wake up: 9:55 am
27. What were you doing at midnight last night: watching ep 11 of fight my way
28. Name something you can’t wait for: tomorrow’s 3-day trip to Prague with both of sisters

29. When was the last time you saw your mom: lit this morning when she barged into my room and rushed me to wake up lol
30. What is one thing you wish you could change in your life: instead of immigrating to czech i’d prefer korea or somewhere else

31. What are you listening right now: right now the sound of a kitchen hood
32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom:
lol yeah
33. Something that is getting on your nerves: mosquitoes & flies i have to kill in the middle of the night
34. Most Visited Website: Tumblr & Google

35. Mole/s: aside from the small ones i have a big one on the right side of my neck i also have one on my right wrist, JP!
36. Mark/s: scars from small injuries, permanent bruise on my right shoulder since the day i was born
37. Childhood dream: all my childhood dreams are crushed & only remained in my fantasy

38. Hair color: pure asian black (is that a color idk) & 10 cm of faded purple highlight into bronze blonde
39. Long or short hair: medium length
40. Do you have a crush on someone: MIN YOONGI THE LOFML, KIM NAMJOON’S ENGLISH & PHS
41. What do you like about yourself: smile i think
42. Piercings: 3 regular earlobes in both ears, 1 cartilage piercing in right ear
43. Bloodtype: N/A ehem idk this omg *embarrassed*
44. Nickname: Lils, Lil

45. Relationship status: not single nor taken, simply on reserve for the one who deserves my heart(◡‿◡✿)

46. Zodiac: aquarius
47. Pronouns: she/her
48. Favorite TV Show: too many but i love swdbs, riverdale & teen wolf
49. Tattoos: none
50. Right or left hand: right
51. Surgery: none
52. Hair dyed in different color: yes
53. Sport: basketball team in primary school
55. Vacation: england, vietnam
56. Pair of trainers: nike air

57. Eating: tasty food
58. Drinking: any flavored ice tea is my life saver
59. I’m about to: make a fmw gifset & finish this travel guide in english thing to get the certificate
61. Waiting for: idek what shud i expect from my salty-bitter-non-sweet life so yea
62. Want: a lot of things but will very likely never get
63. Get married: once i’ll successfully settle in work
64. Career: idek what to do the next day let alone thinking about what i’ll become in future but i used to dream about becoming a writer which again will never happen bc of my poor vocabulary yea

65. Hugs or kisses: hugs bc it’s cuter

66. Lips or eyes: eyes

67. Shorter or taller: taller

68. Older or younger: that depends

70. Nice arms or nice stomach: arms i’m weak for nice arms

71. Sensitive or loud: neither

72. Hook up or relationship: relationship

73. Troublemaker or hesitant: ugh. smth in the middle i guess

74. Kissed a stranger: does meeting that person & introducing ourselves on that day count?
75. Drank hard liquor: yo
76. Lost glasses/contact lenses: i don’t wear any
77. Turned someone down: yes
78. Sex on the first date: no
79. Broken someone’s heart: not sure tho
80. Had your heart broken: yes, sadly
81. Been arrested: not yet haha
82. Cried when someone died: yes
83. Fallen for a friend: yes and ehem… awkward

84. Yourself: ugh i shud tho but it’s hard tbh
85. Miracles: yes (?)
86. Love at first sight: if celebs count there were numerous of these cases lol
87. Santa Claus: sorry, santa, but u got no jams
88. Kiss on the first date: i’ve never rly dated well i don’t count those as “dates” so no
89. Angels: yes~

90. Current best friends name: @xseokjiin i’m helpless trash haha & i don’t have many friends irl + most of them, like all i guess lol, suck so yea
91. Eyecolor: dark brown
92. Favorite movie: love, rosie


Request- Wow your writing get better everyday! Could you do another part to fated kiss?  Like a epilogue? Where the reader is pregnant and has a child!   Dean just panics when her water breaks, and she yells at him a lot when she’s giving birth or something funny?😂😂

A/N- Wow title is soo original! haha Okay so hope it was okay to have Hadraniel there cause I dunno why but I love him!
‘Hadraniel- What do you mean you don’t know why? Hun everything about me is fabulous! Plus hun you are a romanticist so of course cupids must be your fave type of angles. Amirite ;) Oh dad! I love my job
Any who tell me us what you think x) I’m such a dork!

Dean x Prego!Reader

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Word Count- 757

Hello loves! Bet you thought you heard the last of me. Think again! Being the amazing cupid that I am, I thought I could tell the after story. Plus I come out in it! Bonus! Don’t worry I’ll keep it short. Maybe. Any who, the last time I saw you was well there was the time you and Dean kissed. I mean I was the one who got you dum dums together after all. It’s been a long time since then, three years to be exact. Ah I remembered I also saw you about four months ago. Your belly was swollen and you had this glow. Oh dad! It was exciting! You had a little Dean or little Y/N in your tum tum. You didn’t want me to tell you what it was though. Oh well you were in for a surprise.

“Ugggghhhhh” you groaned. It was a week past your due date.

I remember you and Dean being so excited. Now you just wanted the baby out of you.

You were laying on the coach like a potato. In fact, you looked exactly like a giant potato. You felt like a giant potato. But if anyone actually told you that, you would probably stab them in the face. Not that you could. Not in this state you were. Dean catered to every one of your whims. Which of course was extremely thoughtful at first. But you were nine month pregnant, and right now everything annoyed you.

“Babe, you need anything?” asked your dreamy eyed soulmate… I mean Dean.

You smiled, not a happy smile, but a sarcastic one. “Do I need anything? I need this baby out of me! Seriously it’s been nine freakin months!” you yelled as you tried to stand.

Dean rushed to your side and helped you up. “Don’t worry, I’m sure little Y/N will come out any day now.’ he said.

You gave him a look, “Little Y/N?” you ask. It was the first time you heard him say it. “You think the baby’ll be a girl?”

His beautiful shiny smile was the only answer you needed. Seconds later, that smile was long gone. You were screaming in pain. Dean looked down and saw that your water broke. It was finally time.

If it weren’t for you Dean would have stayed frozen like a statue. You yelled out in pain again and he snapped out of it. “U-Uh K-Keys. Keys.” the dum dum repeated as he looked around.

“Dean! Sam took baby out for a supply run remember!” you remind him through the pain.

“Crap… Um-”

“Just call someone! Anyone!” you yelled already covered in sweat.

“Did someone call.” queue the applause I have arrived.

“Ha-Hadraniel!” you yelled.

“Looks like I came just in time! Hun you are lucky I have done this before.” I said.

After hours of your screaming, bucket of sweat, and crushing Dean’s hand, you heard it. The cry of a baby. I expertly wrapped the baby in a blanket and handed him to Sam. Yes you heard me, Sam. You, Dean, and Sam himself were both very confused as to why I handed your newborn boy to Sam. You figured it out seconds later when the pain returned. The look on Dean’s face was the funniest thing I had ever seen. I mix of ‘another one?’ and ‘oh my god another one!” It was fearful happy face. While you gave the final push, Sam rocked your first born back and forth.

“Ooh, his one is a girl!” I say excitedly even though I already knew.

I wrapped her in a blanket just as I did with the first and handed her to Dean, who had completely forgotten the pain in his hand. Sam handed the boy to you. You both were instantly filled with adoration for your little tater tots and only looked away to stare at one another. It was adorable!

This scene is one I had waited for all my life. It might have taken centuries, but I was finally able to witness it. It might have severely damaged my wings but it was totally worth saving you from hell. Yours is a love story that would be told for generations to come. So you take good care of your tots in the way I know you can. Love them. Love your soulmate, be there for him. He has a long road ahead of him and will need you by his side. But don’t you worry love, yours and his story is a happy one.

Hope you like it! x)

iceykiller  asked:

Top 10 favorites movies

I will defy you and list FIVE 8D

2. Spirited Away
3. Batman: The Dark Knight (Heath Ledger, there will never be a Joker better than you in my eyes)
4. Finding Nemo
5. The Last Airbender

5. Van Hellsing ( don’t judge me )

And people asked for my top 5 Disney movies:

1. Mulan
2. Anastasia ((EDIT: ANASTASIA ISNT A DISNEY MOVIE. My mind is blown. It’s still one of my fave movies though, and would be on the previous list if I didn’t reserve it for this one haha))
3. The Lion King
4. Emperor’s New Groove
5. Pirates of the Carribean 8D (But if that doesn’t count, then Big Hero 6 haha)

Aaaand also top 5 shows: (most of these will probs be cartoons because I am a child at heart)

1. Avatar: The Last Airbender
2. Invader Zim
3. Supernatural
4. Game of Thrones
5. Sherlock (BBC)

(Oh, well, not most of them cartoons but yknow they take the top anyway haha)

lovemydean-o-saur  asked:

Ack! my fave writer doing mini fics?! I love it! How bout "I swear to God, if you tell anyone about this I will kill you"

OH, MY JO! HAIII! Okay okay, here is your 1 out of 3 mini fics haha. 

Dean x Reader

“My lips are sealed,” Sam raised his hands in surrender, eyes twinkling with mischief. 

“I’m serious, Sam,” you threatened. “Dean finds out about this and the last thing you’ll see is your brother asking for help as you wither away.”

“Whoa, you really don’t want him to know, huh?” Sam asked, brows furrowing.

“Of course I don’t, dumbass,” you pinched the bridge of your nose, prompting Sam to give you the bitch face for calling him that name. “Your brother is way out of my league and I wouldn’t be able to bear him acting weird around me if he knew I have a crush on him.”

“Fine, fine,” Sam nodded. “I promise I won’t tell,” he sat next to you, wrapping an arm around your shoulder. Dean was entering the bar at the moment and swallowed thickly at seeing Sam so close to you, his blood close to boiling. Without a second thought, he walked out into the driveway, not being able to stand another second of looking at you both.

Blacklist ‘mini fics’ if you don’t want to see.