the last 1 is my fave haha

((What is scarier than one Ornstein? An entire army of them! All of them probably look different, and possibly have very different personalities from one another. But they do have one thing in common, they’re all Dragonslayers.

Really felt like drawing some of my fave Ornstein’s out there considering there are so many unique designs and ideas. So here are some of my faves, I wanted to include more, but I really got tired of drawing his complicated armour over and over again haha.

The first design belongs to @skelephibian , the second to @nightmaredaisy , the third is highly based on the description @royal-dragonslayer-ornstein gave to me and the last is my very own version. I love how diverse they are haha.))


A summary on Produce 101 Season 2 Episode 8 its ya boy back at it agian with another let’s play this time its evaluations and painful crying time

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If you're only allowed to use 1 eyeshadow for the rest of your life, which eyeshadow would you choose?

i’d probably pick a nice neutral or rosy matte / satin shade that i could wear more often (although i have a ton of super glittery pretty shadows that i’ll miss ;n;)

here are my faves rn (yes this is extra af haha but i was feeling #inspired)

anyway you can see that i like kinda similar colours.
if i had to choose just one i think i’d go for sweet jujube tea because the formula is the best. the colour is similar between the last 3 but natural beauty is extremely dry and powdery, and innisfree’s is also a bit powdery for my liking. the etude house shadow is from the new cherry blossom palette (which i’m really loving btw!! first impression + swatches will be uploaded next week) and it’s much more forgiving, and also easier to apply with finger when i’m in a rush / too lazy to use a brush lol.
this is probably an unpopular opinion but while i love using my modern renaissance palette, it’s sometimes TOO pigmented, bc for my daily looks i just use a sheer wash of colour. i do love the formula of abh shadows though, they are so soft!!

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Can you post your 5 favourite selfies/friend photos of this year and what they mean to you?

I was going through my photos and couldn’t narrow down just 5 so here are a bunch haha!

1. A photo of a friend and I at the Noosa fairy pools in Jan, watching dolphins and stingrays play in the ocean

2. Myself, Jen and Ashley at the womens protest/March

3. @adventurrin and I at a beautiful rooftop bar in NYC at sunset

4. Myself and one of my fave campers out on the docks on Banquet night

5. A younger camper whom I love and was very close with last year. He grew so much as a person over the Summer and it made me SO happy to see him thriving in that personal development glow

6. Facetiming with my camp best friend who didn’t come back this year, but still makes me laugh harder than anyone else in the entire world.

7. A shot I captured of my friends on top of our RV watching the sun set in monument valley. I cherish this trip and those people so much.

8. My favourite photo of @adventurrin and I of all time

9. The night we decided to go out to Brooklyn and have a party on her old apartment rooftop for old times’s sake. Fun Fact: She had this photo in her bunk at camp this year and her girls thought I was her sister. I’ve never been more flattered.

10. My dude and I at the groovy Utah sign

11. Plus one with the whole gang

12. A selfie snapped mid-Hamilton singalong in Yosemite valley

13. The gals perched on top of BORT (Big Old Rollin Turd)

14. Cassie and Vanessa at Horseshoe Bend <3 

15. Myself and Sorcha in San Fran after the most hectic bike ride of out lives

16. Em and I after we gave our talks at Girls Who Glow, Here we were laughing about two very inappropriate things.

17. Alisha, Teigs, Sarah and I soaking up the girl love

Those are just some!! Some great memories of 2017 so far.


joshler-squad YOU CALLED?

I actually made two other versions because I couldn’t decide how I wanted Tyler to look lmao so here you go: Blurryface TBP, and Tyler with white hair.

Anyway this was, like
horrifyingly great fun to draw

And I really love the idea of two of my faves being as huge MCR fans as me, so 
this was great :’)

Also I went with Famous Last Words style TBP outfit because #1 Famous Last Words is one of my favourite music videos and Gerard’s makeup/styling was amazing, and #2 didn’t Tyler say he liked that video? So it seemed appropriate haha. 

I’ve no idea if anyone would want to buy this so I haven’t put it up on Redbubble, let me know if you’re interested though! 

Edit: a few people showed interest, so here you go! You can get it from Redbubble here :)

I was tagged by @cannithebear and @silverdoedefender thanks darlings!

Rules: Answer 20 questions and then tag 20 people you want to know more about.

1. Name: Maya

2. Nicknames: uh, people just call me by my last name. i used to be called pinecone as well tho

3. Height: 5′3′’ make fun of me and I won’t Hesitate 🔪🔪

4. Orientation: flaming lesbian

5. Nationality: Eastern Europe

6. Favorite fruit: ?? bananas I guess

7. Favorite season: winter

8. Favorite flower: I really don’t like flowers haha

9. Favorite scent: too many, but 2 faves would be my girl and the forest after rain

10. Favorite colour: black

11. Favorite animal: i have a thing for black panthers, they’re so interesting

12. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: coffee

13. Average hours of sleep: 3 I have sleeping issues

14. Dog or cat person: cats, they need less attention

15. Favorite fictional character: Severjus Sneip, Garry Pooter

16. Number of blankets you sleep with: 2 I’m always freezing

17. Dream trip: hell, where The Gays are

18. Blog created: April 18, 2017 (almost a year old!!!)

19. Number of followers: far more than you’d think a Snarry blog on Tumblr would have lol

20. Random fact: I can move my ears, and I do it very often without even thinking. like when I want to hear someone better. it’s a bit weird.

@severusharry @scavengcrs @cybille @gryffinpctter


Happy Birthday to Yoon Jeonghan!

#AngelJeonghanDay #윤정한_생일에_기분좋은_캐럿들

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I was tagged by @gymclassieros (tysm <3)

Nickname: jace or jc

Zodiac: gemini 

Height: 5'3 ;v; 

Last thing I googled: cheez whiz

Favorite music artist: ^^bio^^ 

Song stuck in my head: i don’t think there is but i keep on singing mama so mama i guess 

Last movie I saw: izzy’s way home (jfc don’t ask)

What am I wearing right now: red and white shirt, red white and black shorts 

Why did I choose my URL: if you read it out loud. those are my initials.

Do I have any other blogs: nah 

What did your last romantic relationship teach you: nah i’m unattractive haha 

Religious or spiritual: oh man, neither?? it’s scary 

Favorite color: can’t decide if it’s blue, red or purple. they look really good with black and i like black.

Average hours of sleep: 4 to 8. i am unhealthy i know 

Lucky number: lucky?? idk but my fave numbers are 1, 2 and 5 

Favorite characters: fun ghoul, bendy, aquamarine, and probably a lot more. emo quartet ruined me. 

How many blankets do I sleep with: it’s effin hot where i live, I don’t need blankets 

Dream job: psychiatrist. i kinda want something that involves art, too, but i feel like it would be better as a hobby 

I tag: @peppieroni-peteza @venom-spells @thommato @emowithstickynotes @gerardstolemycookie @gerardsassquatch @mychemicalchinchilla @thebuttercupprincess @kobrakidandthemagicseed @loonixart @apersonthatyoushouldntcareabout @my-constant-existential-crisis @heymoonrydenwasreal @partypoisoninthehouse @crazyabbyarcanine @mialooia @almost-my-fantasy @phalloutatthediscowithtyjish @aestheticalhood @summerzault (heyya, you probably don’t know me but i would like to know a little about you! ^ ^ also, no pressure haha <3)

possibleplatypus  asked:

1, 10, 15, 17, 18 ;)

1. If you’re an author, how many WIPs do you currently have? (Be honest!)

*stares into the distance* too many

10. Mutual pining or enemies to friends to lovers? 

MUTUAL PINING!! My fave thing ever is to read/write about the pining where the characters think that their feelings are unrequited?? BUT THEY ARE!! AND EVERYTHING IS PAINFUL AND BEAUTIFUL!!

15. Post the last line you wrote without context.

“All I mean is that there’s only one of you. Maybe this endeavor requires a–a group effort of sorts.”

18. Do you have a fic reading/writing routine?

Not really?? HAHA. Well. I do end up at Ao3 most nights just to look for a fic I can use to destress so I guess that’s something of a routine. But for writing, sometimes, whatever happens, happens, but I also sometimes just sit down and try to power through a fic. So. Yeah. 

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I tag @cherriwavves

1) nicknames 💖 cowbaby , kindercow, dairyfairy

2) gender 💖 female

3) star sign 💖 Sagittarius /Capricorn cusp

4) height 💖 5'3"

5) time 💖 4:16 am

6) birthday 💖 Dec 21

7) fave bands 💖 Teen Suicide, Elvis Depressedly, Cryspell, Circa Survive

8) fave solo artist 💖 Kate Bush, Lana Del Rey, Yung Lean, (I also like nicole dollanganger and dandelion hands so I kept ur answers haha!!) Princess Nokia, and Willow Smith

9) song stuck in my head 💖 Circa Survive - Living together

10) last film i watched 💖 Tinkerbell movie ~!!

11) last tv show i watched 💖 the end of the fucking world

12) when did you join tumblr 💖 ahhh god I don’t even know! Maybe around 2010 but I honestly don’t know how long Tumblr has been around so I’m probably thinking way to early lol so I don’t care!!!

13) what do i post 💖 gore, cemetery girl aesthetic, cute fashion-larme mostly- , landscapes, green green grass!!! Also sfw age regression stuff on my other blog-lots of toys and anime and cute food and stuff!!!-

14) last thing i googled 💖 mix speaker’s inc.

15) do you have other blogs 💖 yes!! About a million. Lol I had to keep remaking my blogs bc I forgot my password my old account was @cowbabyteardrops and I had a art blog on the side @kindercow and even a diary blog….fashion blog…but now I just use this and my sfw agere blog @kinder-cow

16) do you get asks 💖 barely!!! Lol

17) why did u choose yr URL 💖 I wanted to use Kindercow but tooootally forgot I had already used that name. So I went with this because it’s like kindred spirits. NOT to be confused with kind “red” cow spirits!!! But like my kindred spirit is that of a cows.

18) following 💖 hell I don’t know. I’m on mobile I can’t really go look rn

19) followers 💖 around 300 maybe

20) fave colours 💖 Pink!! Dark green! Lilac or lavender or whatever color light purple is ~~~

21) average hours of sleep  💖 waaayyy to many.

22) lucky number  💖 me no know

23) instruments  💖 ive never learned an instrument but I love saxophone and bass guitar

24) what i am wearing  💖 laced tank top and white shorts with pink flowers on them

25) how many blankets do you sleep with  💖 2 

26) dream job  💖 working with animals or flowers , or being a model mostly!! Or making and selling art, clothes , accessories

27) dream trip  💖 anywhere I could meet my online friends.

28) fave food  💖 sushi owo

29) nationality  💖 american? Puerto Rican

30) fave song rn  💖 Cryspell - human kittens

30 questions

tagged by: @girabbit thanks so much Erin!!

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nickname(s): pat, patty, rick, asshole, spicy boi

gender: male

sign: gemini 

height: 5 ft 1 in (I am very small aha)

time: 3:44 AM

birthday: June 7

fave bands: duran duran, the killers, tame impala, new order, the walters, the buttertones, fleetwood mac, ect.

fave solo artists: roy orbinson, tom jones, david bowie,  kendrick lamar, the weeknd, cyndi lauper, mac demarco ect.

song stuck in my head: dancing by mellow fellow 

last movie i watched: death becomes her

last show i watched: uhhh I think it was keeping up with the kardashians?? haha

when did i create this blog: uh like sometime in the fall I think?? its fairly new

what do I post: mostly buzzfeed unsolved stuff with aesthetic and horror films lmao 

what did i last google: tokio hotel bc of discord

do i get asks: nah but like I would love some haha

why did i choose this url: ahhh I was talking to @kametrodon and she had said it and I loved it so much I went with it haha

average hours of sleep: uhhh depends on the day?? between 2-6

lucky number: 7

instruments: I use to play violin 

what i am wearing: star wars T-shirt and boxers

dream job: film maker 

favourite food: pupusas 

last book i read: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress 

3 favorite fandoms: buzzfeed unsolved, uhh the hbo war fandom haha, and the bill and ted fandom 

tagging: @raakxhyr, @kametrodon, @50shadesofwheeze, @abso-fucking-lootlee, and whoever else would like too sorry I’m not doing 20 lmao

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(1/3) Hello! Hope all is well, I've just had a very tiring week so far! Well my weekend was the good kind of busy, my week not so much haha. Anyway, I enjoy reading your answers! It's so hard for me to pick a fave off of 27, I used to listen to it on repeat soooo much last year. I don't mind the autotune so much in Daydream and I love Tablo and Jongwan's parts (huge fan of both!) but agreed, the live is much better + his rapping! So. Good.

(2/3) My fave Sunggyu track would have to be either Kontrol or Daydream or 41 Days. Or… well I’ll just stop there or I’ll go on for a while haha. I loved seeing 5 of the boys’ pics recently even though they looked tired :( and I am watching Sungyeol’s drama so not missing out on seeing him so much!(have you watched any dramas with infinite members? I still need to watch Mask) And I think we get airport pictures tomorrow yay!

(3/3)We don’t get 4 seasons here either and I miss that so much from where I used to live before!Spring + fall are the best!I recently watched Dongwoo’s birthday vlive with subs, I love his energy so much and he is so down-to-earth and casual I JUST LOVE HIM A LOT. I was wondering if the recent selfie he posted was from MV filming! OOh yes they went to weekly idol too, I am soexcited. That’s what got me into Infinite.Well kind of. haha..I’ll tell that story later. What got you into infinite?- 👻

Hi Secret Santa! Welcome to the weekend :) I’m hoping that you get some time off to recover from your busy week.

Originally posted by jangdogwoof

(Hopefully this reflects your start to the weekend somehow! Haha.)

I do love Daydream as well because of Tablo and Jongwan’s voices. And to me, I can imagine Daydream being very special to Sunggyu because of the involvement of his mentors in it. Wouldn’t it kind of being like having a nice big hug from them every time he sang it? That’s how I’d imagine it anyway.

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Request- Wow your writing get better everyday! Could you do another part to fated kiss?  Like a epilogue? Where the reader is pregnant and has a child!   Dean just panics when her water breaks, and she yells at him a lot when she’s giving birth or something funny?😂😂

A/N- Wow title is soo original! haha Okay so hope it was okay to have Hadraniel there cause I dunno why but I love him!
‘Hadraniel- What do you mean you don’t know why? Hun everything about me is fabulous! Plus hun you are a romanticist so of course cupids must be your fave type of angles. Amirite ;) Oh dad! I love my job
Any who tell me us what you think x) I’m such a dork!

Dean x Prego!Reader

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Word Count- 757

Hello loves! Bet you thought you heard the last of me. Think again! Being the amazing cupid that I am, I thought I could tell the after story. Plus I come out in it! Bonus! Don’t worry I’ll keep it short. Maybe. Any who, the last time I saw you was well there was the time you and Dean kissed. I mean I was the one who got you dum dums together after all. It’s been a long time since then, three years to be exact. Ah I remembered I also saw you about four months ago. Your belly was swollen and you had this glow. Oh dad! It was exciting! You had a little Dean or little Y/N in your tum tum. You didn’t want me to tell you what it was though. Oh well you were in for a surprise.

“Ugggghhhhh” you groaned. It was a week past your due date.

I remember you and Dean being so excited. Now you just wanted the baby out of you.

You were laying on the coach like a potato. In fact, you looked exactly like a giant potato. You felt like a giant potato. But if anyone actually told you that, you would probably stab them in the face. Not that you could. Not in this state you were. Dean catered to every one of your whims. Which of course was extremely thoughtful at first. But you were nine month pregnant, and right now everything annoyed you.

“Babe, you need anything?” asked your dreamy eyed soulmate… I mean Dean.

You smiled, not a happy smile, but a sarcastic one. “Do I need anything? I need this baby out of me! Seriously it’s been nine freakin months!” you yelled as you tried to stand.

Dean rushed to your side and helped you up. “Don’t worry, I’m sure little Y/N will come out any day now.’ he said.

You gave him a look, “Little Y/N?” you ask. It was the first time you heard him say it. “You think the baby’ll be a girl?”

His beautiful shiny smile was the only answer you needed. Seconds later, that smile was long gone. You were screaming in pain. Dean looked down and saw that your water broke. It was finally time.

If it weren’t for you Dean would have stayed frozen like a statue. You yelled out in pain again and he snapped out of it. “U-Uh K-Keys. Keys.” the dum dum repeated as he looked around.

“Dean! Sam took baby out for a supply run remember!” you remind him through the pain.

“Crap… Um-”

“Just call someone! Anyone!” you yelled already covered in sweat.

“Did someone call.” queue the applause I have arrived.

“Ha-Hadraniel!” you yelled.

“Looks like I came just in time! Hun you are lucky I have done this before.” I said.

After hours of your screaming, bucket of sweat, and crushing Dean’s hand, you heard it. The cry of a baby. I expertly wrapped the baby in a blanket and handed him to Sam. Yes you heard me, Sam. You, Dean, and Sam himself were both very confused as to why I handed your newborn boy to Sam. You figured it out seconds later when the pain returned. The look on Dean’s face was the funniest thing I had ever seen. I mix of ‘another one?’ and ‘oh my god another one!” It was fearful happy face. While you gave the final push, Sam rocked your first born back and forth.

“Ooh, his one is a girl!” I say excitedly even though I already knew.

I wrapped her in a blanket just as I did with the first and handed her to Dean, who had completely forgotten the pain in his hand. Sam handed the boy to you. You both were instantly filled with adoration for your little tater tots and only looked away to stare at one another. It was adorable!

This scene is one I had waited for all my life. It might have taken centuries, but I was finally able to witness it. It might have severely damaged my wings but it was totally worth saving you from hell. Yours is a love story that would be told for generations to come. So you take good care of your tots in the way I know you can. Love them. Love your soulmate, be there for him. He has a long road ahead of him and will need you by his side. But don’t you worry love, yours and his story is a happy one.

Hope you like it! x)

iceykiller  asked:

Top 10 favorites movies

I will defy you and list FIVE 8D

2. Spirited Away
3. Batman: The Dark Knight (Heath Ledger, there will never be a Joker better than you in my eyes)
4. Finding Nemo
5. The Last Airbender

5. Van Hellsing ( don’t judge me )

And people asked for my top 5 Disney movies:

1. Mulan
2. Anastasia ((EDIT: ANASTASIA ISNT A DISNEY MOVIE. My mind is blown. It’s still one of my fave movies though, and would be on the previous list if I didn’t reserve it for this one haha))
3. The Lion King
4. Emperor’s New Groove
5. Pirates of the Carribean 8D (But if that doesn’t count, then Big Hero 6 haha)

Aaaand also top 5 shows: (most of these will probs be cartoons because I am a child at heart)

1. Avatar: The Last Airbender
2. Invader Zim
3. Supernatural
4. Game of Thrones
5. Sherlock (BBC)

(Oh, well, not most of them cartoons but yknow they take the top anyway haha)