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- Next year maybe..

sandovers replied to your post: i know this an #unpopular pop punk opinion, but…

my #unpopular pop punk opinion is that i don’t really gaf about blink-182 beyond the all the small things video (for obvious reasons) so you’re a step ahead of me

it’s genuinely such a good, cohesive album that I think when it came out people where shocked, and then of course Blink released it and then fucked off

I mean, Robert Smith makes a cameo on it 

and “Feeling This” has one of the best bridges (”Look to the past / And remember her smile / And maybe tonight / I can breathe for a while…) (can u tell i listen to blink 182 and pretend they are songs sung by lesbians?)

and then outside of the self-titled album, “Online Songs” is a c l a s s i c (”Last night I saw you online / Your screen name used to be mine”)