the las dinner

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he's said he wanted to be alone but he's out with his friends ! check bryony's instagram story

yeah!!! he told us in his live show this week that he got talked into going out to eat for dinner though :) here are the pics for anyone who doesn’t have insta: 

ahhhh i’m so happy they’re having a good time and getting sushi a la phil’s bday dinners :)))))) <3 

in the heights au: everything is the same except sonny is actually invited to ninas dinner

This Day in 1D History - April 2


  • X Factor Live Tour concert – Glasgow, UK #2


  • ot5 get measured for Mme Tussauds! (clips air on Sunrise)
  • LIAM
  • Take Me Home Tour concerts – London, UK #4 


  • Niall (and Justin Rose and JT) visit the Drive, Chip & Putt in Augusta!

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These are from the prompt list, I'm too lazy to type the whole thing out😂 1 - Jeff Atkins 3 - Zach Dempsey 6 - Montgomery De La Cruz 8 - Justin Foley 9 - Alex Standall 15 - Jeff Atkins 17 - Zach Dempsey 21 - Zach Dempsey and Justin Foley 24 - Clay Jensen 26 - Montgomery De La Cruz 32 - Montgomery De La Cruz 39 - Clay Jensen 40 - Montgomery De La Cruz 43 - Zach Dempsey 44 - Justin Foley 48 - Justin Foley 49 - Zach Dempsey 50 - Montgomery De La Cruz ^Well you're gonna be busy for a while😂😂

OMG!!! I finally finished your long requests, Aja! 😍😘

Quite A Vexer  (Jeff Atkins)

Home (Zach Dempsey)

Frenemies (Montgomery de la Cruz)

Brave (Justin Foley)

Limits (Alex Standall)

Stop (Jeff Atkins)

You (Zach Dempsey)

Video Games (Justin Foley)

All About Us (Clay Jensen)

Proud (Montgomery de la Cruz)

Truth And Dare (Montgomery de la Cruz)

Make Me Cry (Clay Jensen)

Doubts (Montgomery de la Cruz)

Family Dinner (Zach Dempsey)

Flatterer (Justin Foley)

Crying Shoulder (Justin Foley)

Knock You Down (Zach Dempsey)

Avenger (Montgomery de la Cruz)


Dinner at LA institute

Julian: Ty, pass me the salt, please.

Ty: *throws Kit across the table*

Everybody: *shook*

Ty: That wasn’t a metaphor? Apologies.

This Day in 1D History - April 19


  • Harry, Louis, Stan, and John get back from their ski holiday :) .x



  • Zerrie get us all wondering who we’re more jealous of 
  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Manchester, UK #3
  • Harry goes bowling after the show with friends (and wins :))


  • Niall puts on his newsboy best for a writing sesh with Jamie Scott 
  • Louis plays in the Rovers’ Legends match for James Coppinger! (and Liam comes to see him play :)) 


  • Louis and Danielle are all kinds of goals while out to dinner in LA