the las dinner

in the heights au: everything is the same except sonny is actually invited to ninas dinner

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he's said he wanted to be alone but he's out with his friends ! check bryony's instagram story

yeah!!! he told us in his live show this week that he got talked into going out to eat for dinner though :) here are the pics for anyone who doesn’t have insta: 

ahhhh i’m so happy they’re having a good time and getting sushi a la phil’s bday dinners :)))))) <3 

La Revolution Francaise as things I've heard at dinner parties
  • (Saint-Just enters, only wearing boxers)
  • Robespierre: Antoine...did...are you forgetting something?
  • Saint-Just: (thinks for like a solid minute)(softly) I forgot my shirt.
  • ...
  • Danton: (makes a shit-ton of fish for everyone)How's the fish Camille?
  • Desmoulins: (in pain)(too polite to say he hates fish) it's lovely (starts gagging)
  • Lucille: (pats his back in support)
  • ...
  • Marat: have you seen the new saw movie?
  • Charlotte Corday: (under her breath) I wish I could saw you to death
  • ...
  • Marie Antoinette: (twists ankle) I'm too beautiful for this
  • Louis Capet: (Icing her ankle) (nods in agreement)
  • ...
  • Bonus:
  • Saint Just: (wearing red and white outfit) Guess you could say I'm really rocking the 'tricolor' look
  • Desmoulins: Umm, don't you also need to wear blue for that?
  • Saint-Just: (winking at robespierre) Well, you don't know what color I'm wearing underneath...
  • Desmoulins: (leaves)
  • Robespierre: (chokes on his water)