the large turf

Das große Rasenstück by Albrecht Dürer

The painting was created at Dürer’s workshop in Nuremberg in 1503. It is a study of a seemingly random group of wild plants, including dandelion and greater plantain. The work is considered one of the masterpieces of Dürer’s. The watercolour shows a large piece of turf and little else. The various growths can be identified as cock’s-foot, creeping bent, smooth meadow-grass, daisy, dandelion, germander speedwell, greater plantain, hound’s-tongue and yarrow.

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The Large Turf                                                                                                 by Albrecht Durer

I love art because many things can be portrayed more beautifully than reality. This painting is exactly what I meant. It is very realistic that the artist depicts every detail of nature. However, it holds the emotion or feeling that the reality does not have. It’s so beautiful and hearth-warming.

It was also surprising to know that the medium used was watercolor.