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me as kid: magical girls are pretty and good! They look cute and fight evil!

Teen Years: the magical girl genre is stupid and pointless, the characters are flat, girly and solve everything with “heart.” I don’t know I wasn’t just watching DBZ or something the whole time

me now: magical girls are pretty and good! (And continue to be a genre that largely focuses on depicting healthy female friendship and empowering young protagonists to overcome obstacles through their own abilities- whether it be kindness or compassion; there are usually many girls that are depicted as important and varied- something you won’t see in other TV) They look cute and fight evil!

‘’Looking in the glass I see I am pretty not a girl anymore I’ve never felt like this before’’


Drawing period clothes makes me so happy.

It’s messing people up, this social pressure to “find your passion” and “know what it is you want to do”. It’s perfectly fine to just live your moments fully, and marvel as many small and large passions, many small and large purposes enter and leave your life. For many people there is no realization, no bliss to follow, no discovery of your life’s purpose. This isn’t sad, it’s just the way things are. Stop trying to find the forest and just enjoy the trees.

If you’re an empath, you probably already know that you see and feel things in a unique way. Empaths have the innate ability to truly understand other people, whether they know them well or not. With their unprecedented abilities to be selfless in a self-serving world, empaths might often feel used by others or out of place. But empaths, I’m here to let you know there are more people like you out there than you think. Upon discovering the term “empath,” it really helped explain a few things about why I am the way I am. There are a lot of ways I can describe my personality: introverted, INFJ, or a highly sensitive person (HSP), but I think being an empath is really at the core of who I am. (What’s your personality type? We recommend this free personality test.)

So, here are 11 things that helped me explain some of the out-of-the-ordinary parts of my personality I didn’t understand before. They may not be true for every introverted empath, but they are definitely true to the empath in me:

1. Empaths walk in other people’s shoes with little effort. One of the easiest things for an empath to do is understand what another person is going through. That is, in essence, the definition of the word “empathy,” which Merriam-Webster describes as “the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another.” In short, empathy is walking in someone’s shoes even if they’ve walked a completely different path than anything you’ve experienced. Now, this isn’t to say that empaths have a supernatural ability to comprehend any human situation, experience, or feeling — we’re just better at it than most.

2. We feel deeply. I don’t know how else to explain it, but it’s as if my emotions seem to be more heightened than others around me. This can be both a blessing and a curse. On the upside, people will know I care about them without me even having to really say it. However, there are times where a greater tendency towards apathy would make my life easier; it’s tiring to constantly be experiencing strong emotions. For example, when I’m grieving — whether it be the loss of a loved one or a dramatic and unpleasant change in my life — my insomnia worsens, my moods plunge, I listen to a lot of sad music, and it becomes all too easy to choke up and lose myself.

3. We can be brought to tears over seemingly insignificant things. I’ve cried while looking at an exhibit in a museum, reading books, listening to someone tell a story, and especially while watching or reading the news. Tears come easy to me but when they do, I often need to assess where they’re coming from: the empath in me or the HSP. Both aspects of my personality can lead to an emotional response, but it’s important to identify in myself where the emotion is coming from in order to move on from that moment.

4. We are passionate. One reason we may get emotional easily is that we have a large capacity for passion. If there’s a subject, people group, or situation we truly care about helping, we will throw ourselves into the effort. If we believe what we’re doing will truly help someone, we may even be willing to go out of our comfort zones to get it done — even us introverted empaths.

5. We listen because we truly care. It’s against our nature not to care. We go beyond the shallow definition of “people-pleaser” because we not only place a lot of value in how others perceive us but also in that we don’t want to let anyone down. We have a passion for other people, and one thing about people is they love to feel heard. As empaths, we know this and look to offer a listening ear.

6. We love serving. Empaths have servant hearts: It’s hard for us to see suffering and not want to help. When we’re choosing how to spend our time, we often look for activities that have a purpose and meaning behind them. While I’ve been a student, I’ve always been drawn to organizations surrounding volunteer work. Maybe it’s partially nurture — how I was raised — but I think it’s also definitely a part of my nature, linked to the empath I am. Looking after others is also one of the ways we ourselves feel fulfilled because it’s often easier to focus on the struggles of others rather than ourselves.

7. We get other people’s feelings but not always our own. It’s kind of like having the ability to know who is crushing on your friend but being completely oblivious to the possibility that someone likes you. Reading other people’s feelings? For an empath, that’s a piece of cake. Sorting out our own inner turmoil? More often than not, a complete and utter fail. You’d think self-awareness is a fundamental human trait, but for some of us, it’s a bit trickier to figure out. Empaths feel and understand so much that sifting out their own feelings from the feelings of others can be a daunting task — albeit a necessary one.

8. We read people well. Empaths often consider the effect their words will have on the listener, because they want to know that what they’re saying or doing isn’t going to negatively impact someone. This mode of calculated conversation and action can provide empaths with a large store of knowledge as to what makes people tick.

9. We have strong, lasting connections with people we may not have interacted with in years. Once we bond with someone, it can often take on a “till-death-do-us-part” type of existence. Distance, separation, and time may cause our surface level relationship to corrode, but we still feel a strong affinity for the person who meant a lot to us at one point in time, even long after we’ve parted ways.

10. We’re often labeled as being overly sensitive or emotional. Telling someone that an emotional response makes them weak is an argument people have been using against various groups for ages. They may not be singled out in this, but empaths often fall into one or more of the groups under such reproach. Especially if you’re a male empath, people might see your sensitivity and tell you that you need to “man up.” Our culture associates masculinity and power with rationality — as if an emotional response is never the rational one. (Personally, I think there are many scenarios in which it could be construed as highly irrational to lack any emotion.) So empaths, stay strong in your own uniquely sensitive way; the world could use a whole lot more people like you.

11. Empaths are sought after but often underappreciated. Not all empaths are introverts, but the ones that are tend to be affected more by this one. When you’re a genuine, attentive listener who gives good advice, people and their problems tend to flock to you. It doesn’t even matter if they know you hardly at all, but something about empaths makes people decide to bare their souls. It’s not really that much of a shock that this happens if you consider how good at being understanding empaths are, though it can at times become frustrating. We do care immensely about the well-being of others, and that’s why we may bite our tongues and sit down to listen to someone rant about the same things again. However, empaths need to beware of one-sided relationships where they’re giving all of themselves and not receiving anywhere near the same in return.

A Final Note to Empaths

My dear empaths, you were born hard-wired to put others first. Your selfless attitude is both courageous and compassionate. Just don’t forget that it’s important to take care of yourself, too. There will be people who won’t appreciate your sensitivity or will seek to use your empathetic demeanor for their own gain; and these are the people that are not worth anguishing over. Instead, seek out the people and the places that will value you and support you as much as you support them. And don’t let someone convince you that caring for other people isn’t worth it. But then again, I’m sure you know that already.


It’s messing people up, this social pressure to “find your passion” and “know what it is you want to do”. It’s perfectly fine to just live your moments fully, and marvel as many small and large passions, many small and large purposes enter and leave your life. For many people there is no realization, no bliss to follow, no discovery of your life’s purpose. This isn’t sad, it’s just the way things are. Stop trying to find the forest and just enjoy the trees.
—  Sally Coulter
It’s messing people up, this social pressure to ‘find your passion’ and 'know what it is you want to do.’ It’s perfectly fine to just live your moments fully, and marvel as many small and large passions, many small and large purposes enter and leave your life. For many people there is no realisation, no bliss to follow, no discovery of your life’s purpose. This isn’t sad, it’s just the way things are. Stop trying to find the forest and just enjoy the trees.
—  Sally Coulter
future fruit

Min Yoongi / Suga / Agust D | BTS
8,375 words | DRAMA/FLUFF
warnings for language
(unnamed OC)

a playlist because I felt like it, it’s a strange collection but they’re all songs I listened to writing this.

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The first time Yoongi shows up at her apartment, she’s just finished cleaning up her after-dinner mess and opened her laptop for a movie, wanting a quiet night in.

“I hope this is okay,” he says after she opens the door to him slumped against the frame, purpled exhaustion painted into his lacrimal groove and a reddened darkness in the outer corner, as if one of his makeup artists had applied a rusty shadow to elongate his eyes and create depth.

“You said to come over if I needed,” he adds.

She nods. “Of course, come on in.”

He shuffles in, toeing off his shoes in the cramped entryway space, then follows her into the small Gangnam studio apartment. He looks around at her minimal decor, enough to show glimpses of her personality, but little enough to keep her space from feeling overcrowded and busy, the pale peachy wall color cocooning him in warmth.

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Luxe Caramel

Halloween Drabble #3

AU: Pianist!Baekhyun, ???!Au
Genre: Smut
Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader
Wordcount: 1031
Notes for Update: Comment if you want more!
Warnings: Smut
A/N: This is the third one guys, you know the drill, comment for more, if it reached the desired amount of notes we’ll see about more ;)

His hands were everywhere, smoothing over your sides, tugging at your hair. You felt his chest heave against yours as he pressed you into the mattress. Hot breath fanning out of your neck, before he kissed the skin, sucking, scraping his teeth over it till you were a whimpering mess in his embrace.

“Baekhyun.” You breathed, fingers dancing along the nape of his neck. He smelled heavily of his cologne, the tinge of it filling your nose along with the scent of sweat and your own perfume. 

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So there was this Boys State and Girls State thing where certain kids across the state get selected to go to several seminars on local government and participate in a mock senate and house. It’s a great opportunity to learn parliamentary procedure, practice writing legislation, and otherwise learn about local government.

The girls made legislation in favor of clean energy, decriminalizing drugs and prostitution, and other legitimate topics. The debates were largely very passionate moral activist issues.

The boys however seceded from their mythical nation, made Saturday a sabbath for “cracking a cold one” with the boys, passed a bill to carve Texas into the moon, and pushed another bill passed to solve global warming via sunscreen.

Anything for You: Part Three

Pairing(s): Richie Tozier x Eddie Kaspbrak

Warnings: super short (i’m so sorry), making out, FLUFF

Word Count: 1.1 k

Part 3 / ?

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One Year Earlier

When Eddie Kaspbrak awoke, he didn’t dare move an inch. He let his breaths out as slowly and calmly as possible, ignoring the itch he felt crawling up his right leg. He tried not to focus on the weight sprawled across his small frame, knowing that too much thought of it would have him flustered.

The couch was cramped, yet comfortable, against his body. He did not have a blanket, nor did he need one with the human heater, Richie Tozier, snoozing peacefully on his chest. Dark curls brushed along his chin as Richie shifted slightly, sending a jolt of electricity down his spine. Eddie tensed into the cushion to keep from squealing as the hair tickled him.

Eddie’s skin tingled as Richie sleepily dragged his hand up the boy’s chest to rest on the skin of his neck, pulling their bodies impossibly closer. Eddie responded by timidly placing his own hand on Richie’s back, holding him in a tight embrace. Eddie hoped the rapid beating of his heart would not wake the sleeping boy, but it would not slow.

Although, the boys had been ‘going steady’ for roughly three months now, just the thought of Richie liking Eddie sent his mind into a frenzy. Gently craning his neck, his lips rested on the chocolate ringlets, occasionally pressing small kisses to them.

Eddie focused down on the cold pads of Richie’s fingers which were settled on the warm skin of his neck, making every hair on his body stand on edge. Hot breath fanned across his delicate skin, and he found himself absent-mindedly twisting the woolen fabric of Richie’s sweater in his fist.

Eddie flinched as the cold digits began to dance along his collarbone. Richie let out a small laugh, still grazing shapes with his fingers.

“Did I wake you?” Eddie’s voice came out small and soft, as if he’d been speaking to a child instead of a sixteen year old boy.

“Don’t worry about it, Eds,” Richie’s voice was hoarse as he curled further into his boyfriend, “You’re so warm.”

Eddie, now not having to worry about waking him, wrapped both arms snugly around Richie’s shoulders, giving him an affectionate squeeze. One hand trailed up to tangle in Richie’s wild mop of hair, smoothing the locks between his fingers. Richie hummed in appreciation, his eyes never opening.

Adoration swelled between the couple, practically radiating off of them. Eddie’s skin burned like fire with every touch Richie left and Richie fought the desire to scream as he felt Eddie’s thin fingers wrapped in his hair - both of the boys seeming to drown in infatuation.

“I’m going to marry you one day.” Richie promised sleepily, tone completely serious and passionate.

A large grin broke across Eddie’s face as he let out a breathy laugh, giving his boyfriend’s hair another brush. He honestly could have passed out just hearing those words, but instead settled with grabbing Richie’s face and pulling him up to connect their lips.

Woah there, Eds. No need to break my neck, you could just say ‘no’.” The older boy joked as they parted, noses still touching.

“Beep beep, Richie.”

Eddie placed another loving kiss onto Richie’s lips, leaving both of them light-headed. Eddie cradled Richie’s head delicately, his thumbs rolling small circles on his high-set cheekbones.

“I wish we could, Rich.”

Richie’s eyes flickered between Eddie’s matching ones, “We will, I don’t are how fucking illegal it is. I love you and I want to marry you.”

“We can’t just walk up to the courthouse and demand they wed us, nobody wants to see two guys get married.”

“You’ll just have to dress up like a girl, then, Spaghetti Head - because it’s happening no matter what.”

Eddie grinned again, mind buzzing as Richie’s lips brushed against for a third time. Richie held his weight up with his knees, seeing as he was basically straddling Eddie’s small body. The compromising position caused both of the boys to flush bright red.

“If Ms. K walked in right now, she’d be so jealous.”

“Shut the fuck up, trashmouth.”

Loud footsteps began to thud down the hall, nearing the entrance to the living room. Without thought, Eddie shoved Richie off of his body and onto the floor. They both scrambled to look casual; Eddie pulling his legs up to sit criss-cross on the couch and Richie climbing into the leather recliner in the corner of the room.

Just as the latter settled, Eddie’s large mother bounded into the room. She eyed the boys suspiciously, her stare lingering on Richie for slightly too long. He flashed her a bright grin, as if he hadn’t been making out with her son just moments before.

“Eddie Bear, I’m going to pick up your new medicine.” She walked over and pressed a sloppy kiss to his cheek, “I’ll be back in a couple minutes.”

With one last glare at Richie, she hung her bag over her shoulder and stomped back out of the room. The boys let out sighs of relief, Eddie wiping his face with the back of his sleeve. He glanced over at Richie, only to find the boy was already smirking at him.

“What did I tell you, Eddie Bear, she was so jealous.”

“Shut up, Richie!”

Richie let out a loud laugh, relaxing back on the chair. Despite the fact that it had only been two minutes since they had been separated, Richie found himself itching to get his hands back on Eddie. It seemed that Eddie had read his mind as he rushed across the room to settle down on Richie’s lap. The lanky boy’s hands quickly met his boyfriend’s waist, his brows raising in amusement.

“She won’t be back for a bit,” Eddie spoke confidently, “We could make out again.”

“I like the way you think, Eddie Spaghetti.”

Chapped lips met overly-moisturized ones without a care in the world, locking together and moving in perfect sync. Eddie was certain he’d have bruises from the tight grip on his waist, not that he minded one bit. They melted, becoming completely engrossed in each other.

 Seconds bled into minutes, but felt like no time at all - because, when Richie and Eddie were together, the world fell still.

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After seeing him play all of these roles, I finally had the chance to meet Riz over a dinner. I went from not hating him anymore to loving him. He’s kind, he likes good food, and he is passionate about making South Asians feel like they are a valuable part of pop culture and the world at large. He’s also passionate about acting, of course.
—  Kumail Nanjiani on Riz Ahmed (x)
Until the End of Time- Minghao Fluff (Vampire!AU)

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Word Count:1365 

Genre: Fluffy Goodness 

Warnings: Mentions of blood ( Duh… I mean nothing graphic tho)

A/N: I wrote this while listening to the Big Time Rush theme song on repeat for 3 hours… if any of y'all are bored message me because clearly I need friends.

 Minghao licked his lips and stepped back, looking over his favorite piece of art; you. Two small, red dots rested at the base of your neck, and you quickly pulled your blue scarf up to cover them.

 “Hao, you can’t make them that far up! I’m gonna need to wear concealer tomorrow…” You playfully complained to your boyfriend, whose poodle-like eyes brightened up.

 “You don’t need to cover them up, I think they add to your beauty.”

 “You’re just saying that so I’ll continue being your living snack bar.” He shrunk back in his chair for a moment, but your fake anger did not stop him from lacing his thin fingers in yours. He pulled you into his chest, and you inhaled his natural musky scent. 

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It’s messing people up, this social pressure to “find your passion” and “know what it is you want to do”. It’s perfectly fine to just live your moments fully, and marvel as many small and large passions, many small and large purposes enter and leave your life. For many people there is no realization, no bliss to follow, no discovery of your life’s purpose. This isn’t sad, it’s just the way things are. Stop trying to find the forest and just enjoy the trees.
—  via @wizdomly

anonymous asked:

I'm new to fandom and just spent a day browsing your incredible archive. You're seriously my favorite Supernatural tumblr. But I do have a question for you if you have time. Who is the mysterious Euclase whose art I keep seeing? I see her art all over and everyone seems to know her but she doesn't exist? Do you know her? Thanks for your time. Please stay awesome!

Hi! And thanks! And welcome to fandom!

Euclase is a fantastic artist who now has a tumblr at @eliciadonze, if you’re looking for more of her art.

She deleted the Euclase tumblr due to an overwhelming amount of negativity aimed at her (not just from the Supernatural fandom, but not excluding the Supernatural fandom either, which is probably not a nice thing to hear upon first joining a fandom– that there are ugly parts to the happy little place we try to make to talk about something we love– but anywhere large numbers of passionate people gather together, there are going to be a certain percentage who don’t know how to stay in their lane, and an even smaller percentage whose entire purpose is specifically to CAUSE problems. Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid or ignore the rotten apples. Elicia was tired of having the largest collection of rotten apples harassing her, and so deleted.

But she is a lovely smol bean who posts her art for the fun of it, not just Supernatural, but whatever strikes her fancy, since it’s her hobby she engages in for funsies and not her job. So if you love what she does, please go over and tell her.

Honestly that’s an excellent rule for any fandom creator– artist, writer, gif maker, video maker– if you love what they do, TELL THEM! Like their posts, reblog their posts with a few words of appreciation in the tags, send them a message thanking them. Really, we all produce this content free of charge because it’s something we love to do. A little thanks goes a long way.

(on the other side of that coin, if you see something you DON’T like, a fic for a pairing you don’t read, your favorite artist draws a character you don’t like, whatever… just keep scrolling. The next post on your dash will probably be something you can love again.)

Tumblr’s like a huge grocery store, and we’re just pushing our carts down the aisle, filling our shopping basket with post we want to reblog. If you’re filling your own blog with Cheerios but right next to the Cheerios is *ugh* Froot Loops and you don’t LIKE Froot Loops (heaven forfend!), you don’t need to destroy all the Froot Loops and rip them off the shelves and yell at the store manager that these abominations have no place in any decent grocery store because they’re TOO FRUITY or TOO COLORFUL or made with FAKE FRUIT i mean it’s even called FROOT and wtf is that even… before setting them on fire. I mean, most people just walk past and find the Rice Krispies and continue shopping. I mean… no one’s asking you to personally love everything you see, and if you don’t love it, there’s no reason for you to interact with it at all. But if you REALLY loved those Cheerios, maybe write a quick email to the creator and they’ll be so glad they’ll send you coupons and free samples and stuff.

Or just be thrilled enough that someone liked their work that it inspires them to make more.

Basically, Euclase was the Froot Loops in my little metaphor up there ^^. But the Froot Loop Hate Brigade got to the point where they were staging a picket line outside the grocery store, and writing articles in the local paper about how terrible they were, and patrolling the aisles and basically taking all the fun out of even being Froot Loops when they just wanted to exist and maybe make someone else happy.

(Sorry, Licia… I haven’t had breakfast yet. For some reason I want Froot Loops now. If you would rather be Fruity Pebbles or something, let me know and I’ll edit… I just thought you deserved to be pretty cereal)

So there you go, a welcome, a PSA about the proper care and feeding of fandom creators, and an answer to your question. :)

Benefits Of Living Together - Castiel x Candy

Requested by @xstalkingtheshadowsx

What was the best part about graduating high school and going away for college? Many would say that it was the independence that came with moving out, or the fact that you didn’t have to see the people from high school that you hated everyday. Castiel already had the first thing while in high school, and although the second thing was nice he wouldn’t dare to say it was the best. No, for him the best part was that he and Candy were living together.

They hadn’t originally planned on living together, or even planned on going to the same college for that matter. But with the twists and turns that life threw at them during the senior year in high school, that’s what had ended up happening.

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Song (Producer!Namjoon)

Plot: #17. “What’s that?” “My work.” “Yeah, I got that…But like what’s it about?” “Stuff.” “What kinda stuff?” “Just stuff.” “Yeah..but what stuff?” with producer!Namjoon

Word Count: 739

A/N: so, as I did with kook’s birthday, both today and tomorrow are gonna be Namjoon days bc time zones and I wanna celebrate joon on all the day, also I changed the prompt up a bit from the original (this wasn’t requested it was just an idea that came to mind) prompt to better fit this drabble/scenario, I don’t really have a link for it bc I used producer!Namjoon and I haven’t written anything along those lines but I wanna say a h u g e happy birthday to Namjoon, I hope he has/had an amazing birthday, I hope he gets lot of hugs and love bc he deserves it, I’m so so happy “You Do” got to 10 million views, that was an amazing bday present for him, here’s to 10 million more !!!

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Namjoon had been your boyfriend for four years, fiancé for one. He had been your best friend, your biggest supporter and your favorite life sized teddy bear to hold when it was cold. He was always there for you, he was there to give you advice, to root you on in life, to make you smile at least once a day. So when you realized his birthday was coming up, you wanted to give him a gift that would mean something to the both of you.

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mynameisnotpablo  asked:

Questions; how do you react to the argument against FALC saying that the masses need labor to stay sharp, prevent laziness in society, etc? Some people find joy or purpose in labor, how would they be able to continue that? Also, how would a democratic govt remain efficient in high-stress situations? Finally; not everything can be automated. How would a communist society react to some people working and some not?

1. Marx anticipated precisely that – and he argued that communism would eliminate most necessary work, thus freeing people up to participate in activities and labor they actually enjoy doing. People who want to build stuff for themselves or others, do acts of service, grow food, etc., would be free to do so; they just wouldn’t be compelled to work with the threat of starvation as under capitalism. The original argument you’re making is a Really Bad One™, I’m sorry – you’re basically saying that scant necessary labor in society is a bad thing because it’ll make people lazy and for some reason they won’t want to do the things they enjoy doing?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2. I wouldn’t really be able to give you a super in-depth answer on how a socialist/communist society would deal with high-stress situations. A delegate system of deferred responsibility in most avenues of social life could still be feasibly used to tackle high-stress situations. But emergency measures would most likely vary across communities and regions, similar to how they already vary under capitalism. (Your question definitely has an anti-democratic vibe to it, but at least you acknowledge that socialism/communism is democracy to its logical conclusion, rather than some other reactionary McCarthite narrative.)

3. True, not everything can be automated. But assuming that “some people will work while others don’t” is kind of a faulty premise to start at. Moving towards communism would probably result in a kind of “divvying-up” of work overall. Like, say, a town hall would post jobs that need to be done in communities over the course of a given week, and people would alternate and do them. You wouldn’t be defined by a single career in most cases. (Tying into Point 1, people would start to be largely defined by their passions and individualized traits.) (Research and medical and things of that ilk would require more commitment, but automation could still ease the burdens for people entering those fields.) With democratized automation, people end up with super short shifts when the work is divvied up. Some will inevitably end up working more than others, sure, but if the argument is that socialism will lead to a class of toiling workers and a class of non-working layabouts, then you should probably know that we already have that under capitalism – in the form of the all-producing working class and the parasitic ruling class, respectively. We declare wellbeing for all, and then communities can divvy up their work as they see fit.