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me as kid: magical girls are pretty and good! They look cute and fight evil!

Teen Years: the magical girl genre is stupid and pointless, the characters are flat, girly and solve everything with “heart.” I don’t know I wasn’t just watching DBZ or something the whole time

me now: magical girls are pretty and good! (And continue to be a genre that largely focuses on depicting healthy female friendship and empowering young protagonists to overcome obstacles through their own abilities- whether it be kindness or compassion; there are usually many girls that are depicted as important and varied- something you won’t see in other TV) They look cute and fight evil!

It’s messing people up, this social pressure to “find your passion” and “know what it is you want to do”. It’s perfectly fine to just live your moments fully, and marvel as many small and large passions, many small and large purposes enter and leave your life. For many people there is no realization, no bliss to follow, no discovery of your life’s purpose. This isn’t sad, it’s just the way things are. Stop trying to find the forest and just enjoy the trees.
—  Sally Coulter
It’s messing people up, this social pressure to ‘find your passion’ and 'know what it is you want to do.’ It’s perfectly fine to just live your moments fully, and marvel as many small and large passions, many small and large purposes enter and leave your life. For many people there is no realisation, no bliss to follow, no discovery of your life’s purpose. This isn’t sad, it’s just the way things are. Stop trying to find the forest and just enjoy the trees.
—  Sally Coulter

So there was this Boys State and Girls State thing where certain kids across the state get selected to go to several seminars on local government and participate in a mock senate and house. It’s a great opportunity to learn parliamentary procedure, practice writing legislation, and otherwise learn about local government.

The girls made legislation in favor of clean energy, decriminalizing drugs and prostitution, and other legitimate topics. The debates were largely very passionate moral activist issues.

The boys however seceded from their mythical nation, made Saturday a sabbath for “cracking a cold one” with the boys, passed a bill to carve Texas into the moon, and pushed another bill passed to solve global warming via sunscreen.

It’s messing people up, this social pressure to “find your passion” and “know what it is you want to do”. It’s perfectly fine to just live your moments fully, and marvel as many small and large passions, many small and large purposes enter and leave your life. For many people there is no realization, no bliss to follow, no discovery of your life’s purpose. This isn’t sad, it’s just the way things are. Stop trying to find the forest and just enjoy the trees.

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Questions; how do you react to the argument against FALC saying that the masses need labor to stay sharp, prevent laziness in society, etc? Some people find joy or purpose in labor, how would they be able to continue that? Also, how would a democratic govt remain efficient in high-stress situations? Finally; not everything can be automated. How would a communist society react to some people working and some not?

1. Marx anticipated precisely that – and he argued that communism would eliminate most necessary work, thus freeing people up to participate in activities and labor they actually enjoy doing. People who want to build stuff for themselves or others, do acts of service, grow food, etc., would be free to do so; they just wouldn’t be compelled to work with the threat of starvation as under capitalism. The original argument you’re making is a Really Bad One™, I’m sorry – you’re basically saying that scant necessary labor in society is a bad thing because it’ll make people lazy and for some reason they won’t want to do the things they enjoy doing?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2. I wouldn’t really be able to give you a super in-depth answer on how a socialist/communist society would deal with high-stress situations. A delegate system of deferred responsibility in most avenues of social life could still be feasibly used to tackle high-stress situations. But emergency measures would most likely vary across communities and regions, similar to how they already vary under capitalism. (Your question definitely has an anti-democratic vibe to it, but at least you acknowledge that socialism/communism is democracy to its logical conclusion, rather than some other reactionary McCarthite narrative.)

3. True, not everything can be automated. But assuming that “some people will work while others don’t” is kind of a faulty premise to start at. Moving towards communism would probably result in a kind of “divvying-up” of work overall. Like, say, a town hall would post jobs that need to be done in communities over the course of a given week, and people would alternate and do them. You wouldn’t be defined by a single career in most cases. (Tying into Point 1, people would start to be largely defined by their passions and individualized traits.) (Research and medical and things of that ilk would require more commitment, but automation could still ease the burdens for people entering those fields.) With democratized automation, people end up with super short shifts when the work is divvied up. Some will inevitably end up working more than others, sure, but if the argument is that socialism will lead to a class of toiling workers and a class of non-working layabouts, then you should probably know that we already have that under capitalism – in the form of the all-producing working class and the parasitic ruling class, respectively. We declare wellbeing for all, and then communities can divvy up their work as they see fit.


It’s messing people up, this social pressure to “find your passion” and “know what it is you want to do”. It’s perfectly fine to just live your moments fully, and marvel as many small and large passions, many small and large purposes enter and leave your life. For many people there is no realization, no bliss to follow, no discovery of your life’s purpose. This isn’t sad, it’s just the way things are. Stop trying to find the forest and just enjoy the trees.
—  via @wizdomly
Until the End of Time- Minghao Fluff (Vampire!AU)

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Word Count:1365 

Genre: Fluffy Goodness 

Warnings: Mentions of blood ( Duh… I mean nothing graphic tho)

A/N: I wrote this while listening to the Big Time Rush theme song on repeat for 3 hours… if any of y'all are bored message me because clearly I need friends.

 Minghao licked his lips and stepped back, looking over his favorite piece of art; you. Two small, red dots rested at the base of your neck, and you quickly pulled your blue scarf up to cover them.

 “Hao, you can’t make them that far up! I’m gonna need to wear concealer tomorrow…” You playfully complained to your boyfriend, whose poodle-like eyes brightened up.

 “You don’t need to cover them up, I think they add to your beauty.”

 “You’re just saying that so I’ll continue being your living snack bar.” He shrunk back in his chair for a moment, but your fake anger did not stop him from lacing his thin fingers in yours. He pulled you into his chest, and you inhaled his natural musky scent. 

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I love characterization where black women get to be spoiled sweet. Their aesthetic gets to be soft, gentle, and sweet. They have these big full smiles and dark eyes giving off a warm glimmer in the sunshine. They paint their nails green with little white dots because they think it’s cute. Their phone case is pink and has little rhinestones on the back: they won’t settle for something that instead seems sturdy and durable because it doesn’t come with a cute design. They’re twenty-one but their bedroom looks unchanged from when they were teenagers: it looks like this could be their teenage bedroom. They’re full of boundless love and fun because they’re young and they love to be young!

I love characterization where black women get to be poison. They have a swish in their hips, heels click on the floor and it sounds like power to her. They wear the finest clothes: fur-coats, designer dresses, necklaces and earrings of all varieties and lengths. Moving red lips match the color of the nail tracing against your skin as they talk about sweet nothings. And maybe they do love you, but their own agenda comes first and foremost. This sort of woman has characteristics that goes beyond her beauty. Her sex. They’re sharp as tacks and always ahead in their game. They’re leading the game.

I love characterization where black girls aren’t either of these things. They’re so awkward that they practice what they say in the mirror because they can’t think or get nervous otherwise. They’re off in their own little world – wishing they were somewhere else, anywhere else but here. They work better in small groups than large ones. They have passion for particular things they’re, unfortunately, under-represented in and can even be fun among the small group they love to call their friends. They’re nerdy and geeky as fuck. The wallflower - the tongue-tied black girl is super important.

For if this world keeps going, it’s largely owing to everyone’s material dependence on the smooth general operation of the social machine for their survival. We need to have a technical knowledge of the organization of this world at our disposal; a knowledge that enables us both to neutralize the dominant structures and to secure the necessary time for organizing a material and political disengagement from the general course of the catastrophe, a disengagement not haunted by the specter of extreme poverty, by the urgency of survival. To say that plainly: so long as we can’t do without nuclear power plants and dismantling them remains a business for people who want them to last forever, aspiring to abolish the state will continue to draw smiles; so long as the prospect of a popular uprising will signify a guaranteed fall into scarcity, of health care, food, or energy, there will be no strong mass movement. In other words: we need to resume a meticulous effort of investigation. We need to go look in every sector, in all the territories we inhabit, for those who possess strategic technical knowledge. Only on this basis will movements truly dare to “block everything.” Only on this basis will the passion for experimenting towards another life be liberated, a largely technical passion that is the obverse, as it were, of everyone’s state of technological dependence.
—  To Our Friends

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Even if this is a conspiracy who the fuck cares? Clearly none of this is affecting bts' success. All they are doing is rising and a few news websites aren't gonna stop them. They won a fucking billboard award!! How will some websites not reporting on it gonna end their careers like seriously?

some fans care and i cannot be more irritated by them. bts has the talents, the passion, a large fanbase and that’s what will help them go far, not the amount of time their article is up on the main page

Lead & Lies

Namjoon x Reader
Gang/Mafia Smut
Word Count: 5,000+
Rough, Dominant, Daddy Namjoon

This was a request from a while ago, I’m sorry Anon, I’m a piece of crap and I got so wrapped up in Bite.


RM: I won’t be able to see you for a while, baby girl.

-But why?! What are you doing?

RM: You know I can’t tell you what I’m doing, it’s for your safety.


RM: Be a good girl for me, okay? I love you, you know that right?

But I hung up the phone before I could cave and tell him that I loved him too, left alone with only my thoughts of him and my anger and loneliness even though there was always someone one watching me, guarding me, even if I couldn’t see them. He never told me anything, constantly treating me like the child that I used to be, insistent that he didn’t want to ruin my ‘innocence’. After three years with Namjoon, any innocence that I had left me a long time ago.

The phone buzzed in my hand and I looked down as a new message popped up on the screen.

I’m sorry. I love you. We’ll see each other soon enough.

Yeah right. Each time he leaves, he is gone for longer periods of time. Last time, I didn’t get to see him for nearly three weeks, and then he came back with a broken hand all wrapped up in a clunky white cast. There were days where he would try to hide the blood spatter on the collar of his shirts or the tiny burns in his jackets and hand from the hot gun powder that back sprayed, but it was no use. I could smell the slight smokey gunpowder on him when I hugged him, and in that close proximity, the little polka dots of blood were plainly visible.

 When I met Namjoon he was just a boy in his late teens, full of potential and life, and I was just a kid in my early teens, completely smitten and in love with him from the very beginning. He would get himself into trouble and made friends with some people that he admired a lot, but those friends drew him into a dark, dangerous world that he was now the leader of, and he couldn’t escape. Not that he wanted to. My Kim Namjoon was THE gang leader of the biggest gang in Korea. He was the leader, the head honcho, the boss at such a young, ripe age of 22.

I stared at his text until the screen faded to black and then I stared at my reflection, all my anger deflating out of me until just numbness remained. I wouldn’t be able to feel much until he was with me again.

1 Month Later

Four weeks have now gone by and I haven’t seen his face in person once. I hadn’t touched his lips or hugged his tall frame and I was beginning to go crazy. The late night talks that sometimes turned into desperate phone sex sessions were not helping ease the distance between us either. All my nervous habits were returning, one by one, until I had chewed my nail beds to raw shreds and a stress rash was creeping up on my neck. Sometimes I would stare at my phone, willing it to ring so I could hear his voice and know he was okay but he hadn’t called in three days and I felt like I would be sick with worry at every second.

Some of you might judge me for being in love with a gang leader, but he wasn’t always one and he was never violent with me. I never really saw any part of his work or heard about it. I never actually saw him pull the trigger that propelled the hot lead bullets into his enemies head. He made sure that I was as far away from the fire as possible. There is nothing to justify it but I was a girl hopelessly, stupidly in love with a beautifully dangerous boy and nothing would be able to change that, so I waited and made excuses for him to ease my conscience.

I looked up at the clock ticking annoyingly on the wall. It mocked me with each second that Namjoon was away.

12:24 a.m.

I sighed and laid down on my messy bed, flopping down and pushing my phone away from me. If he was going to call me, he would’ve done it by now. I might as well try and get some sleep. I pulled the covers around me and nestled into their warmth, trying to find a comfortable position. My eyes closed and my breathing slowed as I imagined Namjoon walking through my door and climbing in with me. I slowly fell asleep to a world with a normal Namjoon with a normal job and who didn’t carry a gun and wasn’t always surrounded by henchmen and lackeys. One who never left me and would make dinners with me and snuggle on the couch while we watched movies about gangs and mafias instead of living in it.

I awoke suddenly to a dark room, the other half of the bed cold and empty like usual. The soft sound of a door opening and closing made me freeze and cease my breathing. Panic dripped down my back like a cold ice cube and I waited to hear anymore noises but no monster seemed to come crawling into my room. I quietly placed my feet on the floor and stood up, painfully aware of all the tiny noises that I was making. The fabric of my long sleep shirt sliding against my bare legs, the taps of my toes on the cold, hardwood floors, my shallow breathing.

I slowly twisted the door handle and pulled open the door, the hallway was dark and only a faint golden light filtered underneath the door to Namjoon’s office. My heart raced and I swiftly ran up to his door and carefully opened it just in case it was someone other than him. I peeked in and saw the silhouette of a tall man and recognized it as Namjoon immediately. His head was leaned back against the tall chair and he looked tired and stressed out. My excitement overtook me and I threw open the door and rushed over to him.

“Namjoon-ah!” I cried.

Literally, tears sprang to my eyes and I simultaneously felt that hole in my chest fill itself and become bigger. He was here with me now but that just meant that at some point soon, he would be leaving me all over again. His face was long and the bags under his eyes popped out at me, the fatigue in his feature was clear and evident, but at that moment, I didn’t care. His eyes opened and he smiled at me as I plopped myself in his lap and hugged him tightly to my chest.

“I missed you, baby girl. I didn’t want to wake you, you were sleeping so peacefully.”


My hand connected with his face and stunned him so hard he blinked a couple times.


“F-For leaving me with a text and not saying goodbye in person! For being gone s-so long that I felt like I was s-s-suffocating!”

My months’ worth of tears flowed rapidly down my face and caused my words to stall as I hiccupped around them. I threw my arms around him and buried my face in his shoulder, breathing in his calming subtle scent.

“Im sorry (Y/N), there wasn’t any time to tell you in person. I promise I won’t do that again.”

His promise was hollow and we both knew it; Namjoon would always be disappearing wordlessly and I would always be left waiting in the shadows for him to return.

He hugged me to him and repeatedly smoothed one hand over my hair as I calmed down. I placed kisses on his neck and cheek nearest to me and ran my fingers through his hair. I wanted to feel him as much as possible, to cement him into my mind for the next time he left.



“I love you too.”

“You do? I was beginning to think you didn’t anymore.”

I slapped his shoulder and raised my head to stare at him with a stern look.

“Yah! Don’t say things like that! Of course I love you, or else I wouldn’t still be here, now would I?”

“OW! You’re violent today aren’t you? Didn’t I tell you to be a good girl for me? It’s not nice to hit.”

His tired eyes twinkled with playful words as his hand was working patterns into my bare thigh that made me sigh and bite my lip. I studied his face, lit with the cool, blue glow of moonlight on one side, and the warm glow of artificial electricity on the other. The small freckle below his plump lips, the shape of his eyes, the soft roundness to his nose. He was the most handsome man I would ever lay eyes on. One hand floated up to his cheek and laid there against the warmth that still radiated from my slap.

“I missed you so much, Joonie.”

“Not as much as I missed you, baby girl.”

His voice dropped deeper and he brought his lips to mine in a soft, but passionate kiss. Large hands wiped at the tears that still stained my face and I moved from sitting sideways in his lap to straddling his thighs and resting my weight on them. He moaned against my mouth and slid his hand up underneath my shirt along my back.

I followed him and slid my hands behind him, tugging at his shirt until it untucked from his pants and came loose in my hand. I slid my hands up his warm, firm chest and began to unbutton the cotton at his neck as he parted our lips and deepened the kiss. I worked my way down his shirt, hands skimming over skin and muscles. Namjoon sighed and ripped his large t shirt over my head.

“I love it when you wear my shirts.”

“I love it when you take them off me.” I replied, naked in front of him except my underwear.

“I need you, (Y/N).” he breathed against my chest as he rocked me down on his erection.

I moaned and dry humped him through my underwear, desperate to feel him. My eyes closed as he kissed and sucked along my jaw, neck, and shoulder, all the while his hands kneading at my ass and massaging it. I held his head at my shoulder as he sucked dark bruises onto my skin and I whined high pitched noises. His dress shirt slipped from his shoulders and he tossed it to the ground, uncaring as it wrinkled immediately. His hands smoothed over my stomach and cupped my breasts, nipples rolling in between his fingers as he watched my face crumble.

“Namjoon.” I whispered.

“You’re so beautiful. Especially in this moonlight and moaning my name.”

His voice was gruff and deep, the baritone vibrating through my body and making me shiver, hair standing on end and nipples hardening from the sensation. My core began to pulse with need and soon a wet patch spread onto the fabric of his pants.

“Namjoon, touch me…” I demanded breathlessly against his ear.

His answer was a tortured sigh, hot and humid against my neck as he raised his mouth to bite and pull at my earlobe, a move that drove me crazy. His right hand dipped underneath the band of my underwear and slid into them, middle finger running across my clit and dipping into my opening as he cupped my sex. His finger broke through the seal of my lower lips and wetness flowed onto his finger and open palm as I moaned needily. His touch was a drug and I was the junkie, always needing another hit, always thinking about the next fix, even when the high was already settling in. I couldn’t quit Namjoon.

“FUCK, You’re so fucking wet for me, baby. It’s so sexy.” He growled.

His finger slid up and down at a steady pace, just fast and hard enough to make my stomach churn but not cum. My body shuddered on top of his, my hands gripping his neck for balance as I rocked on his hand, trying to make contact with my clit on his palm. I kissed all over his neck and sucked and nibbled at that spot right at the back, below his ear, just like he liked.

“Shit. Im so hard right now, I want to be in you already.” He growled harshly, biting down on my ear hard enough to make me whine out loud and clench around his finger that was now thrusting into me with enough force to make dirty wet noises as I suctioned around him.

It was true, I could feel him pressing against my thigh every time I gyrated against him, straining against the restrictive fabric of his tight black pants.

“Make me cum first. It’s your punishment for being such an asshole.” I said, giggling slightly, but completely serious.

“You think you can boss me around now? Let’s not forget who’s in charge here, darling.” He said dangerously, although he graciously added another finger to my throbbing core and curled into me.

I leaned back slightly so our eyes connected and put I put all the anger, lust, and dominance I could muster into my face and slid one hand up his chest before I wrapped it around his throat and pushed his head into the chair roughly, catching him by surprise again.

“I said…-“ my other hand grabbed his member from underneath me and squeezed tightly and watched as his face went slack and his eyes shut momentarily at my touch. “-… Make me cum first.”

When his eyes opened again, they were sharp as the knife that he always kept on him. Dark and piercing, they cut me to the bone and he lurched up to me, breaking my hold on his neck as he slammed his lips to mine in a hot, violent kiss and finally fucked me right, his fingers fast and rough while his thumb connected with my clit. My mouth opened against his, unable to contain the high semi-screams that were bubbling up my throat.

“Namjoon!” I shouted, my hands clutching at his back, fingernails breaking through his smooth skin.

“You wanna cum first?” he said menacingly, words bouncing with every quick thrust that his arm and hand landed into me. “Then do it. Cum for me so I can finally fuck you like the bad girl you are. You need to be punished.”

His words twisted my insides with dark pleasure and I was so close to breaking. I threw my hair back before leaning down and capturing his tongue with mine, our mouths slightly open against one another as our moans vibrated against our intertwined muscles. Namjoon teased my tongue further into his trap and sucked on the tip before releasing it and continuing to bite and tease my lower lip. With two fingers stimulating my upper walls and on finger directly pleasuring my clit, he lowered his lips to my breast and flicked my sensitive nipple with his wet tongue in fast motions that had my walls clenching and me whimpering.

“That’s it, baby girl. You’re almost there.”

His mouth returned to my nipple, biting and sucking my pink nub until my rocking hips shuddered and I collapsed onto him, my orgasm ringing through his ears as I screamed aloud. His hand left me and I felt empty and hollow as he brought his two fingers to his mouth, sucking on them until only his saliva coated his digits. The sight made my eyelids flutter while my body came down from my high. Namjoon poked one finger at my swollen lips and I opened them, letting his pointer finger slide in as I sucked harshly and moaned on him while I ground into his now raging erection.

His eyes dropped at the sensation and he scraped his teeth on his bottom lip as he watched me from above him, teasing his finger like I would his cock. I swirled my tongue on the tip of his finger and he growled deeply before pulling his finger free and adding pinched to my hard nipples.

“Get on your knees.” He commanded, now in control as usual.

I hastily obliged, scrambling down the plane of his thighs until my bare knees hit the rough carpet, and waited for his next order. He stood up in front of me, his face stormy and lustful, and forcefully undid his belt, metal on metal clanging in the air until the silver and leather fell to the floor. My breathe quickened as he took off his gun holster and set the dangerous hunk of metal on the desk behind us, unzipping his pant just enough so that his cock had a door to slip through, standing tall, proud, and angry in front of my lips.

“Open wide, baby girl.”

Sex seeped out of his every word, deep voice vibrating into my mind making me eager to swallow him whole. I braced myself with my left hand on his muscular thigh while my right hand gripped him at his base. He sucked in through his teeth and I jerked him for a few seconds, warming him up with my hand before I dragged my tongue along the underside of his cock and giving him a quick suck at the sensitive area right under the tip. He twitched above me and groaned as his hand came to the back of my head.

“Fuck. I almost forgot how good you are at- ah!”

I cut him off with a quick lick to the head of his penis before diving onto him, sucking him in far and hollowing my cheeks. When I brought my head back up, I swirled my tongue on the head before bobbing back down and occasionally deep throating him until I swallowed and gagged on his head.

“Good girl, just like that…”

His voice was strained and breathy as his breath quickened and his hands tightened in my hair, slightly moving me back and forth on him as his hips rocked slowly. Tears pooled at the bottom of my eyes as I gagged a little harder and pulled my head back to breathe in a gulp of air, returning to his frenulum again and flicking my pointed tongue repeatedly over it, driving him wild as I teased his sweet spot.

“F-Fuck, oh god.” His chest rose and fell quickly and his eyes squeezed shut, hips jerking with every tongue flick that I tortured him with.

“Stop, stop, stop!” he huffed, pulling himself away from me. “You almost made me cum, you naughty girl.”

A devilish grin spread across my face and i kneaded his thighs with my fingers, eager to touch him without his clothes covering him. My fingers undid the last button holding his pant up and I let them fall along with his tight black boxer-briefs, and he stepped out of the pool of fabric.

“Lay on that desk so I can properly punish you, okay?”

His hand stroked slowly over his engorged, pink cock as his eyes commanded my body. I nodded obediently and rose from my sore knees and bent over his desk, sucking in air as the cold enameled wood stung the skin on my stomach and breasts. I tucked my arms underneath me and waited with anticipation for his assault to begin.

My panties tore from my body, stinging my skin where it had been pulled against. He started my rubbing his hands on the rounded mounds of my ass, massaging them for a minute until I whimpered in a desperate voice.


“uh uh, shh, baby girl. You know the rules. I get to punish you now. How many lashed do you think is appropriate for your sudden attitude?”

I bit my lip and moaned as his finger ghosted over my lower lips.

“As much as you want, daddy.”

I said innocently, finally using his favorite name in an attempt to speed him up. He hummed in approval and I heard the metal of his belt clink as he picked it up from the floor.

“I think five will be enough.”

And with that, the first slap! sounded through the air as he lightly brought the hard leather against my soft flesh. I whined loudly as the stinging began on my bottom, the flesh beginning to heat up, but my whine turned into a moan as Namjoon caressed my swollen clit and laid sweet kisses on the red welt on my skin.


I panted and waited for the next whipping, knowing from experience that it would be slightly more painful than the previous strike. The next slap! landed slightly to the right of the first mark and made me moan and whimper as I rubbed my inner thighs together, trying desperately to get relief from my dripping core. He kissed the my bottom again, adding a little lick to my opening as he finished, teasing me until I cried out and threw my arms out, gripping the edge of the desk.


The next whip came down on the bottom of my ass, close to my aching core and clit, and I gasped out loud at the intense pain/pleasure that coursed through me.

“Daddy! Please, just fuck me already.” I begged, nails digging into the wood beneath my fingers.

Namjoon cursed and I could feel him press the tip of his cock along my slit.

“Shit, you make me want to so bad, baby girl, but you need to finish your punishment.”

He sounded strained and out of breath and I knew he was losing his resolve. I leaned myself back slightly, gasping and licking my lips and I felt his head dip inside of me slightly before he withdrew and gave me another hard whip as a warning.

“Four.” He said, a growl deep in his voice.

I looked back at him for the last whip, my face laying against my hand and my teeth biting into one finger to staunch my whimpers. I caught his eye, dark and dangerous as he punished me. The fact that that darkness excited instead of frightened me was proof that I wasn’t the innocent little girl that he met three years ago. I was a different person now, who was drawn to that darkness just as much as he was, tainted by desire, lust, and anger. I liked Mafia Boss Namjoon; I had to admit it. I would be bored with a normal life and normal sex with a normal guy.

Namjoon took his time with the last whip, drawing out the punishment by giving me the smallest amounts of pleasure, rubbing himself along my core, hands massaging the red marks on my ass as I moaned and tried not to move or beg.

The belt sent tingles all over to my most sensitive areas when it finally connected; my nipples rubbed along the desk as I lurched forward, my inner walls pulsing tightly with need and all I could do was pant, pink faced, quivering, and hot as Namjoon finished his punishment.

“Five.” He breathed, and with that he finally pushed into me, aided by my excessive lubrication, belt forgotten on the ground.

“Yes!” I cried as I threw my head back and arched my body away from the desk.

Namjoon kissed up my back before he moved inside me, resting against my walls as he reached my face and turned me slightly so I could kiss his soft lips. It was wet and hot, short and breathy until finally, with his hands gripping and teasing my breasts, he began to thrust into me fast and hard.

“Did you like your punishment?”

His low, hot words blew against my earlobe sending shivers down my body that twisted inside my stomach until a high-pitched whine escaped my mouth.

“Yes, Daddy.” I moaned.

My arms snaked behind me, grabbing onto his torso as he pounded into me and his right hand squeezed my nipple mercilessly until I made little mewling noises. The same hand smoothed up my chest until it was wrapped around my throat and my breathing hitched slightly at the miniscule pressure he applied. His hips slowed until he was snapping them harshly inside of me, hitting the very end of my walls and I yelped at the sensation.

“Namjoon-ah!” I exclaimed ah he pressed against my sweet spot.

The pressure on my windpipe grew as he gripped tighter, his hips hitting harder as he spoke, words shaking with the motions of his body.

“Wrong name, baby girl.”

“Daddy.” I croaked.

“You’re such a good girl for me…”

He trailed his hand, loosening and unwinding from my neck, to brush aside my hair and expose my neck. He brought me closer to him, kissing and sucking up the smooth line of my shoulder until he was biting and licking at my earlobe, making me shudder beneath him. His cock thrusted into me slow and long, drawing out my pleasure with precise strokes.

“…always so good. You feel so good. I missed you, baby.”

He fucked me like that, slow and meticulous, for a moment, one hand dipping between me and the desk so he could pay attention to my throbbing clit. I moaned deeply, swirling my hips against his to gain friction in all the right places.

“Turn around so I can see your pretty face when you cum.”

I happily did as he said, turning my body so I was sitting on the edge of his desk with my legs spread wide enough for him to fit. His cock was slippery with my wetness as I grabbed him, pumping him and relishing how hard he was against my hand as I felt every vein rubbing against my palm. I gripped his base tightly and he hissed, eyed fluttering before his hands grabbed my breasts harshly and pinched and pulled at my nipples. I drew him to me and positioned his head at my entrance, our lips and tongues dancing together as he snapped inside of me fast and pointed, determined to make me cum hard on him.

My arms reached up of their own accord, and draped around his neck, bringing him closer against my lips and my torso. His hands abandoned my breasts as they pressed up against his chest and he chose to dip his arms under my knees and grip at my back, my legs hanging from the crook of his inner elbow. This new position opened me up for him to reach the best parts of me, cock pounding against my G-spot in a fast rhythm and clit rubbing against his pubic bone with every thrust. Pleasure rose in my groin and electric charges flipped my stomach like a rollercoaster while our mouth never stayed in the same position, continually exploring what we hadn’t tasted in over a month.

My fingers crawled up from his heated neck and into the soft tufts of hair that were slightly damp at the roots, and I tugged on the ends, moaning brokenly into his mouth before I finally broke the kiss, his mouth desperately trying to seek mine again.

“You feel amazing, Daddy. Im so close… I-I’m-“

My words cut off as he drilled into me with an inhuman speed, his hot breath flaring against my lips as his breathing became fast and erratic with exertion, each thrust punctuated by my whimpers or his grunts.

“C’mon baby. Cum with me (Y/N).” he whispered, voice warm and passionate against my ears.

My breath hitched in my throat as white hot electricity sparked inside me and I tensed and flexed my muscles, my second orgasm seconds from snapping loose. my hands tightened on the back of his neck and pulled at the short hair as my eyelids fluttered closed and my head titled back to release one long moan that echoed through the room as my walls contracted tightly around his cock and pulsed with my release, shaking my body against his.

“Fuck, I’m gonna come…” Namjoon hissed, his orgasm overtaking him with deep grunts as he continued to slide into me, prolonging our highs as long as possible. I could feel his warmth fill me as he shot inside of my walls, coating me in milky liquid as he shuddered and fell forward, trapping my body beneath him, against the desk, my back pressing against random papers and the sting of cold metal touching my shoulder.

our breathing slowed from breathless pants to a comfortable sigh and I wound my legs around his sweaty form, one hand on his back and the other smoothing through his hair as he tapped tiny pecks onto my shoulder and neck and anywhere else he could reach.

Suddenly, he pulled out of me and I jerked at the emptiness as he picked me up and slung me over his shoulder, slowly walking to the door, laughing and slapping my ass as I yelped and protested.

“Namjoon, PUT ME DOWN!” I yelled, beating at his back against the taught muscles that twisted as he carried my weight.

“As you wish.”

He kicked open the door to the bedroom and threw me onto the bed, my body bouncing against the plush cover. I was faintly aware of his essence dripping down my thighs as he pounced on me and laid his body flush on top of mine, hands tangling in my messy hair and covering my face in kisses, ending the attack with one long, deep kiss that twisted our tongues together.

“I missed you so much, baby girl.” he sighed, dropping beside me in total exhaustion.

“I could tell.” I said, a grin on my face as I tucked into his side, one arm draped over his stomach as he wrapped one of his around my shoulder.

“I missed you so much. I hate it every time you leave.” I pouted into his chest, one finger idly tracing along his nipple.

“Stop that, unless you want me to fuck you again.” he said with a hint of laughter in his otherwise husky voice, my hand caught in his fist as he brought it up to his lips.

“Maybe I want you to, maybe that was part of my evil plan to seduce you again.” I teased, a finger coming free from his fist and stroking his thick lips that I loved so much.

“You don’t have to seduce me (Y/N), you already fill every space in my mind.” he stated.

My ear was pressed against his chest and my hand came to rest on his torso above his lungs, his heartbeat and rising and falling chest lulling me to sleep with the comfort of him, finally after so many days and nights apart. Eventually our breathing matched in pace and the quiet hum of our breathing filled the room, his thunderous snores joining in after a few minutes of peace. But even that sound comforted me as I floated after him into the dark dream land of sleep, hoping, wishing, that he would still be beside me when morning came.

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So there was this Boys State and Girls State thing where certain kids across the state get selected to go to several seminars on local government and participate in a mock senate and house. It’s a great opportunity to learn parliamentary procedure, practice writing legislation, and otherwise learn about local government.

The girls made legislation in favor of clean energy, decriminalizing drugs and prostitution, and other legitimate topics. The debates were largely very passionate moral activist issues.

The boys however seceded from their mythical nation, made Saturday a sabbath for “cracking a cold one” with the boys, passed a bill to carve Texas into the moon, and pushed another bill passed to solve global warming via sunscreen.

BTS Reaction to Realizing They Love You

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Jin: He watched you as you scolded Namjoon and the maknae line. “You guys can’t just sneak up behind us when we are cooking. What if I got scared and stabbed one of you? Or what if Jin turned to fast with the pan and burned you? Then it wouldn’t be funny.” You told them as you let out a sigh. The boys apologized and you turned your attention back to the vegetables you were cutting. Jin stared at you in amazement, not only mesmerized by your skills in the kitchen, but also how caring you were with all of the boys. That was when he realized it. You were the type of girl who he would want to have around to help him. You were the girl he loved.

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Suga: You were laying on the bed, headphones covering your ears and music blaring through them. Yoongi came home from practice, tired and ready to take a nap. He plopped down on the bed beside you, throwing his arm over your stomach and pulling your attention from the music. You looked down at him and unplugged the headphones; letting the music fill the entire room. As if you knew exactly how bad his day was, you played his favorite song. He looked down at you, your head resting beside him with your eyes closed sweetly as you napped. That was when he knew, he knew he loved you. He smiled to himself and placed a kiss on the top of your head, letting his face remain there as he breathed in your scent; falling sweetly asleep.

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J-Hope: “Jagi! You can’t be cuter than me!” Hoseok complained as you copied his aegyo. You giggled at him and continued, throwing all your cute little actions at him. He made an unhappy face and warned you one last time. You shot him a wink and blew him a kiss. He leapt towards you and threw himself on top of you, taking you down onto the couch. You couldn’t stop laughing as he buried his face in the side of your neck. You chuckled and pushed him away playfully. He pulled back so he could look at you and smiled at you. “I love you, jagi.” He whispered as he pressed his lips against yours.

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Rapmon: “I just love how this song seems to speak all about the troubles of growing up. It just gives me so many butterflies but also like anxiety about what it was like growing up.” You said as you played the song over again. Namjoon nodded his head before throwing himself fully into a long explanation behind the philosophy of the song that he was showing you. You nodded your head, listening intently. You began to agree, adding to his explanation with your own large words and passion for the music. These were the moments he loved. When the two of you just talked all night long about music and life. That was what he loved most about you.

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Jimin: You came into the dance room with a bag of fried chicken in one hand and two cups of bubble teas in a cup holder in the other hand. He looked up at you in surprise when he heard you enter, but he did not stop dancing. You took a seat in the corner and started to take the food out of the bag and setting it for the two of you. After the song, he took a seat across from you, covered in sweat, but smiling when he felt your arms wrap around him. “Jagi, this is really sweet, but you know I can’t eat all this. I’m still trying to work on my abs.” He started to say, but you quickly placed your hand over his mouth. “Don’t be stupid, ChimChim. You don’t have to forget about your health. Your fans will love you know matter what. Just like I do.” You said, not realizing you just confessed to him. He smiled brightly, attacking you with kisses on your cheeks as he told you how much he loved you.

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V: The two of you laid on the damp grass, staring up at the sky. He held your hand in his and the two of you remained silent for a long moment. The stars sparkled above you, mesmerizing the two of you. He slowly let go of your hand and placed it over your shoulder, pulling you against his chest before he began to sing quietly. Although you were just watching the skies, you had agreed to come out with him on his search for UFOs. That was how you always were, though. You were always indulging him in his weird fantasizes and odd ideas. “Tae, look, it’s a shooting star. Make a wish!” You screamed with excitement as you pointed up at the sky. He watched the tail of the star flash by. I wish this moment could last forever.

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Jungkook: You were dancing around the room playfully, not realizing that Jungkook had walked into the living room. You were lost in the music, dancing all of Jungkook’s parts in I Need U. You moved your limbs outrageously, knowing that you were getting most of the moves wrong but not really caring. That was, until you heard Jungkook’s loud clapping from behind you. You almost leapt a foot off the floor when you saw him. He was smiling at you, enjoying the fact that you knew perfectly well how to dance, after he taught you, but yet you always goofed around like this. “Jagi, I think your moves are really improving.” He joked as he pressed a kiss onto the side of your head. “Maybe I should teach you sometime.” You told him as you started to shake your hips again. He smiled at how adorable you were, knowing just how lucky he was to be in love and loved by someone like you.

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Germano - While, Feliciano is good at dinner meals (Meals like ravioli, etc), Lovino has excellent baking skills. Ludwig, having a large sweet tooth and passion for baking, loves this about the Italian. In fact, they became a couple in the first place because Lovino gave Luddy a muffin, and when he ate it, there was a small piece of paper inside of it; Lovino had baked into a muffin an invitation to a date at the park. Of course, Ludwig accepted.

//But is Germano really a rare/crack pair? I dunno. It’s still cuteee ;w; 

It’s messing people up, this social pressure to “find your passion” and “know what it is you want to do”. It’s perfectly fine to just live your moments fully, and marvel as many small and large passions, many small and large purposes enter and leave your life. For many people there is no realization, no bliss to follow, no discovery of your life’s purpose. This isn’t sad, it’s just the way things are. Stop trying to find the forest and just enjoy the trees.