the large event of a threat


What does it mean to pierce the Veil, that which separates our world from the realm of dreams and demons? For the average man and woman, it is a frightening thought to consider just how fragile this separation actually is.
The Veil is not a physical curtain, not a structure limited to a particular place—it is everywhere. It is in their home, in the streets where they walk, in farmers’ fields as well as remote mountain vales. At any moment it could be torn to shreds, allowing demons and other horrors to flood into our world like water through a burst dam.
Known lore tells us that small rifts can be sealed… but what about a large one? What if some catastrophic magical event created a rift so large and horrific, it weakened the integrity of the Veil as a whole? Such a “breach” would threaten our entire world, turning concerns about occasional demonic intrusion into a charming anecdote compared to the monsters we would then face.

—From The True Threat of Magic by Lady Seeker Alandra Vael

And this is why you never threaten someone permanently stuck in survival mode.

(warning: long story)

Been enjoying this blog, and thought I’d post my own story here. While not as epic as some of these or as clever as nobody ended up in jail or out thousands of dollars, for me it was a pretty important victory.

Regarding the survival mode thing - years ago I was living with a couple of friends and lost both my job and my place to live within the same 24 hours when the economy shit itself and the bank foreclosed on the owner where we were staying. Had about two weeks to get out, and I ended up homeless and living in my car for two years. That’s another story entirely. The point, however, is when living in a large city in a vehicle, your survival mode kicks in constantly. You’re always worried, you’re always cautious, and in the event something happens that’s a threat, you usually think of the most effective, brutal, and quickest way to remove it as a threat.

As a result, even years later now that I’m stable, I don’t really have the ability to gauge an appropriate response to a threat. Maybe that’s why I went overboard here, but I’ll share the story and let others be amused or pass judgement as the case may be.

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Guards in Gowns


Silky tresses, glamorous makeup, and enchanting ball gowns; not exactly what Ophelia had in mind when she was given the assignment to watch over some VIP. But the person she was guarding had decided to attend some large event despite the multiple death threats, and because large bulky men would draw unwanted attention; guards in gowns were decided to be the best way to keep the man safe. 

This all would be fine and good except the girl wasn’t alone, she was joined by a woman with as sharp expression and pretty lips. Sumin. She had seen her in action before, and she supposed she was good enough but she never thought that deeply about it. Sumin apparently was an actual guard, unlike Ophelia who just knew how to fight. The question was, who was her main client? Who would want a stick thin girl to follow her everywhere she went? Ophelia, honestly. Appraising at the other girl’s look, she smiled quite gently before crossing her arms as they watched the man dance with mutiple women. 

“Try to keep up.” She whispered before grabbing the nearest man’s arm and moving in time with him, slow hips connected to his sweaty hands as she eyed her client while sticking her tongue out at the other guard who was too far away to actually do her job. It wasn’t a competition, but it kinda was.


Soooo! I met John Flanagan. Took pictures. Asked questions. Still in a shocked state, BUT I have spoilers. 


1. There will be 2 more prequel books after The Tournament of Gorlan. The last book will go up to the events before Halt meets Daniel

2. There will be a separate book on Maddie being a ranger. Its a story about her parents being in danger, and Maddie having to go under a secret identity. SUPER exciting

3. We will get to see Duncan’s wife and find out what happens to her. 0.0


The new story will be about Hal and the crew getting stuck in a terrible storm, and being cast far, far way to the west (basically America) and meeting American Indians. The book might be called “Ghostface” or something or other.


So John is meeting up with the producers and writers and directors of the film again and is going to talk about the movie and its making. He basically is saying that he knows that its in the works (so maybe filming?) but he has no idea who was cast into it. But what he said is “We are just about there”

I know a lot of people on Tumblr are disappointed Bernie didn’t get the nod for Time’s Person of the Year. But personally? I think they got it right. 

Angela Merkel is the most powerful woman in the world. She has been at the center of some of the year’s biggest and most important events. She was in the middle of the Greek debt crisis, she was on the front lines as Europe figured out how to deal with the refugee crisis, she’s been instrumental in response to terrorist threats at home and abroad, and she was at the Paris climate talks. And thats just off the top of my head. 

Bernie has been extremely influential but frankly his influence is localized to US, Democratic politics and is even largely limited to economic issues within that sphere. His influence has helped shape one-side of the US 2016 election but by that logic, Donald Trump has had the same influence (albeit his is of the negative, ultra crazy persuasion). 

Whether you agree with Merkel or not its undeniable that she’s an influential leader who has touched on almost every major issue the world has faced in 2015. 

And honestly? Its kind of amazing to see a woman as Time’s Person of the year. That hasn’t happened in 29 years. 

All right, I’m going to get all feminist for a moment here, buzzwords and all.

You know what’s one of the major features that makes toxic masculinity toxic? The normalisation of harmful behaviour and of anger as a default emotion that doesn’t require a large event to set it off.

Little boys break stuff, hurt people, and get hopping mad over silly little things, and folks go “boys will be boys”, or little boys are kind and gentle and helpful and folks go “whatcha being girly for”? and then the little boys grow into young men, continue in this behaviour, and when they hurt people or damage property, folks roll their eyes and go “men, amirite?”

This is why toxic masculinity is toxic, it’s destructive. Part of redefining masculinity to be simply a gendered way of existing instead of a threat to oneself and one’s environment and loved ones is getting rid of the normalised destruction. I want the public perception of masculinity to shift such that no one doubts my manhood when I’m reluctant to ruin things and because I’m respectful of other people. I want to take some completely ordinary and harmless human emotions that are associated with women and thought of as weak, and redefine them so that they’re thought of as strong or neutral and non-gendered. This is a feminist goal.

And so here’s my problem with a lot of Tumblr’s rhetoric; there’s nothing particularly feminist or beneficial about taking on the trappings of toxic masculinity and creating a toxic femininity, we don’t want danger and hate to be fully accepted in all genders, we want there to be less danger and hate in the world overall.

What also happens is that Tumblr’s rhetoric ends up glorifying unreasonably destructive behaviour when it comes from women. We want to make the world a safer, happier, kinder place where everyone helps one another, not a world where everyone is a more destructive and horrible person than the other guy.