the lap gallery

So one of my major year 12 assignments was selected to be part of the art show that exhibits around 150 pieces from stage 2 art/design students from SA and the NT. The pieces picked aren’t necessarily the best but they are meant to be pieces that can inspire students about to take the same subject. It was one of my goals at the start of last year to get my work into the exhibition but it quickly got thrown out the window when shit hit the fan and all I wanted to so was pass the subject so yeah it was a big deal to have one of my pieces selected. 

Tonight was the opening night. Every student was invited to the event and got to have a lot at all the work on display, talk about their projects and listen to some speeches. When I first found mine I felt a pretty overwhelming sense of pride and just sort of stood at the glass case smiling for a few minutes. I then did a bit of a lap around the gallery but when I came back to my work I felt a bit shit. Mine were nowhere near as polished as the other pieces, they had nothing that made them stand out, they were sharing the same case as this incredibly executed corporate identity concept that was beautifully displayed and really stood out which sort of pushed mine to the corner. I then ran into an old primary school friend and felt so embarrassed when he asked me to show him which display was mine. 

A little over a year ago I wanted this so bad; it was literally the only specific goal I’d set myself for the year. Maybe it’s because I spent such a fucking long time looking at them? Maybe if I was able to see them through a new set of eyes they wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb. It’s not like I hate my work itself, I’m actually super  proud of them, it’s that I hate how they look in the exhibition. The other work on display is honestly so damn beautiful and there’s no way my shitty pencil cases could possibly be considered to be near the same level. Ugh idk maybe I’m just thinking too much I might delete this later.