the lanterns are so pretty


Do you long to be left all alone?
Set apart with a heart made of stone?
There’s a light that you shine
There’s a love, I see it in your eyes
Every day, every night

I know time may divide
But fate is something we refuse to hide
And it’s real, and it’s right
Something strange, out of sight
We say goodnight 

prince!taeyong au (a bulleted scenario)

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a/n this wasn’t a request but i’ve just been getting prince feels from taeyong lately, i didn’t know how to end it ok i wrote this in an hour!!! also, announcement….. I’M SEEING NCT 127 IN MANILA NEXT MONTH!!! IM CRYING!!!! IM SO EXCITED!!!! I GOT TICKETS RIGHT NEXT TO THE STAGE IM CRYING!!!! AND…. NOT ONLY AM I SEEING THEM PERFORM BUT… I ALSO GOT A PHOTO OP PASS. IM MEETING THEM. IM ACTUALLY CRYING I CAN’T BELIEVE IT ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE SO IM TYPING THIS BUT IT DOESNT FEEL REAL TO ME OK IM SORRY IM SO PARANOID



genre: fluff

  • first off, i wanna clarify that this is kind of a mix of modern and past??? U get it
  • ok so,,, he looks like a prince
  • as a prince, i think taeyong would be the kindest most respectable dude EVER
  • like he genuinely cares about his people
  • everyone loves him basically
  • he literally goes out of his way to meet his people
  • and he’s gonna be crowned as king pretty soon since his father’s getting old
  • and in all honesty, he’s not ready to make decisions and stuff like that
  • he thinks he’s not ready but imo he is but i don’t have a say im jus the writer
  • okay so onto you….
  • you’re just from the middle class, nothing special
  • you’ve never seen the prince despite him making regular visits to the village
  • you think his whole acts of kindness thing is just a scheme to get the people to like him as a king
  • so let’s say you’re really adventurous, you’re always in the woods or whatever that’s why you’ve never seen prince taeyong
  • so one time late at night you’re just really bored and can’t seem to fall asleep
  • so you decide to go into the woods and just walk around or something
  • you really shouldn’t do that u could be eaten by wolves or something
  • but yeah ANYWAY you’re walking around in the woods it’s been like an hour dude
  • then you see this tiny hole that looks like an entrance between two trees
  • you’re like ooooo spooky so u go check to see what’s on the other side
  • and it’s a really pretty garden,,, like ,, it’s an actual garden with lanterns and a lil pond and it’s just so pretty it doesn’t look real
  • so while you’re looking around you see this dude obviously taeyong sitting by the pond and u jump a bit but he doesn’t seem to notice your presence
  • he’s just lying there with his eyes closed, humming some tune
  • so u go closer and ur like “are you awake”
  • and he opens his eyes in shock kinda and hes like “oh shit someone saw me”
  • and you’re just thinking oh this dude is wearing expensive clothes he must be rich and ur like “who are you???”
  • and then it hits him that you don’t know he’s the prince
  • he’s like “oh…. i’m TY” and you’re like “that’s a weird name but ok i’m y/n”
  • he nods and you’re like “so did you make this? do you come here often TY?” and he’s like “my grandfather did when i was little. and yeah i come here when i can’t sleep or when something’s on my mind”
  • you’re like “so which one is it?”
  • he’s like ??? and ur like “can’t sleep or is there something bothering you?”
  • he’s like “oh….kinda both, but more of the latter”
  • you’re like “you wanna talk about it?” he’s like “its nothing, its just that i have to do something that involves a lot of decision making that i’m not ready to do yet”
  • you’re like “oh well whatever it is i’m sure you’ll be ready, you seem like a really reliable guy TY” and he’s smiling bc this is coming from your heart and you’re not just saying this bc he’s the prince
  • taeyongs like “so how about you? what brought you here?” and you’re like “i dunno i just couldn’t sleep”
  • so you two are just enjoying the silence and also getting to know each other a bit
  • you’re like “you must be from a noble family huh?” and he nods and you’re like “so does that mean you’re attending the prince’s coronation next week?”
  • he’s like “uhh idk i might” and you’re like “you know i’ve never seen the prince, but i always hear stuff about him being a really nice guy but i think that’s all just crap to get the public’s approval” this kinda offends him and he frowns but he’s like “or maybe he’s just a really nice guy”
  • and you’re like “you know i could see it that way if i didn’t have this bias against royals, they seem really stuck up, im just hoping this prince isn’t the same”
  • taeyongs like “he isn’t. i’ve met him, he’s passionate about helping his people”
  • and ur like “hmmm i’ll give him a chance”
  • then u realize it’s almost 4 am and you get up
  • you’re like “i’ll see you around TY” and he’s like “you can find me here every night if you want” and you’re like “i’ll take note of that”
  • so the next night you guys meet again and you get to know each other a lot better, talking about each other’s favorite colors, food, fears, music. he tells you stories about his life, places he’s been to, you’d pretty much just talk for hours.
  • you’ve been meeting for about 8 nights now, and in the day he’d be on your mind and you’d be on his, and you eventually realize that your heart flutters when you see him waiting for you in the hidden garden
  • so basically you’ve fallen for him and his stories and just everything about him in just a matter of 8 days
  • on the 9th night, your feelings were just running through your body and you were like screw it i’m confessing tonight
  • you’re really nervous as you make your way to the garden, but he isn’t there
  • this kinda upsets you but then you remember it’s the prince’s coronation tomorrow, and TY coming from a noble family, was probably busy with preparations
  • so you leave, deciding on just telling him about your feelings the following night
  • so in the day, your family drags you to watch the parade of the new king with them, much to your dismay
  • you’re just looking around for TY, hoping he’s somewhere here
  • then you hear the crowd yelling for the king
  • you look up at the float and you’re IN SHOCK
  • like ,,, REALLY
  • your mouth is hanging wide open and your mother lightly slaps your arm telling you to bow in respect
  • and as you’re bowing you look up and you and taeyong’s eyes lock
  • you both have a look of shock on your faces and before you know it the float has passed you
  • and you’re just dumbfounded the whole day
  • in your head you’re like ,,,, ‘i’ve been talking to the prince this whole time… i’ve told him things that could get me killed…… and….. I HAVE FEELINGS FOR HIM’
  • so ur very slightly angry so at night you go off to the garden again thinking he won’t be there bc he’ll be too busy at his party
  • but there he is, sitting by the pond in his royal clothing
  • he looks exactly like he did when you first saw him, lying next to the pond with his eyes shut
  • you quietly go near him and you’re like “what’s up king taeyong
  • this time he doesn’t even bother opening his eyes he’s like “it’s TY to you”
  • then he sits up and stares at you and he’s like “are you mad that i didn’t tell you”
  • you’re like “i was, but i kinda understand why you didn’t”
  • he’s like “so are you gonna start treating me differently now”
  • you’re like “i don’t think you’d want that so i won’t”
  • and he smiles at you which makes your heart MELT
  • you’re like “so why aren’t you at your celebration”
  • he’s like “i ditched and told them i was tired”
  • you laugh and you’re like “that’s a good way to start off as king”
  • you’re like “so is this the thing that was bothering you the first night we met, the thing you said you weren’t ready to do??” and he nods
  • you’re like “from what i know about you, i think you’re going to be a great king, don’t worry too much, i believe in you”
  • he’s like “that means a lot, especially since it’s coming from you”
  • ur like “huh???” and he leans in and holds u softly be the cheeks and kisses you
  • and your heart is JUMPING
  • you both pull away and he’s like “i’ve been wanting to do that” and you’re like “honestly, same.”
  • he’s like “i ended up developing feelings for you, you got to know me as taeyong and not prince taeyong, just taeyong.” and you’re like “i feel the same way for you, you were so genuine as a person and i just couldn’t get you off my mind”
  • he’s like “you’re not just saying that bc i’m the king?” you know he’s joking but u put a fake hurt face on and he tackles u into a hug
  • you’re like “ok but you know we aren’t going to be allowed to be together right?” and taeyongs like “well why not? everythings being modernized now, who’s to say i can’t be with the person i’ve fallen for? i’m the king
  • and you just spend the rest of the night cuddling in the garden
  • he introduces you to his parents and they agree on keeping your relationship a secret until his term as king is long enough
  • he hires you to work in the palace just to spend time with you
  • its cute you’d be serving him tea and you’d bow and he’d take it then give you a peck on the cheek
  • you’d still go to the hidden garden with him, it would be your place and it would just be sacred for you two
  • and you live happily ever after
  • end
Nohrian Festival: Xander and Kamui Married Conversation (Parts 1 & 2)

Whoaaah, I think this is the longest one that I (Marie) have done thus far. As usual, I altered the text here and there so it would make more sense and sound less stilted in English, but the spirit and meaning of the Japanese text is there. I think. It’s still kinda stilted, though.

Usually I use Kamui’s English name, but decided to stick to her Japanese name this time. She and Xander make such a cute couple! Actually…Just about ALL of Xander’s S-support conversations are really cute! He’s totally devoted to his wife, so I don’t think he’ll be the light-hearted womanizer his father was. (Hard to imagine Garon being like that…ugh. maybe he used to look more like Xander?)

Xander and Kamui’s S-support convo is mentioned here, especially in the second part, so you might want to read that first.

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doctor who + magpie electricals [the idiot’s lantern] references

Edmund x Reader: Compensation Of Lovers

Anon said: I loved your recent imagine. And I love your blog in general. And also you. 😍 I think it was you who once wrote an imagine about them having a secret courtship. Would you mind writing an Edmund X reader where they’re trying to keep their courtship hidden and finally they get to steal a kiss at the end of the day and have a sweet moment before someone comes along again. You’re the bestest❤

Again thank you so much for your support. Not just you but everyone out there who does. 😊 I’ve already done two of these I think, but here’s one at your request. ☺️

You can imagine this to be a continuation of the last one or a completely new one, it’s up to you.

-Golden Age-

“High King Peter. King Edmund,” (Y/N) curtsied at the two kings and walked past them to the outside of the castle.

The two kings nodded and smiled. They had simply been talking for a while when (Y/N) had excused herself.

Edmund would be lying to himself if he told himself he didn’t want to run after her and embrace her, but alas he couldn’t since Peter was right there.

(Y/N) and him have been in a secret courtship than no one knew of. All except Phillip. They had agreed to keep it a secret for now. Ever since she had moved into the castle as a request from Susan and Lucy, he had grown to care for immensely.

“Edmund?” Peter called from him.

Edmund jerked his head towards his brother and reluctantly followed him so they could go discuss some treaties with Calormen.

For hours he spent his time with Peter in his study. Only till it was time for dinner, did they leave.

“I need you to make sure all the finances are in order. We can’t-”

“I know Peter. No need to repeat to me for the fifth time today already.” Edmund rolled his eyes. He understood the importance of it all, but Peter’s constant reminder made it seem as if he didn’t.

“I’m just making sure.”

The two brothers entered the where dinner would be held and found their sisters and (Y/N) already there.

Peter of course sat at the head of be table while Edmund and Susan sat beside each other. This left (Y/N) sitting beside Lucy and across from Susan.

Edmund longed to sit beside her so he could at least hold her hand under the table, but she’s probably just not allow him to do so.

He didn’t notice he was staring at (Y/N) until Peter called him.

“What?” he turned his head once more towards his brother.

“Have you talked to Oreius yet? About the expedition to Calormen?” Peter seemed amused. He knew his brother fancied (Y/N), like the rest of his siblings, but all other were oblivious his attraction to her to be enough to court her.

“I’ve brought it up to him, but I’ll do it tomorrow,” he assured him.

The dinner consisted of their usual conversations. Edmund didn’t enjoy them however, he just wanted it to be over so he could talk to (Y/N).

When dessert finally came, he started to get really anxious.

Some fauns brought it out and he kept tapping his foot which started to annoy Susan.

“Would you stop that Ed?” She said.

(Y/N) beside her tried to restrain herself from smiling. Edmund noticed this and relaxed and stopped.

“Thank you.”

Lucy giggled while Peter just smirked at his sister’s annoyance.

As soon as he was done, he excused himself and rushed out of the room. He rambled something about needing rest for tomorrow, but he didn’t say it clearly so the others really had no idea what he said.

They all soon left for the own bedrooms.

(Y/N) walked to her room in the castle that wasn’t far from the other royals’ chambers.

It was pretty dark already so only the lanterns in the hallway made it possible to see.

She nearly jumped and screamed when Edmund came up from behind her and hugged her. She turned around and smacked him playfully across his chest. “Don’t so that! You nearly scared me to death,” she quietly shouted. She didn’t want his siblings hearing them so she kept quite.

“Sorry,” he chuckled. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

He moved his hands to her waist and smiled down at her.

“You can such a nuisance sometimes,” she mumbled as she rested her forehead against his as he leaned his head down.

They stayed like that for a while, but (Y/N) asked him something that had been on her mind since Peter had brought it up.

“So that expedition to Calormen? Are you going? She whispered.

He hummed as a sign of saying he was.

“When is it?”

“In a fortnight for a few days,” he whispered absentmindedly.

She frowned and he could feel her change of mood and backed up to look into her eyes.

“Till then you’re going to have to put up with my constant nagging for your company. I have to make sure to make up for all the time I’ll be gone, he said with a playful smirk.

This only made her roll her eyes, but it brightened up her mood. Enough to make her smile.

“But I’ll warn you. You’ll have to constantly do this with me.”

“Do what?” She asked.

He instead of answering placed his lips on her’s.

He moved her so her back was to the door of her chambers.

He kept one hand on her waist and moved the other to comb through her hair.

She got a fistful of his tunic and pulled him closer. She then hugged him tightly from his torso so their bodies were pressed against each other.

He moved his mouth to trial kisses down her jawline to her neck. She let him do that for a while until she pulled his face up again to kiss him again.

They were to distracted by each other that they didn’t hear some footsteps coming towards them.

Susan let out a surprised gasp when she turned the corner that was where (Y/N)’s bedroom was.

They pulled away immensely. Their cheeks were both red and lips swollen.

“Susan?” (Y/N) breathed out with her voice laced with her nervousness.

“I was just going to get a pitcher of water from the kitchens. I ran out,” Susan smiled with a slight smile. “But I see I’ve interrupted something.”

“Of course not. I’ll be going to bed now. Good night Susan, King Edmund,” she rushed into her bedroom and closed it firmly behind her.

“Don’t mess this up, Ed,” Susan smiled and continued walking to get her water.

Edmund didn’t need to ask what she meant.