the lansdowne

hey so uh

this coming sunday (february 19), i will be playing live music in my first ever rock and roll show at the burdock music hall here in the great city of toronto. it’s at 1184 bloor street west, between dufferin and lansdowne stations on the green line. doors open at 7, the show starts at 8, and it is pay what you can. there’s four other bands on the bill besides mine so you will get value for money even if i turn out to be really bad at this.

i realize i am running the risk of attracting axe murderers here and it would really suck if that were the case but it would also really suck if i didn’t know anyone in the audience and since none of my family lives in toronto & the majority of my friends live elsewhere too it would be cool if non-axe-murderer types would come thru so we can hang out. 

okay cool message me for more details if you’re interested!!


Bath by David Biggins
Via Flickr:
Lansdown Place West, Bath
Brexiter donates £3.2m to Leave campaign, loses £400m after Brexit result
The top donor to the campaign for the UK to leave the EU has said he has no regrets about the money he spent, despite hundreds of millions being wiped off his fortune in the aftermath of the vote. Peter Hargreaves, who owns one third of the shares in the financial advice company that he founded called Hargreaves Lansdown, gave £3.2 million to the Leave campaign in the run up to the vote.
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