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Theory #1: Jaime is going to kill Cersei

                                        SPOILER ALERT

The “Valonqar” Theory is High Valyrian and means as much as “Little Sibling”. Cersei has received that prophecy in her youth. In an easier meaning, the prophecy says that all of Cersei’s children are going to die until she gets killed by a closer person or in fact “a younger sibling”.

This theory might be a bit too obvious for it to happen, but especially after the first episode it is really plausible that Jaime is about to kill Cersei this season!

They have both loved each other so much and Jaime has dependent on Cersei since he was born. Through his long journey and time with Brienne he has realised that he can live without her and that he doesn’t support her decisions anymore. At her crowning he seemed kind of distant and disappointed. Now he has a voice and speaks his mind towards her. Jaime is finally ready to turn against Cersei and believe in himself.

This death could lead to the overwhelming and shocking moment that is about to happen in this season!

Also, this picture is only a theory (just like this entire post), but GoT always has so many metaphors and symbols that this could mean Cersei’s death and that Jaime is going to choke her or cut her throat.

We still have time to find out.

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Why do you hate Tyrion?

Oh, where do I begin :’)  You do not know what you have Unleashed, nonnie (this is all going to be book based, and I’ll probably forget some stuff, BUT THERE’S ENOUGH IN MY HEAD TO FUEL THE FIRES OF MY RAGE) 

Short version: 

He’s arrogant, selfish, self-obsessed, self-pitying, and utterly without conscience or morals, he’s deeply misogynistic, a rapist, a killer, and he refuses to acknowledge his own flaws and shortcomings. 

Long version: 

-Even as early as AGOT he’s doing things that benefit him, and only him, without a single thought/care towards the consequences (because it’s not as though he isn’t intelligent enough to figure them out) eg: arming the mountain clans of the Vale which causes untold destruction and pain for the locals when they return with the weapons and armour he gave them as the price for his own skin. 

-Tyrion’s POVs are incredibly well written and constructed. A reader is inclined to view him as he views himself: an essentially good creature, who tries hard, and is halted and punished by the world for things he can’t help. Which…is not entirely true. 

I think it’s easy to get sucked into Tyrion’s POV, and the way that he thinks and acts. For the first few books, we very rarely get anyone’s opinion on Tyrion/view of Tyrion save Tyrion himself. 

It’s easy to get caught up in his assumptions of prejudice that the world has against him (and it’s easy to understand why he has these, I don’t deny that, but I just can’t get over it) 

If you actually pay attention, Tyrion assumes that everyone treats him badly/dislikes him etc because he’s a dwarf and they’re therefore prejudiced against him. Undoubtedly some of them are, but some of them have seriously good reasons for disliking them. 

See: Sansa Stark, who’s had basically her entire family killed by his, but Tyrion just assumes she doesn’t want him as a husband/won’t confide in him because he’s ugly. Disclaimer: IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU BUDDY. 

Also see: small folk in King’s Landing, who are angry with him for clearing away their homes and livelihoods during preparations for war. Tyrion understands why Tyrion is doing what he’s doing: it’s a practical measure for the sake of the defence of the city but…The people whose homes he’s destroying don’t understand that. But he blames their hatred of him on their prejudice of him being a dwarf. 

This isn’t necessarily a surprising character trait, not given how he grew up (I would never try and argue that Tywin wasn’t abusive towards him…But that doesn’t give Tyrion the right to be abusive in turn) but it does fill him with a certain amount of self-pity, and it limits his ability to actually self-reflect and realise that, shockingly, not everything he does is perfect, and people can dislike him for seriously valid reasons: ie, he’s a little shit. 

-The way he treats women is, frankly, disgusting. 

His disgust at being outsmarted by Catelyn in AGOT comes from the fact that someone outsmarted him, but it’s more than that, it’s because she’s a woman. he even remarks on the fact that her scheme worked in a large part because she is a woman. 

The general language he uses to talk about women is…gross. He views most of them as sexual objects/tools for him/other men to use. His liking of Robert Baratheon because Cersei hated him sticks out in relation to this. Robert, who repeatedly emotionally, verbally, and physically abused his wife, humiliated her publicly, blamed her for his abuse of her, and raped her, makes Cersei reasonably despise him. Tyrion, instead of showing sympathy for his sister, decides he likes Robert, because hey, who cares if he’s raping an essentially defenceless woman, right? He’s pissing her off, too, A++++ bloke. 

He’s surprised, indignant, and irritated that even women are allowed to participate in the votes/discussions of the mountain clansmen, like, how dare. 

People rage against Cersei for her hatred of Tyrion but it’s….Not exactly unfounded. Ignoring her being a child who had just lost her mother, whose father was giving her no support, and was blaming her newborn brother, and the prophecy that made her fear that Tyrion would kill her. 

Tyrion has, in the books that we know of: poisoned Cersei, manipulated her, undermined her, schemed to take her children away from her without her knowledge or consent, threatened her children on more than one occasion, including threatening his eight year old nephew with beatings and rape if Cersei doesn’t do what he wants, would have gone through with whipping said eight year old nephew just to hurt her, fantasised about raping and killing Cersei,  to the point that this is his ‘terms’ for working with Dany when Illyrio makes the offer to him. So…yeah, Tyrion has reason to hate Cersei, but Cersei has just as much, if not more, reason to hate and mistrust Tyrion. 

He’s also raped a slave at Illyrio’s manse, fully aware that she’s a slave, fully aware that she does not want him to have sex with her, fully aware that she cannot say no to him, which is why he does it. And the way he treated the prostitute in, I believe, Volantis, forcing himself on her again, and using the fact that they didn’t have a common language and she didn’t understand him. 

His treatment of prostitutes in general is…gross af. He views them as objects without agency. He treats them like possessions: he’s bought them, he can do whatever he wants with them, they’re his now. And his self-pity over Tysha when he learns the truth about her is also…gross af. Like, this poor girl was gang-raped while he watched, and then raped her last, the man she loved and agreed to marry, and all he can think about is his poor self. Fuck that shit.  


Literally everything about the way that he treats Shae. An eighteen year old, lowborn prostitute, who was forced out of her father’s house because he abused her and raped her as a child, with absolutely no agency, power, or person to speak for her. 

Everything about their travesty of a relationship is an abomination from the get-go. Starting with Tyrion’s commands to her: that he’s not only hiring her for sex, but to essentially act as his partner. She’s to please him in bed whenever he wants, but she’s commanded to also laugh at his jokes, pour him wine, rub the ache out of his sore legs, mourn for him if he dies, etc, etc, etc. Like if you don’t understand that it’s fucked up of him to do that to another human being, regardless of how much gold he’s giving them, I don’t know what to say to you. 

Tywin flat out tells Tyrion not to take Shae to court with him. Tyrion takes her anyway, to spite his father, knowing full well that if they’re found out, he won’t be punished, but Shae will likely be killed for his disobedience. 

He’s incredibly controlling towards Shae throughout her time with him. He essentially locks her up in a manse “for her safety” he deliberately gives her ugly guards, so she won’t be ‘tempted’ by them, and only visits her when he wants to fuck her. He complains that she’s a child when she complains about this, and he’s paying her, why should she complain? Because Shae is not a human being with her own thoughts, feelings, and desires, clearly, she’s just a sex toy for lord Tyrion. He’s bought her, and paid for her, and can do what he likes with her. 

The way he treats Shae is a pretty good representation of how he sees/treats most prostitutes. Like an object. Like a thing that he’s bought and can use as he wishes. Shae is not a human being to him, she’s not a person, she’s a thing that he can fully possess and control because he’s paying her and it’s disgusting. 

Throughout their time together, Tyrion constantly dismisses her feelings/emotions, reminding himself that she’s “only a whore” that she doesn’t love him, and is in this only for his money. (And, reminder: Shae acting like his wife, telling him she loves him, wanting on him, and being only with him, is what he commanded her to do, and paid her to do, at the outset of this little arrangement) Yet he then kills her for being a prostitute and doing her job.

 Tywin hired her and she slept with him as she slept with Tyrion, because he was paying her, and she was only a whore doing her job. But when she wasn’t doing that for Tyrion, then she had to die. Nineteen years old, helpless, abused, used, and murdered by a cold, shallow, selfish little man who, again, wallows in self-pity and thinks only of himself in the face of another’s suffering. 

The entirety of ADWD is just…Tyrion at his worst/typical, without the illusions of being an excellent, poor unfortunate soul. He drinks, he uses whores, he rapes, he cheats, he manipulates, he lies, he kills, and generally does a whole host of Bad Shit with the sole aim of benefiting him, him, and only him. 

He’s an undoubtedly well-written character. He has, in many ways, a very sympathetic arc and narrative, especially with the way it’s written. But he has a huge host of problems and things that are..beyond redemption. And the way fandom moons over him, and fawns over him, and pities him, and forgives him for every little thing he’s ever done wrong because he’s just so hard done to, boils my blood as much as anything else. 

So, yeah, an abridged rant on: why I fucking hate Tyrion Lannister. 

Kingslayer. Queen Protector.

Fandoms: A Song of Ice and Fire & Related Fandoms, A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin, Game of Thrones (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Characters: Jaime Lannister, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, Bran Stark, Brienne of Tarth
Relationships: Stark Sibbilings, Jaime + Brienne

Summary:  Still on his knees. Gods, these Starks. They like him groveling. Also, they were naturally wary of anyone not born in the miserable cold. How had he forgotten about that? Did he truly expect it to be easy and that Sansa Stark would joyously accept him?

Meh. Ok, clearly I’m not good with titles. But hey, look! Another fanfic. I don’t know where they’re coming from?! I should probably try and salvage my account. 

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Okay but can we imagine Cersei and Jamie Lannister as the Saperstein siblings from Parks and Rec? 

Cersei and their father Tywin:

Cersei when nothing goes her way:

Cersei @ Tommen and Margaery:

Jamie and Cersei sneaking around with each other:

Jamie when faced with pretty much any situation: 

Tywin praising Jamie all the time:

Jamie hanging out with Bronn:

And I think Tyrion would be Tom Haverford:

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Do you think that some part of the reason Catelyn took Tyrion prisoner was because he was a dwarf and an “ugly broken and all dwarves are viewed as bastards by their fathers” viewed person? I like Catelyn, but she has her flaws just like anyone else.

… no? Frankly, that viewpoint completely misunderstands and ignores the thought process which led Catelyn to arrest Tyrion.

What motivates Catelyn to go to King’s Landing is a belief that the Lannisters are in a conspiracy against both Jon Arryn and the Starks:

“Why would anyone want to kill Bran?” Robb said. “Gods, he’s only a little boy, helpless, sleeping …”

Catelyn gave her firstborn a challenging look. “If you are to rule in the north, you must think these things through, Robb. Answer your own question. Why would anyone want to kill a sleeping child?”

… She sent the servants away and looked back to Robb. “Do you have the answer yet?”

“Someone is afraid Bran might wake up,” Robb said, “afraid of what he might say or do, afraid of something he knows.”

Catelyn was proud of him. “Very good.”

“My sister Lysa believes the Lannisters murdered her husband, Lord Arryn, the Hand of the King,” Catelyn told them. “It comes to me that Jaime Lannister did not join the hunt the day Bran fell. He remained here in the castle.” The room was deathly quiet. “I do not think Bran fell from that tower,” she said into the stillness. “I think he was thrown.”

There are flaws in Catelyn’s thinking here: Lysa was lying about Jon Arryn’s murder, and the attempted murder of the comatose Bran had nothing to do, politically speaking, with his fall from the tower (it was almost certainly Joffrey, trying to impress the absentee father who had already opined that someone should mercy-kill Bran). But Catelyn has hit on a very correct point: Jaime did intentionally throw Bran from the tower, and it was because “someone [was] … afraid of what he might say or do, afraid of something he knows”. Catelyn is not irrational in her conclusion here: she has no reason to distrust Lysa’s word at this point (the private language the accusation-letter was written in likely only further underlined its message’s authenticity to her, while we readers would not learn the actual truth of Jon Arryn’s murder until the end of ASOS, even if there were some clues before that), and she’s right to distrust the Lannisters’ motivations. She wants to warn Ned about her thoughts and present her findings (specifically the dagger) to the court, and to do that she has to go to the capital.

So Catelyn then travels to King’s Landing, where she meets her old foster brother and fervent admirer Petyr Baelish. And what does Baelish tell her about the catspaws’s dagger?

“Nothing holds an edge like Valyrian steel,” Littlefinger said as Varys sucked at his bleeding thumb and looked at Catelyn with sullen admonition. Littlefinger hefted the knife lightly in his hand, testing the grip. He flipped it in the air, caught it again with his other hand. “Such sweet balance. You want to find the owner, is that the reason for this visit? You have no need of Ser Aron for that, my lady. You should have come to me.”

“And if I had,” she said, “what would you have told me?”

“I would have told you that there was only one knife like this at King’s Landing.” He grasped the blade between thumb and forefinger, drew it back over his shoulder, and threw it across the room with a practiced flick of his wrist. It struck the door and buried itself deep in the oak, quivering. “It’s mine.”

“Yours?” It made no sense. Petyr had not been at Winterfell.

“Until the tourney on Prince Joffrey’s name day,” he said, crossing the room to wrench the dagger from the wood. “I backed Ser Jaime in the jousting, along with half the court.” Petyr’s sheepish grin made him look half a boy again. “When Loras Tyrell unhorsed him, many of us became a trifle poorer. Ser Jaime lost a hundred golden dragons, the queen lost an emerald pendant, and I lost my knife. Her Grace got the emerald back, but the winner kept the rest.”

“Who?” Catelyn demanded, her mouth dry with fear. Her fingers ached with remembered pain.

“The Imp,” said Littlefinger as Lord Varys watched her face. “Tyrion Lannister.”

Littlefinger is taking an enormous gamble here, because his lie is incredibly thin. Catelyn could easily go to the king, or indeed literally any courtier who was present for the tourney (which is to say, pretty much any courtier), and she would find out that Tyrion “I never bet against my family” Lannister didn’t gain the dagger from Littlefinger. More to the immediate point, Varys knows that what Littlefinger is saying is a lie and could very easily out him. But Varys holds his tongue, and so Catelyn is led to believe that it was Tyrion who had the Valyrian steel dagger - and had just happened to visit Winterfell with the royal party. And when he has husband and wife together, Littlefinger elaborates on the story:

Painfully, Ned forced his thoughts back to the dagger and what it meant. “The Imp’s dagger,” he repeated. It made no sense. His hand curled around the smooth dragonbone hilt, and he slammed the blade into the table, felt it bite into the wood. It stood mocking him. “Why should Tyrion Lannister want Bran dead? The boy has never done him harm.”

“Do you Starks have nought but snow between your ears?” Littlefinger asked. “The Imp would never have acted alone.”

Ned rose and paced the length of the room. “If the queen had a role in this or, gods forbid, the king himself … no, I will not believe that.” Yet even as he said the words, he remembered that chill morning on the barrowlands, and Robert’s talk of sending hired knives after the Targaryen princess. He remembered Rhaegar’s infant son, the red ruin of his skull, and the way the king had turned away, as he had turned away in Darry’s audience hall not so long ago. He could still hear Sansa pleading, as Lyanna had pleaded once.

“Most likely the king did not know,” Littlefinger said. “It would not be the first time. Our good Robert is practiced at closing his eyes to things he would rather not see.”

Ned had no reply for that. The face of the butcher’s boy swam up before his eyes, cloven almost in two, and afterward the king had said not a word. His head was pounding.

Here, Littlefinger is mixing the truth - Robert has allowed the Lannisters overweening power and liberties during his reign - and falsehood - that the Lannisters are in a murder-conspiracy against the Starks. He can’t known what Ned is thinking, but luckily for his lie, Ned’s thoughts turn to Robert’s conduct at Darry - the way Robert allowed the execution of Lady and had said nothing about the death of Mycah - and lead him to conclude that, yes, the king would ignore even this terrible conspiracy to fester under his rule, and ignore it. It fits with the actions Ned has already seen out of his old friend, and makes the lie seem that much more palpable.

But back to Catelyn. Is it a mistake to trust Littlefinger about this? Yes, because Littlefinger is lying to her in the hopes of fomenting Stark-Lannister conflict. Is Catelyn irrational for trusting Littlefinger about this information? No, because she is piecing together the limited information she has with her own, albeit no longer accurate, impressions of her sources. Her own sister Lysa has told her that the Lannisters murdered Jon Arryn, Catelyn has correctly deduced that Jaime threw Bran from the tower window, and now Littlefinger - her own foster brother, a man she would later passionately defend to Tyrion, a man she knows loved her once and whom she could never believe would lie to her - has explicitly told her and her husband that Tyrion, acting in concert with his Lannister siblings, used the dagger he had won from Baelish himself to attempt to murder little Bran. All of the pieces fit in Catelyn’s mind: the ambitious Lannisters murdered Jon Arryn, Jaime said something in Bran’s hearing presumably about the murder, the Kingslayer threw Bran from the tower to let the secret die with the boy, and when that failed Tyrion sent a catspaw with a deadly sharp Valyrian steel dagger to finish the job.

Now, Catelyn was not planning at that moment to arrest Tyrion. Her plan after leaving King’s Landing was to return to Winterfell and her children:

No, she thought, Riverrun and the Eyrie would have to wait. Her path ran north to Winterfell, where her sons and her duty were waiting for her. As soon as they were safely past the Neck, she could declare herself to one of Ned’s bannermen, and send riders racing ahead with orders to mount a watch on the kingsroad.

And she’s obviously taken by surprise to meet Tyrion in the same inn at the same time:

“Innkeep,” a servant’s voice called out behind her, “we have horses that want stabling, and my lord of Lannister requires a room and a hot bath.”

“Oh, gods,” Ser Rodrik said before Catelyn reached out to silence him, her fingers tightening hard around his forearm.

Masha Heddle was bowing and smiling her hideous red smile. “I’m sorry, m'lord, truly, we’re full up, every room.”

There were four of them, Catelyn saw. An old man in the black of the Night’s Watch, two servants … and him, standing there small and bold as life.

But still, her plan was not to reveal herself … until Marillion outs her presence:

The dwarf had not so much as glanced toward the far end of the room, and Catelyn was thinking how grateful she was for the crowded benches between them when suddenly Marillion bounded to his feet. “My lord of Lannister!” he called out. “I would be pleased to entertain you while you eat. Let me sing you the lay of your father’s great victory at King’s Landing!”

“Nothing would be more likely to ruin my supper,” the dwarf said dryly. His mismatched eyes considered the singer briefly, started to move away … and found Catelyn. He looked at her for a moment, puzzled. She turned her face away, but too late. The dwarf was smiling. “Lady Stark, what an unexpected pleasure,” he said. “I was sorry to miss you at Winterfell.”

Catelyn is forced to make a decision: 

“I was still Catelyn Tully the last time I bedded here,” she told the innkeep. She could hear the muttering, feel the eyes upon her. Catelyn glanced around the room, at the faces of the knights and sworn swords, and took a deep breath to slow the frantic beating of her heart. Did she dare take the risk? There was no time to think it through, only the moment and the sound of her own voice ringing in her ears.

It’s a calculated gamble on Catelyn’s part, but ultimately the only choice she thinks she could make at that moment. All of the evidence she’s had so far points to Tyrion as an integral part of this anti-Stark Lannister conspiracy - and, more importantly, the prime mover behind the attempted murder of her son. She doesn’t arrest Tyrion because of some abstract prejudice against him as a dwarf, she genuinely believes that he and his fellow Lannisters murdered Jon Arryn, tried to do the same to Bran, and pose a fatal threat to the lives of the Starks.  

In the Jaws of Lions

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Jaime Lannister x daughter!reader

A/N: The Tales of Knighthood doesn’t exist in the books or show as far as I know. I just made it up on the spot, lol. :)

I hope you enjoy! x

You were reading The Tales of Knighthood when you uncle came into the room. His lips were curved into a hesitant smile and you could see in his eyes that something wasn’t right. He hadn’t been the same since the journey to Winterfell, he was more guarded - suspicious of every person he met.

“Uncle?” You asked, placing your book onto the table in front of you. “Is everything alright?”

Your uncle Jaime stepped further into the room, and without looking back he used his foot to close the door behind him. “Yes, dear. Everything is fine for now. I was actually just thinking that we should have a little chat, you and I.”

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Gods & Ghosts

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-Chapter 4 of Seeking Serendipity (A Jon Snow Fanfic)-

A/N: dedicated to @lucifers-khaleesi because she is a wonderful person and because she sent me the most lovely message after reading the previous chapter. Thank you for inspiring me enough to continue writing this!

Warnings: some swear words used

Word Count: 2155 words

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It had been two weeks since Ireyne had arrived to Winterfell with the King and his entourage, and while she had expected to roam the North and have frequent ventures outside, Ireyne found out quickly enough that her job in this tour was to merely sit and smile. And go to sewing classes, pray, sometimes sit with Myrcella and Tommen. And that was about it.  

It swiftly became Ireyne’s most boring journey ever. 

Her days had become monotonous and repetitive too: wake up and get ready; let Vaera brush the tangled hair; go down to the Hall for breakfast; sit next to Jaime and across from Cersei; eat quietly, speak only when spoken to; head to embroidery class with Sansa and Arya.

Avoid running into the bastard.

Sit and work there for an hour or so; ‘your embroidered flowers are so pretty, i’m sure this will turn out beautiful, Lady Ireyne’, ‘nonsense Sansa I can barely stitch properly. Now, your work is what is called beautiful.’; because I don’t want to stitch and knit; go back to the Great Hall for mid-day supper; talk to Jory for a minute; tease Bran about something, anything, everything; talk to Tommen and ask him how his day was.

Do not talk to Snow.

Go with Catelyn to the Godswood and pray; but I don’t ever pray so often; smile at everyone you see on your way back; waste a few hours away in bed; go for supper; talk to Robb a little; avoid bantering with Tyrion; look around at everyone gathered for dinner and make small talk.

Do not look at Jon Snow.

Bid good night to everyone; go back upstairs; take a bath; let Vaera brush out hair; change into nightclothes; get into bed.

Do not think of Jon.

It had been two week since Jon had greeted - or rather stood behind, while the Starks welcomed - the King and his entourage. In the two weeks since, Jon had mostly kept to himself, practicing his combat skills and riding whenever the guests seemed to be busy elsewhere. He spent most of his time in the hidden courtyards of Winterfell, teaching Arya how to fight with his sword; other times he’d go down to the kennels, checking in on Ghost and making sure his direwolf was well-cared for. 

He saw the King a few times, the first time being when the King had demanded to ‘see Ned Stark’s bastard with my own damn eyes’. Ned had summoned Jon then, hurriedly introducing him to King Robert and just as quickly ushering Jon away from his watchful eyes, not letting the King interrogate the young boy.

Jon also spent most of his time avoiding Ireyne Lannister. It wasn’t an easy task given the fact that she seemed to be everywhere. In the great hall when he went down to break his fast; she was found in the courtyard talking to the Lannister household; could hear her laughter in the courtyard when he would practice archery with Bran; he’d see her from the windows in the eastern tower, knitting with his sisters; could see her deep red and dark blue and inky purple dresses floating around the halls of Winterfell; her golden hair that reflected the sunlight that fell upon it; could smell the flowery, sweet scent he noticed she emitted back when he met her that night…

But beyond the small talk they’d made back on the first night of her arrival, Jon and Ireyne hadn’t even held each others gaze for a moment since, let alone talked to one another. Somehow, both seemed to resolutely want to evade the other. Jon, because he was asked not to speak and mingle with the guests, especially the King and the Lannister siblings; Ireyne, because she was always taught to steer clear of bastards and such. 

And this very tedious setup of theirs - avoiding each other, sticking to their routinely tasks, yet somehow frequently being intrigued by the other - continued well into another long week, and would have perhaps lasted the entirety of the time that the royal entourage was at Winterfell had it not been for Ireyne Lannister’s damned curiosity, Jon Snow’s damned heroism, and Robert Baratheon’s damned love for hunting. 

“Are you sure you don’t want to ask Father? He’ll let you come along if you ask Jon,” Robb huffed as he and Jon made their way to the main gates of Winterfell, where Ned Stark and his men were gathering today in order to depart for hunting - something that the King seemed hugely fond of, considering he demanded Ned to arrange for a hunting trip. 

“Aye, he will. But he won’t like it - he asked me to stay behind,” Jon replied, trying to disguise the disappointment he felt.

“And what will you do here?”, inquired Robb, “Ask him! Come with me, we’ll keep distance from the others, it’ll be fine…”

“Thank you, but I’d rather not be within a 100 feet of the King,”, lowering his voice so that only Robb would hear him, Jon continued: “You, Lord Stark, enjoy the King’s company and catch some deers ‘ya damned little shit’…”

Jon managed to evade the punch that Robb flung in his direction, before the two brothers burst out laughing and continued making their way to the front. 

The moon hung high up in the sky now, the stone castle much more quieter now - partially because it was late night, and partially because King Robert and many others were gone on a hunting trip for a few days. Ireyne had let her handmaiden, Vaera, retire for the night much earlier today as there wasn’t much to do anyway. Ireyne sat in her bedchamber, by the glowing fire, reading a book about the First Men that she’d borrowed from the Library. She was so lost in reading her book, turning page after page, that she completely disregarded the one open window in her chamber, the source of her now freezing hands and feet. 

A low howl rumbled the air outside, distracting Ireyne from her book. Shaking her head, she turned back to her book, reaching out for the glass of wine next to her, when another whine sounded through the air. It repeated itself thrice more. Ireyne couldn’t help but wonder what made that sound. When the weak howl reached her ears once more, Ireyne hurriedly stood up, throwing on her thick fur cloak and tucking her dagger into the insides of her cloak. 

She gingerly stepped outside her chamber, looking around to see if any of the guards stood by. Seeing no one, Ireyne, turned around the corner and climbed down the staircase, making her way outside.

Once she reached the cold wind outside, she waited for the sound again. It had sounded like an injured dog; perhaps she could tend to it? When it howled again, she traced its sound and started walking in its direction: around the wall that held the window to her bedchamber, past the Library Tower next, behind the hedges lined, beyond the gate of Godswood. The howls seemed to have moved each time she got close enough, and reaching the Old Gods now, they seemed louder, more desperate, although not moving anywhere; she must have gotten close. Ireyne walked through the Godswood, searching for some frail, injured dog. 

It was loudly silent in here at this hour. The only noise now seemed to be her own footsteps as they crunched fallen leaves and twigs. She was vaguely aware that this was perhaps not such a safe idea - that she should probably return to her bed. Ireyne turned around, trying to recall her path back when she found herself face to face with a large dog. A large white dog with gleaming red eyes, half concealed under the shadow of the tree. Her heart pounded in her chest, threatening to burst out. 

“Just a dog, just a bloody dog”, she murmured softly.

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The dog in question stepped forward and Ireyne realized belatedly that that was no dog. It was a wolf. A wolf that was now baring its teeth at her and growling lowly. Suddenly the wolf lurched forward, causing Ireyne to let out an ear-splitting shriek and jump back. Her foot caught on some root and she fell on her back, eyeing the wolf coming closer still, snarling. Ireyne gripped her dagger underneath her cloak, ready to strike. The wolf stood above her, sniffing her. It bared its teeth fully once more, opening its mouth and leaning forward. 

Then several things happened at once: the wolf barked; Ireyne unsheathed her dagger pulling it out from under her cloak; a voice yelled “Ghost!”; she struck her dagger into the wolf’s right forelimb, just as it turned around from her, slashing a deep cut. 

The wolf turned back towards Ireyne, but before it could so much as step forward, a deep Northern voice sounded from behind. 

“Ghost! No! Down boy, get back here”, Jon commanded the wolf, who obediently limped away from Ireyne. Letting out a sigh of relief, she couldn’t help but notice the flash of anger on Jon Snow’s face as he saw the deep gash on the wolf’s limb. 

Ireyne, deeply confused as well as concerned now, stood back on her legs again, brushing the dirt from her cloak and placing her dagger away. Jon stayed quiet for a moment before speaking again:

“Are you alright my lady?”

“I- uh- yes. I’m…fine. Thank you.”

“You should get back inside.”

“I should.”

Jon was kneeling now, checking the wolf’s wound and running his hand through its white fur. 

“Is he - were you aware that there is a wolf running about this place?” Ireyne inquired, keeping her voice as steady as possible, albeit still a bit hesitant. 

“He’s not just a wolf. He’s a direwolf.” Jon said, his smooth, calm voice laced with hints of anger. At her confused look, he continued, “he’s mine. We - the Stark children and I each have a direwolf as our pet.”




It made much more sense now as to why Jon was so disturbed by the hurt wolf. For a few minutes, neither of them spoke. Jon tore out a piece of cloth from his cloak, and began wrapping it around the direwolf’s limb, trying to stop the crimson liquid that now tainted its pure, snowy fur. 

“I’m sorry Jon, I didn’t know he was your pet…” Ireyne trailed off.

“Its alright. You couldn’t have known.” And just for a moment he smiled at her, and Ireyne thought everything was going to be just fine; but then Jon continued: “I forgive you.”

You forgive me?” the blonde’s eyebrows arched up in question. He seemed like a nice boy, and she had wounded his wolf, and she was sorry for her action, but a bastard still had no right to decide whether to forgive her or not, did he?

“Jon Snow, I did nothing that I need to beg forgiveness for.”

Jon stood up now, his nostrils flaring a little, his hands clutched into fists. 

“You did nothing? You stabbed my direwolf.” He spoke slowly, doing a very bad job at concealing his irritation.

“He attacked me!”

“He did no such thing. He only saw a stranger and was sensing if he could trust you. Ghost wouldn’t have hurt you!”

“Well I didn’t know that! For all I knew that awful wild thing would’ve ripped by heart out.” Ireyne snarled, “It shouldn’t even be here. They’d have that vile creature killed elsewhere…”

“This isn’t elsewhere. I’m sure you Lannisters love killing harmless animals down West but this is my home, and we don’t do that here. And its my pup, you can’t say such stuff about him.” Jon growled angrily. 

“It’s a fucking wolf, for Gods sake Jon, you can’t have that thing as a pet! Don’t defend it!”

“It’s a direwolf! And the direwolf is the sigil of our house, Ireyne.”

“And a lion is the sigil of my house. You don’t see me wandering about with my pet lion anywhere, do you?!”

“Well, I don’t know you, do I? Maybe you do have a fucking lion somewhere…”

“Jon Snow, you are absolutely at fault in this conver - “

“ -Before you tell me my faults, you should know: I don’t fucking care!!!”

Ireyne and Jon stood still for a moment, breathing heavily and glaring at one another. The lion roared in Ireyne’s chest, and the wolf howled wildly in Jon’s - both aware of their blood boiling and their desire to strangle the other. 

It was Ghost’s weak whimper that managed to tear both of them from their aggressive glaring, causing Jon to huff loudly before turning around and helping the direwolf out of the Godswood, while Ireyne picked up her skirts and whipped her hair back over her shoulder, before marching haughtily past Jon and back towards her chamber.

Oh no, Jon and Ireyne aren’t doing so well with each other are they? 

  • Do you think Ireyne over reacted? Jon? Any issues or thought? Do drop by my Owl Post-Office (ask box) to leave your thoughts and comments about this chapter. :)

Until next time, cheers!

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The Lions

Drabble request from @juiceynana for

23. “Don’t be so grumpy.”
44. “I’m trying to read.”

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Tyrion Lannister X Reader (friendship/siblings)
 There was no specification on the type of relationship, so I decided to do a siblings imagine (no incest, haha). With Love, Kat
Warnings: language, mentions of sex and incest

Words: 736

Being a Lannister was no easy task. You were somewhat of a middle child, being younger than Jaime and Cersei and older than Tyrion. With your sister Cersei being married to King Robert, the whole family moved to Kings Landing, where Jaime became Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. So now you were living in the castle and unfortunately your room was right next to Tyrion, and the gods knew how much he liked his whores. It was like living next to a brothel, with obscene noises coming from his room all hours of the day and night. You were trying to relax and enjoy your day while reading your favorite stories that told of the days when dragons still roamed the Earth, but the gross moans coming from Tyrion’s room were really grinding your gears today.

Placing your book on your bed, you got up and walked over to Tyrion’s room, not bothering to knock on the door before letting yourself in.
“Tyrion, Seven Hells, can you tell your daily whore to keep it down?” you asked, leaning against the door frame.
“Y/N, you need to quit busting in on me. It really kills the moment” Tyrion said, sitting up as the girl rushed to put her clothes back on. You couldn’t help but chuckle at how flustered the girl seemed, rushing around to find her clothes.
I’m trying to read. All I wanted was for your little whore here to keep it down” you pouted, crossing your arms over your chest.

Tyrion decided the mood was officially dead when the girl started to pour him wine, fully dressed. He then moved to pull his trousers back on and readjust his tunic.
Don’t be so grumpy, big sister. I just like to get laid, that’s all” he said as he was handed a cup of wine from the girl. Then, after making eye contact with you a few more times, she rushed out of the room, face flushed with embarrassment.
“So Tyrion, who’s the girl? She’s no whore” you said, walking over near your brother’s bed and sitting down in a nearby chair.
“That, my dear sister, is your new servant Jayne” Tyrion said, a smirk on his face.
“Oh Tyrion, you didn’t” you chuckled “The poor girl won’t be able to look me in the eye ever again!” Then you and Tyrion bursted into a fit of uncontrollable laughter. Unable to contain yourselves because of how awkward you had just made poor Jayne’s life.

You poured yourself a cup of wine as you continued to talk with Tyrion and returned to your seat near his bed.
“So,” you said sipping your wine “what should we do with the girl? I feel bad firing her, but we can’t have her serve you for obvious reasons and she can’t serve me because I don’t believe she’ll ever be able to look me in the eye again.”
“I don’t know, but we definitely cannot fire her.”
“Should we give her to Jaime? He won’t fuck her, he’s already in relations with someone else” you said, giving Tyrion a knowing smirk.
“By the gods I’d never thought there would be a day where we casually talked about how our older siblings, who are twins, are clearly lovers” Tyrion said, letting out a loud laugh.
Your eyes went wide and you sat forward, leaning towards Tyrion.
“I’ve got the worst idea” you said, a devilish smile on your face.
“I don’t even know what it is yet, but by the look on your face I have to say I’m excited to hear it.” Tyrion loved when you schemed with him.
“Let’s give the girl to Cersei and tell her that we resorted to her because Jaime and Jayne just simply couldn’t keep their hands off one another”
“Oh, you’re a devil among men,” Tyrion started “I’m in. But first, let’s get Jaime in on this so Cersei doesn’t have the poor girl killed.” So you clinked your cups together in agreement, ready to hatch your plan.

You loved teaming up with Tyrion to mess with Cersei. It was just so easy to mess with her. Little did she know it, but Jaime was actually in on most of yours and Tyrion’s pranks on her. Yeah, it was a little mean for you to screw with Cersei so much, but they were usually harmless childish pranks and it was extremely amusing.

Golden Madness

-1.01 of Seeking Serendipity (a Jon Snow Novel) -

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A/N: And here is Chapter 1! I’m so excited to kick things off! Hope you have fun reading, and as always, any comments/thoughts/feelings would be greatly appreciated :)

Warnings: Mentions of some swear words.

Word Count: 2164

Summary: In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the Capital, and ever-mounting tensions between the residents of the Red Keep, a new political decision is made - one that would alter the lives of everyone forever…

                             Chapter 1: Golden Madness 

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“Oh seven fucking hells!!!”

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Happy Lions

Brother!Jaime Lannister X Sister!Reader, Robb Stark X Reader

Request from anonymous: 16-19 year old Lannister reader, their baby sister and all family members are quite protective of her (deviates from actual GoT plot in which their mother dies in childbirth with Tyrion. For the purpose of this fic, their mother did not die until after the reader was born)

18- “Hey, it’s okay. I’m here.”
20- “Don’t be a tease.”
50- “I need more alcohol.”

A/N: I wasn’t really sure what you wanted from this anon, but I hope you love it regardless. No Lannister incest in this, just a sappy lil love story with protective siblings involved.

Warnings: alcohol

Words: 1818

“Another round of wine, please!” your eldest brother Jaime half-yelled to the servant girl that was across the room. Ever since your mother died, the family made sure to do a big feast every Sunday and it was not optional unless you were traveling far or at war. This had been going on since you could remember, your mother died when you were very young, making you the youngest Lannister sibling. So today you and your three siblings were all gathered around the table with your father and your sister’s children.

“So how’s your wolf?” you sister Cersei whispered into your ear with a smirk, causing you to nearly spit your wine all over the table.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Cersei” you said, looking away and stuffing a piece of bread in your mouth.

“I’m talking about your love for the eldest Stark boy” she smiled and wiggled her eyebrows at you and you knew that you were caught. Robb Stark had caught your eye immediately when you went to visit Winterfell with your family. Admittedly, the two of you had met up a few times here and there and you could swear the boy was your soul mate. But that really didn’t matter, you were to be betrothed to someone else.

“It doesn’t matter Cersei, I’m to marry someone else” you frowned, poking at the food on your plate suddenly not very hungry.

“I know what you’re going through Y/N. I was assigned a husband too” she said, rubbing your shoulder before turning back to answer the question Joffrey had asked her.

Your shoulders were slumped slightly as you continued to poke at but not eat your food. Your brother Tyrion noticed your demeanor and immediately came over to see what was wrong.

“What’s wrong Y/N? You look very sad” Tyrion said, hopping up to sit on the bench next to you.

“Just thinking about the brute of a man I’m being forced to marry. He’s twice my age, Tyrion” you looked up at your brother with sorrow evident on your face.

Tyrion opened his mouth to console you and before he could utter a word you were up and all-but-running out the large wooden doors of the dining hall.  

Your brothers exchanged a look and in an instant, Jaime was up and following you out the door to the stairs where you sat, crying.

Hey, it’s okay. I’m here.” Jaime wrapped an arm around your shoulders and you leaned into him, your body racked with sobs as he tried to comfort you.

“I-I d-don’t want t-to marry h-him” you struggled out as the knot continued to form in your throat and tears streamed down your face.

“I know, Y/N. And you know if it was anyone’s choice but father’s you wouldn’t be marrying Khal Drogo. You’d be marrying your love, Robb Stark.”

“I m-must see Robb. H-he has t-to know” your breathing was labored and erratic as you struggled to get words out.

“Actually, he’s on his way already. The second we found out, we sent a raven. He should be here by tomorrow.”

“Y-you sent a raven for me? But why?”

“Because we love you, Y/N. We’re going to do everything that we can in order to help you. You saw what Cersei went through with King Baratheon, we all did. As your siblings, we refuse to watch you go through the same thing.”

You turned around to see Cersei and Tyrion standing in the doorway with sympathetic looks on their faces.

“We’re here for you, my love” your sister said, hugging you tightly and holding your head with one of her hands and your back with the other.

“We’re Lannisters after all. Nothing stands in our way” Tyrion said, holding your hand and squeezing it for reassurance.

“Thank you all, really. But now I just need some rest” you wiped a tear from your cheek with your sleeve and hugged all of your siblings goodnight as you retreated to your bedchambers. They left you be, but it was clear that they were all reluctant to do so.

Once you got to your room, you began slowly untying the front of your gown as you shrugged it down your shoulders and let it fall to the floor, leaving you naked. You did not stay that way long, however, you quickly covered yourself with your nightgown.

Don’t be a tease, my love. Leave yourself unclothed for me just a bit longer” a mysterious husky voice rang out from behind you. You whipped your head around to see your soulmate leaning in the doorway, draped in his signature Stark furs, his reddish-brown beard and beautiful curly hair looking as though it was just waiting for you to run your fingers through it.

Without a word, you ran to Robb and jumped into his arms. Your lips immediately went for him and you carelessly kissed all over his face and neck, with tears beginning to well in your eyes.

“I missed you too, my little lion” he chuckled, planting you back on your feet. He held you at arms length and examined you, taking in all of your features before kissing you on the head and allowing his mouth to linger on your skin.

“My wolf” you cooed out as you nuzzled yourself under his arm. Now that he was standing in front of him, you couldn’t help but keep contact with him at all times. Even if it was just him rubbing circles on your hand with his thumb.

“Run away with me, Y/N. Don’t marry Drogo. I couldn’t bear to see you torn away from me, I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t have you” Robb begged, holding your hands in his and as you looked into his eyes you could see them fill with tears as he bore his heart to you.

“We shouldn’t have to run, Robb. I’m going to stand up to my awful tyrant of a father and convince him that you and I would be a much smarter match. After all, our families would then have control of the North and the Reach. My father does not need Dothrak. They are their own people, they have their own ways. They have no interest in politics.”

“You’ve thought about this plenty, I see” a voice caused you and Robb to whip your heads towards the door where your eldest brother stood with a large smile stretched across his face.

“You’ll make a convincing argument, Y/N. I believe you should be there by her side Robb, especially if you’re ready to marry immediately. Cersei, Tyrion, and myself will be there to back you up as well” Jaime said, pushing himself from the doorframe and sitting in the chair beside your bed.

“I’ve wanted to marry her for years” Robb admitted with his eyes full of love. His words caused you to blush and kiss him quickly on the lips, to which your brother replied with a scoff.

“Okay lovebirds, none of that in front of me. It’s too sweet and you’re too perfect together, I may throw up” he laughed, shoving you lightly on the shoulder. You and Robb laughed it off, letting his arm fall over your shoulders as you cuddled into his side. Tomorrow was going to be the day that you stood up to your father, but you couldn’t help the churning feeling in your stomach telling you that this could end very badly.

–The Next Day–

“Good morning, my dear” you whispered into your future husband’s ear as you cuddled close to him, placing sweet kisses to his collarbones and the top of his chest. A low groan rose from his throat as he pulled you close, letting his lips rest at your ear.

“Love, I’m already horny as all get out. Please don’t make me fuck you senseless before we try to go convince your father to let me marry you. I don’t think he’ll be so kind if the marks of my teeth are all over your neck” he chuckled, kissing you on the temple and moving to get out of bed.

After about an hour or so of you and Robb dancing around one another, trying not to get too far into any kissing session so you didn’t get swept away in each other, you finally were on your way to you father’s chambers to speak with him about your new marriage arrangements.

“Father” you said as you swung the door open, “I’m not marrying Khal Drogo. I’m going to marry Robb Stark, the love of my life and the future King in the North” you didn’t even give your father time to get a word in before you continued, “It makes much more sense for me to marry a Stark. I know you and Lord Eddard do not see eye-to-eye but hear me out. If your daughter marries a Stark and becomes Queen in the North, our family then has influence over the North and the Reach. During times of hardship you know how important the North is, especially when winter comes and when it comes to maintaining the wall. Not to mention that the North holds some of the most influential houses in Westeros, number one being the Starks. Yet another reason to align ourselves with them.”

You were breathing heavy from getting your words out so quickly and staring at your father with pleading eyes as Robb stood next to you, his jaw hung open in shock at your directness.

“Well, Y/N. You make a good point” your father finally spoke, pressing his palms together in consideration.

After what felt like years, your father spoke again.

“Okay, Y/N. Between your argument and the argument I got from every one of your siblings, I will let you marry the Stark boy on one condition: you marry immediately.” he said, looking to Robb and expecting to be met with fear and hesitation, but instead he was met with the face of joy.

“Absolutely, my lord. I’ve been wanting this for a long time, I know Y/N has too. I have no problem marrying her tomorrow. Hells I would marry her right now if I could” Robb said with a grin on his face, pulling you in for a big kiss. You leaned into his touch, allowing the kiss to last for much longer than it should have in front of your father.

“By the gods, I need more alcohol” your father sighed out, holding his palm to his head and waving his servant over to pour him more wine. All you could hear was the sounds of your family laughing as your father drank more wine while Robb hoisted you into the air and laughed. This kind of happiness wasn’t felt in your family for a long time, but you were glad that you were the cause of it.


SIBLINGS REUNITED: Lannisters and Starks

Every sibling from the Stark and Lannister clans have been separated. Tyrion is hunted by Cersei for killing their father and Jaime is left with the decision, whether to face the wrath of his beloved sister/lover when he returns home with their dead daughter, leaving poor Tommen, an only child.

All of the Stark children have gone their separate ways since Bran and Rickon said their goodbyes by the Wall. The Starks, as a whole, were only together for one episode. With Robb dead, there is still a chance for the remaining Starks; Sansa, Arya, Bran, Rickon and Jon Snow ( I am going to assume he has survived multiple stabbings) to reunite. Unlike the Lannisters, some of the stark siblings had no onscreen interaction at all, while others shared a few poignant scenes, that could hint as to which of them will be reunited in the future.

As we approach the final few series, we are left wondering whether any of the Starks will find one another and will the Lannisters every have a happy reunion.

Jaime & Cersei

Relationship Before: Pretty incestous! The siblings have been close since birth, and parents to Cersei’s beloved children. Their relationship has been strained throughout the series since Jaime was held captive by the Starks, and returned without his sword hand, and unable to protect his family.

Likelihood: According to the prophecy by Maggy the Frog, Cersei will be killed by a little brother. She has long believed it to be Tyrion, but Jaime could be the younger of the twins. In the books, he doesn’t come to Cersei’s aid during her imprisonment but in the series he is on his way back to her, but will most likely be dismissed for letting their daughter die. This could be the last time they see each other, or Jaime will return to either kill her or defend her at the end.

Bran & Rickon Stark

Relationship before: These two Stark brothers have shared the most time together on screen, with Bran doing his best to look after young Rickon while their parents were away. They escaped captivity at Winterfell to head north, but ultimately separated, so that Bran could cross to the other side of the Wall.

Likelihood: Jon and Robb had an emotional goodbye before Jon travelled to the Wall, and never saw each other again. There is a similarity between Bran and Rickon’s farewell, and there is a possibility that they will not reunite. Bran’s place is beyond the wall, while Rickon could possibly take his place Lord of Winterfell, and rule the North.

Tyrion & Cersei

Relationship Before: Cersei has loathed her baby brother since his birth and claimed the life of her mother. She also has suspected that he will kill her, according to a prophecy by Maggy the Frog. She had him wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of her son Joffery, but he escaped, but not before killing their father.

Likelihood: Cersei has sent assassins in search for her brother. She wants Tyrion dead, and Tyrion would love revenge on his terrible sister, who has caused him years of abuse. Tyrion is also keen to help another queen take her place of the throne, which will bring him back to the Red Keep.

Sansa & Arya Stark

Relationship before: The girls were taken to Kings Landing by their father. They did not get along and often fought and argued. The sisters differed in attitudes and have different visions of their futures. While Sansa was willing to leave her Stark roots behind and dedicate her life to her betrothed, Arya only wanted to learn to fight.

Likelihood: Arya’s hitlist contains many of Sansa’s own enemies, some who have done her more harm. As a trained assassin, Arya will soon be able to take some of them out, possibly under the orders of her sister. Or could be hired by Cersei to kill Sansa, for the murder of Joffery.

Jaime & Tyrion

Relationship before: The brothers have a very loving relationship, even though Cersei has tried to dissuade it. Jaime helped Tyrion during his trials and later saved him from execution. 

Likelihood: I think Jaime’s act of brotherly love will be his last. The brothers has a heartfelt goodbye, and are now worlds apart, and have pledged to different queens.

Arya Stark & Jon Snow

Relationship before: The siblings seemed very close before Arya left for Kings Landing. Jon had a sword made of her, that she has kept with her this whole time, and that she is emotionally attached to. The sword is the one thing she refuses to let go when she joins the faceless men, whether it be because she refuses to forget Jon or lose her Stark identity.

Likelihood: Arya will no doubt return to her Stark identity, while Jon has been faithful to the Watch. I feel both siblings are so far removed from one another, that they might just miss one another.

Jon Snow & Bran Stark

Relationship before: Jon was a supportive brother to Bran, when his father brought them to an execution. He visited Bran when he lay comatose after his fall. The two seemed very close, and they often think of each other in the books. They have almost been reunited twice. They are the closest to each other geographically.

Likelihood: With Bran learning how to warg, and communicating with the Children of the Forest, he could learn to communicate with the white-walkers. Bran is also a greenseer and is one of the only people that could see Jon’s true paternity and reveal it to him.