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Danvers Sisters Week: Day Six: Double Date.

I WroTE thIS CAUse I AM a slUt For coMEdic tiMINg.

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“So…” Maggie drawls, grinning at Kara in a sly way that Alex really shouldn’t be thinking about at work. How is her girlfriend hot pretty much one hundred percent of the time? Lord knows.

“Yes…?” Kara drawls back, brow furrowed in obvious confusion.

“Who is it?”

“Who is who?”

“The person you’ve been seeing.”

Kara scoffs, shaking her head and gesturing wildly in that way Alex can only associate with her sister lying. She’s off like a shot, rambling at a mile a minute trying to convince them that she’s never been more single in her life. Alex and Maggie share a secret glance before turning back to Kara, who isn’t even looking at them anymore.

“Kara, c’mon.” Alex chuckles. “That ramble did nothing but cement our suspicions.”

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UPDATE: Tonight Maggie’s in deeper in Act 2 of Drown. Cat and Kara are working closely together, whatever the danger. 

Maggie and M’gann hug it out thanks to @pinkrabbitpro. 

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“Morning,” Kara greeted cheerfully as she opened the door, her smile falling when she saw her sister’s haggard appearance. “Um… are you hungover?”

Alex replied with a grumbled, “I wish,” as she brushed past Kara and stepped inside the apartment.

Dark circles under listless eyes, hair mussed, and in rumpled DEO attire, Alex had clearly been up all night. She trudged over to Kara’s sofa, wincing at the morning light streaming through the windows.

“What’s wrong?”

Alex flopped on the couch as Kara shut the door. “We found something that likely ties the police to Cadmus.”

“Ties them together how?”

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Right now, Alex Danvers is texting Lucy Lane about the wild time she had with Maggie Sawyer last night.

J’onn usually misses Lucy’s presence in the DEO, but this morning he’s just thankful she’s too far away for him to hear her thoughts in addition to Alex’s: he doesn’t need to double the size of his headache.

And that’s before Kara picks up Alex’s phone by accident, squeals, turns bright red, and mutters something about why it’s always gotta be her as she gives the phone back to her spluttering sister.

I don’t make the rules.

You Can Wonder [Who I Really Am]

Anonymous said:Director Sanvers prompt: maggie and Lucy find proof of Alex’s punk/goth/emo phase and tease her but are actually a little turned on when they find out she fronted a band and shows them a live concert video of their performances ???

So, posting this ask as a text so that the “read more” works properly, because this is a total beast of a fic. I dragged @onefootone​ into this one just to see what would happen. One night of brainstorming, one night of words. 6600 words. Hope it meets your expectations anon.

ps, cross-posted on Ao3 here and the mentioned based design is the green one from this post by @people-are-just-bad-code​ because damn that is a pretty piece.

“Shhhh, look,” Lucy points with her pen, “here we see the elusive Danvers, cautiously making it’s way through the grazing grounds, such a rare sight here in these parts.”

“Not much is known of the Danvers,” Maggie continues, “just that they share communal living spaces and, in theory, have a den nearby. Rarely are they seen in the wild, preferring the safety of heavily wooded areas devoid of social creatures.”

“Rarer still has the Danvers been seen in mating plumage-”

Maggie snorts and Alex, eyes flashing, throws an orange. “The Danvers can hear you, you dicks.”

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Sanvers Wedding Scenes

Scenes that will be a crime if Supergirl Season 3 doesn’t have for the Sanvers Wedding:

–Alex bringing up that Kara will be her Maid of Honor really casually and Kara being completely shocked and Alex is like “duh, who else would I ask?” and Kara crying with happiness

–After bonding in battle during the invasion, James and Maggie become super tight and she asks him to be her Man of Honor

–Alex and Maggie having to sit Kara down and asking her to cool it a bit with the wedding planning because she is going totally overboard with the ideas

–The Bachelorette Party!!!!! Alex and Maggie would have a joint party and they would rent out the alien bar for a night and everyone from the DEO would be there and all their alien friends and some of Maggie’s cop friends and her aunt.

–J’onn walking Alex down the aisle (I’d be a blubbering mess if this happens)

–The wedding officiate doesn’t show up for some reason so Kara has to fill in and marry Alex and Maggie because she is their number one supporter

–Kara’s Maid of Honor toast includes a traditional Kryptonian blessing for newlyweds

–Clark and Lois attend the wedding

–Winn getting drunk and tearing up the dance floor with horrible white boy dance moves

–Alex and Kara having a Sister Dance, like a mother/father-daughter dance. Maybe to the song “Army” by Ellie Gulding

–Maggie having her parent-daughter dance with her aunt

justshowmethegays  asked:

Don't know if you're taking Director Sanvers prompts but here's one anyway: Alex is upset/kinda mad after an argument with Kara and being the Salty Agent she is won't talk to Maggie and Lucy about it. I just need some angst right now

So angst isn’t my strongest skill, but I gave it a shot?

Lucy noticed something was off when Alex came storming into the DEO on her day off. She and Kara were supposed to do something sisterly, since they’d both been so busy with work and their relationships. Lucy knew Alex had been looking forward to it for almost a week, so to see her at work and clearly angry only a few hours into Sister Day, well, that was worrying.

Lucy let her be for a bit, knowing that an angry Danvers was more prickly than usual, and she’d need time to cool down from whatever happened. That didn’t stop her from shooting off a text to Maggie in warning though. Check on Kara, Agent Angry showed up.

Maggie, busy with a case, didn’t have time to respond before the danger of the week showed up to ruin everyone’s day and three streets downtown. Alex went out with the Supergirl support team, still looking pissed. Even Vas was giving the agent space, and Vas loved poking the bear.

And to be perfectly honest, Lucy was thrilled to be back at the command center, watching from afar, because the damage the Danvers’ were causing was just short of terrifying. Pam was going to be pissed at all the paperwork involved in this much destruction of public property, but what was worrying was Alex– Alex jumping between her people and the Eldritch horror, Alex, putting herself between civilians, Alex running head first at the thing when a tentacle knocked the space gun from her hands, knife combat knife at the ready. Lucy barely breathed until Kara shot out of the building she’d been thrown into, coming to her sister’s aid just in time.

It’s almost a relief to hear them arguing as they returned. Not that she could tell what they were arguing about, because they were doing it in what Lucy assumed was Kryptonese. Strange vowels and harsher consonants weaved their way out of Alex’s mouth, clumsy in the face of Kara’s fluency, but Kara looked just as pissed as Alex, so clearly she was getting her point across.

“Agent Danvers!”

Alex’s head jerked in her direction. “What?”

“Get to medical and check in with Pam. You’re done for the day.”

“I’m fine.”

“That’s an order, Danvers. Same for you, Supergirl. You’re both done for the day. The city can’t handle anymore.”

Neither sister was pleased with the order, but they headed towards medical anyway. Lucy let out a heavy breath of air, knowing her night was going to be extra fun (and not in that fun way) if the two didn’t make peace before she and Maggie made their ways home.

And six hours later, it was clear that they hadn’t.

Alex had it out on the counter– the expensive bottle of whiskey they were saving for a special occasion. Alex wasn’t an alcoholic, not yet, but she danced the line when emotions ran high, and she and Maggie had sat her down to discuss it. Rules were agreed upon: she had to talk to someone before she picked up the bottle and she didn’t drink alone. If she didn’t talk to Lucy she talked to Maggie, or Kara, sometimes Vas. Vas had been at work all day. Maggie was opening the door behind her.


“I haven’t actually drank any yet, mom.”

Lucy approached carefully, with Maggie discarding her badge and gun on the table by the door. “Alex, what’s going on with you and Kara today?”

“Nothing I want to talk about.”

Lucy stopped just outside of reaching distance. Prickly Alex didn’t respond well to Lucy and vice versa. As much love and passion passed between them, neither were particularly good at processing emotions. For that matter, Maggie wasn’t either.

Some days they were fireworks.

Some days they were powder kegs.

Tonight was feeling dangerous.

“Alex, something is clearly wrong. You and Kara were supposed to be hanging out today and then you come storming into work, and that crap you pulled out there with the alien calamari, you broke protocol. You’re lucky not to be dead, I should have suspended you.”

Maggie stepped into Alex’s space, placing a careful hand on her shoulder. “Alex, sweetie, I was on the street. You scared the shit out of me.”

Alex shook off Maggie’s hand and pushed away from the counter. “You won’t understand, either of you.”

Lucy shares a look with Maggie. She’s not the only one who caught the quick flash of something behind Alex’s eyes. Something wasn’t right.


No, Lucy. You and your sister haven’t spoken in years, you don’t get to dictate how my relationship with my alien sister should be.” Alex spun and stepped into Maggie’s space, challenging her with every inch of her body. “And you, you don’t even have family, what do you know about it? Neither of you understand.”

Maggie flinched back. Lucy, she was used to the sting of Lois. But Maggie… Maggie still felt every inch of the abandoned 14-year-old every day. Like Alex’s drinking, it was something they were working on. But it was never something either Alex or Lucy would use against her like this. Not when dark eyes went wide, not when Maggie would withdraw into herself, becoming even smaller. Alex would never do that to Maggie.

Alex would notice Maggie shrinking.

Something was wrong.

Lucy ducked around Alex to wrap an arm around Maggie and tug her out of Alex’s reach. “Alex, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. But Maggie and I are going for a walk to let you cool down. I expect an apology for Mags when we get back.”

Alex’s eye flashed again, and she reached out, shattering the whiskey bottle with her bare hand. “Don’t bother.”

Maggie and Lucy clung to each other as they watched Alex stomp out of her own apartment, blood dripping from her hand, not grabbing so much as her keys or a coat on her way out. Her phone too, was still on the counter. Maggie’s whole body flinched into Lucy as the slam of the door seemed to reverberate through their very bones.

Lucy gripped Maggie tighter. “I need to call J’onn.”

anonymous asked:

Hey Cap. I'm gonna have a v v shitty day, how about some Superfriends (ans yes, i am including Lucy) playing dinking games à la truth or dare and never have I ever? Bonus for some Director Sanvers if you are up for it, but only Sanvers I alright too. I send very much love to you, stay awsome!

Maggie swears to M’gann that they won’t let Kara have more alien rum than sh can handle, and even though Alex apparently trusts Maggie with her life but not a flash grenade, M’gann trusts Maggie with Kara’s liquor.

She strolls out of the bar with a bottle of the stuff and a smug expression as she heads to Kara’s for Game Night.

It’s board games for a while, but as the night presses on – and as a J’onn-imposed day off on Alex and a captain-imposed day off on Maggie settles in around them – the alcohol, human and alien, comes out in full force.

Lucy leans over Alex’s lap to whisper something in Kara’s ear that makes her blush, that makes her splutter and adjust her glasses, but she nods and she clears her throat.

“Someone thinks we should play Never Have I Ever,” Kara tells the group with a pointed look at Lucy, and James and Winn cheer.

“I’m in,” Maggie shrugs, leaning back into the couch, legs spread and confident, and Alex and Lucy both gulp at the sight.

“Okay okay, since it was my idea, I get to go first, okay?”

“Make it good, Lane,” Winn tilts his beer bottle toward her, and she smirks.

“When have you known me to not make it good, Schott? And don’t you answer that, Jimmy,” she teases, her hand on his knee, and James laughs and squeezes his ex’s hand briefly, shaking his head happily at how this crowd, this family, transforms her into a version of herself that is so much more likely to smile.

“Okay, so: everyone knows the rules, right? I say something I’ve never done, and if you have done the thing, you drink.”

“And every fourth time you’ve done something, you drink water, not alcohol, okay everyone? I don’t want anyone floating away.”

“Yeah Kara.”

“It was one time!”

“Alright alright: so. Never have I ever worn a red cap and put my hands on my hips.”

Kara scowls and shouts “no fair!” while Alex laughs into Lucy’s shoulder. Lucy’s hand slips onto Alex’s thigh and Maggie gulps, both on her own spit and on her beer.

“Maggie, did you just drink?” James calls her out, and she curses internally.

“I was really into Superman as a kid, okay?”

“Awww, little baby SuperSawyer! Ow! No pillow attacks, pillow attacks spill beers!”

“Babe, should we introduce you to Clark next time he’s in town?”

“My sister’s been banging him for years, James wanted to for a while, and hell, Schott still wants to, so I don’t blame you, Maggie – he’s someone to emulate alright,” Lucy grins as everyone yelps in laughter, before leaning in between Alex and Maggie, lowering for voice so only the two of them can hear her. “We can always explore more of your cape-wearing, hands-on-hipping later, too, Sawyer.”

Maggie bites her lip and Alex clears her throat. Loudly. But her smile gives her away, and Lucy’s smug as she sits back down.

“Who’s next?”

“Me, me, I’ll go!” Winn almost spills his beer down his front in his eagerness.

“Okay, okay. Um. Never have I ever had sex with anyone in this room.”

Everyone drinks.

Alex splutters.

“Kara, you and James – “

“No, you know I’m ace with men, I mean we’ve… done things, but not – “

“Well I know you didn’t sleep with Maggie, so who – “

Lucy’s busy examining her nails and James is busy burying his head in his hands and laughing to himself.

Maggie’s jaw drops, as pleased as she was when Alex punched Rick Malverne in the face.

Alex nearly falls off the couch.



“My little sister!”

“Is a very grown-ass woman. A very fine grown-ass woman.”

“My little sister!”

“Listen Danvers, it’s not my fault Kara discovered things about her sexuality before you did, otherwise you could have gotten with this earlier,” she winks. “Thanks for the assist bringing her out, Maggie. A service to lesbians and bi women everywhere.”

Maggie chokes on her beer as Alex stammers and gapes, her smile almost as bright as her blush.

badzombies-sister  asked:

hey I love your writing, specially superlane, it's what made me follow you in the first place so I wanted more of that so if you're willing for the writing prompt how about 5, 35 and/ or 73, and supercorp 48, 56 and/or 81. Whatever you choose it's fine but mostly superlane cause I miss Lucy so much, I believe she could have related to Kara, Alex and Lena in certain aspects of their lives

Of course!! I’m so glad you like my writing, this ask made my day. I’ll do a prompt involving Superlane 35 and 73, then I’ll do a separate supercorp one in another ask if I have time, cause that sounds fun

35.  This is gonna hurt.
73.  Don’t ever say that again.

Kara loved Lucy. A lot.

Loving her was sort of like the whirlwind, cheesy romances from the movies she loved to watch growing up with the Danvers. She fell in love with Lucy’s confidence, the tilt of her chin when she was preparing for an attack, the million different shades of green in her eyes that lit up when she got into a topic, the way she paced a little right before she found a way to save the day. Every little thing that made up Lucy wormed it’s way into Kara’s heart and made a home there.

And so there was something Kara found undeniably amazing about how strongly Lucy felt. She was a hurricane, an unstoppable force. A mixture of persistence and rage that never made it into the romance movies.

She was stunning leading troops into battle, or in the training room, or in court. Lucy was strong and terrifying and all of this flashed through Kara’s mind as her girlfriend stormed into the DEO’s med bay.

“Don’t ever say that again!” Lucy’s eyes were shining with tears and anger and fear as she took in Kara. Blowing out her powers and getting shot was bad. Making declarations into the comm directly prior to this was, apparently, even worse.

“Say I love you?” Kara’s arm burned, and she glanced at the doctor who had removed the bullet from her bicep and was preparing stitches, the woman got the message and left, saying she’d be back in a few minutes.

“Say you’re sorry like that,” Lucy was shouting. “You say, ’I Love you. I’m sorry.’ Then run into fight a dozen alien mob enforces and almost die.”

There were tears on Lucy’s face now, and Kara’s heart jumped. She had come too close that time. Silently, she wrapped her good arm around Lucy, who melted into her touch. Her anger melted too, and her fear. Everything dissolving into a sob against Kara’s shoulder.

“Hey, I’m okay. I’m okay. I’d say I’m sorry, but I think you’d get mad,” Kara muttered, smiling a little. She was crying too now.

Lucy pulled back just to aggressively roll her eyes. “Shut up.”

“I think the refusing to let me say I’m sorry thing won’t work. I’ll do it, but this is gonna hurt you more than it will me.”

“Really? I thought it actually pained you to ignore good manners.”

Kara smiled. She had nearly died, and had the blood on her sleeve was proof. But looking at Lucy, she wanted to stay alive more than ever.

“Will you get mad at me if I say I love you again?” Kara asked softly, pressing her forehead against Lucy’s.


Comes up to face the skies

Director Sanvers 2x19 rewrite PART TWO

Find Part One HERE or both at AO3

As before, much of the dialogue is taken straight from the ep, however Lucy’s presence adds a few scenes.

Lucy follows Kara into the interrogation room and watches as she slams down the computer. She’s praying that Kara doesn’t damage it,their only link to Alex, to seeing that she’s okay. They’ve lost so much time, Lucy can’t… she can’t lose this too.

“Tell me where she is!”

“I told you not to go there.”

It’s almost pitying, the glance he shoots you over Kara’s shoulder. Like he knew that Kara would rush in, he prepared for that, but he’s sorry that she did. Lucy keeps her face blank, but it doesn’t really matter, does it? If he followed Alex for a year, he knows Alex, he knows Maggie, he knows her. He knows very well that her heart is in that glass box slowly filling with water. He knows that there’s less than four hours before you and Maggie storm right back to this room and rip the still beating heart from his chest.

He knows he’s a dead man walking if something happens to Alex.

He just doesn’t care.

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  • Kara: T_T
  • Cat: What's wrong? I'm coming back
  • Lena: Do you want me to kill Snapper for you?
  • Lucy: I'm putting together a unit right now, stay put Kara!
  • Astra: Little one? Why are you typing making a T face?
  • Kara: There was enough room on that door for Jack!!! WHY ROSE?? .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.