the landon chronicles

  • Olivia: im laguhgin becaus e Anna and Logan share landon it could be either of them
  • desmond miles: WHAT
  • desmond miles: NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • desmond miles: NO THATS MY SON
  • desmond miles: NOOO
  • Olivia: im alguhgign
  • Olivia: yep its anna on rn

One lucky customer just got the below email from our Web Orders Manager, Landon. Landon is so good at this stuff I fully expect minstrels to sing songs in praise of his customer service prowess. BEHOLD: 

Dear Esther,

While you were in our store you expressed interest in a book. We now have that book. I am looking at it right now. On the cover there is a proud lion with a jacket checkered black and pink, a hat, a cane, and a fistful of what I can only assume are dandelions. Why are you so proud lion? Why so content? Is it your mane? The way it curls to frame your face? Is it the checkers of your jacket? Or, maybe, it’s the dandelions crowded in your paw. Maybe it is the dandelion seedlings standing in their thicks, arms raised, hands clasped. Ready fellas? The seedlings say. Ready? Ready? One! Two! Three! NOW! The proud lion sneezes. Their hands unclasp. They all are on the wind except for the one stubborn seedling. There’s always one. Fellas? He says. Fellas?


 Let me know if you need anything, Esther.


McNally Jackson Books