the land of twilight

All KH3 Worlds Confirmed so Far


* Olympus Coliseum/Mount Olympus
* Twilight Town
* Land of Departure (whether or not it’s just cutscenes or if it’s actually playable has yet to be seen)
* Mysterious Tower
* 100 Acre Wood (hinted at by Jim Cummings announcing his voice acting was complete for the game)


* Kingdom of Corona
* Untitled Big Hero 6 world

Not Returning:

* Halloween Town

olyrik  asked:

Who took who's surname?

Right now I’m dubbing them “Mrs & Mrs S” until further notice. Still playing around with how surnames even work in the land of mlp.

For example; twilights parents are also called “mr & mrs sparkle” at times, but their names are twilight velvet & night light. So would they be twilight velvet sparkle & night light sparkle? I have no idea! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

day 6, saturday’s theme is Reunite!!

i dont think i’ve ever expanded on my headcanons for postgame, so here they are, haha. its probably a lot of wish fulfillment on my part but. just imagine Link, after having saved Hyrule, being called into the princess’ private guard - because ofc no one would fuck with you if the legendary hero was keeping you safe - and there was like an annual ceremony of the day the land was freed of twilight. dignitaries come and there are celebrations all over castle town. and one day Midna is able to visit for that day. and both her and Link see each other and completely forget years of training in looking posh and royal and just tackle each other screaming like children. (Link has never felt true fear until a 6″5 feet tall twili has lifted him off his feet and twirled him around)