the land of tears

After watching Episode 12
  • <p> <b>Tension:</b> built<p/><b>Bad decisions:</b> made<p/><b>Victor:</b> mad<p/><b>JJ:</b> supported<p/><b>Phichit:</b> pure confirmed<p/><b>Yuri's jumps:</b> landed<p/><b>Me:</b> yelling<p/><b>Records:</b> broken<p/><b>Flower crown:</b> placed<p/><b>Yurio:</b> supported<p/><b>Medals:</b> won<p/><b>Tears:</b> shed<p/><b>Pair skate:</b> a reality<p/><b>Costumes:</b> matched<p/><b>Me:</b> yelling<p/><b>Problems:</b> solved<p/><b>Family:</b> reunited<p/><b>Rings:</b> worn<p/><b>Next season:</b> In vicinity<p/><b></b> Also did i mention<p/><b>Me:</b> yelling<p/></p>

The Dixie Chicks performing at the CMAs tonight with Beyoncé has got to be one of the greatest things I’ve witnessed this year. Not only were they performing, “Daddy Lessons,” a song that many right wing conservative country fans refused to acknowledge as one that fit into their genre, but they mixed in the Chicks’ song, “Long Time Gone,” which is just too perfect because this was their first return to the CMAs stage since they were effectively banned from country radio for speaking out against the Iraq war almost 14 years ago. So theres all that history and then these four outspoken, talented, strong women come perform together in the holy land of country music and tear the fucking place up. There were probably so many people pissed off by this performance, which makes it even more amazing that it even happened, and then theres Faith Hill just singing along in the front row. This whole thing gives me life.

  • Normal life: There, have some obligations, boredom and pain.
  • The KPop life: Click clack badabing badaboom, welcome to the blinbling land. Look, even if something is called "Blood Sweat & Tears", "Unpretty" or "Lucifer" in here, you'll fricking love it. Get your crayon and join the tribes of Chogiwa, Z-Z-Ziaco, TT, and Skurrrt. We have Kings and Queens galore waiting for you. Yep, you can even become bulletproof and a VIP, with a fancy ass lightstick as the cherry on T.O.P. awh yeah.

Omg!!! MCM is practicing a 4Lo!!! I don’t know if he plans to do this at 4CC, but now I’m even more hyped!!!



Theo climbed out of the ground and gasped for air, he was covered in mud and dirt. But he was still attractive.

You took a step back and held on to Liam’s arm. He took a step in front of you and Hayden gripped on to Kira’s sword ready to send him back.

Theo finally looked up at his surroundings, he didn’t look around properly because the first thing his eyes landed on was you. His heart started to speed up and tears formed in his eyes. You were all he’d thought about when he was down in hell; he’d dreamt of you. Theo had always loved you but from a distance. He’d never gotten the chance to tell you.

“Y/n? I-is that you?"he asked, the tears spilling down his cheeks.

"Thank god, it’s really you"he walked towards you but Liam stood in his way.
You sighed. Although Theo had torn the pack apart and tried to do a lot of bad things you couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

"Liam, it’s okay"you nodded.
Liam and Hayden hesitantly moved out of the way. Theo slowly made his way towards you. You wrapped your arms around his body and he did the same. His arms snaking around your waist and holding you tight. You sat on the floor resting against the walls. He sobbed as you cradled him. All he needed was a hug.

He was shaking, maybe he was cold or frightened but you’d never seen him like this.

"I don’t have any powers"Theo spoke to Liam.

"We need to send him back"Hayden replied.

"NO!"you said almost immediately, trying to defend Theo.

"Please don’t send him back"you mumbled as you ran your hands through his messy hair. You felt his grip on you tighten.

"But y/n, there’s nothing he can help us with"Liam said sadly.

"Maybe he’s learnt his lesson"you protested. Theo glanced up at you, his gaze was full of adoration. You had never stuck up for him before you were always the first one to push him away.

"Where’s Scott? Where’s Stiles?"Theo asked.

"You remember Stiles?"Hayden asked.

"Why wouldn’t he remember Stiles?"Theo replied confused.

"See? He can help so Theo is staying"you raised your eyebrows at everyone.

14 things for a broken heart

1) No matter how long you stare at your phone, he’s not going to text you.

2) The boys you let into your bedroom will not make you forget him.

3) Write. Write until your hand is cramping and there are tears landing on your paper

4) Don’t stalk his social media. You’ll end up missing him even more.

5) DO NOT READ OLD TEXTS. Especially after midnight

6) Don’t ever compare yourself to his new girl. You are beautiful.

7) It’s ok to cry. Scream into your pillow and then stain it with tears.

8) Don’t beg for him back. If he wants to come back, he will.

9) Wearing low cut tops and push-up bras to impress him won’t bring him back.

10) Literally do not read old texts, can’t stress this enough.

11) If he misses you, he’ll call.

12) When you see him and feel like crying, smile. Smile so big because you don’t need him.

13) Don’t make up scenarios in your head about him hoping they’ll come true. They won’t.

14) You don’t need him

—  I hope this helps
Symbolic Mirrors

Eurus needs Sherlock to hold her, to tell her everything is going to be alright, to get her out of her own head and back to reality where she belongs, that she’s in a prison she controls, that she can break the “elephant” glass any time but she wants Sherlock to participate, to help her land when she’s falling, to ease her fears, because it’s not the fall that kills you – it’s the landing.

This is EXACTLY what happened when John broke down into tears in front of Sherlock in The Lying Detective.

He needed Sherlock to hold him, to tell him everything is going to be alright, to get him out of his own head and back to reality where he belongs, that John’s in a prison he controls, that he can break the “elephant” glass at any time but he needs Sherlock to participate, to help him land when he’s falling, to ease his fears, because it’s not the fall that kills you – it’s the landing.

whatever you do don’t think about a prisoner swap between skikru and azgeda where bellamy is walking back to clarke across no man’s land and as he gets closer he sees tears in clarke’s eyes 

don’t think about clarke running those last few feet because she can’t wait any longer

don’t think about bellamy already having his arms open for her, enveloping her in a hug to rival 2x05

don’t think about clarke breaking down completely and bellamy pulling her back to check on her

don’t think about clarke forcing “i thought i lost you” through her tears

don’t do it

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You pace around your living room, your fingers interlaced into a deadly grip, your knuckles turning white under the pressure, as you keep biting down your bottom lip. You’re nervous, scared, because what you have to say sounds absolutely insane to you too and you have absolutely no idea how you’re going to explain it to him, let alone make him believe any word you’ll say.
When you hear the faint knocks on your door you jump on your feet, your insides twitching as you rush to open it and let him in.
He looks tired, purple decorating his eyebags as he stares at you, his hands slightly trembling for the pent-up worry of the last hours and it makes your heart shrink because you realize that you are the source of his pain in both present and future.
“I’m sorry”, you whisper, faintly, your eyes landing on the ground into a vain attempt to keep the tears from flowing out.
“Tell me what is going on”, his voice is strained, almost cold, revealing pretty clearly his anger. He is trying, you know he is, to not yell at you because you scared him to death, but what you’re met with still hurts you and scares you.
“Remember your promise”, your voice cracks as you say so, taking in a deep breath to calm your wrecked nerves.
“Look at me”, he says, his voice softer now as he grabs your chin to lift your head up, forcing you to meet his dark gaze, “I love you, Y/N. You can tell me everything, ok?”, a small smile curves his lips, encouraging you to trust him like you always did before.
“I didn’t run away from you”, your voice is feeble, the fear too much to be contained at this point, but you keep going, the words flowing out slightly easing your troubled heart, “I was here the whole time… just in another time”, you shake your head, your words sounding confusing and senseless even to your own ears.
“I don’t know how or why… but I’ve been in the future Kookie”, you blink your eyes rapidly, the tears caught between your lashes making your vision blurry, “I was dead”, you whisper, your eyes closing so you don’t have to watch his confused expression anymore. He doesn’t believe you, clearly, and you can’t blame him. Of course, he doesn’t. Who in his right mind would?
He sharply takes in air, letting you go completely, taking a few steps back.
“Do you think this is funny, Y/N?”, he asks, his voice defeated, “I was here worrying about you, neglecting my work and responsibilities, and all you have to say is pure bullshit?”, his voice gets angrier with every word that escapes his mouth hitting you with the force of a hurricane, “I deserve better than this”, he adds, turning his back on you for the briefest of moments.
“If you have someone else just say so. I prefer the truth to this pathetic joke”, he turns back to you again but his eyes never meet yours, in fact, they land on everything except you.
“I’m not lying”, you whisper, the tears already wetting your cheeks, panic shooting through your entire body. How can you make him believe you? What proof could you possibly give him when it sounds impossible to you too?
“Whatever”, that’s all he says before he heads for the door, the anger so palpable in his voice you’re scared this may actually be the end.
“Wait! Jungkook wait, please!”, you run after him grabbing his arm to yank him backwards before he can leave your apartment for good.
He turns towards you, pure fury in his eyes as he finally meets your gaze again making you wish he never did.
“Wait for what?! MORE LIES?”, he’s basically screaming at this point, your body shaking so hard you think it may even snap in half.
You want to explain, you want him to believe you, you want him to be next to you and help you because you have no idea how to escape this from happening again.
“I’m gonna die in a week”, that’s what escapes your mouth and you watch with horror his features harden even more as he forcefully removes your grip on his wrist.
“I don’t care.”, that’s what he decides to say even though it’s far from the truth. He doesn’t want to hurt you and he’s certain he’ll end up doing just that if he keeps standing there, talking like this when his emotions all over the place.
Without adding anything he turns his back on you again and before you can stop him the headaches comes back, as strong as always, making you choke on thin air.
Your hands fly to your temples in a vain attempt to stop the pain and a scream escapes your mouth before you can even register it.
Your legs give in, your vision turning white under the burning pain, your ears numb to the way Jungkook calls your name, apprehension the only thing visible in his features now. He grabs your wrists trying to yank them down so he can look at your face. Panic shoots through him when you stop breathing under his gaze, the pain shooting through you taking over all the vital functions of your body.
He calls your name caressing your face in an attempt to soothe you but he’s only left with pure horror when you turn into nothing but thin air. You weren’t lying. And that thought scares him more than anything.

EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IT’S WRONG [part 6] - it all starts with a terrible headache and he acting like he has absolutely no idea who you are. JUNGKOOK X READER { ANGST

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