the land of maybe

So I’m already seeing all these posts about the “plot twist” of the Oscars and all I have to say is, do you guys not know how to praise the things you like without tearing down other things?

Yes, I’m glad Moonlight won. It deserved to win, especially now. But believe it or not, it’s actually possible to be happy about that (and surprised by the mix-up) without tearing down La La Land. I just saw a post that talked about being happy that Moonlight won over “the epitome of white mediocrity.” Seriously? La La Land was a fun, entertaining movie that doesn’t deserve to be hated just because someone messed up and accidentally gave the Oscar to the wrong movie. Why do you guys have to be so hateful all the time?

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The whole thing was very weird because when Warren opened the envelope he seemed confused and didn't know what to say and Faye was the one who annouced La la land. Emma said she was holding her card the whole time but maybe there is more than just one card idk

when i saw Warren’s face i was like ‘oh man he’s so disappointed he can’t even say what’s on the card’…maybe there is more than one tho ???

You know what???

Moana 100% deserved to win an Oscar but not because Lin needs an Oscar. Lin has several Tonys, a Pulitzer, an Emmy, and a Grammy and I don’t know the full number count but it’s HIGH. He doesn’t NEED an Oscar. He doesn’t NEED a PEGOT.

He just DESERVED it because Moana had an astonishingly good soundtrack and that song was amazing. But he wasn’t ROBBED like La La Land’s song was BAD. And maybe it wasn’t better. But still. They can both be good.

Not sure where this is going but just find some chill

I was curious how it was determined that Lebanon, Kansas was the geographic center of the contiguous US. I thought like maybe they measured the amount of land on every side and had it try to match the amount on the opposite side or something that makes sense and at least sounds a little official.

Turns out, “in 1918, the Coast and Geodetic Survey found this location by balancing on a point a cardboard cutout shaped like the U.S. Incredibly, this method was accurate to within twenty miles.”

That is is both very underwhelming and better than any hoity-toity scientific way of figuring it out.

EDIT: I’d like to thank everyone for pointing out that this is in fact a scientific way of figuring it out. Pardon me for thinking balancing a cardboard cutout of the US sounds pretty bullshitty. Fuck y'all.

Thought on land spirits

Maybe land spirits are generally suspicious because they don’t trust settlers. 
How can settler-witches have a land-based praxis on occupied territory without acknowledging the genocide that has taken place on the soil?

I think spirits suffer from colonial trauma as the land does, and as indigenous bodies do.  

Perhaps acknowledging traditional territory when you make your offerings to the land would help. 


Maybe, the moon is a he and not a she, and every night he waits for the girl who once used to wish on his light when the moon is full, until one day, the girl just stopped wishing and she never peered back again at him. And maybe, the moon asked the ocean’s help to look for the girl in every sea and in every shore, and the wolves’ help, in every land and in every continent. And maybe, the moon never finds the girl again because centuries and eons had passed and the oceans never cease tiding, and the wolves never stop howling every night, maybe saying, “mate, we still haven’t found her.”
—  cynthia go // And maybe, the girl wished for a love that never wanes [73/365]

I have this picture in my head, that maybe in three or five years you would bump into me in a bar, with someone else by my side, and the two of us very happy. You would look at me and I would look at you, and both of us wouldn’t say anything. But we’d both know that I had made it, and that I was finally where I wanted to be.

More than its beautifully choreographed musical numbers and its candy-colored backdrop, La La Land tells us (that many of the fairy tales we read as kids didn’t) that sometimes we meet the love that’s right for us, but only we never get to keep them, nor do we get to rewrite the story for it to have a happy ending. Because sometimes, and it comes with a heavy heart to say, that we do not always get to hold onto the loves of our lives because love isn’t all that there is. Maybe love wants to move out and get a bustling career in a big city like Paris, while you want to stay in the little town you’re in and continue to play jazz music. Maybe love has a whole, wide world to go and explore and, in Mark Twain’s words, you do not want to throw the bowlines, away from the safe harbor and catch the trade winds.

Sometimes the one we love has bigger dreams, and we’re scared to venture out of our own backyard, and the most loving and bravest move we can possibly do is to let each other go.

Autumn Leaves
  • Autumn Leaves
  • Pyrrha Nikos Didn't Deserve it

I wrote a song about Pyrrha Nikos from RWBY because I love her and she’s beautiful and only deserves the most beautiful things in life. I told @misshermitcrab​ forever ago that I wanted to write her a song and I finally did SO THIS IS DEDICATED TO JULIE. 
I hope you guys like if you listen! <3

Brilliant sun, where have you gone?
The nights are getting longer,
fear is setting in everyone.
Beyond the clouds, I see the world.
But from up here I have
never felt so alone.

Do you believe in destiny?

Autumn leaves fall into my hands.
Their edges cut me when they land.
Just another scar that I’ve counted.
Maybe this was not what I wanted.

Armed to the teeth and setting out.
But I don’t feel protected,
instead eclipsed by all my doubt.
A final kiss to find a light.
I’m sorry that you didn’t
realize it was goodbye.

Do you believe in destiny?

Autumn leaves fall into my hands.
Their edges cut me when they land.
This is how I’m meant to protect you.
Please forgive me for holding the truth.

Huntress, savior of the world.
Broken pieces of a girl.
Falling into my destiny.
This was the path laid out for me.

Huntress, savior of the world.
Not superhuman, just a girl.
Following the echoes of
the ones who showed me how to love.

Autumn leaves fall into my hands.
Their edges cut me when they land.
This is how I’m meant to protect you.
Everything was over way too soon.

I hate when people tell me “just relax”
like do you know how fucking hard that is living as a black female, in a country that hates you, in a world that continuously makes it hard for you to succeed, in your 20’s, with absolutely no plan as to what your doing with your life, still living at home slowing sinking into debt to get a piece of paper that most likely won’t even help you land a job. Or maybe it’s just me that constantly feels overwhelmed