the land of eternal winter

Dandelion in Darkness

by titaniasfics

Banner by the amazing @akai-echo

Summary:  Katniss is the Queen of the Underworld. Equal in power to the Goddesses of Lightning and the Sea, she chooses a life of solitude in her dark kingdom. That is, until she meets Peeta, son of Demetros, the Earth God. She cannot help but love the young god and would possess him at all costs. But what consequences will her choice have on the world?

Retelling of the Persephone/Hades myth. Hades!Katniss and Persephone!Peeta.

A story in three acts.

Personae Dramatis:

Katniss Everdeen - Hades/Pluto/Queen of the Dead

Gale - Thanatos

Madge - Hermes

Prim - Apollo

Mags - Seer

Mr. Mellark - Demetros

Peeta Mellark - Persephone/Proserpina

Haymitch - Aphrodite

Effie - Cupid

Johanna - Ares

Wiress - Hephaestus

Paylor - Zeus

Annie - Poseidon

Finnick - Amphitrite

Thresh - Artemis

Rue - Gaia

Beetee - Cyclops (Forged Katniss’s Helmet)

Brutus -Charon

Chaff -Herdsman of Asphodel Fields, Keeper of  Katniss’s horses

Plutarch, Caesar and Crane - Moirai/Fates

Ennobaria, Glimmer and Cashmere -Furies

Buttercup - Cerberus


It began with the wind.

Icy and bitter, it swept across Panem in furious gales. Trees bent before it and man-made objects struggled to remain rooted to the ground. People who ventured beyond their homes saw their skin redden and crack as they leaned against it. They had never experienced a cold so cruel and scrambled to find warmth and shelter.  In a land where the weather expressed itself in the mildest way, the sudden harshness of this new season was met with horror and confusion.

After the wind came the snow. Though beautiful to the eyes of the citizens of Panem, it brought its own complications - frozen rivers and streams, slippery streets, dead crops and animals. When the land of Panem was covered in ice, the hunger followed soon after, and the lamentations could be heard atop the Capitol itself. People suffered as the earth grew colder and harder. Around them, life receded, overwhelmed by the power of death. They began to tell stories of a world that would end in ice.

The people clamored to the gods for relief. Why were they being punished?  Why were the gods angry?  Oracles and seers were consulted all over Panem, now desperate at the prospect of their own demise.

Every person touched by the gods in the land of Panem returned with the same response. Demetros’s son had vanished and now he wandered the world, searching for him. As he hunted for the daemon who had robbed him of his youngest, he withheld the life force that would nourish the earth and the people of Panem languished in consequence. He had vowed that until his son had been returned to him, winter would reign eternal in the land of the living.

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My Girlfriend Is A Goddess ( Peter Parker X Reader.

Hey guys! I told ya I’ll make it to all of ya! So warning this can be a little fluffy. Onward!

Ohh and I rekemnd (recommend ) you guys listen to Tove Styrke’s Say My Name. It inspired be to Write the adorable piece. Its an adorable song.

Peter sat by the couch at the Avengers tower at one Friday. Tony had invited to stay there for the Welcome Back from one particular Avenger he didn’t know about. Everyone was busy. Natasha and Clint went grocery shopping, Tony and Bruce were down at the lab, Steve, Bucky and Falcon were out shopping which was quite unusual. Thor was with Natasha and Clint. And Wanda and Vision were experimenting on some new dishes.

The Welcome Party was manually prepare by Tony and the other Avengers which was new to Peter.

“ Ugh, I’m bored.” he said as he dropped on the pillows. He ignored the thoughts about the avengers and turned his thought to somewhere else. He pulled out his phone and dialled a particular number.

“ Calling SpidermanGF😘😍… . ” the screened flashed this words as Peter smiled as he placed his phone on his ear, waiting for the response.

’ ring ring, ring ring, ring rin- ’

“ This number is currently not available to Spider man. Please try your call later. . ”

Peter laughed before he pouted.

“ That’s rude Y/n. Imma cry. ” he pouted and faked a sobbed as the said girl laughed at the other line. Peter’s restlessness and boredom faded when he heard his girlfriend boys. He wanted to take her with him but Y/n was going to a family reunion somewhere so she was left in Queens.

Peter chatted with her as the time passes telling her about how the avengers were busy about the party.

“ My Dear Peter my love, don’t be sad now. Its not gonna take you a month there. Trust me, you’ll be in my arms soon before you know it. ” Y/n said at the other line, trying to comfort Peter’s homesickness as possible. Peter had gotten used at Y/n ’s unusual language. She always speak in an old and formal ways at sometimes. But he liked it at times. He found it really sweet.

“ Do you still remember how we met at Mythology class? You defended me on how Persephone isn’t really abducted by Hades.” he said as the memory flashed in his mind.

Peter met her at Midtown at one afternoon in Mythology class. The topic that was discussed in class was about Hades’ Bio and they came across about how Hades himself abducted Demeter’s daughter.

He was defending the statedment that Persephone wasn’t abducted from one of Flash’s friend. He was being cornered and was losing the debate.

“ Persephone is not abducted. She came to Hades in her own free will. ” a voice bombarded the whole room. The flash’s friends turn to you and scoffed as Peter just looked at the girl.

She stood with a strong and straight composure as she held a book.

“ If you read Famous Rick Riordan’s The Gods Love Facts (a/n: theres no such book! Just made it up if you guys are Percy Jackson fan and read uncle Rick’s books ). He had conducted his research in Greece as he studied their history in scrolls and tablets.

The tablet labelled ’ The Myth of the Winter and Spring ’. It was said that Persephone herself can’t handle her mother’s overprotectiveness.The description of Persephone is that she is adventurous and daring. One faithful day, she decided to runaway for a couple of days to explore but she met Hades on her way. The god had been stalking the nymph for a long time now and dreamed her to be as his queen. ”

The whole class had their attention, all were intrigued by the real story of the Goddess of the Underworld that even your prof was focused on you. Peter multitasked. He would admire your features as he listened to you.

“ Persephone’s disappearance caused Demeter to her Wrath to mankind, cursing an eternal winter to the vast lands. Zeus had pursuade Hades to return the nymph to her mother. Even though the god didn’t want it, he made her leave.

Persephone had fallen for the king. Hades is the eldest of his three brothers. He let Zeus trick him to rule the underworld. He did what a normal elder sibling would do to its sibling. Persophone wanted to stay with him so badly that she ate as many as six seeds of the pomegrenate. It is said that the food that grow in the Underworld are cursed and once you eat one. You’ll be imprisoned there forever. Persephone told Zeus what she did.

There was nothing the gods can do. Zeus decided that Persephone will spend six months to both. Demeter had no choice. Every time of the year when the nymph leaves her mother side to join her lover. Demeter would cast six months of winter, no labour for six months. Now if you think she is abducted and forced to marry Hades. You are dead wrong. Up until this Day, Persephone ruled the Underworld. She bares the Key to the Elysian Field. The Definition of Heaven in Greek Mythology. She opens the gates to those who deems worthy to live an eternal and peaceful life. ” she finished. A moment of silence as the whole class applauded you and your teacher smiled and gave you praises.

Peter smiled at her at the same time her gaze landing on him. She sent a smile back and a spark of light popped in Peter’s chest. The next thing he knew the very novel that Y/n read was in his bag with a note that said.

“ Y/n

***-***-**** ”

“ I gotta go. Don’t worry love. You’ll be home in my arms soon. Enjoy the moment with the Avengers beside who knows what will happen when you meet the mysterious avenger.” she said as Peter sighed and agreed and said his I Love Yous before ending the call.

The next day, everything was ready.

“ Everyone! She’s on the elevator now!” Natasha called out as Peter watched everyone scrambled to the elevator. Him being one of the people scrambling his way to the elevator, thanks to her gf that he felt curiousity run in him to meet the mystery avenger.

They all froze when the elevator made ding.

You stood in the elevator in excitement and nervousness. Peter don’t know your the mystery Avenger. You decided that this was the perfect time to tell him that you are the sister of a god.

The elevator ding as you breath and smiled. You did miss everyone.

The door open to reveal everyone huddle up infront of the elevator. You giggled and walked out of the elevator.

“ Greetings Earthlings!!! ” you said in a joking way.

“ Y/n! ” they all called and ran to embrace you.

“ Sister!! ” the familiar call of you brother echoed through your ears. Thor made his way to you in open arms and caught you in tight embrace.

“ He missed you alot. ” Steve said as he smiled at you.

“ Yeah, I missed my darling brother too. ”

“ We all did! ” Wanda said as she joined the hug.

“ BROTHER?! ” A voice echoed through the room. Everyone looked at the direction of it. Your gaze met the familiar sparkling brown eyes.

“ Oh Peter, this Y/n. She is Thor’s elder sister. Say Hi.” Tony said as he slinged an arm on Peter’s shoulder.

“ Hello Love. ” you muttered out with a awkward laugh. Everyone turned to you in wide eyes. Peter couldn’t believe it. He was just calling you yesterday and now you were infront of him. He ran to you locking you in his warm embrace that you didn’t even think for a moment and hugged him back.

“ Ok?… You two know each other? ” Clint asked.

“ Your here! And your an Avenger!? Why didn’t you tell me? I’m sad! ” he pouted and broke away from the hug his arms still around you. “ Sorry love. I’m here now aren’t I? I was scared that you would be scared of me and leave me because I’m immortal. ” you said as you look down in sadness.

Peter hated seeing you sad.

“ Oh Y/n. I don’t care if your immortal. I loved you for you. And I will never stop. ” he said as he lifted your chin up. ( A/n: Your shorter than him. Just imagine it. )You felt so much better. You looked at him with love and pulled him in a quick kiss. Peter smiled as he missed the feeling of your lips on his.

“ Your Thor’s sister?! So what is you power? ” he asked you as he broke away from the kiss. “ I’m the Goddess of Beauty and Wisdom, Love.” you cooed. He smiled and rested his forehead on yours, “ Hmm, cool. ” he praised.

“ Hey! Were still here! ” Tony called breaking the moment as the couple turned to the Group.

You both stood straight but you held Peter’s hand.

“ Everyone, I want to tell you something. Peter is my boyfriend. And I am dating Spider man. ” you confessed as you looked at Peter who was looking down in blushing mess which was adorable.

The day went on as the Avengers rained you and Peter Questions about your relationship.

So whatcha guys think?!

I posted this in my imagine book. You guys can check it out on wattpad. Hope ya guys liked it!!

Dans & Rune’s Fic Masterlist

HAPPY FANDOMVERSARY! It’s been an entire year today since @itdans​ and I started writing Voltron fic and I think it’s time to have a little round-up post with everything we’ve put out so far! Thank you so much to everyone who’s taken the time to read our stuff (and a special thank you to our commenters, we love you so much!) Here’s to another awesome year of stories.

Project Zero  

  • Pairings: Sheith, Hance
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Currently: ONGOING (14/25 Chapters, 113k Words)
  • Summary: A story of love, survival, and resistance in war. Shiro is the last of his kind and is dying from a mysterious infection that is turning him into a robot. Keith is a one-time thief who will do whatever it takes to save him, all while trying to stop a galaxy ending super weapon only known as Project Zero. Hope, heroics, heartbreak, mild A/B/O smut, and some Hance. Shiro is a space cat boy, Keith is a badass, Pidge is a genius, Hunk is the handsomest boy in the galaxy, and Lance is a toaster. 

Alea Iacta Est

  • Pairings: Sheith 
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Currently: ONGOING (1/3 Chapters, 5k Words)
  • Summary: A modified retelling of the Hades/Persephone myth for Sheith Month (August 2017)

Legend of the Sun and Moon 

  • Pairings: Sheith, Hance, Allura/Female OC
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Currently: Complete (25/25 Chapters, 165k Words)
  • Summary: Prince Shiro of the Moon Kingdom and Lieutenant Keith of the Sun Kingdom are literal star-crossed lovers, trying to fight an ancient evil, save the world, and each other.  An epic sprawling Voltron adventure set across a fantasy Asian continent. 


  • Pairings: Sheith
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Currently: Complete (5/5 Chapters, 31.5k Words)
  • Summary: Keith grew up alone, passed from foster home to foster home with no real family of his own. The only one who stayed with him was Shiro, his best friend and protector with large snowy wings and a soft smile. He told Keith he was his guardian angel. Then one day, Shiro disappeared and never returned. Written for the Voltron Big Bang 2017. [Art Link]

The Road to Nowhere

  • Pairings: Sheith
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Currently: Complete (7/7 Chapters, 17k Words)
  • Summary: A sweet, gentle road trip fic about two best friends letting themselves fall in love. Written for Sheith Week (July 2017).

The Guardian and the Dreamer

  • Pairings: Sheith
  • Rating: Gen
  • Currently: Complete (6/6 Chapters, 16k Words)
  • Summary: Seven year old Shiro finds himself in the land of dreams and meets a fierce little guardian spirit named Keith, who is determined to protect his heart.A Sheith fairytale inspired by the myths and folktales of East and South-East Asia. Spirits and monsters, gentle gods, dangerous dragons, and a snarky merman named Lance. Two young boys on an adventure through the land of spirits and dreams, and the first sweet crush on your best friend. 

The Road Not Taken

  • Pairings: Sheith
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Currently: Complete (6/6 Chapters, 32k Words)
  • Summary:  Shiro left for the Kerberos mission without ever telling Keith how he felt and he never came back. By the time they found each other again, Shiro was broken and scarred, a different person. But what if they had a chance to do it all over again?A story where Shiro and Keith get a second chance to correct all their past mistakes to create their perfect life together. But a perfect life isn’t always what it seems. 

Thief of Hearts

  • Pairings: Sheith
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Currently: Complete (9/9 Chapters, 45k Words)
  • Summary:  Shiro is a high end prostitute waiting for his client to arrive. Keith is a thief on the run looking for a place to hide.A Moulin Rouge inspired story. 

Bite Down 

  • Pairings: Sheith
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Currently: Complete (10/10 Chapters, 55.5k Words)
  • Summary: Fast cars, illegal street racing, bloody fists, and public sex. Keith is only ever interested in a one night stand, get what he wants and leave before anyone can get too close. But why does he want a second taste of Takashi Shirogane?  A story of addiction, self-destruction, love, and recovery.


  • Pairings: Sheith
  • Rating: Teen
  • Currently: Complete (8/8 Chapters, 39.5k Words)
  • Summary: Far away in a land of eternal winter, the Snow Prince Keith ruled over his frozen lands with cruelty and magic. Only a brave hunter named Shiro can find a way to save the cold, heartless prince. Or destroy him.A Sheith Snow Queen Fairytale. 

Speed Racers 

  • Pairings: Sheith
  • Rating: Gen
  • Currently: Complete (5/5 Chapters, 23k Words)
  • Summary:  It’s been five years since Shiro and Keith were best friends in the Garrison. Five years since Shiro’s graduation and the accident that almost killed him. Five years since Keith’s whirlwind wedding when he tried to give up his hopeless pining for Shiro. Things have changed since he’s been back, but hopefully the one thing he’s missed is the one thing that’s stayed the same.Recently divorced Keith returns home and reunites with Shiro, the one who got away. Cute and fluffy! 

The Professional

  • Pairings: Sheith
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Currently: Complete (3/3 Chapters, 23.5k Words)
  • Summary: Shiro is trapped in a life of expectations and responsibility. The black sheep of a prominent business empire, he struggles to come to terms with the tragedy that knocked his life off course. He starts looking for solace through unconventional means.Keith is ready to offer his services for a price, and it doesn’t hurt that Shiro looks so good on his knees. BDSM Fic. 

For Weather

  • Pairings: Sheith
  • Rating: Gen
  • Currently: Complete (1/1 Chapters, 5k Words)
  • Summary: Shiro finds an umbrella. For Weather.


  • Pairings: Sheith
  • Rating: Gen
  • Currently: Complete (1/1 Chapters, 2.5k Words)
  • Summary: Keith tries to come to terms with a new revelation and its consequences. Shiro won’t let him do it alone.Set at the end of Episode 8, “The Blade of Marmora,” Missing Scene. 

First Contact

  • Pairings: Sheith
  • Rating: Gen
  • Currently: Complete (1/1 Chapters, 2.5k Words)
  • Summary:  Shameless excuse for tentacle smut. 

The Black Paladin

  • Pairings: Sheith
  • Rating: Gen
  • Currently: Complete (1/1 Chapters, 2.4k Words)
  • Summary: Shiro comes to the realization that his position in Voltron is replaceable. Set after Season 3.
Gates of Glory, part 2

Loki x Reader

Originally posted by loki-god-of-menace

Part one

In the following time, it became more and more apparent that the All-father was trying to settle his succession. Everyone knew that Thor would be his pick, no one ever truly considered Loki to be a worthy king. Honesty, that’s what people wished for in a king, not tactical brilliance. But it also got apparent that Thor wasn’t ready, not fully, anyways, to be king. He was raw, slightly naive, excessive. All things that a king shouldn’t be. Y/N had seen how Odin treated his sons, and while he treate them both like his sons, he treated Thor like a prince. Thor alone. Y/N had always known about Loki’s jealousy. His desire to be Thor’s equal. But how can one be an equal to one of the most powerful gods of Asgard? Odin tried to do what was best for Asgard and the nine realms, Y/N knew he was a good king. But did he see his sons the way they were?

The big day came much faster than anticipated. The evening before it, Y/N walked through the royal gardens alone. She watched the stars above Asgard while inside the palace, a huge feast was being held. She knew that she had to show up eventually - being invited and all. She wore a long black robe which was decorated with purple satin.
Walking up the stairs, she could hear the voices from within. She opened the large gate and was greeted by a huge group of Asgardians, most of them close friends of Thor. Some of them, she knew. Y/N nodded at them to greet them while making her way through the crowd. It was very unfamiliar to her, these Asgardian celebrations. In Vanaheim, they mostly celebrated outside surrounded by nature, though, to be fair, they barely ever had celebrations. Then, Y/N saw Thor, surrounded by his three friends. Y/N had always felt sorry for Lady Sif. It was painfully obvious she liked Thor, but he, he seemed to be delusional enough not to notice.

“I didn’t expect you to show up”, Loki said who appeared next to Y/N.

Y/N shrugged and looked at the elegantly dressed prince: “I didn’t expect you to come, either.”

He huffed: “Unlike you, I must come. I can’t just leave my brother here, sadly, because that would look bad.”

“I suppose”, Y/N agreed, “However, you tend to be able to talk your way out of whatever situation.”

“Well, I am not talking my way out of this one”, he replied and smiled perfidiously. Y/N raised an eyebrow and pressed her lips together before looking around carefully.

“I suppose I will see what you’ve got up your sleeve”, Y/N stated calmly.

“I’d call it more a test for my dear brother than a trick”, Loki elaborated slyly, “If he really is worthy to be king, he won’t make a mistake.”

“You are aware that this is treason, Loki?” Y/N asked with her eyebrow still raised.

“Only the ones who dares can win”, the prince replied.

Y/N let out a breath and gritted her teeth before Y/N asked: “And what is it you want to gain?”

Loki turned around to face his brother: “To make Asgard see what thoughtless warhorse they are about to obey.”


The next morning, Y/N wore her attire for Asgardian ceremonies and cleaned her sword which she needed when claiming loyalty to the new king. She applied a dark powder on her eyelids and a tinted balm on her lips before putting on her cloak.

Y/N walked down the hallway that led to the hall where all the people were gathering. She nodded at Loki who was standing next to his brother, both wearing their helmets, though, practically seen, they were more decoration than protection. Unless, of course, Loki could stab someone with these horns. She stood a bit aside, next to the stage where the inauguration was about to be held. When the All-father started speaking, all noise started to fade. 

“Do you swear to guard the nine realms?” The All-father’s voice lay like a cloak over the Asgardians in the room, creating an eerie silence.

“I swear”, Thor replied, unsurprisingly not nervous whatsoever.

“Do you swear to preserve the peace?”, Odin spoke, looking down at his eldest son.

“I swear.”

Do you swear to cast aside all selfish ambitions for the good of the realms?“, Y/N knew that this question was the last in the ceremony. She looked over to Loki who had wiped away any emotion on his face and just watched his brother in front of the All-father.

“I swear!”, Thor took his hammer and lifted it, as to show everyone that he, in fact, was worthy.

“Then on this day, I, Odin, All-father, proclaim you-” Suddenly, he seemed to see something, but not here in the room, somewhere, before his inner eye.

Y/N instinctively touched the grip of her sword as the entire room tensed up within the blink of an eye.

“The frost giants”, he declared and hit the ground with his sceptre.

The news quickly spread. A group of Frost Giants had infiltrated the Weapons Vault and tried to steal the casket that had originally belonged to them and was the source of their power, however, after the battle between Asgard and Jotunheim, it fell in Asgardian possession. The group was stopped by the Destroyer, but the ceremony was in ruins.
Odin called his family to his chambers, and when Y/N saw Loki leave, she couldn’t shake the feeling that it wasn’t a coincidence that the Frost Giants infiltrated Asgard on this very day. The peace between Jotunheim and Asgard had held for decades now, but it remained fragile. This could result in war, unless, of course, the one in command of Asgard’s army refused to start one. And right now, that commander was Odin, not Thor. Given his temper, Y/N highly doubted that Thor would just stand there and watch.

“Can you believe it? The frost giants! Did Heimdall not see them?” Y/N heard an Asgardian say. Something dawned on her: Whoever let the frost giants in, it must have been one of their own. No one slipped his gaze in forever. Let alone a group. The only way to do it was to disguise them, which was a complicated spell which only very few knew of. Additionally, even fewer were skilled enough to successfully execute it. Whoever it did, they had to be an exceptional magician. And only one came to Y/N’s mind: Loki.

Y/N decided to follow Loki, Thor and his group of friends to their chambers. From afar, she watched Thor’s furious outburst and Loki’s debate with him.

“My friends, we’re going to Jotunheim!”, Y/N heard the God of Thunder declare. Loki looked annoyed, sceptical and disaffected as he tried to convince his brother to let go of this idea. But there was nothing he could do, and neither could his friends. Y/N was pretty sure that Loki didn’t really want to stop Thor. In mild Sepsis, she watched the group march to the Bifrost. She saw Loki talk to one of the guards without being noticed by the others. Y/N lowered an eyebrow, but decided not to do anything. Y/N saw the bright lightning that brought the party of six to the realm that lay in eternal winter. The land of the Frost Giants, Jotunheim. Y/N saw the guard leave, heading towards the palace. Loki had told him where they were going… but why? It was a crime to enter Jotunheim, why would he want the All-father to know? Then, Y/N started to smile quietly: He wanted Odin to see the recklessness of his eldest son. 



Laure’s fic recs:

So I have been reading a lot of good fics lately and I want to give those more love so here we go!

  • The Fates serie by @amkatepet - A serie centered around Erlendur and his redemption in the arms of the gentle Brynja and its sequel which focuses on Harald’s thirst for conquest and his alliance with his old foe, Erlendur Horiksson
  • Always a Stark serie by @zoesongsA series of occasional one-shots about Sansa Stark set during and after Season 6 of Game of Thrones
  • Paris Summit by @zoesongsA chance encounter in Paris. Rolisla Modern AU
  • The Princess and the Bear by @zoesongs - A Rolisla story that follows Rollo and Gisla’s meeting at the end of season 3 and an alternate season 4.
  • The Land of Eternal Winter by @wintermoonqueen -  In a world of sacrifice, shields, and gods, Elsa never felt that she belonged. Having thought to be a curse left by Odin, she stays hidden. As Anna struggles to connect with her sister, both women are dragged into a war they aren’t ready for. How will they survive when treason threatens to tear them apart
  • The Swan Queen by  TheMusicalHermit -  A retelling of the Swan Princess animated film, with more focus on Odette’s captivity than on Derek’s search. Darker and with expanded backstories for all
  • The Sea Wolves by @ceridwenofwalesA Scottish girl is trying to avoid being noticed by the Vikings that came from the fogs of the sea to torment her village. But it seems the norns had woven her destiny in an unexpected way.
  • A Grumpy Customer by @ceridwenofwalesIvar and Emer from The Fox and The Maiden Fair in a modern AU. She is a waitress in a Swedish coffee shop, and he is her grumpy customer.
  • Turn the Tide by @anniemarA new young seer in Kattegat conspires with Lagertha to ensure that the queen will not be “killed by a son of Ragnar” as it had been prophesied. In the process, Ivar gets an education of sorts, before he goes off to become myth and legend. And the seer must decide if she wants to become a part of his story.
  • Light and life in an unusual place by @ourashesofroses -  “A ringing voice, a woman yelling in a foreign language. He turned towards the voice, as if it was calling his name, as if it was something for him, and then he saw her.
  • And The Women Shall Lead by  LadyFangs - They are both tired. Tired of loving Ragnar Lothbrok. Tired of supporting him. He would be nothing without them, and yet they have both suffered his insults, his abuses. He has finally crossed a line, and this time, they will not stand for it. Explores what could have happened had Aslaug told Lagertha that Ragnar hit her.
  • Nightfall by @daizydoe Slight AU. Rollo doesn’t speak up when the Cardinal comes and Gisla is being as stubborn as ever. In order to save all he has worked for Rollo must win over the heart of the stubborn princess using every trick he knows. A story inspired by the myth of Psyche and Eros.
  • The Things that Bind Us by @daizydoeAU. Rollo takes Gisla back to Kattegat after the Paris raid.
  • Blame by @whenimaunicorn Lagertha can’t fight the pull she feels toward Ubbe, even though she knows she’s fated to be killed by one of Ragnar’s sons.
  • Snowed In with the Ragnarssons by @whenimaunicornWhat will you and the boys do to pass the time when you’re all snowed in together up at the hunting cabin?We could play with the slave…

For @exskullsior as part of the @aftgexchange, hope you like it! :D

Jerejean Fantasy AU

Jeremy is a summer nature spirit who wandered too far from home and got lost in Riko’s kingdom, a cold dark land plagued by eternal night and winter. Upon news of his presence, the King sends one of his Raven Knights to retrieve Jeremy and bring him back to him – the Knight of Three, who has the strongest wings and an obedience burned through pain; who flies through the blizzard until he sees a golden dot below, a pulsing light glowing with despair against the ice and snow that only wants to extinguish it.

Jean, who sees the summer spirit lying still on the white land, and decides not to go back to Castle Evermore.

(More under the cut)

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if there had been no Narnia

AO3 //

a/n: pls forgive the quality of this; edits will hapen eventually, but it’s not doing any good just sitting on my hard drive. Posting it because I saw a post by @digorykirke & @aslansblessings

But what if something was different? What if there had been no Narnia?

What if they never followed Lucy through a wardrobe into a land of eternal winter? What if Lucy had returned to her room to sob herself to sleep, and when she went back, the wardrobe wouldn’t open? What if Lucy had returned to her room to sit in silence, in imagination, only wondering what could have happened (what would have happened)?

Because Narnia was a land that needed them, true, but there are other siblings, other stories (a prophecy is only what you make of it, some people would say. It’s only true because you make it so. Because someone is scared (wants uncompromising power and resolute authority), and acts without compassion and without foresight, and the others just want the one. What is a nation, a people, when you have a brother; and so the prophecy comes true). But that is another story. In this one, there is just England. Just resentment and anger and bullying and caring (and love, still at the center). In this story, there is still a war too large for young children and truths too real for them to have to face.

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"Coming Home" (Frozen, K+)

Rating: K+
Words: 2,816
Pairing(s): Kristanna (fairly early relationship, slightly angsty-ish, Kristoff POV)
Summary: He’s never truly had a place where he belongs.

Notes: “Kristoff Bjorgman of… no place in particular.” So I pretty much haven’t been able to get that line out of my head since that deleted scene was first released. This is an angsty, character-study-ish take on it.

(I’m still trying to get out of a nasty case of writer’s block, so, honestly, I’m not sure how accurately I hit the characters on this one. My apologies if I did them any injustice. Also, it’s like 1:30 in the morning and I was falling asleep during line edits so if there are any typos or mechanical errors… yeah, those are my fault, too.)

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In The Name of Your Father

TITLE: In The Name of Your Father


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki is training recruits for a war that Asgard is in. Every house has to send one man to fight in the army, but your father is too old/ill to go, so you disguise yourself as a man to save him from certain death. Basically something resembling the Disney Movie of Mulan.

RATING: Teen and Up

Travelling by Bifrost was not going to become your new favourite pastime any time in the next century. Nausea washed over you and you were fully sure you would be ill, and only for the shock you received on the end of your journey, you would have. Jötunheim was cold, colder than you thought it would ever be. You were under no illusions, a land of eternal winter, inhabited by Frost Giants, by its very nature; you knew it was going to be freezing cold. But this was worse than you could ever have thought. Around you, you heard others moan and shiver as the icy wind blasted by. Looking to Loki, he seemed to be scanning the landscape before fixing his gaze to where he wished to go.

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Let’s play a game, shall we?
We all know that the upcoming Ever After High: Dragon Games™ movie is coming out on Spring 2016 and we are SUPER hexcited to see it, but have you heard of the movie coming right after? That’s right! Ever After High: Epic Winter™ will be releasing next Fall 2016! Now, you may think, “Wow Ever After High Dolls admin, you are jumping ahead fairy soon!” and yes, we are, but we thought it would be fun to think on the future dolls!

Knowing that every Ever After High movie line includes six dolls, and knowing that new student Crystal Winter™ (Daughter of The Snow King) will be one of those, I would like to know: Which other FIVE characters would you like to see being part of this line? Let us know in the comments!

Here’s a little information on the Fall 2016 movie: Crystal Winter’s father, the Snow King, is under an evil curse and is threatening eternal winter across the land. Crystal and her friends must journey across snowbound castles in order to save the day.

anonymous asked:

For the people who ask what Elsa mean with "Let the storm rage on": As far as i remember, Let It Go was initially wrote as an villain song, so when Elsa was the villain, she probably cursed the land with the eternal winter purposely.

It’s story time from Frozen’s development! Gather around kids!

Back when the movie was still in development and Elsa was the villain and the sisterly relationship wasn’t the main plot of the movie, there were storyboards being drawn, lines being recorded, some animation previews being done and songs were being written and composed…

Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez wrote a song for Elsa (you guess it: Let it Go) however, during songwriting they broke a little bit with the kind of character they had developed back then. Still, they showed the song to Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck (directors of the movie) and they love it! 

They wanted to have the song as part of the movie and the only way to get it was to rebuild the story around the song and little by little Frozen got to what it is today. And Let It Go is the only song that didn’t get modified like how You’re You then turned into Love is an Open Door, for example. 

So Elsa went from this

concept art by Claire Keane

To the Elsa we have today

concept art by Brittney Lee

About that line you say “Let the storm rage on” when the song was written it could have been Elsa creating a storm and freezing everything but I like to believe that in the movie the line is refereeing more to the various feelings that Elsa is feeling while creating her castle. For 13 she has been keeping her feelings and powers hidden and she’s suddenly letting all that go. I think the storm she’s talking about is the emotional one. I mean, her ice powers are connected to her feelings so… yeah.. 


Why We’re Here: Twin Cities (by Seven and Sixty Productions)

Why do we live in this cold land of eternal winter? This lovely video answers that question better than we could ourselves.

anonymous asked:

Anna marries Kristoff but she dies in childbirth. Elsa is so upset, she runs away, but even further than the north mountain. She finds a land full of animals, and when she discovers they can talk, she decides to call it home. Sadly, when she was upset, she caused an eternal winter in this land. Lost within her own despair and anger, she names herself queen and calls her kingdom Narnia.

Oh, um. I’m… gonna go in this corner over here.

Another sketch for the Legend of Zelda fan comic that I used to play with.

One of the ideas in Star Seeker was that Link would find stars that had fallen from Ganon’s pockets after they were stolen from the sky. In a land that has fallen to eternal darkness and winter, the little pockets of light and warmth that come from a fallen star or a traveler’s lantern attract all sorts of attention, mostly bad.

At one point, he receives a magic slingshot that lets him shoot the stars back to their places in the sky from certain mountains, depending on where the star belongs (if this was a game, finding all the fallen stars and shooting them into the sky would be the game-long mini-quest).

Why yes, I did think a lot about the story and world when I originally worked on it.

The first Star Seeker image.

Sometimes I really wish something interesting would happen to me. Not like, my crush saying yes or a school drama, but maybe a wizard coming to my door or like having to save the land from eternal winter just anything really.


OK, East Coast, we see your snowstorm — and raise you ice climbing. The Midwest doesn’t let silly little things like blizzards and ice cliffs stand in our way. We climb over them.