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January 18th 1915: Japan issues ‘21 Demands’

On this day in 1915, Japan issued its ‘Twenty-One Demands’ to the Republic of China. This came during a period of Japanese expansion in East Asia, as the country aimed to increase its power in the region. Japan’s imperial desires followed the nation’s forcible opening to international trade by American Commodore Perry in the mid-nineteeth-century, ending hundreds years of the sakoku policy of isolation. The demands were drafted under Prime Minister Ōkuma Shigenobu and were presented to China’s General Yuan Shikai as an ultimatum, threatening China with war if they failed to comply. They included expanding Japan’s influence in southern Manchuria, the right of extraterritoriality, disallowing China from giving any land to countries other than Japan, and, lastly, the introduction of Japanese advisers to the Chinese government to essentially manage the whole economy. China objected to the last section and the Japanese revised the demands, presenting them again to China, who accepted the ultimatum in May 1915. Japan’s actions distanced the nation from its allies in Britain and the United States, who opposed this imperialist diplomacy. The Demands contributed to a growing anger towards Japan among Chinese people, giving rise to an incipient nationalism. At the Washington Conference in 1921-1922, Japan agreed to withdraw troops from China and restore the nation’s sovereignty, thus essentially nullifying the Twenty-One Demands.


Landing holiday in Guangzhou China (ST fans new year party)!I am the sponsor.Had fun yesterday 😎😝I prepare the activities for two months,Gold to know everyone enjoy the party.It’s my first Star Trek day in 2017 🤗😋


Boyang Jin (CHN) || 2016 Four Continents Championships (SP | FS)

First skater to land 1) four quads in a free skate, 2) three different types of quads in a free skate, and 3) six quads total in a short program and free skate in international ISU competition. Boyang is also the first skater to land a 4Lz3T combo, first achieved at 2015 Cup of China.

History of Japan RolePlay Starters

“Hire a Samurai~♪ “ 

“Japan is an island by the sea filled with volcanoes and it’s BEAUTIFUL~!”

“So now there’s people on the island, they’re basically sort of hanging out in between the mountains.” 

“They’re using the latest technology, like stones and bowls.”

“Ding dong, it’s the outside world and they have technology from the future, like really good metal and crazy rice farms.” 

“But this one was the most, most, important, ruled by a heavenly super-person, or emperor for short.”

“Knock, knock, get the door, it’s religion.” 

“The new prince wants everyone to try this hot new religion from baekje.”

“Please try this religion.” 

“No. Said everybody again, quieter this time.” 

“Can you call us something else other than dipshit?” 

“How about sunrise land~ ♪ “

“And they stole China’s alphabet and wrote a book about themselves.” 

“They conquered the north finally, get that squared away.” 

“A rich hipster name Kukai is bored with modern Buddhism.” 

“The royal palace became such a dream world of art that they really didn’t give a shit about running the country.” 

“How are you supposed to protect your shit from criminals?

“Breaking news, the Mongols have invaded China.” 

“Please respect us or else we might invade you as well.” 

“They tried again and had a nice time fighting with the Japanese but then died in a tornado.” 

“And the emperor can still dress like an emperor if he wants that’s fine.” 

“Now there’s more art~♪ ”

“Everyone voted so hard that the palace caught on fire and burned down.” 

“and the WHOLE country broke into pieces.”

“Knock, knock, it’s Europe. No, they’re not here to take over, they just want to sell some shit like clocks and guns and Jesus~♪“ 

“There was poetry, plays, sexy times, puppet shows, and Dutch studies!” 

“Knock, knock, it’s the United States, with huge boats. With guns. Gunboats.” 

“Stop, no, you can’t take that. We were gonna try and build a railroad through here to try and get some warm water.”

“Can you maybe chill?” 

“How about maybe you chill?” 

“You’ll never guess who is also kind of scared of Russia.” 

“It’s time for world war 1~♪”

“How bout I do, anyway~♪” 

“Their friends and our friends are not friends, plus they’re planning on invading the entire ocean.♪ ” 

Shenzhou-11 departs space station, prepares for reentry.

After more than 30 days at the miniature space lab, Shenzhou-11 undocked from Tiangong-2 at 11:21pm EST. Chen Dong and Jing Haipeng are scheduled to reenter and land in China around 12:33am EST Friday, November 18.

Over the course of their month-long stay, the two taikonauts performed experiments on the human body, agriculture - including the growing and cultivation of lettuce - and the deployment of a ‘companion satellite’, Banxing-2. 

Tiangong-2 will not be visited by another human mission, but April 2017 will see the first flight of the automated Tianzhou-1 resupply freighter dock to the station. This will test out the spacecraft’s systems ahead of entering operational service to the future Chinese Space Station.


Today, Latvia woke up to find himself bleeding at the bottom of a flight of stairs with a very concerned China and Russia, along with Lithuania and Estonia, panicking over him.

Apparently he was violently throwing himself against the walls and screaming hysterically and ended up falling down the stairs.

Anime Recommendation #1

Got a lot of time? Here’s five of the most quality anime you’ve probably never watched.

1. Seirei No Moribito

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Based on the Moribito light novel series, Seirei No Moribito (Guardian of the Spirit) follows the journey of the female bodyguard Balsa Yonsa, who vowed to atone for eight deaths by saving eight lives. The eight life she must protect is Prince Chagum’s, a boy who possesses the spirit of a demon that is said to bring drought to the kingdom. With vivid imperial Japan landscape, folk elements and music, gripping, complex characters, ridiculously beautiful fighting animation, and truthful writing, Seirei No Moribito brings a story still as refreshing as it was 8 years ago (19 if we’re going by the novel.) 

2. Kingdom

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Based on the award-winning manga by Yasuhisa Hara is a fictional take of the epic conquest of Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, to unite the warring kingdoms of the land, starting from his journey as the boy-king Ei Sei (Chinese: Ying Zheng.) Shin (Xin), a slave boy dreaming to become the greatest general under the heavens, becomes intertwined with Sei’s destiny after his closest friend and only family is tragically killed for having the same face as Sei. Action-packed, humorous, tragic, historical, intriguing, political, and touching, Kingdom is popular in Japan and has earned a world record through the support of other artists, including famous mangaka and voice actors.

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