the land is rust

Getting Salty About Weathering

Hey there True Believers, today we’re going to talk about how to create your own convincing weathered metallics using a really simple technique. This whole project is done using Warcolours and an airbrush, but you can use these techniques just as effectively with any acrylic craft paints and a brush. 


Coarse Salt

Hair Spray

Hot Water


First off, we’re going to need the the prepped model surface we’re going to be working on, in my case, it’s a spaceship corridor that I sculpted for a diorama out of cardstock and some other stuff. In your case, this can be for old pipes, rusted out cars, Land Raiders, junked planes, really, anywhere where enameled metals have been left to the elements. 

We begin by priming it black, in the standard fashion. Ensuring even coverage and allowing it to dry for several hours, prior to applying the next layers. Once we’ve got that established, we begin to build up the basis for our rust layers. We’re going to start with a neutral, high saturation brown, and warm it up with each step into a terracotta.

Below you can see the browns applied with an airbrush, Make an attempt to focus the warming in specific spots, but avoid allowing the redder browns to achieve 100% opacity. We’re developing “filter” layers at this stage, and will be altering the texture in the next steps.

You can see how I’ve focused the filter towards the bottom of the wall. This will be the area with the heaviest weathering, representing where it has interacted most with moisture and wear and tear. If you were doing this on a Land Raider (for instance) this focal area might be around the treads, instead. It’s important to have an idea of which areas will be most heavily influenced by the rusting out, and begin to develop them.

Next up, we’re going to be moving up into proper oranges. In my case, Warcolours Orange 4 and One Coat Orange. Were going to be applying these differently than we did the brown, as we’re going to use these to develop an erratic, rusting texture on top of the browns. We’ll need a bit of blister foam or sponge for this next step. The idea is to daub a bit on a sponge, and then stipple a paper towel or piece of carboard until you get a nice erratic pattern. It’s similar to the amount of paint you’d want on your brush, if you were drybrushing. 

Above, you can see the texture developed, post stippling. Note the areas where I’ve concentrated it, that will become important shortly. When you’re satisfied with this, it’s time to seal the project using the matte varnish of your choice. In this instance, I’m using Warcolours matte varnish.

Apply a couple of coats of varnish, and allow to dry 100% before moving on from this step. You need the layers under this to be well protected, as we’re going to be applying salt and scrubbing the model after this. If you’ve not thoroughly sealed this layer, you will work your way down to the primer/plastic, ruining the effect and all the work you’ve done so far. Learn this lesson from me, as opposed to the hard way… Trust me.

Next up, the real meat and potatoes of this technique, coarse salt and hairspray.

We’re going to be using the hairspray as a temporary glue, to hold the salt crystals in place. To that end, decant a little into a dixie cup by turning the hairspray upside down and spraying it into the container. This will smell like the 80’s, so it’s best to do it in a well ventilated area. After you’ve got enough liquid hairspray in the cup for your needs, take an old brush and start to apply it to the model, sprinkling the coarse salt over the top, and knocking away any excess. Focus these sticky salt piles on top of the regions of heaviest wear, where you developed the texture with the oranges. 

When you’ve developed enough sticky salt piles to satisfy, allow it to dry and then apply the paint/wall/enamel color. In my case, I’ll be using a mixture of Warcolours One Coat Yellow Green with a little One Coat Green mixed in.

Now it’s magic time! 

Dip an old toothbrush in hot water, and allow it to saturated the salt crystals. When they begin to loosen, scrub them away. You’ll immediately begin to see the rust pattern develop. In addition to the salt texture, you can scratch or rub any amount of weathering into the paint. Since the lower layers are well sealed, and this layer is sitting on top of a water soluable hairspray base, it is very easy to manipulate. You want to make sure that you’ve removed all the salt from the peice, even going so far as to rinse it in cold water. Any residue left over will dry a chalky white and damage the paint over time. 

After that, it’s a simple issue of sealing it with another layer of Matte Varnish. And you’re ready to move onto the rest of your project. This method is not only simple, but provides a higher degree of verisimilitude than painting the rust effect over the green. Not only is it actually beneath the paint (like rust would be), but it ends up with a randomness that is near impossible to replicate with the brush, and is far closer to the actual effect for it.

That’s it for today, true believers. I hope you find this useful. Keep your bristles damp!



It’s just a light rust film…

Land Rover Especial by Santana (1956–1983), spotted on Ibiza. It was not until the end of the 1950s that Spanish autarkism – under the regime of Franco the first licensed Landys were manufactured in Linares without any parts from the British main factory, but they equalled the English models to almost 99% – was replaced by economic liberalism, which did not rule out the fact that original Perkins engines were already installed in Spanish Land Rover models before. A 4.3 litre (pic 6) would have been a nice addition, but the Series IIIa 109" Santana 6-cylinder Especial (since 1979) wasn’t so bad either.

I dedicate this one to my man Grelicks, who has been dreaming of an aged Landy since 1989.

Land of Rust and Sand

Your Land is not going to be pleasant. I will get that out of the way for you right now. The atmosphere is thick and choked with particles - dust, sand, rust, etc. What was once a thriving metal metropolis towering through the clouds has been eroded by time and pain from the great war of Shesmu. 

Your consorts have been driven into hiding underneath what seems like an endless desert of brown and grey. Your quests will be simple in nature - deliver a package from one village to another, rescue a Turtle’s son from a Ruststorm, but if you overstay your welcome in a town, Shesmu’s forces will catch wind of your trail and eradicate the town. 

You must live on the winds and make silent, decisive, and informed decisions in order to fulfill enough quests to open the way to Shesmu and the confrontation, else your land will be depleted of consorts before you have the opportunity to do so.

Described by @classpectanon for @pastatrends.

Lad, Ye Need Adventure cont.

rusttheyordle said: Rust stayed there on the bed for a few minutes longer. A soft sigh left him as he stood and walked to the door. Seeing land Rust rushed for it tripping over himself a few times before flopping onto it. “Ahhhh land.~”    

Penelope giggles at Rust’s flopping onto the land. “Wot are ye a fish now? Ye be so weird, Rustie..~ She then turns to her crew. “Alrioght, lads! Do wot ever ye want! We’re on vacation as of now!” The crew cheers and goes their separate ways. 

Penelope then looks down at Rust who was on the ground. “Well, looks lioke it’s just us!~” She smiles sweetly at Rust.   


@ultmadarkcloud continued from here

      “Could’ve been daemons,” Prompto replied. His head felt trapped between hammers, throbbing and ringing, and he offered up a lazy smile. “Could’ve, but it wasn’t. Just me being stupid and not noticing where the ground stopped.”

      And having the bad luck to land on the rusted ruins of some car wreck, older than him, probably, but that was easy enough to figure by the trail he’d left.

      “Hey, pretty lady. I’m very tired, you know? Good job.”

Stranger [closed]

Ghost felt strange not carrying the Queen’s colors into a match of Clash. Their fireteam had urged them to move on, to forget what had happened in the Reef and to express themself in a way that didn’t involve Her Majesty. Their fireteam of three with Bolden-33 and Maeve, along with a few random guardians that offered to join in, dropped into Rusted Lands.

The petite carried their Suros Regime, Her Benevolence, and an Arc sword if they managed to grab heavy ammunition when it dropped. Their armor happened to be the full Spektar set, colored the shiny metallics of Thunderdevil, and sporting blue chroma. The titan had focused their energy in favor of Arc instead of their usual run of Void. It was what they usually used when against other guardians.

Ghost watched their team charge forward, led by Bolden, a hunter, who was whooping loudly and hopping about. Maeve, the warlock, as usual, stayed in proximity of the small titan, watching Ghost’s back as they pulled out their sniper. They gazed at the purple and gold colors for a moment before looking down the scope towards A. There was glimpses of the opposing team running past the small opening they could shoot through, until a hunter stopped to stare back down the line of fire. Without hesitation, Ghost fired before he could barrel out of the way.

“Nice shot,” Maeve murmured through the comms, quickly getting out spoken by Bolden’s squawking as he got killed over by where Zone B would be.

Trials of Osiris

Map 4/22/16-4/26/16: Rotation of  Earth-Based Maps

  • Twilight Gap 
  • Rusted Lands 
  • Exodus Blue 
  • Widow’s Court 
  • Bannerfall 
  • Frontier 
  • Memento 

5 Wins: Random
7 Wins: Random

Happy Earth Day Guardians! (: