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Gateway To Heaven (chap 1)

Greetings and welcome to my first chaptered kabby story XD

This was born out of a crack idea that the gang is screwed next season and that there aren’t many options left aside for finding a bunker or going back to space. OR finding the Stargate and getting the hell out of dodge. Of course, the crack idea turned serious and now here I am with a crossover that isn’t as much about space travel as it is about healing after the post Alie disaster and saving themselves. ^^

Aside for a basic notion of what the Stargate is (a big round circle that allows you to travel in space) I don’t think any real knowledge of the show is necessary since this a S4 AU and thus very much takes place in The 100 universe.

This is mainly a kabby story but it will feature bellarke and ice mechanic (because apparently I’m a sucker for this ship) with some memori on the side because come oooon how to resist?  

Thanks to my kabby girls (who will know who they are) for the encouragements to write crack that failed to be crack and above all thanks to @akachankami who is taking care of the beta reading duty. 

This goes without saying for any of my stories but please don’t take and repost anywhere else.

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Gateway To Heaven

1. Exodus

The wound stung when Abby applied the disinfectant wipe on his shoulder. He had had enough of his share of injuries in the last year to know it wasn’t serious, nothing a few stitches wouldn’t fix.

The Dead Zone tribes used swords, knives and arrows. Their warriors hid buried in the sand and jumped on them when they least expected it. They scarcely ever attacked the main convoy, wary of the Ice Nation warriors guarding it, but they never hesitated to attack search parties and hunters or scouts.

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so much nostalgia about the british empire from ppl who seem to completely lack historical perspective. i don’t even have to get into the treatment of ppl in the colonies- sure, queen victoria’s reign is associated with the pomp and power of empire- but victorian britain was incredibly, incredibly unequal. not that it isn’t today, but it was many times worse. there was no NHS, shitty as hell working conditions, child labour, slums all over London and so on and so forth. unless you belonged the the landed gentry or those who managed to strike it rich it’s very unlikely you would’ve been better off. 

One company is re-creating the original Apollo11 flight plan

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s historic moon landing was possible thanks to an exhaustively detailed, 362-page flight plan manual. The original copies are mementos that belong to those who worked on the mission. But now a company called Reproduction IO launched a Kickstarter campaign to re-create copies of the original flight plan for the Apollo 11 moon landing.

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Namor, the Sub-Mariner #4, page 8 by John Byrne & Bob Wiacek. 1990.

John shared this story about how he started working on Namor:

Technically, I didn’t pitch NAMOR.

One of Shooter’s rules was that characters who lost their own titles “reverted” to the editorial office of the book where they’d started. This meant, minus his own title, the Sub-Mariner belonged to the Fantastic Four. So I’d been thinking for a while about what I might do with him. Then there were a series of editorial shufflings, and Namor landed in Terry Kavanagh’s lap. Terry had the idea of playing up the businessman angle, and asked me if I’d be interested in developing something along those lines. As it happened, that was where I’d arrived with my own cogitations, so I said Sure!

I was unhappy to leave Namor simple because I have a great fondness for the character.