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Another Damian Wayne Headcanon

Okay, so I recently learned about this thing that humans do. I already knew that when you go through a trauma, your brain kind of shuts everything except survival down so the only emotion you really let yourself feel is adrenaline because nothing else is safe. Well, then, if/when your brain heals and starts telling you it’s safe, your emotions go all the way up to 12000, I guess because your brain has to get use to processing them again?

Anyways, please imagine with me, poor Damian has been living with the bats for years, and while everything that they do isn’t exactly safe, he has people who love him fiercely and well and his brain starts to relax. And he finds himself tearing up at almost everything - happy tears, sad tears, mad tears, emotionally ambiguous tears - he hates it and because his brain is so relaxed he can’t stop it nearly as fast or completely as he used to. Cue way too many cuddle sessions with teasing but concerned siblings. It doesn’t last very long, but there’s tons of photographical and video proof. Including Bruce’s not-at-all-small freak out when it first started happening. Drake - the traitor - does his research and finds out the most probably cause and he tells Grayson. Damian’s revenge is swift, though not as harsh as it would’ve been two months ago. Mostly because he’s just glad it’s over. (He still can’t watch The Land Before Time, though.)
MarzGurl's Bad Dream - The Land Before Time XIV Teaser
MarzGurl thought it was all over years ago. But she has no idea that after all these years, there's still more coming. Thank you, Patreon contributors! patre...

On February 2nd, The Land Before Time XIV is getting released on Netflix and Walmart DVD exclusive. Even before I’ve seen it, you KNOW I’m going to be talking about it. In fact, I was so prepared to talk about it, I’ve already made a teaser about it.