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Thomas Sanders Update

For my Fander Friends who are worried about Thomas’s safety but dont have Twitter.

•He’s moving his stuff to the top floor of his apartment just to be safe in case the apartment floods. He doesn’t think it will but better safe than sorry.

•He’s going to his parents house since they could use the extra help.

•His parents have a generator, so in case one the electricity goes out he’ll be able to keep us updated.

•While he appreciates all those who have commented, tweeted him, ect. about staying safe during the storm, he asks that they stay calm and assertive as he has anxiety and all caps posts do not help.

•He also has a faith that the Florida Fanders haven’t been reckless and are at a safe shelter/or are getting to one.

•He wants to remind the Florida Fanders that they got this. They can handle this storm.

That’s about all but if I messed up something just let me know and I’ll happily fix it.