the lalonde with thorns

Gear For Rose Lalonde

Sewn Starlight

Two needles, both looking like a nighttime backdrop. Constantly shifting, swirling, zooming in on different stars. These stars are what provides the true power of these needlewands.

With the power these two constructs provide, one could conceivably do many things to one’s enemies.

These elegant needles can influence gravity with a simple flick of the wrist, stimulating the very stars they draw their power from. One could also conceivably siphon power off of the stars, to create smaller, just as deadly stars, and then it could move them around, straight into the body of a foe. Depending on the person, if they’ve had an encounter with the grimmest darkness there is before, they could even create the darkest dark there is, a black hole, albeit one that would collapse after a short amount of time, but still.

Simply speaking, nothing’s brighter than a star, so move yourself out of the path of the one who can see through that light, because she’ll burn you to a crisp if you mess with her.

These galactic needles are made from the Quills of Echidna, a detailed map of the Milky Way Galaxy, a Plasma Manipulator, and a Strand of Grimdark.

Prismatic Shimmer

One of very few items that can manipulate light well is your average Prism or Crystal. They refract light, turning it into a multicolored array referred to as a rainbow. Altogether, it seems rather fitting that the armor to replace the Pajamas of a Light player would use this ability as well.

This armor resembles an old medieval set of Paladins armor, but made of modified and fortified mirrors, crystals, and prisms. It has plenty of corners and flat planes, resembling One Giant Human Shaped Crystalline Structure at times. One glimpse at this set of glimmering armor and your eyes will be treated to multiple reflections of yourself, your soul, your future, etc. All in pretty colors as well!

When harnessing the power of this armor set, the user can manipulate every source of light on the battlefield. It can absorb light based attacks, somehow converting them into health and stamina for the wearer, and even repairing the armor should it be required.

Another special ability of this armor is that it can reflect and refract light in such a way that it can blind the enemy, create plenty of false clones by using light tricks, or even bend the light around the user, making them effectively invisible. The protection is provided in the form of variability for the most part.

This glorious construction of protection is alchemized by using a Medieval Paladin’s Plate Armor, a bag of multicolored crystals of varying size and magical ability, a multidimensional mirror, a prism that translates your thoughts into rainbows, and 1 meter of light absorbing fabric.

This is the Gear that the honourable Rose Lalonde deserved in her playthrough of Sburb.

Happy 4/13

~Weapons Master Blu

Beta Kids Overwatchstuck Roles and Abilities

John Egbert - Offense (Melee/Medium Range)

The Hammer of Zillyhoo

  • The holiest of melee weapons, the Hammer of Zillyhoo, wielded in broad sweeps and crushing downward swings

Katabatic Blast

  • John forcefully slams his hammer into the ground, creating a blast of air that pushes back enemies within his range, or even send them flying, depending on how close they are to him

Zephyr Jet Pack

  • A state of the art wind-powered “jetpack” that launches John into the air. He can move in a ten second glide, or move through the air in short controlled bursts from the pack.

Call Zephyr

  • John is able to unequip his pack for his ult, leaving himself restricted to the ground, where he can call down a new pack

ULT: Windy Thing

  • John will unequip his Zephyr jet pack and smash it under the his hammer, releasing a huge gust of wind that will break off into five smaller tornadoes with a five second life that toss other players, teammates and enemies alike. If the player collides with a wall, the result is extensive damage.

Rose Lalonde - Defense (Medium Range Projectile)

Thorns of Oglogoth

  • Needlewands that harness the power of the dark and ancient gods in destructive bursts of black magic

Eldritch Mine

  • A plantable mass of dark magic that will latch onto any surface, dormant until a passing target triggers its explosion, causing five seconds of impaired vision on top of initial damage from the blast


  • After death, dark shadows will linger around Rose and sap the health of passing foes

ULT: Grimdark

  • Rose will levitate a few inches off the ground and release a tremendously strong wave of health-obliterating darkness from her shadow in all directions, accompanied by ricocheting bursts of black magic

Dave Strider - Offense (Melee)


  • High-tech longsword rigged with the time-table record that allows Dave to move through time


  • Rewinds his personal timeline with the time-table record, restoring health and position on the map

Record Skip

  • Dave is able to teleport short distances via forward hops in his personal timeline, and can move in a chain of up to five hops if uninterrupted


  • With the illest of beats scratched on his single time table, Dave is able to emit a five second energy projection that restores the health of nearby teammates

ULT: Too Many Daves

  • Two other alternate Daves from his timeline will appear and swing once in unison, administering three times the usual damage of Caldescratch

Jade Harley - Tank

Uranium Cannon

  • Mounted on massive best friend and hellhound Bec, Jade wields a sizeable uranium-powered cannon which unleashes a continuous short range, but powerful nuclear beam as well as short, controlled bursts of damage

Particle Barrier

  • A shield wide enough that it can guard both Jade and Bec, as well as a third party


  • A call for Bec to charge forward in a straight line into enemies, pinning, shaking, and throwing the first in his path, dealing substantial damage


  • Jade launches a concussive bomb which blasts back any players in its range and saps their health as long as its five second green glow lingers