the lake dropped me

So fun story! My mom and I had seen a couple Merlin episodes together before this, but my parents and I had never sat down to watch an entire episode together yet. So one night during dinner we decided to watch Merlin and the episode that was next was “The Lady of the Lake.” Spoiler alert. BTW. SO. We’re half way through the episode, we all kinda know it’s gonna be sad but we don’t say anything. And by the time the episode’s over and Freya’s dead, my mom looks to me and goes “That was so sad! Why’d that one have to be next?? They were gonna run away together…” And I said “I’m sorry!! I didn’t know it was gonna be sad!! I didn’t know that would be the only time they’d give Merlin a love interest!”

So long story short, my dad’s first legitimate experience with Merlin was with one of the saddest romance arcs in the show and my mom still internally cries about that episode.