the lake central park

If anybody in the greater Orlando has an excessive amount of plastic shopping bags, I’ll take them!

Somebody I know is collecting plastic bags to crochet into floor mats for the homeless, each mat takes over 600 bags to make.

Will pick up bags (we can meet in a public place)


The neighbourhood pickpocket saunters by, on the lookout for easy pickings. A group of friends already distracted by their game makes for an ideal target, but sometime about that green fellow looks awfully familiar…

Ethan: Oh no! Leif Swain?! What’s he doing way out here?? This big city is getting smaller every day…

Fortunately Leif is too involved in the game to recognize his old neighbour. Ethan casually slinks away without notice, but that was a close call. Too close. 

Somewhere Only We Know

Genre: pure fluff

Summary: The bench overlooking the lake in Central Park was the place Dan would go to lose himself in his thoughts and be alone. That is, until Phil Lester joins him one day, and suddenly Dan is no longer going to the bench to be alone. Suddenly the bench is where he gains a best friend, and where he falls in love.

Word Count: 3.2k 

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A Look Across the Partially Melting Waters of Bow Lake to Mountains and a Glacier (Banff National Park) by Mark Stevens
Via Flickr:
A look to the southwest while walking around the Simpson’s Num-Ti-Jah Lodge area. The mountainsides and peaks on either side from left to right are Mount Thompson and Mount Jimmy Simpson. Bow Glacier and the Wapta Icefield are towards the image center. By keeping the exposure more to the right, I was able to capture some of the details in the overcast skies above and bring out some richer colors to the setting on an otherwise blah kind of a day.