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City Lights  (Peter Parker x young!reader)

Good morning my loves and Happy Saturday! I hope today brings fun memories and good laughs and of course, good fanfiction. I have so many requests at the moment and until I get them all done, I’m going to close requests. If you send one in, I won’t answer till I get the rest of these finished. It’s not that I don’t want to do it (I love getting your guys’ requests actually, they make my days interesting), I just don’t want to make you wait forever. I’ll make a post about when I open for requests again! Check out my other imagines and my just finished series featuring Bucky, “Battered and Bruised”! I love you all so much, and have a wonderful day. xoxo

Request:  Young!avenger x Peter Parker?

Description: Peter takes you on a tour of New York as a date and shows you all his favorite places. At the end of the night, he shows you the best view of the city in the most unconventional way. 

Warnings: None. Just fluff. 


“What do you mean by you’ve never been to New York?” Peter was gaping at you. “You mean to tell me that you’ve been living here, but you haven’t actually visited the city?” He was waving his arms around as he talked. 

You laughed at his reaction and gave him an awkward smile. It was true, you had been living in Stark Tower for the past seven months, but never got around to actually going to the city. 

“Well, I don’t get much time off, you know, saving humanity from aliens and crazy people.” You were trying to make up a viable excuse for why. Peter just kept staring at you his mouth hanging wide open. “What?” You started shifting your eyes around the room, having no idea what to do. 

“Babe, I know what we’re going to do today.” Peter gave you a goofy grin and ran down the hall, leaving you standing alone in the living room. 

“Oh lord, what’s he going to do?” You groaned to yourself. You shook your head, but smiled. He was such a dork. A dork that you had lots of feelings for. You loved him, but you had never said it to him, fearing that he wouldn’t feel the same. 

Seven months ago, Tony had asked you to move from the Avenger Tower in D.C. to Stark Tower to go undercover. Your job was to go to Peter’s high school and keep an eye on him for Tony. He was worried that Peter would start getting into trouble, and your job was to keep him out of it. Before you knew it, you were falling hard for him. Tony feared that you would, but allowed you to do so because you were like his daughter, and he loved you like one. All he wanted was to see you happy. So, just two months into your mission, and after spending a lot time together, along with a couple dates, you two became official. And once you started dating him, you realized you had to tell him what your original intentions were. 

When you told him, he wasn’t upset. He just kissed you and whispered to you, “My girlfriend is a freaking Avenger.” 

An hour later, he cam running in. “F/N! Come on, you’re coming with me.” You were laying on the couch, closing your eyes when he started pulling you off of it. 

“Where are we going?” You were giggling and stumbling to follow him. “Peter, I’m serious.” (No, you weren’t.) “Where the heck are you taking me?” You had this marveled look on you face, amazed that he could get you off the couch without becoming overly grumpy. 

“You’ll see. Come on.” He looked so adorable as he pulled you along down the stairs and out the door. Once you stepped outside, the quiet of the tower completely disappeared. You were left with the sound of cars, and honking, and people’s pointless conversations. He turned around to face you. 

“Ta da! I’m taking you to see the city.” He began to fumble with him hands and look towards the ground. “Since you haven’t been before, and since we haven’t been able to go on a date in a while, I decided that I could show you around.” He looked up at you with those innocent eyes that always made your heart skip a beat. 

“Aw, that’s so sweet, Peter.” You face turned a slightly shade of pink darker. You thought he was so cute when he got all nervous. A smile came upon your lips and you hooked your arm in his. “So, where to first?” 

He looked up at you with hopeful eyes and smiled. He looked like a little kid on Christmas morning.  You loved making him happy, he made you feel almost like a normal teenager who had an almost normal life. To be frank, you never had a normal life to begin with. You were born with ability to go invisible, and your parents abandoned you at the age of three after they scared you and they suddenly couldn’t see you. They were afraid of you, so they left. You fended for yourself till about two years ago when the Avengers discovered you and your ability, hoping you would join them. You gladly accepted the offer and you realized that you had a family again. They loved you like a younger sibling, but Tony loved you like you were his own daughter. Obviously, being an Avenger and living with them wasn’t normal for anybody, but neither was having spider-like senses.

You two spent the afternoon walking through New York City, checking out all the places Peter loved. He took you to his favorite pizza place for lunch, and then you two took a stroll around Central Park. You stopped at the lake and watched the ducks swim by. 

“This is really nice, Peter. Thank you.” You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him tenderly. 

He put his arms around you and placed a kiss on your forehead. “It’s my pleasure, babe. But, the day isn’t over yet.” He wrapped one of his arms around your waist and you two started walking back towards the street. He took you around street corner after street corner, pointing out places that he wanted to take you in the future, and telling you the fondest memories he had there. After about an hour of walking, he stopped you in front of a brick stoned building. 

“Where are we?” You were looking for a sign. There was none. You squinted your eyes, trying to figure out what was inside, but it was lowly lit. 

“You’ll see.” He was smirking at you as he took your hand and pulled you inside. Once you were through the door and you finally saw what it was, your eyes went wide and your jaw dropped to the floor. Inside the unsuspecting building was bookshelves stacked to the ceiling with books. 

“No. Way.” You were amazed. You dropped his hand and started walking up and down the aisles, mesmerized. You let your fingers graze across the spines, reading every title. They had classics, new books, well loved books, and all your favorite ones too. Peter watched you in adoration. He knew you would like this place. It was the oldest book store in New York, and he knew how much you liked to read. Once you looked through just about every single book in there, you walked up to him with the biggest smile on your face. 

“You’re amazing, did you know that? Oh my god, I could spend hours in here. I have to come back another day to read here.” You were beginning to ramble and Peter just shook his head, one corner of his mouth pulling up into a smirk. 

“F/N, you’ve already spent two hours just looking at all the books. I’m going to have to bring you back here, so you can spend the entire day here.” He pulled you into a hug. “There’s still one more thing I have to show you before I take you back to the tower. Come on.” You looked up at him with eyes that were filled with love. He leaned down and kissed you, filling your stomach with butterflies. He pulled you out of the bookstore and the sky that was once bright and sunny was now beginning to grow blue. Had you really been in there that long?

“F/N, hold on tight.” He wrapped his left arm tightly around you.

“Wait, wh-” You cut yourself off with a slight scream. Suddenly, you were swinging in the air, swooping from building to building. Your arms were gripping him, very, very tightly. Once the initial shock faded away, you were smiling at Peter as he slowly took you higher and higher off the ground. The cold wind was whipping your hair back, giving you this rush of adrenaline. Peter shot a web at a building, swinging you both up in the air. The next one hit a spire of a different building across the street and he swung around it, you secure in his arm, and making a soft landing on top of the building. 

“I give you special view of New York City from the top of the Empire State Building.” He took his free arm and displayed the view to him. 

“Oh my god…” The skyline looked beautiful against the sunset and the lights slowly turning on. “…it’s gorgeous.” You shifted yourself in his arms so that you were facing him, bodies pressed against each other. 

“Just like you.” Peter’s eyes studied every inch of your face, landing on your E/C eyes that he had fallen in love with. You looked towards the ground, trying to conceal your blush. “F/N.” He tilted your chin up, so that your eyes met his. 

“Yes, Peter?” You looked at him with doe eyes, hanging on every single word he had said. 

He paused, a small smile coming to his face. “I love you.” 

You were stunned. He said it. He said it first. He said that he loved you. 

You realized that you were completely silent, seeing that Peter was getting worried. A big smile replaced the shocked look on your face. 

“I love you too.” You let out a little laugh and pulled him down to you. Your lips collided, molding perfectly together. The feeling of his lips against yours made your heart swell. You pulled away and rested your head on his chest, watching the sun set behind the horizon. 

Peter swung you across the city back to the tower. He nonchalantly landed on the grounded in the middle of the sidewalk in front of Stark Tower. 

“I’ll come over tomorrow, okay babe?” He smiled down at you, holding your hand. 

“Okay.” You smiled and gave him a peck on the cheek. 

“I love you. I’ll see you tomorrow.” 

“I love you too, Peter Parker.” You watched him fade into the crowd and then round a corner. Suddenly, he was swinging around a building. You shook your head and chuckled, walking back into the building. 

You were feeling so giddy. You were spinning around down the halls, humming to yourself. 

From his office, Tony heard you and peered out of the doorway, watching you as you walked down the hall, humming with a little skip in your step. Before he got caught, he sat back down at his deck and smiled to himself. You were happy, that’s all that mattered to him. He got back to work, and muttered to himself. 

“Peter Parker, you better take of my girl.”

Hope you liked it! I’m going to try and write a lot today, so that I have a couple oneshots ready to go. Let me know if you want to be added to the permanent taglist! Just message me and I’ll be sure to add you to the next story that I post. Have a wonderful day and I love you all. xoxo


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Pure Fluff (3) Masterlist

part one, part two

Another Year -  doodlebuglester

Summary: Dan realizes that even the most cliché of songs can have some merit.

Curled Hair and Painted Nails - darling-phil

Summary: When Dan begins to lack confidence about his newly painted nails and natural hair, Phil is there to offer his support.

English Rain - fleurdelester

Summary: After filming another pokemon go video, Dan and Phil get caught in a downpour.

Family - phillestatos

Summary: When Dan met Phil, she never thought an eighteen-year-old boy could change his son’s life in that way and how he could become family to her. Or, a reflexion of Dan and Phil’s relationship through the years in Phil’s mum point of view. Too floof.

Haru-Chan - phillestatos

Summary: Phil just hates that Haru pillow. It’s ridiculous and pathetic, but he can’t help but feel that Haru’s blue eyes look at him as saying, He loves me more than you. jealous!Phil.

House of Memories - wavydanrises

Summary: In which Phil is away, and Dan reflects back on their life together.

I Can Fix That - lavendercha

Summary: The washing machine breaks and Phil tries to fix it.

In This Moment All I Know - undressrehearsal

Summary: Dan is fascinated by the rain and Phil is fascinated by Dan, but he’d really like it if the boy would just come back to bed already.

It Starts & Ends With Your Arms - phanimist

Summary: dan and phil share a hotel bed in hong kong as all the other rooms are booked up. despite their unmentioned habit/tendency to wake up finding themselves curled up to one another, they’re both slightly more than comfortable with the sleeping arrangements.

Morning Glow - darling-phil

Summary: Dan wakes up before Phil and can’t help but admire how beautiful he looks in the morning. It’s only so long before his thoughts turn less…innocent.

Rain And Trees And Sunshine - jilliancares

Summary: Phil lends Dan his jacket.

Somewhere Only We Know - phan-fiction

Summary: The bench overlooking the lake in Central Park was the place Dan would go to lose himself in his thoughts and be alone. That is, until Phil Lester joins him one day, and suddenly Dan is no longer going to the bench to be alone. Suddenly the bench is where he gains a best friend, and where he falls in love.

Textbook Love - phanimist

Summary: phil works at the library, and is more than happy to get to know the cute boy at the back of the room, even if he does play his music loudly.

Thanks To The Internet - irphanfic

Summary: How Dan and Phil wrote the verse ‘’without the internet we never would have met’’ for The Internet Is Here.

That’s The Way I Like It And I’ll Never Get Bored - secretlywritingstories

Summary: Dan takes a joke way too far and Phil has to listen to a certain Shrek song in their radio show too many times.

The Greatest Valentine of All - phloridas

Summary: A simple trip to the toy store sparks some nostalgic feelings–and plants an idea in Dan’s mind. Is Phil ready for his proposition? Or, the one where seeing a bunch of kids’ toys makes Dan really, really want a child.

You Are Not Trivial - phanimist

Summary: dan being a ghost doesn’t once hinder the friendship between him and phil. the two are constantly there for each other, despite their various differences in problems, and they never let the concepts of what’s ‘real’ and what isn’t define them and the relationship they have.

Your Love (Make Me Feel Like) - cafephan

Summary: Dan plans a spontaneous getaway for himself and Phil.

A No-Maj?

Anon:graves seems like the type who would be a strict rule follower but what if he fell in love with a no-maj and he can’t stay away from her and he ends up falling in love with her but keeps it hidden until someone finds out and he either has to run away with her or wipe her memory but he can’t choose?? idk something cute but then angsty 

A/N: This is so cute and right up my alley ahhh I’m wearing this dress that looks like the little mermaid dress when she first turns into a human (the white one dress) and I feel fly as fuuckkk. Anyways this was really fun to write!! This took me 4 hours to write because I kept getting distracted ahhhhhhh This is my favourite thing I have written so far though.

 Enjoy and keep sending requests and prompts my way peeps xoxox

Anything in italics are thoughts!

Warnings: non, just a little bit of fluff and I may have broken your heart…. sorryyyyyy

Word Count: 2,853


You never knew about the wizarding world until you met him. You lived an extra ordinary life, in your 20′s living in a small quiet apartment in the heart of New York city, Had a 9 till 5 job writing for the local newspaper. Doing things the ordinary way that you had always known them to be. You were just the girl next door, everyone knew who you were as you were sweet, charming and friendly. Of course you always had men chasing after you but you always politely declined as you were content with how your life was at the moment. 

You had walked into the little bakery that had opened up around the corner. You were soon welcomed by the owner, Jacob Kowalsk. “Morning Y/N How are you this morning” Jacob said as soon as you walked into the quiet little bakery “I am well, thank you” You said with your ever charming smile on your face “So what will it be today?” Jacob asked “Just the usual and maybe one of your famous donuts” You said excitedly, you always loved his doughnuts. You went to pull out your purse to pay him when he chimed in saying “Oh no Y/N, it’s on the house for you” You smiled knowing trying to give him money wouldn’t work “Oh thank you Jacob!! I will see you tomorrow” You said as you grabbed your items and walked out of the small bakery.

On your way home, you thought you would stop off at a little bookstore since you were running low on reading material at home. You were browsing through your favorite section tucked away at the back of the store when all of a sudden you heard a deep voice behind you.

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Escaped Niffler (Newt x Reader)

**Gif not mine**

Request:  Newt and reader are chasing a beast who got out of the case (not in the NY events). They are running -for whatever reason-, but still talking and one of them just randomly admit their feelings ? ♥  - Anon

I hope you like it!

The Niffler had gotten loose again.

Nothing unusual, really.  The furry troublemaker always managed to find a way to undo the latches and sneak out of Newt’s case.  It was nighttime in New York, and you and Newt were taking a stroll around Central Park.  You two were nothing more than best friends, but you both wanted something more.  

And tonight was the night Newt planned on admitting his feelings for you.

You two were standing on a little bridge that overlooked a lake in Central Park.  The view of the city was phenomenal.  There were a few peaceful moments of silence between both of you.

“Marvelous, isn’t it?” you said, breaking the silence.

“Yes.  Yes, it very much is.”

Newt set his case on the ground and looked at you sheepishly.  “Uh… Y/N, there’s… something I need to tell you.”

You looked at him worriedly.  “Is something wrong?  Are you okay?”

“Oh!  Yes, I’m fine, nothing’s wrong don’t worry.  W-what I was trying to say wa–.”

You cut him off and your eyes widened.  “Hold that thought, Newt!  The Niffler’s gotten loose again!”

Newt spun around to where you were looking and saw the Niffler take off down the path at full speed.  Newt grabbed your hand and his case and you both began to chase after it.

There wasn’t anyone around at this time of night, so you didn’t have to worry about having to go back and obliviate any No-Majs.  Newt tried using Accio a few times with his wand; but the Niffler would dodge out of range, so he gave up on that.

The Niffler looked behind him to see if he had lost you, but he looked back at just the wrong moment and tripped over a tree root that jutted out of the ground.  You and Newt leaped forward, and you managed to catch the Niffler in your hands.  It tried to squirm out of your grasp, but Newt opened his case and let you put the Niffler back inside.

You stood back up and brushed the dirt off your pants.  Newt did the same.  You were both completely out of breath.

“So, you were saying?” you asked between breaths.


“Before we went on a wild Niffler chase, remember?  You were going to tell me something.”

It soon dawned on him.  “Why tell you what I’ve been meaning to tell you all these months when I could just do what I’ve been wanting to do…,” he mumbled to himself.


Newt looked up and stepped closer to you.  He cupped your cheek with his hand.  He looked into your eyes, and then down to your lips.  Newt leaned in and kissed you sweetly.  You wrapped your arms around his neck to pull him closer and deepen the kiss.

Once you pulled away; Newt began to speak:  “I love you, Y/N.  I have for a while now.  You’re a beautiful, kind, brave, strong, and caring woman.   You’re always there for me no matter what.  You’ve stuck by my side and you’re my best friend.”  He paused.  “And I want to make it something more.”

You looked at the adorable freckled man in awe.  “Aww, Newt… I love you too.”

You both shared another kiss.

“The Niffler should get loose more often,” you smirked and leaned in for another kiss.

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!

Of Blue Cadillacs and Purple Stars - Chapter One (84 days until the end)

This is a new fanfic I have recently started writing and I’m so excited about it! It’s basically an End Of The World AU based on the book We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach, which I loved very much.

Description:  The last semester of senior year is never easy, especially when you discover the world is gonna end in twelve weeks.
Pairings: Jason x Percy (Jercy), Annabeth x Piper (Pipabeth)
Word Count: 1440

“Come on,” Jason sighed, dropping heavily into his chair behind Piper. “It’s not the end of the world.”

His best friend scoffed as if he had said the biggest absurdity she had ever heard, lifting her legs to sit through the hole in the chair where her back should be. The school bell rang, signaling the beginning of first period.

“Easy for you to say, Mr. Captain of the Football Team. You don’t need to worry about your CV.”

He opened his notebook to a clear page and eyed the teacher warily. Mrs. Byrne was still roaming through a stack of papers on her desk as the last students walked into the room hastily, but Jason was certain she would snap at Piper for the way she was sitting anytime soon.

He turned back to face his friend. “Look, you didn’t get that internship with Craddock Designs. Okay. So what? There’s gonna be a next one! You always get offers, Pipes! What, with your dad-”

Piper glared at him, and he cut his sentence short.

“I don’t need my dad to be successful, Jason,” she spat through gritted teeth. Jason was about to argue that no, of course she didn’t, when Mrs. Byrne intervened as he had predicted.

“Miss McLean, I’m not sure you understand how chairs are supposed to work.” she commented. A few laughs from the class ensued.

“Turn around, please. Unless I’m seriously mistaken, Mr. Grace isn’t the teacher. Is he?” she asked in her shrill, annoying voice.


Piper turned to face the blackboard without rolling her eyes, or even a stiffened scoff. Jason sighed, quickly reading over last Monday’s notes before his English Literature teacher could pick someone to resume the break’s reading.

Holden Caulfield’s internal conflict is symbolized in many different ways throughout the novel. His visits to the lake in Central Park and the questions he asks the taxi driver represent the questions Holden keeps asking himself : where should he go when he’s lost his way? What is he supposed to do when things become difficult?

For the billionth time that trimester, Jason wished Holden Caulfield could solve his own fucking problems.

He suffered through the two-hour analysis of The Catcher in the Rye and nearly fell asleep in history class. When the bell signaled the morning’s twenty minute break, Jason was the first one out the door.

Their usual metal bench was humid from the rain that had fallen the night before, but Leo and Piper didn’t appear to mind. Leo was sitting on top of it, his feet where his butt was supposed to be. He was grinning at their friend, who was gesturing wildly as she spoke. They caught his eye, and smiled.

“Ah, look who’s here! Piper, look!” Leo started. Jason rolled his eyes, knowing what was coming.

Piper faked a gasp. “Ohhh my god, is that Jason Grace?” She fanned her face, causing Leo to succumb to a fit of laughter.

“Ha, ha” Jason sat between them, grinning despite himself. Leo sat up a little straighter.

“Hey, it’s not our fault if you have stans. You gotta admit, that day was hilarious.”

“That day was ridiculous, I hadn’t even done anything!” Jason protested. Piper tsked.

“Ah, young Jason, you don’t understand how heterosexual female minds work,” she joked, shaking her head. Jason scoffed.

“Because you do?”

“Absolutely, I used to think I was one, remember? Dark times, boys, dark times,” she sighed in exasperation. The two boys laughed.

“Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is, you’re a jock. You’re attractive. You’re single- incomprehensibly so. Girls are gonna throw themselves at you.”

As if on cue, Jason met Percy’s eye.

He was walking out of the main building, arms linked with Annabeth Chase. They had been dating since anyone in Goode High could remember. Another boy- Grover Underwood if Jason recalled correctly- used to complete their trio before he graduated the previous year.

Now the two of them were mostly on their own, sometimes accompanied by Annabeth’s cousin in junior year.

Jason tried not to stare. He did. And yet when Percy looked at him, a knowing smirk appeared at his lips before he glanced away. Jason looked back at Piper, who was still giving him a lecture on feminine psychology. Leo was typing on his phone, the tick tick tick noise making Jason sigh.

“Pipes, he’s gay, he doesn’t care about all that,” Leo finally muttered, still looking at his phone. Jason’s mouth hung open, staring at his friend. Piper had cut her sentence short, and was now glancing between the two boys.

“So my gaydar was right!” Piper exclaimed. Jason turned so suddenly he cramped his neck.

“I’m not gay!” he whispered furiously, trying to get Piper to stop her victory dance. “I mean I’m not… I’m probably not straight either but-”

“AHAH!” Piper grinned. Leo raised an eyebrow at her.

“Honestly how didn’t you know this already, he stares at Jackson all day every day.”

Jason’s mouth hung open again. He turned to Leo. “Is today’s goal to ruin my fucking life?”

Leo only shrugged. Piper’s expression was unreadable.

“ Percy Jackson? Swim team Jackson? Okay, you’ve got good taste, I’ll give you that one,” Piper smiled after a minute, tapping Jason on the shoulder. He sighed, a small chuckle along with it, sinking further into his seat. He could feel the rain from the bench seeping into his jacket. He stared at the graying sky.

“Well?” Piper raised her eyebrows. Jason frowned.

“Well what?”

“What are you gonna do about it?”

He didn’t even give it a second of consideration.

“How about absolutely nothing?” he snickered, digging a water bottle from the bottom of his backpack. Piper made an ugh.

“If you don’t do anything, you’ll never know, Jason! He could be staring at you from afar, too!”

“Oh yeah, right, it’s not like he’s dating the student body president and future valedictorian,” he grumbled, realizing he was starting to sound more and more childish.

“They broke up.”

Piper and Jason both faced Leo in surprise. The boy was still staring at his phone screen.

“What?” Piper asked, her voice surprisingly high. Jason was glad he wasn’t the only one who didn’t know what Leo was talking about.

Leo rolled his eyes. “Honestly, do you two even try to keep up with the gossip? Piper, you disappoint me.”

Piper shrugged. Leo continued.

“They broke up right after exams season last year. They’re still best friends, though. Dunno how that’s possible, honestly,” he confessed.

Jason looked back at them discreetly. Now that he knew they weren’t together, he guessed it made sense. They were sitting further apart than a couple would, and seemed to be talking  more to other friends than to each other.

“These two were always on and off, I guess I just didn’t realize it was for good this time,” Piper commented, her expression difficult to read.

“Well,” Leo started, standing back up. “Guess that means you two can finally take the first step, am I right?” he winked at Piper before heading to the cafeteria.

Piper opened her mouth to speak, then closed it again. Jason grinned.

“The student body president? The black belt judoka? I gotta say, Piper, I’m impressed,” he joked. Piper punched him in the arm.

“She’s really cute in her kimono, okay?” Piper justified herself, cheeks still pink.

The sky was already dark when Jason walked out of football practice. Summer was only a little less than two months away, and yet the weather had been nothing short of frisky. He clutched his jacket closer to his chest as he walked toward the school’s parking lot, keys clinking in his pocket. He could still hear the voices and loud laughs of his teammates back on the field, the lights of the changing room reflecting on his windshield.

Jason opened the door to his car, his mind already on what he could cook for dinner, when he heard a skateboard rolling down the street in front of him. Percy Jackson himself, wet hair tucked inside a red beanie and a large sports bag thrown over his shoulder, had his back turned to Jason as he made his way home.

“Percy?” he called.

If Percy heard him, he didn’t let it show. Jason’s eyes followed the skateboard until it turned a corner and disappeared into the night.


Hi All Saint Greer Islands Fans 

I’ve updated the Saint Greer Island map with where the lots released should go so we can keep track. It also helps other creators making lots now which space are available and also what they don’t have to create. 

Also please reblog to share with Coumminty and fee free to add lots if you are going to RELEASE PUBLICLY

Download World & Image by @simplyimaginarypeople

? = Lots not released yet  but have pictures 

Also an Idea for where the Science Lab (rabbiit hole ) should go either the  Foxglove Bay(25x30) or IIex Lighthouse (25x20) Check Map for locations.

Lots By @simplyimaginarypeople

Town Hall - 2 Jasmine Court on Azalea Island

Academy (School & Maybe Stadium) -  2 Azalea Park on Azalea Island

Park & Festival Grounds - 1 Azalea Park on Azalea Island

Doctor’s Practice - 2 Iris Avenue on Azalea Island

Old Warehouse Gym - 1 Cedar Terrace on Azalea Island

Church (graveyard) - Elm Place

Community College (University) - 1 Rose Garden

Firehouse - 1 Lilac Avenue

The Warehouse (Home) - 1 Jasmine Court, Azalea Island

Saida and Karsen’s House - 2 Sweeetgum Mews  , Violet Island

Reese Cottage -  4 Sweetgum Mews, Violet Island

Blue Townhouses -  3 Jasmine Court, Azalea Island

The Lake House - 3 Lily Grove, Lily Island

Container House - ?

Bookstore/Grocer/Community Garden - 4 Jasmine Court ? 

Lots by @asexualsims

Art Studio -  2 The Wharf

Terrace Historical Museum (Art Gallery) - 3 Iris Avenue

City Hall/Police Station/Military Base (Rabbit Hole) - 1 Azalea Park 

School (Rabbit Hole) - 2 Azalea Park

Beach House - 3 Magnolia Parade

Blanche’s Cafe & Bakery - 6 Violet Square, Violet Island

Snowdrop House -  2 Snowdrop Passage, Azalea Island

French Row Condo -   4 Lilac Avenue, Azalea Island

Willows Church (graveyard) - Elm Place

Woodleaf Court  -2 Magnolia Parade 

Leisure Logs  - 4 Lily Grove

Christmas Colonial  - ?

Holiday Colonial  - 3 Lilac Avenue

Bluedrop House ? - 1 Snowdrop Passage

Blue Redrop ? - 3 Snowdrop Passage

Green House?

Water Home?

Napoli’s Pizzeria - ? 

Community Gardens  - ?

White Lake Meadows  - ?

Warm Sands Beach?

Saint Greer Central Park (Festival Grounds)?

Lots by @my-special-sim

Slerras House  - 3 Peony Street

Jaspers House - 1 Phlox Bay

Hidden Cottage - 2 Foxtail Trail 

Oak Nook - 1 Sweetgum Mews, Violet Island

Sunnyside - Poppy Field, Violet Island

Woodland - Dandelion’s End

Lots by @thesimperiuscurse

Bridal Boutique ( Maybe Salon)  - 3 Lavender Promenade

Falling Leaves Wedding Venue - Bluebell Park (Temparley)

Lots by @nuuhtella

Town Hall (Wedding Venue) - 1 Azalea Park, Azalea Island

Police Station - 2 Azalea Park, Azalea Island

Jasmine Townhouses - 2&3 Jasmine Court  

Saint Greer Arcade - 1 Cedar Terrace, Azalea Island

Lots by @littlemisstery

Bluedrop House ?- 1 Snowdrop Passage

A very modern house- 1 Juniper Cove

Kyoto Asian Cuisine?- 6 Violet Square

Big Tree Park (a children’s park)?- 2 Lavender Promenade

Grey Stone Home?- 3 Lavender Promenade

The supermarket?- 1 Violet Square

Caffè Murano?- 3 Violet Square

Retreat by the sea?- Foxglove Bay

Tiny House?- 3 Sunflower Garden

Beach Cabin?- 1 Phlox Bay

A-line Cotage?- 2 Foxtrail Trail

Abandoned factory?- 2 Phlox Bay

Flower Shop ? - 4 Peony Street

marveloussssworld  asked:

Here's a Stucky x Reader x Kid for you, Gen! 💕💕💕💕💕 So you, Steve, and Bucky have been in a polyamorous relationship for about fifteen years now. Eight years ago, you all decided to start a family together. After four years, you were successful in conceiving a girl (none of you cared who the father, Bucky or Steve-wise, was. All three of you were the parents. This baby girl was named Sarah Winnifred Barnes, and the one thing she loved to do during the Winter? Ice-skate! (1/2)

So one day, you, Sarah, Bucky, and Steve go to a lake near Central Park and skate. You’re currently 3 months pregnant with your second child, and decide to take Sarah out on the ice first while you’re still small enough to do this things with her before the baby comes. Unfortunately, while the two of you are giggling and skating around, your husbands and Sarah’s fathers watching happily from the sidelines (Steve’s even snapping pictures left and right!)– the ice breaks! So you all (I lied, 2/3)

So the boys dive in, get you guys the hell outta there, and you all head home. After hot baths and some chicken noodle soup, you’re all cuddled up in the living room with hot cocoa, fuzzy pajamas, socks, and blankets, watching the original Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, then the Polar Express, then Shirley Temple’s “The Little Princess,” you snuggled up in Bucky’s arms, Bucky’s dog Fubar sleeping on your feet, and Steve and Sarah cuddled up, your own dog Shae curled up on Sarah’s feet!!💙💙(3/3)
oh my god there was definitely a hospital trip mandatory by your husbands! - Gen

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