the lady on the left tho

alright. let’s liveblog this 30 hour greyhound trip.

so. bus hasn’t even left yet, already got a man yelling about his lost luggage and swearing he’s gonna fight someone. got real quiet when the officer got back on the bus tho.

lady walked past me and declared to the bus that her underwear was falling down

and the girl next to me is cute af. stay tuned.

The signs as things that my little sister has said:

Aries: “Why can’t everyone just be be a lesbian from now on?”

Taurus: “Someone ate all 13 ice cream sandwiches left in the freezer. It was also probably me.”

Gemini: *playing Skyrim* “The Jarl of Morthal was so ugly that I decided to murder everyone in the village out of sheer disgust.”

Cancer: “Why do they make only ugly clothes for old ladies? When I’m old, I want to dress like a slut, not like the annoying neighbor from an 80’s sitcom who probably shops at the Salvation Army.”

Leo: “Don’t tell mom and dad this, but I kind of like girls’ butts. Just girls tho. Boys don’t have butts and I am sad about this.”

Virgo: “The kid from Home Alone should have used jelly beans instead of the toy cars. It would have accomplished the same effect, but then the bad guys might have stopped to eat them, which would have provided ample time to use a sniper rifle.”

Libra: “Why are people so concerned about how gay people have sex? Gay sex is something that I want to experience for fun, not for science.”

Scorpio: “People who don’t like Legos cannot be trusted.”

Sagittarius: *watching Steven Universe* “This show probably has a very angry lesbian fandom and I probably want to avoid it.”

Capricorn: “Mom decided to get rid of all of the sweets from the house. In other news, I’ve just finished writing my will; I’ve left you everything.”

Aquarius: “Boys are just.. boys are weird. Girls are like cookies and kittens and that Tinkerbell magic bullshit.”

Pisces: “I have a crush on a girl. Actually more than one girl. Actually just all of the girls ever. I like them all.” 

hi, hello, yo, *insert every possible greetings here* i’m hana. it’s nice to meet you! tysm for the welcomes, i’ll get to them asap. meet my qt pie jiho, who happens to be the sheriff canon. i’m not good with intro posts so, i hope you’ll come to love him. tho i’m so excited to be rping with y’all, i’m a sucker for mystery rps tbqh. i only have his profile establish, rip me but i’m always down for plotting! 


anyways, under the cut will be a rundown of this cold cinnamon roll here

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The Hobama Senses Series, Part I: Sound

“Sing for me,” Obama said, holding his hands up to his ears. And Harry did. 
“Not bad,” the President of the United States of America said with a smirk.
Harry held up his hands to his ears now, pressing his lips together to keep from giggling as he mimicked President Obama. “Your turn, Barrack.”
Obama pretended that he was going to go along with it and sing but suddenly he pulled out an air horn. “Agh!” Harry gasped at the loud noise, reaching up to cover his ear.


these babes after their snowflake day gift giving party <3

(but ok the party was actually a disaster ok this old lady that dacey always casts mean spells on (cuz’ the hoe flirted with ian ok) but she fking died. i dunno she just croaked over so everyone left so literally no one opened the presents. smh.)

Rishta problems
  • Me: Mom, I'm never going to get married, there is no one left, I'm probably going to have to be a cat lady.
  • Mom: What about...
  • Me: He's too short.
  • Mom: Ok then what about...
  • Me: He's too skinny!
  • Mom: Phir, what about..
  • Me: Ew--He has a weird accent!
  • Mom: Tho woh hai na...
  • Me: He has too many girl followers on instagram...I checked..
  • Mom: Fitay mooh tera, baiti reh poori zindagi zaleel larki!!

Louise, congratulations!
5 years ago a lovely beautiful-looking lady decided to start a Youtube Channel… and became inspiration for all her fans.
No matter what size you are, no matter how you look, smile, be positive, be yourself and you will look beautiful! That’s the teaching you have left your sprinklerinos. Oh, Louise, you have helped so much people you can’t even imagine. Be proud of your work.
Matt and Darcy love you, everybody in the Youtube community love you and we, sprinklerinos, love you.

Oh, and, Louise, thank you for creating such a nice community. Your sprinklerino fans are really kind and befriending some of them is one of the things which have made me happier lately. Thank you, Louise - that’s a personal thank you, yup, hehe.

We love you.
Keep sparkling!