the lady of the sorrows

The Armed Detective Agency needs to lose

So I’ve been thinking about Bungou Stray Dogs a lot lately and it’s recent rapid decline into a series a baffling, shitty contrivances. And I’ve been thinking about what it would take, for me, for the series to fix itself.

The Armed Detective Agency needs to lose.

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1. Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows, 18th century, Polychromed wood

2. Ana Mendieta, “Mutilated Body on Landscape,” 1973, Unique color photograph

My Chemical Romance Rares

First Live Show(Bullets Release 2002)

This concert was split into multiple videos. Order is based on track list on the album, not the concert itself.

Unreleased Songs(Played Live)

  1. Sister to Sleep:
  2. Stay(Someone Out There Loves You):
  3. The Drugs:
The Way You Said “I Love You” - 15 (Soukoku)

15. Loud, so everyone can hear

Warnings for non-explicit sex and abuse

The great hall of the Mori estate was draped in red silks and filled with people dressed as auspiciously as the room was decorated, each trying to display more jewels at their throats and frills in their dress than everyone else. It was a silent competition played out with smiles at each other’s face and sneers at their backs. Each judging each other and deciding who was worthy of note and who they would crush under their heel.

It was an old game, one Osamu Dazai had seen play out a hundred times over. He grew bored of it by the time he was ten, already a master of outplaying the rich and powerful.

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