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Kiss Me Again

Title: Kiss Me Again

Pairing: Reggie Mantle x Reader, Implied Beronica , Hermione Lodge x Fred Andrews

Warnings: Maybe some cursing, implied smut.

Summary: Reader is best friends with Reggie Mantle but the truth is, she’s wanted to be more for a long time now. She’s seen him with countless girls throughout their friendship but none of them, unfortunately, have been her.
So, when Reggie is finally single again, she sees her chance and takes it. Along with the help from her best friends Betty and Veronica, of course.

A/N; As always feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope you all enjoy! (Requests are closed for the time being).

You watched as Reggie played his football game, cheering him on louder than any of the others.
Reggie was your best friend and you were always supportive of everything he did and vice versa. It had been that way since Kindergarten when the two of you first met.
You were sure that day had been the best day of your life.

After the game you watched as Reggie took his helmet off and ran up to greet you on the bleachers, smiling his bright smile as he did so.
“You did it!” You gleefully declared, laughing as he picked you up and spun you around once before setting you back down.
“This is great.” He agreed, “Hey, you wanna come down to Pop’s with me and the guys to celebrate?”
As much as you were tempted, you shook your head. “This is your night. Go out with the guys. I’m probably just going to hang out with B and V.” You shrugged before giving him another big hug. “I’m proud of you.” You whispered before pulling away and running down the bleachers.

That was your problem, every time you had a chance to tell him how you really felt, you chickened out. Besides, you were okay with the two of you being best friends. You didn’t want to ruin that because there was a chance you were hopelessly in love with him.

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Draco Malfoy x Reader: The Yule Ball (Part 1)

Heyy guys, I got this idea in my head and decided to write it out here! Please tell me what you guys think and maybe for a part 2? I hope you guys enjoy it!

Part 2 Part 3 here!

Word count: 606

Warnings: one bad word I swear. 

You took in a deep breath and smoothed down the front of your dress. “Alright, you can do this, (Y/L/N). You can do this.” Satisfied with your appearance, you strapped on the pair of heels  Hermione had bought and left to the Great Hall.

Draco stood at the left side of the stairs near the Great Hall with Crabbe and Goyle. His date, Pansy Parkinson, dressed in a pale blue halter dress and silver heels, clung onto his arm. “Is that bitch coming down, Draco dearie?” She purred. “Or is she too scared to come down and scare everyone with her monstrous looks?” It was no doubt that Pansy hated you. Initially, Draco would have laughed at the remark, but he could not find the usual disgust, so he remained silent and smirked for the show.

Hermione had already walked down, amazed everybody with her appearance, and joined hands with Viktor Krum. The dance of the four champions had started, and yet, no sign of you. “We should get going, Draco.” Pansy seductively placed a hand on his arm. He tried his best not to be repulsed by her touch, put on a winning smile, and escorted his date into the hall.

 The ball was in its full swing by the time you stepped into the hall. Fred and George, who had been loitering around the entrance, stopped you from going any further inside.

“What are you two doing?” You arched an eyebrow, an amused expression on your face. “Escorting a beautiful girl- ” Fred put out a hand. “ -to the Yule Ball.” George put out another hand. Heartfelt laughter escaped your lips. “Won’t Angelina and Katie be jealous?” The twins grinned at her cheekily. “The two of them are dancing with some Durmstrangs. They won’t miss us.”

Playing along with their little skit, you dropped into a curtsy. “Why, thank you, young gentlemen.” You placed both hands each into their outstretched ones, and the twins, being at their most gentlemanly behavior, escorted you in like a queen.

Draco took a break from dancing and sat on his table. Pansy, great Merlin’s beard, was a horrible dancer. Not only has she stepped on his feet, she almost tripped and fell. To say he was embarrassed was an understatement.

As he drank his pumpkin juice, his eyes scanned through the hall, and stopped short when he say you being escorted by the Weasley twins. You laughed at their attempts at being gentlemanly, and his heart skipped a beat. An unknown feeling crept up, and it filled his heart with something he didn’t understand, and before he knew it, he stood up and walked towards you.

 From the corner of your eyes, you saw Draco make his way towards you. “Hey, (Y/N).” Fred looked at you with concern. “If you want us to, we will make him go away.” George nodded in agreement. However, you smiled at them confidently. “No, I can take care of him. I wouldn’t be a very good Slytherin if I couldn’t.” You winked at them.

The twins shared a look. “Alright, but if he does something, we are including your brains for our next prank.” You laughed. “Definitely.” The twins each grabbed a hand of yours and playfully kissed your knuckles. “With that my lady,” Fred spoke in a mocking British accent. “We shall take our leave.” George spoke with the same accent. “We hope you enjoy the ball.” The twins spoke in unison, and left you to their dates.

With Fred and George gone, you braced yourself when Draco neared you. “Would you like to dance?” He put out a hand.


Cecil Beaton’s opinions of the stars:

‘Miss Marilyn Monroe calls to mind the bouquet of a fireworks display… as spectacular as the silvery shower of a Vesuvius fountain. She walks like an undulating basilisk, scorching everything in her path but the rosemary bushes.
‘Her voice, of a loin-stroking affection, has the sensuality of silk or velvet. The puzzling truth is that Miss Monroe is a make-believe siren, unsophisticated as a Rhine maiden, innocent as a sleepwalker.
'She is an urchin pretending to be grown up, having the time of her life in Mother’s moth-eaten finery, tottering about in high-heeled shoes and sipping ginger ale as though it were a champagne cocktail.
'She is strikingly like an over-excited child asked downstairs after tea. She romps, she squeals with delight, she leaps on to the sofa. It is an artless, impromptu, high-spirited, infectiously gay performance. It will probably end in tears.’

‘A photographic beauty is someone who photographs well.      
Grace Kelly is a case in point. If she did not photograph well, we would scarcely stop to look at her on the street… If both sides of her face were the same as the right half she wouldn’t be on the screen. That side is very heavy, like a bull calf, but the left side is intensely feminine and creates the counter-point.
'She has unerringly good taste and an unerring sense of comportment.’

‘She’s everything I dislike. I have always loathed the Burtons for their vulgarity, commonness and crass bad taste, she combining the worst of U.S. and English taste.
'I treated her with authority, told her not to powder her nose, to come in front of the cameras with it shining.
'She wanted compliments. She got none. “Don’t touch me like that,” she whined! Her breasts, hanging and huge, were like those of a peasant woman suckling her young in Peru. On her fat, coarse hands more of the biggest diamonds and emeralds… And this was the woman who is the greatest “draw”. In comparison everyone else looked ladylike.’

‘It is a rare phenomenon to find a young girl with such inherent “star” quality. Yet she has too much innate candour to take on the gloss of artificiality Hollywood is apt to demand of its queens.
'Her stance is a combination of an ultra-fashion plate and a ballet dancer. Her features show character rather than prettiness. Her voice is peculiarly personal, with its unaccustomed rhythm and sing-song cadence that develops into a flat drawl that ends in a childlike query. It has a quality of heartbreak.
'Intelligent and alert, wistful but enthusiastic, frank yet tactful, assured without conceit and tender without sentimentality.’ (Audrey Hepburn)

Julie Andrews, an almost unknown girl who had the talent and luck to land the whopper of the part of Eliza [Doolittle, in the Broadway version of My Fair Lady], was almost unbelievably naïve and simple. She was angelically patient at the many fittings of her clothes and never expressed opinion.         'One day, due to exhaustion at rehearsals, she keeled over in a dead faint while fitting her ball gown. 'A cup of cold water was enough to revive her and she reproached herself that her mother back home in Walton-on-Thames would be ashamed of her. “Oh, Mummie, what a silly girl I am,” she kept repeating.’

‘Most striking of her features is her whiteness, which would put the Moon or a white rabbit to shame.'She has, or has acquired, the necessary temperament of the film star; never in a hurry; her pace is slow, her perseverance phenomenal.'She will spend 12 hours being photographed in the studio, and, without regrets, tear up every proof next morning if they are not to her complete satisfaction.’ (Marlene Dietrich)

‘I was quivering to see the Astaires. They look so marvellous. Especially him. His head looks perfect. I was delirious with happiness all the time either of them were on the stage. She is so American and perfect, so slim and graceful. I adore her ugly face and the pearls tight around her neck. She is perfect and he is marvellous also. They are so clean and fresh and ripping. I thought that Adele Astaire was rather like Felix the Cat, but oh so much nicer. I did adore them and their dancing is just too extraordinarily marvellous to describe.’

‘Cecil Beaton: Portraits & Profiles’, edited by Hugo Vickers, by Frances Lincoln. (x)

  • Professor Snape: [looking at the Twins terrible attempt at the Potions project] You've gotta be kidding me.
  • Fred: Remember, if you fail us -
  • George: you get us again next year.
  • [later in the Common Room]
  • Fred: Acceptable, ladies and gentlemen! We are below average!
  • George: Below average!
  • Both: Below average!

The Reluctant Dragon

15 in x of animated feature film history
Release: Jun. 20th, 1941
Country: USA
Director: Alfred Werker, Hamilton Luske

The Reluctant Dragon is essentially a tour of the then-new Walt Disney Studios facility in Burbank, California. Most of the film is live-action, with four short animated segments inserted into the running time: a black-and-white segment featuring Casey Junior from Dumbo; and three Technicolor cartoons: Baby Weems, Goofy’s How to Ride a Horse, and the extended-length short The Reluctant Dragon, based upon Kenneth Grahame’s book of the same name

The film stars radio comedian Robert Benchley as a man touring through the Disney studios with the intent of sharing a movie idea with Walt, the titular The Reluctant Dragon. After finally finding him, however, he sees that Disney’s already made the film––the story of a shy, fun-loving dragon who agrees to fake a fight with knight Sir Giles.

Many Disney staffers such as Ward Kimball,Fred Moore, Norman Ferguson, Clarence Nash, and Walt Disney, all appear in the film as themselves.

Most of the ‘animators’ shown in the film were actually actors hired to portray animators. And this film, showing the Disney animation studios as a happy, coherent family, was released at the worst possible moment, when half of the actual animators went out on strike. The strikers frequently picketed theaters showing the film, sometimes holding up a large cardboard sign depicting Walt Disney as a dragon, labeled 'The Reluctant Disney.’

In the sound effects department, the workers are shown creating sound effects for a piece of film with the train Casey Junior. Casey would pop up in Disney’s next film, Dumbo (1941). Likewise in the art department, the animators are making sketches for "Dumbo”. Some of the maquettes shown are from early versions of Peter Pan (1953) and Lady and the Tramp (1955). Bambi also makes a minor appearance in this film. 

According to supplemental information on the DVD, this film was rushed into production to help keep the studio solvent. The start of WW2 closed Europe to American movies and this cut off much needed revenue for Disney. When it was released it did save the studio but it was not well received and was heavily criticized by the public who were expecting a full animated feature.“

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