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Klaroline + wings, Nessian and gentleness

Since it’s AU Week, I’m gonna take the first one, ok?

(and if you want me to write the nessian one, please send me a separate ask, that way I won’t forget, lol <3)

klaroline + wings

(aka acotar au in which Caroline is High Lady of the Night Court and Klaus is her human - at least at first - mate)

  • Caroline, an order-loving soul that she is, always keeps her wings in pristine condition (grooming is important part of self-care, ok??!)
  • her wings, it’s not something that Caroline just shows to everyone; the first time Klaus sees them is during a heated argument when they just spring free from under the glamour
  • they’re both shocked by this - Caroline has been so guarded for so long and it’s…unsettling to realize that she and her magic felt safe enough in that infuriating human’s Klaus’ presence to be free
  • Klaus is more shocked as well, but more so - mesmerized; he has never seen anything as beautiful as Caroline’s wings, black and illuminating like a starry night sky, woven with shadow and darkness
  • from this moment, he makes it his mission to provoke Caroline into showing her wings again - which leads to more heated arguments xD
  • as Caroline is so very protective of her wings, she never lets anyone touch them
  • and that’s how her Inner Circle knows that Klaus is her mate - he’s the only one she allows to touch the wings
  • although the first time he touches them is more driven by circumstance than anything else; after the attack at the Night Court, Klaus finds Caroline tending to her wings all by herself, twisting and stretching to extract all the arrows that got stuck in the delicate membranes - he calls her foolish for trying to do that by herself and finally appeals to her reason, arguing that she loves flying too much to risk her wings
  • Caroline finally agrees and Klaus proceeds to remove the arrows, working his nimble artist fingers to minimize the pain; but when he touches the membranes, it’s not pain that Caroline feels 😏
  • in the days that follow, Caroline allows Klaus to help her some more by applying a healing salve to her wings - she tries to convince herself it’s a practical choice and nothing else, but the truth is no one’s touch ever felt so good in her immortal life
  • of course, Klaus quickly catches on, the smug bastard that he is, and his touch turns less practical and more sensual with each day
  • at such a close distance, the wings look even more beautiful; Klaus knows that he will not rest until he depicts them on canvas
  • the idea of flying with Caroline both amazes and frightens him - it requires to put far more trust in another person than Klaus is accustomed to
  • when such a necessity occurs, Caroline interprets his hesitation as embarrassment and simply tells him to get over it
  • which he is glad that he does as the experience is mind-blowing; the view of the world, the feel of Caroline’s body against his, seeing her wings flexing from up close
  • it’s almost as mind-blowing as the touch of her lips and the first kiss they share in the air

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i read a fic a while ago where dnp where parents and had two or three kids and their daughter took dance or gymnastics classes and phil always took her and a bunch of the moms who brought their kids always complimented and kinda hit on phil and dan finds out and thinks it's kinda cute so he takes her to the next practice and a few of the moms ask if he's her uncle or something and their other kid is confused bc he's not uncle martyn and dan explains and the ladies are shocked and taken aback

Can anyone help find this fic?

- Tori

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ohhhh i'd love to hear more about your ruins caretaker papyrus AU!

Oh, you’re so sweet??? Thank you so much for being interested, and sorry for not answering earlier, I was busy with college ;-;

Also, hm, I know we haven’t actually had a conversation, like, ever, but I know you’re the Queen of Papyrus fics and ideas, so I thought maybe you’d be interested in this @zefive??? (sorry if you aren’t feel free to ignore me)

I haven’t actually thought about that AU in a loooong time. I haven’t even played Undertale in a long time, so I may not remember some things very well. Basically, it all starts as a Genocide Route, where Frisk is in the Ruins and meets Toriel. Frisk kills everyone, then kills Toriel, and then they get out of the Ruins.

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A God Under The Sun ( Thor x Reader)

A/N: Another story on the beach but I really need some vacation vibes because it’s raining where I am. Enjoy :)

This week, Tony has invited the whole team on a vacation. The house they would stay in was literally on the beach so you just needed to step out of it to feel the hot sand slip between your toes.

The minute the Quinjet landed on the beach all of you ran thoughout the house to change into your swimsuits and ran off to the beach. Thor was rather surprised by the fact that midguardians had to put on special clothes to go swimming, he on the contrary was standing on the sand still wearing his midguardian clothes, and just took out his shoes. While the others were already in the water you sat on your beach towel admiring the view and appreciating the way the sun was hitting your skin.

Thor’s loud voice boomed from next to you and interrupted the flow of your thoughts .

- “ Lady Y/N, why aren’t you in the water with the others?”

You looked up at him and smiled

The sun was illuminating his golden hair and his eyes were a similar blue to the ocean in front of you. If you didn’t know that he was the mighty Thor you could really have mistaken him for a god.

-“ I’m just tanning a bit before joining them” you answered

Thor nodded and sat himself down next to you.

-“ Do you mind if I stay here to keep you company?”  he asked turning his head to you and flashing you a smile

You blushed a bit and nodded before laying down on your towel, letting the sun warm up your whole body.

After a good fifteen minutes under the sun, you sat up and looked in front of you, only to find that the others were still in the water, some splashing each others, others just swimming around lazily while some other were just talking and appreciating the cooling effect of the sea.

-“ Are you ready to go in the water?”

You slightly jumped at the sound of the voice, you forgot that the norse god was right beside you.

-“ hmm…Yes”

You got up and stretched before turning back to Thor who was now on his feet.

- “ You’re coming too? ” you asked the god

-“ It would be a shame if I didn’t take advantage of this trip, I rarely have time for myself and I don’t go to the beach when I have some free time”

You chuckled a bit.

Thor took off his shirt and you took the opportunity to look at his well defined chest. He then got out of his pants, letting him only in his boxers, that left a little to the imagination. And then he bent over and slide his boxer down to his ankles.

You eyes were still glued to his body when he straight up again and threw his boxers away. Your eyes widden at the sight of what his underwear was hiding and your cheeks instantly heat up, your mouth hanging open in the process, but he didn’t seem to mind the slightlest. Honestly ,Thor didn’t seem bothered by the fact that he was completely naked and in presence of a woman, not that he should be ashamed of his perfect body.

-“ Oh God, what are you doing ?!” you exclaimed turning away from him. and placing your hand on your eyes for extra protection.

-“ I’m getting ready to go into the water” he stated like it was the most normal thing in the world.

-“ Where’s your swim suit?”

-“ I don’t have one of those. In Asguard we don’t have clothes for swimming, we just appreciate the feeling of the water on our skin, instead of wasting it with another kind of clothes.”

You didn’t find anything to answer and just stay silent.

-“ Lady Y/N, why are you looking away?”

-“ I….I…” you couldn’t find what to say

-“ Don’t you like how I look like without clothes on ?” he asked

You spun around, shocked by what you just heard.

-“ No Thor! It’s not that. It can’t be that okay, I would be crazy not to like it, it’s just that here, on Earth, we don’t show off our naked body to anyone” you said, having a hard time focusing on his eyes instead of what was on display a little down further .

-“ But you’re not anyone. You’re a fellow teammates and , may I add, a very good friend.”

-“ Maybe but, between friends,here, on earth, we don’t show each other our naked bodies even if we look good and… Can you put something on or something because you’re distracting me”

You were still blushing madly ans struggling to push the strange feeling in your core aside.

Thor bent down and grab his shirt and covered his upper front

You sigh loudly

- “ No, Thor, hide your crotch please”

-“ Oh” he say before moving his shirt to his crotch

“ That’s better” you told him, finally able to really look at him.

-“ I give you all my apologies for embarrassing you, Lady Y/N” Thor said his eyes down

You walked closer to him, but still keeping some sort of distance between the two of you.

-“ It’s okay, you didn’t know.”

-“ So you aren’t mad at me, then?”

You shook your head “ no”

A bright smile spread on his face and Thor dropped his shirt, exposing his manhood to you, once again, but before you could react he walked to you, closing the gap between the two of you and he got you in a bone crushing hug.

-“ Thank you, Lady Y/N” he said in your ear, spending shivers down your spine, due to his breath  brushing your ear, but also because of the proximity of the naked god and the fact that you could feel his member pressed against your tight, dangerously close to your core.

- “ Hey what are two doing ? ” a voice  interrupted.

Thor pulled away from you, but not enough for you to be out of his embrace and look at the source of the voice.

-“ Captain Rogers, Mr Stark!” Thor greeted

“ Oh no” you thought

- “ What are you hugging? Is there something that you two want to tell us?” Tony asked with a smirk.

Thor pulled away from you, but completely this time, exposing his naked body to the two men and wave at them with a big smile on his face.

-“ Wow, wow, wow. Would you hide that big guy!” Tony said covering his eyes with his hand

Steve didn’t say anything but what looking everywhere but at Thor, a slight blush on his cheeks

-“ My apologies, Lady Y/N just told me that it was incorrect to be naked in presence of people, even if we are friends”

-“ Well I’m sure, Y/N wouldn’t mind seeing you naked and even more other thing that imply you being in the state you currently are but, I don’t so please put something on for christ’s sake!”

Thor took his boxers from the sand and put them back on.

-“ Way better” Tony declared taking his hand away from his eyes.

Steve cleared his throat

-“ We just wanted to know if you, guys, wanted to join us” he said his cheeks still  a light shade of pink.

- “ Hmm…Yeah, we’re coming” you assured before Steve started to walked back toward the water, Tony on his trail, who threw you a wink over his shoulder.

You rolled your eyes and turned your attention back to Thor

-“ I think it’s better if you keep your boxers on” you told him

He nodded and you try to walk toward the sea when Thor grabbed your arm to spun you around

-“ I give you my apologies again Lady Y/N, I didn’t know that Midguardians were so prude with their bodies. But I still think that you shouldn’t hide yours, you have the body of an Asgardian goddess and you shouldn’t be ashamed to show it to the world…or me ”


He was looking at you straight in the eyes with a small smirk on his lips. You blushed and turned your attention back to the team in the water before looking at Thor again.

-“ We should join them” you said

-“ We should” he sais eyes never leaving you.

He release your arm and took your hand instead, leading you to the water under the eyes of the whole team.

Tony came into your field of vision and wiggled his eyebrows at the two of you.

You look up at the god cringing to your hand, he had a big smile plastered on his face completely anaware about the looks your teammates were giving you. And as much as you like being close to Thor, you already knew that you’ll never heard the end of Tony’s teasing.

I got called today about a lovely little nursing home hospice patient with chronic anemia who feels 100% fine. Totally normal vitals. Not short of breath or light headed. 

Normal blood pressure. No tachycardia. But she had a bloody stool today, which triggered the lab draw. 

Hemoglobin: 3.8. Confirmed on repeat.

Not a personal record (2.1 with malaria - and lived), but close. For reference, normal is around 11.5-14.

The nurse calls and says, “ummm… do I even do anything? She’s like…fine.” Honestly, I’m not real sure what to do either. Can I do transfusions on hospice? Do I let a lady bleed to death slowly? Working on finding out the answers.

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Who should have a GF more, Rosa Diaz or Dottie Williams?


but probs Rosa since i feel like that is a burning neccesity whereas i would just really really like Dottie to have had a gf

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make me choose between two things

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Do you know if there's anywhere to post up tabletop RPG group listings or look at listings if you're looking for a game? A friend and I are looking for a 5e D&D game but we don't know many people that play, and certainly no-one willing to put up with a new-ish player. I know there used to be a blog like that but I can't find it, so I assume it was shut down? It'd help us out a lot if something like that does exist but I'm not having any luck finding it. Thanks anyway ♡

The only tumblr I know of for finding games is @lfglistings, and I’m not sure how active they are, considering their last listing is from May.

You can check out the Giant in the Playground forums - they are often host to text games, and can lead to other games! also has a looking for group section for games!

There’s the Looking for Group subreddit.

You can always use meetup to try and find DnD/gaming groups in your area.

RPG Game Find can help you out.

There’s also NearbyGamers.

And of course, check out your local game shop! You can always get started in Adventure League, and lots of shops have announcement boards where people can leave notice about games, or advertise that they are looking for players.

Lastly, the escapist published a really great list of resources, if any of the above don’t work for you.

Hope you find something!!

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Zinat/Boromir the birth of their children

The first time Zinat holds her son—his skin still slick, his small face puckered as though he were born with a lime under his tongue—she draws in a shuddering breath. He is so warm at her breast, his small fists beating at the air as he squalls. She thinks: this was within me. I carried him within me.

Then, abjectly, she begins to weep.

“Lady, Zinat, let me—here, I will take him—" Indrani says quickly, moving around the midwife and reaching for the baby.

"No," Zinat says, choking on a sob. "No, I only…I wasn’t expecting him to be so real. I never thought—he has knees. I never thought about my child having knees. Look at his little knees, Indrani.”

Zinat touches the baby’s still-soft pate with a trembling hand, and her son quiets, looking up at her with dark eyes. ”I will call you Maazin,” she whispers. Her voice wavers on breaking when she says, gently, ”He was a hero among my people—our people, yours and mine. So I will call you Maazin, whether your father wills it or no.”

Remembering, she looks up. “Where is the Lord Boromir?”

Indrani’s expression goes shuttered and blank. “I do not know, my lady.”

“You are usually better at lying to me,” Zinat observes dryly. In her arms, Maazin yawns, and Zinat feels a vast swell of affection

Indrani sighs. “Last I heard, Lord Boromir was in the musallah. Drunk. And shouting at the One that if He could not see you through this childbirth, then He was no god worthy of worship. The Lord Faramir was attempting to calm him, but—I think the length of the labor drove him to a panic.”

Zinat sighs. “Will someone fetch him, please? And inform him he has no place shouting at my god.”

“Is that all you would have me tell him?” Indrani asks impishly.

Zinat smiles down at Maazin, who has fallen asleep in her rocking arms, his cheek pressed to her breast. “You might mention that he has a son. If the subject arises.”

(Boromir bursts into the room ten minutes later, causing Zinat’s ladies to cry out–but he has eyes only for Zinat, for his son. He draws near the bed like one approaching an altar, reverence and wonder writ plainly on his face. Look at his little knees, he breathes after a long moment, and does not understand why Zinat laughs.)


*Act3: Dear my hero

12 years later…

Sarada has grown up with long hair and become a young lady. The hero spirit didn’t change much, he’s just like the first time when she’s met him.

She often uses her magic to help some people in the village located at the bottom of the mountain. Her father sometimes visits her, his hair gradually goes silver in front of her eyes. He still checks her ability of magic as usual. Sarada hasn’t told her father about the existence of the hero spirit Mitsuki even though her father still says that he feels something strange in their house.

Mitsuki is only present under spirit form so nobody can see him. Sometimes, he hides his appearance in the forest near Sarada’s house if her father stays longer.

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HOLD UP THERE'S STONY IN AA? I have made a mistake in not keeping up with this show. Could you tell me all the episodes that have some sort of Steve and Tony in them so I can go binch watch????

YES THERE’S STONY IN AA and the funniest thing is that I’d be recommending pretty much the whole show to you because almost every episode has some kind of stevetony in it, I am not even joking.

But, as a nice starting point, here are some of the more blatant (and popular) stevetony episodes:

The Avengers Protocol (Part 1 and 2): literally THE VERY FIRST TWO EPISODES OF THE SHOW, Tony pretty much restarts the Avengers Initiative in order to save Steve from the Red Skull, it’s marvelous.

Super Adaptoid: in which Steve and Tony flirt banter about their differences, Steve puts on the Iron Man mask to save the day, and Steve and Tony share a shower together offscreen

In Deep: yup, you read that right. The crown jewel of AA stevetony episodes, in which Steve and Tony roleplay as Crossbones and Grim Reaper to infiltrate Red Skull’s submarine, have a heart-to-heart while hiding in the vents, Tony gets felt up by water tentacles, and Clint exposes himself as an on-deck stevetony shipper. It’s glorious.

Savages: in which Steve and Tony save each other from dinosaurs, Steve gives a rousing speech about how much he “knows Tony” and how brilliant he is, and Justin Hammer is his usual ridiculous self.

Exodus (Part 1): Part one of AA’s season 1 finale, where Tony has some heroic BSOD and doubts his skills as leader of the Avengers (but ends up saving the day anyway), Steve and Tony share an intimate moment of hand holding and eye-fucking, and Clint actually uses the word “bromance” to describe them.

…and, dear friend, that’s only season 1. Trust me though when I say that every episode has at least one stevetony moment (subjectively speaking anyway), and I really haven’t done the show justice with my measly list of episodes above. Perhaps when I have more time I’ll compile a more comprehensive list, but for now, treat yourself and do yourself a favor by watching AA all the way through; your shipper heart will thank you.

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I need to graduate so I can get a wonderful enfj girlfriend to cuddle with because I want a hug

God, women are great.  I’m sorry you ain’t there yet friend but like, I hear if you yell “I need affection” Fe doms are naturally drawn to the individual.  Sort through the gaggle and find the ENFJ gf you want in your life.  But until then!

And this probs wasn’t what you were looking for but you get hugs anyways!!

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Newt loves magical creatures and Frank is a magical creature so Newt loves Frank. Frank is a Thunderbird and Newt loves Frank so Newt loves Thunderbirds. Newt loves Thunderbirds and Tina is a Thunderbird -her house at Ilvermorny- so Newt loves Tina. End of the story.

Perfect. The best argument for canon!Newtina I’ve seen.

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C.O.D.: Plant || Tilden & Alastor || February 18, 1980

Location: Hogsmeade
Date: February 18, 1980

Death by plant. What a way to go, the Auror had thought to himself. This one was going on his list of oddest cases. Of course, it was only amusing to think about up until the fucking plant had started moving when someone lit their wand in an attempt to get some light in the dark room. He’d ordered everyone out for their safety. Apparently, the plant, whatever the hell it was, was still alive.

Now, he was outside with a couple of Aurors who were ready to process the scene. Alastor stared down at his notebook, trying to see if he and the other Aurors had collected enough information to move onto the next step, which was to remove the body and disturb the scene to search for more clues. Unfortunately, they hadn’t. No one even managed to take a bloody photo. Fuck me. They were going to have to go back in there.

“We’re not going back in there until we get an expert here,” he said, which he realized was easier said than done, since there wasn’t an official plants department in the Ministry that he knew of.

“Maybe it could be considered a beast,” one Auror suggested. “I mean, it did kill a man.”

Alastor frowned in thinking. “Not a bad idea, Emerson. But, we don’t have time to go through their paperwork, and we can’t be sure anyone in that department would know how to handle this.” An idea popped into his head. “You lot stay here and process the perimeter of the house. I think I know a guy who might be able to help. Emerson, you’re in charge till I get back,” he instructed.

With the rest of the Aurors agreeing, the Head Auror turned on the spot and apparated to Hogsmeade. If memory served him correctly, the man he was looking for lived close by. Because he couldn’t remember the exact house number, he ended up knocking on several doors before he started asking where he might find the man.

“Just two doors down,” lady answered him. “Though I don’t know if he’s home.”

Alastor thanked the woman and marched right over to the house two doors down. The house was familiar, and he remembered that the last time he came to the man’s house, it hadn’t been a pleasant meeting. He walked up the stairs and banged on the door. “Tilden Toots, you better be home,” he shouted.    

Fic: Careful the Wish

Kurt lagged behind as his husband strode purposefully to the marked door, which thankfully led into a community center.  They’d read that these events were often held in places of worship, and although he knew it was illogical, he couldn’t help thinking that the religious setting would make him even more uneasy than he already felt. 

“Come on, we don’t want to be late,” Blaine urged as he held the door open. 

Right.  This course of action hadn’t been his first choice, but he’d agreed to be here today.  So he’d just have to man up and try to approach it with an open mind.  He found a smile for Blaine, who smiled back in encouragement—oh, the things he’d do for that smile—and stepped inside. 

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@lovecraftianusername I absolutely ADORED the idea you submitted to me, so, step one, I publish the thing:

So Taliesin said on his twitter that it was indeed Grand Mistress of the Grey Hunt and that made me think of what it could possibly be.
And I thought, Whitestone seems to be pretty progressive, Lady de Rolo had a suit of armor, fitted for her as a youth but still, what if women had a lot of freedom in Whitestone.

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Everybody's talking about Newt scares and sure, it seems legit regarding his lifestyle. But I was thinking… Tina's an Auror right? Remember Maugrey? Remember how dangerous an Auror life is? New headcanon for me: Newt worshipping Tina's scares. He'd find them wonderful, beautiful, because it reminds him how strong she is and brave and not afraid to put herself in danger for righteous cause. And if she wants sometimes hide them from him, because she thinks it's ugly, he would plead her not to. :)


You’re right, Tina would absolutely have scars oh my God and Newt would LOVE THEM. Wow wow wow I hadn’t considered this at all and let me tell you, a whole world of newtina headcanons just opened up to me.

Imagine them comparing scars though. Spending a whole day just talking because every scar is a story and they want to hear them ALL from each other. Newt’s are all beast induced; Tina’s are magical, from curses. And Tina was already taken by this man with such a strange affinity for beasts, and Newt knows how dangerous an Auror’s life can be, but he doesn’t really see it in her until he sees her scars, and that absolutely takes his breath away. Her scars become one of his favourite things about her because, like you said, they’re a mark of how brave she is and how recklessly she fights for a righteous cause.

;____; I love this so much.