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I got called today about a lovely little nursing home hospice patient with chronic anemia who feels 100% fine. Totally normal vitals. Not short of breath or light headed. 

Normal blood pressure. No tachycardia. But she had a bloody stool today, which triggered the lab draw. 

Hemoglobin: 3.8. Confirmed on repeat.

Not a personal record (2.1 with malaria - and lived), but close. For reference, normal is around 11.5-14.

The nurse calls and says, “ummm… do I even do anything? She’s like…fine.” Honestly, I’m not real sure what to do either. Can I do transfusions on hospice? Do I let a lady bleed to death slowly? Working on finding out the answers.

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ohhhh i'd love to hear more about your ruins caretaker papyrus AU!

Oh, you’re so sweet??? Thank you so much for being interested, and sorry for not answering earlier, I was busy with college ;-;

Also, hm, I know we haven’t actually had a conversation, like, ever, but I know you’re the Queen of Papyrus fics and ideas, so I thought maybe you’d be interested in this @zefive??? (sorry if you aren’t feel free to ignore me)

I haven’t actually thought about that AU in a loooong time. I haven’t even played Undertale in a long time, so I may not remember some things very well. Basically, it all starts as a Genocide Route, where Frisk is in the Ruins and meets Toriel. Frisk kills everyone, then kills Toriel, and then they get out of the Ruins.

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*curtsies* I couldn't find if you had answered this before, but what do you think about Lady Macbeth being the Fourth Witch in Macbeth?

*Curtsies* I think if you make her (literally) a witch you kind of remove what makes her most frightening, which is the fact that she’s human. I find it much more frightening to think that a human woman is capable of such undaunted cruelty than to blame the whole thing on witchcraft.

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Newt loves magical creatures and Frank is a magical creature so Newt loves Frank. Frank is a Thunderbird and Newt loves Frank so Newt loves Thunderbirds. Newt loves Thunderbirds and Tina is a Thunderbird -her house at Ilvermorny- so Newt loves Tina. End of the story.

Perfect. The best argument for canon!Newtina I’ve seen.

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Zinat/Boromir the birth of their children

The first time Zinat holds her son—his skin still slick, his small face puckered as though he were born with a lime under his tongue—she draws in a shuddering breath. He is so warm at her breast, his small fists beating at the air as he squalls. She thinks: this was within me. I carried him within me.

Then, abjectly, she begins to weep.

“Lady, Zinat, let me—here, I will take him—" Indrani says quickly, moving around the midwife and reaching for the baby.

"No," Zinat says, choking on a sob. "No, I only…I wasn’t expecting him to be so real. I never thought—he has knees. I never thought about my child having knees. Look at his little knees, Indrani.”

Zinat touches the baby’s still-soft pate with a trembling hand, and her son quiets, looking up at her with dark eyes. ”I will call you Maazin,” she whispers. Her voice wavers on breaking when she says, gently, ”He was a hero among my people—our people, yours and mine. So I will call you Maazin, whether your father wills it or no.”

Remembering, she looks up. “Where is the Lord Boromir?”

Indrani’s expression goes shuttered and blank. “I do not know, my lady.”

“You are usually better at lying to me,” Zinat observes dryly. In her arms, Maazin yawns, and Zinat feels a vast swell of affection

Indrani sighs. “Last I heard, Lord Boromir was in the musallah. Drunk. And shouting at the One that if He could not see you through this childbirth, then He was no god worthy of worship. The Lord Faramir was attempting to calm him, but—I think the length of the labor drove him to a panic.”

Zinat sighs. “Will someone fetch him, please? And inform him he has no place shouting at my god.”

“Is that all you would have me tell him?” Indrani asks impishly.

Zinat smiles down at Maazin, who has fallen asleep in her rocking arms, his cheek pressed to her breast. “You might mention that he has a son. If the subject arises.”

(Boromir bursts into the room ten minutes later, causing Zinat’s ladies to cry out–but he has eyes only for Zinat, for his son. He draws near the bed like one approaching an altar, reverence and wonder writ plainly on his face. Look at his little knees, he breathes after a long moment, and does not understand why Zinat laughs.)

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HOLD UP THERE'S STONY IN AA? I have made a mistake in not keeping up with this show. Could you tell me all the episodes that have some sort of Steve and Tony in them so I can go binch watch????

YES THERE’S STONY IN AA and the funniest thing is that I’d be recommending pretty much the whole show to you because almost every episode has some kind of stevetony in it, I am not even joking.

But, as a nice starting point, here are some of the more blatant (and popular) stevetony episodes:

The Avengers Protocol (Part 1 and 2): literally THE VERY FIRST TWO EPISODES OF THE SHOW, Tony pretty much restarts the Avengers Initiative in order to save Steve from the Red Skull, it’s marvelous.

Super Adaptoid: in which Steve and Tony flirt banter about their differences, Steve puts on the Iron Man mask to save the day, and Steve and Tony share a shower together offscreen

In Deep: yup, you read that right. The crown jewel of AA stevetony episodes, in which Steve and Tony roleplay as Crossbones and Grim Reaper to infiltrate Red Skull’s submarine, have a heart-to-heart while hiding in the vents, Tony gets felt up by water tentacles, and Clint exposes himself as an on-deck stevetony shipper. It’s glorious.

Savages: in which Steve and Tony save each other from dinosaurs, Steve gives a rousing speech about how much he “knows Tony” and how brilliant he is, and Justin Hammer is his usual ridiculous self.

Exodus (Part 1): Part one of AA’s season 1 finale, where Tony has some heroic BSOD and doubts his skills as leader of the Avengers (but ends up saving the day anyway), Steve and Tony share an intimate moment of hand holding and eye-fucking, and Clint actually uses the word “bromance” to describe them.

…and, dear friend, that’s only season 1. Trust me though when I say that every episode has at least one stevetony moment (subjectively speaking anyway), and I really haven’t done the show justice with my measly list of episodes above. Perhaps when I have more time I’ll compile a more comprehensive list, but for now, treat yourself and do yourself a favor by watching AA all the way through; your shipper heart will thank you.

@lovecraftianusername I absolutely ADORED the idea you submitted to me, so, step one, I publish the thing:

So Taliesin said on his twitter that it was indeed Grand Mistress of the Grey Hunt and that made me think of what it could possibly be.
And I thought, Whitestone seems to be pretty progressive, Lady de Rolo had a suit of armor, fitted for her as a youth but still, what if women had a lot of freedom in Whitestone.

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Everybody's talking about Newt scares and sure, it seems legit regarding his lifestyle. But I was thinking… Tina's an Auror right? Remember Maugrey? Remember how dangerous an Auror life is? New headcanon for me: Newt worshipping Tina's scares. He'd find them wonderful, beautiful, because it reminds him how strong she is and brave and not afraid to put herself in danger for righteous cause. And if she wants sometimes hide them from him, because she thinks it's ugly, he would plead her not to. :)


You’re right, Tina would absolutely have scars oh my God and Newt would LOVE THEM. Wow wow wow I hadn’t considered this at all and let me tell you, a whole world of newtina headcanons just opened up to me.

Imagine them comparing scars though. Spending a whole day just talking because every scar is a story and they want to hear them ALL from each other. Newt’s are all beast induced; Tina’s are magical, from curses. And Tina was already taken by this man with such a strange affinity for beasts, and Newt knows how dangerous an Auror’s life can be, but he doesn’t really see it in her until he sees her scars, and that absolutely takes his breath away. Her scars become one of his favourite things about her because, like you said, they’re a mark of how brave she is and how recklessly she fights for a righteous cause.

;____; I love this so much.

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I find it cute how the lady from freeform in charge of promos and Zach were both so excited for it. lmao. And that's not even the full dance. It's just a small snippet.

i honestly swore not to get my hopes up for this ep jic but seeing this dance like literally im hanging banners best scene 2k17

Better than expected.

Last night sale in this big department store I work at, my boss sent me to the sales area around 10 p.m. I work staff, but often we have to go to the POS to see if everything is OK. 

Ok so. I need to collect some money from stands we have in all our 4 floors. It’s nothing complicated. 

When in the 1st floor (keep in mind I’d been working since the 10 a.m.) one of two ladies asked me where to find X thing. I salute her, answer her and she just goes “ok, so…” and they keep talking to each other as they go away.

I’m used to this. I don’t say anything and keep working. Not 3 minutes later, some other people also asked me where to find something and after they thanked me, they’re gone. Keep working.

A minute later the first lady that asked me something is back and tells me “I’m sorry. I didn’t even thanked you before. Thank you.”

And that makes me happy. I answered “It’s ok. You’re welcome.” and she went away too.

But hey, that common courtesy helped me in my last 2 and a half hours left. It’s so good to be thanked when you helped someone even when it’s your job. She, a lady around my mother’s age, accepted she did wrong for forgetting some manners.

Please try to thank everyone that helped you. Not only in customer service, but any aspect of yopur life. It makes so much difference.

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There's a fic where Phil is super young rich businessy guy who lives in a huge house with lists of staff including Dan who works in the gardens? Dan was PJ's roommate and there was another old garden lady with a wife

can anyone help find this fic?

- Eliza

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Okay, not sure if you've done this or not, but Les Amis headcanons of what music they listen to? Ladies and 'Parnasse too? :3

Oh god I’m the worst with music but let’s see how that goes :

  • Enjolras : Used to be a Saez fan in his youth, he really loves Imagine Dragons these days. Anything that resembles rock and with angry lyrics about how the world is going down the drain
  • Combeferre : Biiiiig classical music fan, though he cannot play an instrument himself. He also has random tracks with the sound of rain or thunder because it relaxes him. He also really likes Hank Green’s stuff
  • Courfeyrac : Pop music. Everything that’s on the radio, the catchiest shit
  • Bossuet : Eternal optimist, he listens to bands like Angels & Airwaves for the good vibes. He also loves the marvel soundtracks
  • Joly : Owl City, Coeur de Pirate, The Beatles, all that jazz
  • Grantaire : I don’t know why but R jamming to Panic! At the Disco and Fall out Boy speaks to me. With a bit of Breaking Benjamin in between. And every french crack song under the sun
  • Feuilly : Don’t ask but I have the feeling that he would love Fratellis and Mumford & Sons. Really passionate about the LOTR soundtrack too
  • Bahorel : Own every Glee album. But also every into classic rock. Air guitars a lot when he’s alone (or so he thinks..)
  • Jehan : Instrumental folk and celtic music, so they can feel in the forest even when they’re strolling around the city. A lot of Hozier and Bastille too
  • Marius : SHOWTUNES. Or rather movie showtunes like Moulin Rouge, Chicago, Sweeney Todd, Mama Mia! …
  • Cosette : Loves Ed Sheeran a lot and One Republic. And hardcore rap just because
  • Eponine : Stuff you can headbang to. Super loud. And Rihanna, she sings Bitch Better Have My Money every time somebody owes her ie 4 times a day
  • Musichetta : Has a soft spot for One Direction, Maroon 5 and McFly and will fight you if you make fun of her cause “… do you think your pretencious music tastes make you better than somebody else? What do you want, a fuking pat on the back?”
  • Montparnasse : Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga and surprisingly : Apocalyptica, he finds it extremely relaxing
ResBang Promo #15

On your marks, get set…ResBang promo!

author: fullmetalgrigori [ffn], [tumblr]
artist: internetfeet [tumblr]

Steampunk London, 1895. Accelocycle racing is the sport of choice in “Death City,” and no one is better than Soul Eater, a member of the famed Spartoi league. But when a talented new racer appears on the scene, Soul can’t help but wonder if there’s more to him than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Lady Maka Albarn yearns to escape the pressures of society and finds her answer in the high-speed races that invade the London streets at twilight. Circumstances conspire to bring these two together as dark forces gather on Death City’s horizon, and soon they’re caught in a web of secrecy and deception that may prove deadly. As the stakes increase, both must ask themselves: how far are they prepared to go for the other?

Rating: R
Pairings: Soul/Maka, hints of Black Star/Tsubaki, Kim/Ox, Kim/Jackie, Sid/Nygus
Warnings: Minor character death, violence, language, dark themes

Find more participating authors and artists here.