the lady finds an answer

@lovecraftianusername I absolutely ADORED the idea you submitted to me, so, step one, I publish the thing:

So Taliesin said on his twitter that it was indeed Grand Mistress of the Grey Hunt and that made me think of what it could possibly be.
And I thought, Whitestone seems to be pretty progressive, Lady de Rolo had a suit of armor, fitted for her as a youth but still, what if women had a lot of freedom in Whitestone.

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         [[ scarlet orbs roll; the ravenette almost finds herself feeling
            hard-pressed to answer this.. lady. ]]
         [[ how odd. she didn’t recognize her. at the very least, she’d
            usually familiarize herself with an outward appearance.
            the one before her was completely void of this familiarity. ]]

            “well?” she presses for an answer, “what do you want?”