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The Sword Master in the new Voltron Season 2 trailer is female

Unfortunately there’s no official confirmation of this, but upon step by step examination of the sword wielding bad-ass, one can see a number of hints that this person is female. 

The first thing you’ll notice right away in this shot is the way the body in the chest area curves. Unlike the males in this show in the armor, this one seems to have a curved form that has a kind of heart shape, which is used in some cases to create well breasts.  The shadows give hints of a curve that comes out more, unlike the male members of the Galran empire. 

Then we have the person’s hips. These seem to curve out more against the waist. You can see here and in the two at the top that the outfit is cut more like a female swimsuit then anything a male might wear in this case. 

Another case is the fact that the figure when standing side ways seems to indicate a more feminine shape. As well as the arms show a smaller size in the hand and upper arm then the thicker male arms we’ve seen on the Glalran males, as well as you can see the slimmer shoulders. 

The most obvious moment though is when the arm goes under the chest during the fancy sword play. In that moment we see the person’s arm go under where breasts would be normally. The curve of the breast is prominent on the right side (from the viewers position when watching) as you can see the curve against the arm as they move their arms around. It’s hard to see when you don’t pause and do steps over and over, but it’s there! 

So who could the mysterious female figure be? Well there’s two options here I can honestly think of from the original series, and one from the show as of now. 

Queen Merla: 

Easily one of the few that would fit into this role and a well known female character in the series. She also is a trained swords woman previously and could be an interesting counter to Allura if they wanted to go with her being part of all this. But I would think that they would want to put her in a more important role then just as a sword warrior, and given her ego, I doubt she would follow along with Zarkon without having compensation. So while she’s a candidate for this, given her status I would say probably not her, at least not yet. 

Lady Dorma: 

Dorma helps lead a rebellion in the original series and, it’s important to note, her outfit on the top is a lot like what our mysterious person is wearing. The thing is that Dorma is not so well known, unlike Romelle or Merla. Though she does have the added bonus of being part of the Doom (Galran) Empire, so there’s that and is also known for her combat skills as her brother is a commander in the army. 

Princess Romelle: 

A likely choice as, if she’s connected to Allura through family, she would have the same shifting skills, so it wouldn’t be too hard for her to play this part. The problem with this, like Merla is that she’s too prominent a character to have as a smaller part, which I think this one might be. So Romelle would be awesome, I’m betting she may come in season three with Merla after we get Lotor. 

That leaves us with the idea of an original, who it’s probably going to be. However it would set up the fact that there are female forces working for Zarkon, which means we could be seeing Merla, Romelle, and Dorma sooner then we think. 

Reactions to the Lauren Montgomery "Klance isn't happening kids" video.

Average Viewer - Well, uh, yeah. Obviously. It wasn’t even hinted at in the show. Fans take that stuff way out of proportion. We all know the greatest romance in the show is Pidge X Game Console and Lance X his hair. Whatever, fan art is still there even if it makes no goddamn sense.

Klance Stan - Well, uh, you see, she was slightly twitching her nose which means we’re gonna see a slow burn over the next few seasons until they kiss in the finale. No, you shut up Shaladins! You’re all disgusting! We are CANON dammit and if we’re not we’re gonna write a 30 page essay on why Dreamworks is racist! College thesis? What’s that?

Me - Ok, where are the bunker keys? The show debuts on Friday and I haven’t even gotten the steaks and beer for that day yet!

Average fan - Uh, what are you doing?

Me - Hunkering down, since I’m pretty sure Lauren told the Klance stans in the nicest, most inclusive way possible that their ship is dead in the water with this season.

Average fan - Is this part of your theory that the blue haired lady is Dorma and is gonna try to seduce Keith? Which in turn will create a conflict/romantic angle with Allura that firmly establishes Keith’s heterosexuality and runs contrast to Klance fanon?

Me - Look, just grab that case of Sam Adams and that bag of salad. I need to be able to ride this out.

Average viewer - Well at least let me have one of those steaks.

                                     Yu-Na Kim Watch Post

2003/2004SP (Snow storm)  LP (Carmen)

2004/2005SP (Snow storm) LP (Papa, can you hear me?)

2005/2006SP (El Tango de Roxanne) LP (Papa, can you hear me?)

2006/2007SP (El Tango de Roxanne) LP (The Lark Ascending)

2007/2008SP (Die Fledermaus) LP (Miss Saigon)

2008/2009SP (Danse Macabre) LP (Scheherazade)

2009/2010SP (James Bond Medley) LP (Gershwin Concerto in F)

2010/2011SP (Giselle) LP (Homage to Korea)

2012/2013SP (Kiss of the vampire) LP (Les Miserables)

2013/2014SP (Send in the clowns) LP (Adios Nonino)

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Sub-Mariner #21 (1968)

So I love this issue for a number of reasons that I’m going to list here:

Namor, stuck on land unable to breathe underwater or fly because of previous issue stuff has his screaming in the rain moment.

Namor seeks help from Diane, and tries to phone the Fantastic Four

He gets voicemail instead. Diane, Namor is upset because they don’t have voicemail in Atlantis. If you don’t answer your phone in Atlantis then a shark probably ate you.

So Diane gives him clothes to wear to hide from the various army and police men who have been hounding him.

Of course they find him since they have been tapping Diane’s phone. He escapes out the window.

Wonder how long his clothes will last?

Not long apparently. Lol. Meanwhile in Atlantis Lady Dorma finds out about Namor and isnt having any of this. So she gathers up all the Atlanteans and is like “My man is in trouble. Again. I need to save his ass. Again. Those land people are going to hurt him so that means War! Whose with me?!”

When they get up there Lord Seth wants to issue their warning but Dorma snatches the phone out of his hands cause if anyone is giving death threats it’s going to be her.

I love Dorma. She is so awesome.

Now we have two armies facing off all because of Namor and he is just like, “Oh come on! I just wanted to be left alone now I have to stop you all from killing each other.”

To sum up, action fighting, Namor trying to not let anyone die, Lord Seth thinks Dorma died and calls up some sea monsters. Lord Seth sees Namor trying to stop the sea monsters, realizes his mistake and send the monsters back. Dorma is not dead and Namor wants to hold a funeral for Lord Seth who saw his mistake and fixed it before it was too late. So good issue I enjoyed it and wanted to share.