the labirynth

Kocham kogoś innego. Jestem tego pewna. Ale gdy po miesiącu braku jakiegokolwiek kontaktu zobaczyłam jego zdjęcie z jakąś dziewczyną, myślałam, że pęknie mi serce. Nigdy go nie kochałam, nie w ten sposób w jaki by chciał. Wiem, że go zraniłam, potraktowałam jak pocieszenie po nieudanej próbie stworzenia relacji z kimś innym. Ale coś musi być na rzeczy, kurwa, musi być jakieś wyjaśnienie tego, co czuje. Nie czuje nic, ale jednak niech jasny szlag mnie trafi, jeśli w tej jednej sekundzie nie byłam zazdrosna. Zazdrosna o człowieka, którego nie kochałam, a który kłamał, że kocha mnie. Który skrzywdził mnie tak samo jak ja jego. Który był moim jedynym ratunkiem, przyjacielem, a zostawił mnie samą, bo nie był moją jedyną myślą. Co najśmieszniejsze, nie był zły o innego, był zły o siebie. Albo obydwoje jesteśmy wariatami, albo coś w tym świecie jest nie tak, że dzieją się takie rzeczy. Było mi też smutno. Nawet bardzo, bo wystarczyło mu tak niewiele czasu, by wyrzucić mnie ze swojego serca.

what i loved about the episode is how explicitly it stated that magnus’ and alec’s separation is not because of them, but because of the circumstances they have found themselves in. 

in all of the flashback scenes we see magnus recounting events all the way back from what has to be their second meeting to the first time they were physically intimate with each other - from something budding (something in the air, a connection) to magnus baring weaknesses, allowing himself to open up and let alec in, show him every part of himself that not many people get the honor to witness. alec is magnus’ vulnerability, a weak point of his heart.

currently, the shadow world is at the brink of war and magnus has lived for many centuries, remembers all the times warlocks, downworlders in general, were in danger, when they were slaughtered mercilessly. as a leader and as a caring soul, his duty to himself is to protect what is essentially his family and in that moment, breaking ties with the shadowhunters seems to be the way to go. but we can’t forget how deeply magnus feels for alec and any decision will be ten times as difficult to make with alec by his side; to save them grief, distance feels necessary and magnus knows this better than anyone.

even in the final scene, before magnus leaves, we see them be affectionate with each other. although it’s somber, we see magnus touch alec’s cheek, who leans into magnus’ palm like it’s his last lifeline. they love each other - alec says it, magnus says it back with a smile. it’s not about them, who they are as people and lovers, this isn’t simple relationship drama where miscommunication is the crux of the problem, but a labirynth of political decisions that demand a lot, that their win or loss against the shadow world’s fate depends on.

magnus and alec are still in love. they still need each other, care for each other, miss each other. but the world they live in is ruthless and sometimes sacrifices have to happen. but they will find their way back into each other’s arms, pick a path through obstacles to realize that what they have can withstand anything, war or peace, life or death.

21. Imagine having kids with Loki

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It’s been thirteen years since you married Loki. It was really weird having this big, sophisticated wedding in Asgard with all those acient rituals and garment. Your familly was very alienated at first but over time they started to have fun. 

Now you and Loki are happy parents of triplets. Magical triplets. All of them inharited their dad’s powers. Altough they have to be trained. You were glad that your husband promised to take care of it. 

“Honey, I need to… WHAT THE HELL???” you shouted as you saw your children dressed up in armors and running inside labirynth which out of nowhere appeared in your garden

“They’re children of Loki of Asgard and Midgardian Y/N. All burdened with glorius purposes.”

“I know, I meant those armors and labirynth. You were supposed to teach them”

“Yes. But even in this bright year of freedom we need to be prepared. And now I have an army” he said with proud father’s tone

You tried not to laugh and scold him but you failed miserably. 

“Just don’t hurt them. Or don’t let them hurt you.”

“Promise.” Loki smiled and started giving commands to your infants

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