the labeled family

Max and Rafa grow up knowing Luke and Jocelyn as Grandpa and Grandma, which means that for a period of time when he’s a toddler, Max fully believes that they’re Magnus’s parents

Ever notice how only Dean gets the dubious honor of being at the receiving end of the so called tough love? From Missouri to Bobby to Castiel, from humiliation to physical assault, everything that’s been done to Dean in the hands of his family gets labeled as “tough-love” and “for Dean’s own good” in this fandom. 

So if belittling, berating, humiliating, embarrassing, and beating Dean up when he is emotionally or physically vulnerable, when he is suffering the after-effects of the traumatic events, is acceptable, is seen as tough-love, then why don’t the show apply the same standards to Sam? Why treat Sam with kid gloves when he is traumatized? When he is suffering? Why not use “tough-love” on Sam? After all, if it is good for Dean, shouldn’t it be good for Sam too? 


Greenough Family Massacre

Labelled as “one of the worst crimes in Western Australia”, the Greenough Family Massacre was deemed that graphic that details of the murder were withheld from public knowledge. Cries for the return of the death penalty were also heard.

On the 21st of February 1993, after smoking weed, drinking alcohol and taking amphetamines, William Mitchell pulled up at Karen Mackenzie’s home. Karen’s 16 year old son Daniel heard Mitchell arrive and went outside. Mitchell got out, grabbed an axe and then killed Daniel. Inside the home, Karen was asleep in the lounge when she was killed with the axe and then raped. Mitchell’s attention then turned to her other children, 7 year old Amara and 5 year old Katrina.

William Mitchell was sentenced to life with no parole for 20 years

In September 2013 and October 2016 Mitchell’s parole has been denied

Bit and pieces and ramblings from watching the YOI blurays
  • According to the Volume 5 season guide booklet, Otabek and JJ are former rinkmates. This makes the fact that Otabek “curses” JJ before his GPF SP funnier to me somehow.
  • When fucking Swiss Living Legend himself Stephane Lambiel is recording his lines for his cameo in the last episode of the show, what looks like Kubo and Yamamoto and another woman are behind the glass either recording him on video or taking a million pictures on their phones with glazed, thrilled, fangirl faces. Deniss Vasiljevs, his teenaged student and Yuri on Ice fan, is sitting on a couch in the room taking notes while Stephane records his lines. 
  • All of the choreography reference videos for Yurio’s skate routines are done by a young female skater with a body type closer to Yuri’s 15 year old body. BUT! For Welcome to the Madness, Kenji-sensei himself skates the reference videos- in sunglasses, a coat, and a loose t-shirt that says “TASTY” in English. In the audio commentary he’s given shit about the shirt ;) Also, when one of the assistants pulls off (with her hands for both) his gloves (in the part that Otabek would have done), he says “…So embarrassing…”
  • In the Volume 6 interview with Yamamoto she talks about how she didn’t want to restrict Victor and Yuri to labels like “lovers” or “family” and that she just wanted to tell a story about a special and unbreakable bond. I think there’s been a lot of interpretation about this in fandom because she’s mentioned it in other interviews here and there and some people being upset thinking it means Victuri isn’t canon, but I don’t think that’s the case and I actually really love this approach- she and Kubo have said in the past that they weren’t interested in just telling a pat love story (the formula for these in anime and dramas isn’t great or particularly realistic) and I think it’s resulted in storytelling about falling in love that’s really unique and honest. Let the lady do what she likes, don’t harass her about putting labels on anything, it’s clearly given us a really special and lovingly made piece of media. 
  • I used to be of the opinion that canonically Victor is head-over-heels in love while Yuri is kind of oblivious to his own feelings but the more I rewatch this series, especially the blurays that don’t have the distracting crunchyroll subtitles (I don’t mean to be an asshole since I’m sure whoever did it was super rushed because of the simulcast schedule and probably had a ton of other simulcast episodes to get to, but this series is not translated to English thoughtfully or even sometimes accurately, which is a pity- the script is incredibly subtle and strong), the more I feel like they’re both equally head-over-heels, but both think they’re communicating it properly to their partner, while neither actually is 100% of the time (see: episode 11-12 fight. Yuri wanting to retire so he can stop holding Victor back / let Victor go back to his career is an act of love, though Victor doesn’t see it that way. Victor sees giving up his career for Yuri as an act of love, and Yuri clearly doesn’t see it that way either.) That said, in their dialogue and actions post Episode 7, it does strike me that they both understand that they’re in a mutual and loving relationship, which is why fanfiction and doujinshi that is set post-series where they aren’t “together” yet strikes me as extremely confusing. 
  • When I first saw Episode 12 I was really bothered by Victor’s random snarky comments but watching the bluray without being distracted by the English subs I had this sudden epiphany while he was talking that 1) Victor had no idea how to flirt BEFORE they were a couple, and 2) These are all really shitty attempts at flirtation with your partner after you are IN a couple and Victor doesn’t know how to do it. /wipes away a tear, bless your sweet heart Victor 

Is it just me or is there this push for everyone to be related in Voltron? Like people want Shiro and Keith to be brothers, Haggar to be Allura’s mom, Lotor to be Haggar’s son/Allura’s brother or half brother or cousin, Shiro to be Keith’s dad’s brother (making him Keith’s uncle 😫), etc. Even characters who clearly aren’t related like Pidge with Lance or Keith or anyone really. There’s this push to use family terminology, like people will say “he loves his sister”

And like don’t get me wrong I LOVE found family feels, I love strong and close platonic ties as much as (if not more than) romantic ones. But why the need to label it all as familial? I feel like it gets to a point where it’s no longer actually about found family, and more about preventing romantic interpretations of things, à la “these characters can’t be shipped because they’re siblings, or like siblings”

Like idk it’s like family terminology has been co-opted as a tool to prevent people from shipping stuff or to make sure people won’t tag ships. And I’m not talking about people making platonic/familial art or fic, that’s cool! I’m talking more about people posting screenshots or gifsets from the show and writing stuff like “look at these siblings” in the description. Or making an unrelated headcanon or meta post and randomly dropping in the word brother or sister. There are some situations like that where the use of family terminology is really unnecessary imo and it serves no discernible purpose? The only reason I can imagine is to say “don’t you dare tag this as ship” which kinda leaves me like 😑😑😑

Idk I feel like I’m not expressing myself well?

TLDR I find it’s obvious when someone is talking about team-as-family for the sake of team-as-family, and when they’re doing it for the sake of preventing shipping

okay but honestly at this point if Captain Holt doesn’t officiate Jake and Amy’s wedding I’d retire from life and start living in the bottom of a well

um I want a fix-it AU but like a realistic one

Where Yondu denies the fact that he’s basically Peter’s dad because he’s a bit embarrassed and he’s got way too much pride (I mean he thought the was gonna die so it was fine for him to show emotion but now he’s Not Dead and he can’t deal with feelings)

And maybe Peter spends a great deal of time having some kind of mental instability because he just went through a hell of a lot of trauma. He killed his own father, he has nightmares, all kinds of thoughts, and maybe he just needs to lock himself in his room and cry until his eyes dry out for a few hours a day.

And I want Rocket and Yondu to bond a hell of a lot more. Maybe Rocket rants his angry issues out to Yondu who pretends like he couldn’t care any less but he listens and sometimes understands (maybe not fully, because although they are alike, they’re also so different) but he’s there and although he pretends it’s stupid to talk about feelings, he doesn’t say it out loud or ack like a snarky asshole because he knows Rocket just wants someone to listen to him.

And Kraglin who struggles internally with himself because he can’t deal with what he’s done. All his friends are dead kinda because of him, and Yondu had is fin shot and was locked away in a cell and almost killed because of him and the entire ravager fleet under Yondu’s command is pretty much dead because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Maybe he even tried to blame Peter (if we hadn’t had to go out of our way to get you, this wouldn’t have happened, etc.) but he knows that it’s not really Peter’s fault, the kid didn’t ask to be born or anything.

Gamora who actively worries about if her sister is alive out there. Gamora who teaches Mantis how to shoot and punch and kick properly (because if she’s gonna be a guardian she has to know how to kick ass). Gamora who struggles to understand how this now-spoken unspoken thing between her and Peter is supposed to work, how to love and be loved, how to carry her own issues but at least try to help Peter with his own because she knows that sometimes the laughs or stupid things he says to get a happy reaction out of hers and the others are to make him feel validated (and like he’s actually wanted for more than just an energy boost to destroy the universe) and she’s unsure of how to show that she loves him while also making him understand/feel loved.

I want Drax to come to terms with the possibility that he could fall in love with someone new, and it won’t hurt his late wife or daughter. And even if he DOESNT fall in love with Mantis, he can still be her best friend, he can still care for her and protect her. He can show her what it’s like to have friends who like her because of who she is (or yet to become, really). Someone he didn’t become friends/family with by accident (because lbr, he didn’t think about befriending the other guardians, or even caring about them. he wanted to kill Ronan and get his revenge at first.)

And Maybe Mantis gets excited every time she does something new even if it’s as simple as learning how to open up compartments in the ship, or fixing something simple like a panel that slid out of place and just needs to be screwed back in but she smiles and she’s so excited and happy that she did it and it makes everyone else smile and maybe even feel proud of her and they can’t help but smile when she smiles and it’s not even because she’s touching their arm or hand and forcing them to be happy. They just are. And then Peter starts teaching her how to fly the ship and when she gets it down right he and the others just might die of happiness for her.

And little Groot, who tries his best to make everyone feel better, by hugging their shins hugs or climbing up to sit on their shoulder or sharing his candy with them.

And The Guardians (and Mantis) all sort of agree to stick together without actually saying it. No one says “we should stick together” but no one makes plans to leave. After what’s just happened, no one WANTS to leave. They all silently, collectively agree to not part ways. They are a family, after all, even if it doesn’t go in to specifics (i.e. They’re not brothers & sisters, they’re not cousins, they just have a very loose label of “family” strung over them)

I Love You!

For the lovely @connorxxmurphy This is from your sappy prompt list and it is because I love you! Hope you enjoy! It a Conner x Evan paring with a side of sassy Jared. Along with Zoe and Alana who wish Conner and Evan finally get there acts together! I again I do not own!
Onwards we shall march!

Evan knew that Conner only saw him has a friend. For awhile Conner was just that a friend. Between the phone calls and eating lunch together it evolved into love for Evan.

Evan saw Conner in a new light. Not that kid who was angry and temperamental but a kind soul. Surprising Evan knew but it was true.

Conner would do anything to protect his friends and family. Going as far as labeling friends and family the same if he felt you deserve it. Conner has a protective strike a mile wide when it came to Zoe. Unfortunly due to Conner’s temper and the belief he did not need any help. It pushed people away and the ones who cared about Conner to be drained almost constantly from fighting with him.

At first it had scared Evan but slowly he grew accustomed to it. Actually becoming friends exactly as that crazy story Evan spun previously.

Evan loved how Conner actually stood up to him. Helped him through his anxiety and aided in projects that required that you speak in front of people. Miraculously it helped. Slowly mind you but Evan found he was not so nervous to speak in front of people as he used to be. However it had to be a small group and completely silent but for Evan that was progress. Looking back Evan remembered when he actually realized he loved Conner.

~Five Month Previously~
“Conner t-than you so mu-much for helping me. It really helped I got a 76 on the oral presentation.”

At the grade that he heard Evan had gotten. Conner’s eyes had lit up with joy. A strangely uncharacteristically trait of Conner’s. That only Evan was every truly privileged to see. Slinging his arm around Evan’s shoulder. Conner gently shook the shorter male.

“I knew you could do it! Come on Ev let’s go get lunch and then get ice cream! You deserve! Zoe and Alana are going to be so happy and you mom so proud!”

Evan felt his heart flutter and then he froze. Finally managing to put together how he felt about Conner. Evan Platt Hansen was completely at utterly in love with one Conner Faist Murphy and that was a fact.

~present day~
Jarred from his thoughts by Jared brushing up against him. Evan felt his best friend lean into him.

“Your taking Conner’s cloths off with your eyes again and looking at that girl dancing with him like she told you your mother died. Go up there and tell him how you feel!”

“I c-can’t d-do t-th-that Jared! Yo-you kn-know t-that!”

Evan tries to sound mad but he can’t. After all he is Evan he didn’t get mad. Rolling his eyes Jared put his hands on his hips and stared talking again.

“One day Evan! I will give you one day to tell Conner how you feel. If you do not. I will take matters into my own hands!”

Jared’s tone was not harsh per say but it had that no nonsense tone to it. Evan wasn’t quite sure why Jared had that tone because he knew that Evan knew he would do it. No tone necessary. Zoe and Alana thankfully noticing his distressed look had made there way over.

“Is Jared being a moron Evan? Don’t listen to him why don’t you go and talk with my brother?”

Zoe kindly asked him but Evan knew she and Alana where going to have words with Jared. Taking a deep breath Evan braced himself and walked over to Jared. Hearing Jared say.

“Damnit Alana that fucking hurt! Zoe control your girlfriend!”

Feeling a genuine smile grave his lips Evan shook his head. Who would have thought that a teen with some serious anxiety would have three…. four really good friend. Evan hastily reminded himself when his brain tried to put Conner in the boyfriend section. Evan’s day plummeted when he heard the girl dancing with Conner mention him.

“Why don’t you just stop hanging out with Evan, Con. Everybody thinks your dating. I know you feel pity but it has to stop. I mean everybody knows how pathetic Evan is.”

Evan didn’t even stick around to hear Conner’s response before he was bolting from the club. With it feeling far to stifling for how taste. Bolting into the street he cried when he realized he had came with Jared. Shaking Evan bolted down the street. To end the already terrible night. It started raining. Wailing Evan tripped over himself to get home. Fumbling for his keys Evan cried harder. His mother thankfully opened the door. Half a sleep she woke up when she saw Evan’s distressed face. Eyes softening she pulled him into a hug and coaxed him inside. Soft words of comfort leaving her lips that only a mother could share.

After awhile and several cups of hot chocolate later. Evan was out of his soaked cloths and fast a sleep on the couch. When she was sure her son was a sleep Heidi’s face changed to snarl. She was going to kill Conner Murphy! Assuming his mother didn’t get to him first that is. Heidi was generally a pretty cool person but when you hurt her baby boy? All hell would break loss and she would destroy you. Picking up get phone she called Cynthia Murphy.

“Heidi? What is the matter? Are the kids alright?!”

“Conner made Evan cry. Do you have any idea why? I am not accusing you of anything but I would like to know why my son ran home soaked from the rain. Saying Conner’s name over and over.”

Cynthia was quite for the longest time before she spoke. When she did it was frigid.

“I have no clue why Heidi but I assure you I will find out and Conner will be in major trouble. Please tell Evan to feel better and I will try to come over.”

“Thank you.”

Heidi found herself murmuring back to the other woman. The worry of her son crashing into her like a wave.

“It is no problem Heidi. Get some rest you and Evan will need it.”

“Of course good night.”

“Good night you and Evan stay safe.”

Hanging up Heidi rested her head on top of her son and feel into a restless nights sleep. Her baby boys breathing finally calm and eased. Mother and son slept through the night both in each other’s comforting embrace.

Conner watched on in mute horror when he saw Evan flee after Amy’s comments. He wanted to be mad at her and scream but he couldn’t. Worry for Evan the main concern for him right now.

Oh dear God Evan! The boy who managed to worm his way into Conner’s heart. Who made Conner bond with his family and actually get friends. Evan his first true friend who was not his sister. Evan who Conner had full intentions of asking out tonight before Amy stepped in. Conner had gotten Alana, Zoe and Hell, even Jared recruited to help him. Until some damn brunette who felt like she had a chance with Conner again ruined it! Conner didn’t even need to turn to her know because Alana had slapped Amy across the face. Raging at her for what she said about Evan and how she was going to make Amy’s life hell. Jared and Zoe chiming in what they thought every so often.

Jumping when he felt Jared touch his shoulder. He half expected it to be Zoe and braced himself to restrain from punching Jared.

“Go after him Conner. Evan really does like you. Me and the ladies will deal with this woman!”

“Your not an idiot when it comes to helping your friends are you?”

Smirking Jared slightly shrugged his shoulders.

“Go Prince Charming! Go after your Cinderella!”

Maybe Conner had spoken to soon about Jared not being an idiot. However, the damn idiot did have a point. Conner had to find Evan! Running down the street Conner searched for Evan before heading to Evan’s house. Stopping outside the door Conner awkwardly held the stuffed tree in his hands. He had wanted to get flowers but what flower shop was open at 11 at night on a Friday nonetheless? None not in Conner’s experience at least. That and he had no clue what flower who would have gotten Evan. After all Evan was the botanist out of all of them. He knew flowers and there meanings perfectly. Maybe Conner was biased but Evan was good at knowing plants. Heidi opened the door and rounded on him.

“Get off my damn porch! Now!”

So she had heard what happened. Holding the bear up as a peace offering she glared at him suspiciously.

“Please Mrs.Hansen. I need to talk to Evan there was misunderstanding I love him!”

Her eyes softened but she was still tense.

“Fifteen minute Conner! That’s that! And if he starts crying all bets are off!”

Nodding his head Conner agreed to the terms. Only a few woman scared him when he was mad. His sister, his mother and his grandmothers. To name a few but Heidi Hansen was quickly making her way on the list. Stopping at how peaceful Evan looked. Conner pushed Evan’s hair out of his face. Evan looked so peaceful and even more beautiful then Conner believed possible.

Blearily Evan looked up a froze in terror.

“Shh… Evan. Amy is a moron. I will not leave actually.”

Pausing Conner swallowed thickly and pushed the tree plush into Evan’s hand.

“Look I understand if you want me to leave but.. but I love you. I should get going know before your mother kills me.”

Leaning forward Evan captured Conner’s lips into a kiss. Conner froze before gently pulling Evan forward to him. After awhile the broke apart for air. Heads pressed together in comfortable silence. Evan curled up into Conner and the tree plush was thrown to the side. Evan murmured something.

“Conner… I-I love you to. I d-d-don’t know when it started but I love you. I just realized when it was different the way I felt around you.”

“Shh.. shhh. Evan it is okay we will talk later let’s just sleep please. Shh.”

Nodding his head Evan feel back to sleep. Feeling a sequel stuck in her throat. Heidi looked on to the two boys. Thrilled that they had found each other. Cynthia had called her and told her what Zoe, Heidi and Jared had told them about the event. Pulling out her phone she snapped several pictures of the two boys. Sending them all to Cynthia who had responded with a happy face emoji. Oh Conner and Evan still had several battles to fight and hills to climb but they had there friends with them. As boyfriend and Zoe, Alana and Jared who would not let them got through this alone. Right now that was all a mother could ask for.

A/N: So that started out more angsty than I would have liked. Besides that I am thrilled with it. If you have any questions PM. Like I said to the wonderful connerxxmurphy. Also
#sappyprompts. Should I play around with this more or what? Love you all. You are the greatest!

Dear brother
I see oceans in your eyes
I see a longing to escape the confounds of this world and swim with the sharks
itโ€™s as if you were born more fish than human
lungs never quite fitting the space in your chest
the word man never the proper label
Dear brother
I know this world hasnโ€™t been good to you
this world has broken you down and tore you apart again and again
in attempt to build you into the image of expectations
brother, donโ€™t give into expectations
break down the box around you labelled man, labelled girly, labelled never good enough
build your sanctuary in reflection of who you are as a human
push the boundaries
smile like each of your lips are fault lines
reach out your hands like you could gather stars between your fingers
allow your curiosity to carry you
brother, let the oceans in your eyes swim with wonder
build a sandcastle on the beach and decorate it with seashells
or plough it down with Tonka Truck or T-Rex feet
wear your runners on the beach
ignore the expressions and the sand in your socks
Tell me there are more gains of sand on this beach than humans on this earth
you donโ€™t have to tell me how that thought makes you lonely
Tell me about the fish that swim just off the shore and I will see the longing in your eyes to join them
stare at the sky, tell me how the position of the moon affects the tides
Tell me you donโ€™t want to be here and I will believe you
I see you wading through shallow water as if youโ€™re waiting for the tide to come in a sweep you away
brother, remember you were born with lungs, so come up for air
Dear brother
I know you are unsatisfied with the body you were born into
unimpressed with the labels used to define you
so reinvent yourself
stitch new stories into your skin
thread new identities between your fingers
allow new words to fall from your mouth
explore, change, unapologetically change back
swallow words again and again until they no longer taste bitter
donโ€™t chock on others uneducated syllabus, they do not stand in your mirror
brother, if you do not see yourself in your reflection buy a fish tank, stare into its depths… and breathe
—  MeganTalks

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You know I'm watching Dipper and Mabel vs the Future again, and I'm just realizing that if Weirdmaggedon hadn't happened and Dipper had stayed in Gravity Falls, he would have found out about Ford kicking Stan out (since he did say he could just stay for the rest of summer) and seen it happen. I wonder what his reaction would have been to that.

GOODNESS this has been in the drafts for a while… I’m gonna be honest, I forgot about this.

Okay so this is kind of out of date but I’m still gonna answer this/bring it to life kinda.

But I imagine Dipper would be fairly upset finding this out at first. He’d catch Stan walking out of the door with most of his stuff and he’d demand to know where he was going.

Stan- being the big softy he is- will try and soften the blow and say that he’s heading out for a little while but he’ll come back and visit. Dipper isn’t buying that and he pries for a plan of action and Stan admits he’s just gonna wing it.

Dipper wants to know why and Stan very vaguely indicates that he made an agreement to give the house back and leave.

Dipper stands there for several seconds before his face scrunches up in anger and he grabs his grunkle’s hand and leads him to where Ford is and then he gets on a chair so he’s face to face with Ford and demands to know if it’s true. Ford looks at his brother and says he didn’t mean for him to leave in the dead of night with nothing.

At some point they send Dipper with Soos and the two would have a talk (Dipper would ease drop) and once everything kind of settles down Dipper would kind of act as the defuser in situations and would ask Mabel for advice every time they talk.

So let me preface this by saying that my roommate is a really cool dude with lots of progressive ideas. But we had a conversation the other day that really pissed me off. I just got into The Walking Dead (I know, I’m super late) and we were talking about how I’m not a fan of Rick. I mentioned that I found him bland and that I’ve grown pretty sick of the straight white dude protector character.
My straight, white, male roommate goes “Well things like that don’t bother me because I don’t classify characters by race and gender.”
“Well,” I responded, “that’s easy to do when you’re the one represented in everything”
“Oh I forgot, I’m a straight white male, so like Tumblr says, my opinion doesn’t matter.”
“That’s not what I was saying. I just mean when did you see a [insert my personal identity labels here] save their family or the group or whatever in a post apocalyptic setting? Give me a show with a woman saving her husband and sons. Give me a POC scientist saving the world. I’m sick of seeing stories where I know if I flipped the race or gender they would never be made.”
“Hmm well I need some time but I can find a few examples. Just not off the top of my head”
“That’s the problem though -because if I asked you for straight white dude saves everyone stories you wouldn’t need to do research to name them. You have representation.”
“Well then why don’t you stop complaining and make some yourself. Create something.”
“I’m an anthropologist, not a screenwriter. I shouldn’t have to change professions to see myself represented in media”

I didn’t bring it up at the time, but I also just want to add that there are lots of independent creators making amazing, unique, and inclusive content. I’m more concerned with that fact that this representation never makes it into the mainstream media. Hollywood won’t fund stories of they don’t center around white heteronormative people.