the la la theory

  • Guang-Hong: Well, you aren't an adult until you're 18 in America and Leo was very insistent on waiting, but ya know, my birthday was earlier this month...
  • Phichit: Are you saying someday you and Leo might actually get physical?
  • Guang-Hong: It's a possibility.
  • Phichit: *begins excitedly screaming*
  • Phichit: *excitedly grabs nearest person*
  • Yuuri: *is alarmed*

If you ever feel bad about yourself remember that if you were a fictional character people would probably love you for all your flaws and quirks and mannerisms that you probably hate.

Do you ever get stressed out because there’s so much music to listen to

and so many series to follow

and so many books to read

and so many seasons to watch

What if Marinette finds out first?

Okay so i already do the Adrien one, but now the real questions: What if marinette finds out first?
Firstly, i think she would need a few days to get used to it,to calm down the shock. Beacuse how comes her partner in crime, the one she has been rejecting, is his freaking crush?
So, she doesnt initially reacts, but in those days she starts cooling down around Adrien (without noticing) which makes everyone a little suprised bc what the hell (specially Alya)
When she finally straights things out, she wants revenge (for what? Oh you know why). So, different from Adrien straight hints, she makes comments to alya and others like “ Yeah i love cats! Specially black ones?” , “ Oh my favourite superhero is Chat Noir! Dont you think he is cute?”, “That would be purrfect”
And Adrien fucking blushes a lot and looses it a lot near Mari

What if Adrien finds out first?


Really I don’t understand…


this is my favorite

la la land

so i saw la la land a few days ago and it was AMAZING

out of the whole movie, there are two themes that i absolutely adore which i havent seen before in other movies and makes the movie so realistic:

1. firstly, and most obviously, the fact that mia and sebastian dont end up together and what i love most about it is it seems so true to life in the sense that they gave up their love for their dreams

2. secondly, which i didnt think of until recently, is the fact that both mia and sebastian both did what they said they wouldnt in order t achieve their dreams. sebastian said he would only ever play true and traditional jazz and we see him join a band which plays much more progressive jazz where it is a lot more funky (i know great expression but i am clueless about music). mia said she would forge her own path and doesnt need to rely on someone in the crowd (i think she says that, i havent had a chance to watch it again) but then we see her invite agents to her one woman show and rely on them for her path to fame. the thing i like most about this is that it tells people that things dont always go as planned and that sometimes you need to go back in order to go forward.

i dont know, this is probably just rambling but i love the idea that fame isnt just a straight route and the future cant be predicted